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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 94

Written by Valda Marshall, Directed by Peter Benardos, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 25/07/85, BBC One: 10/03/87, UK Gold: 11/03/93

Bob apologises to Jim for their argument over Bernie
Shane complains to Danny about living with Max
Joan admits that she was worried about meeting Des's friends
Max isn't impressed when Shane buys him an anti-snoring pillow
Paul and Des both come to important decisions

No 28: Des is in a very good mood, playing loud music as he irons his shirt for work, and waking Daphne up in the process. She turns the radio off and asks him what's wrong. He calls her a cynic, and says that it's possible to be happy at 8am. She realises that she's only had 5 hours sleep, because she was working last night, and Des says that she should have had a lie in, before finally realising that he woke her up. She starts complaining about the men at buck's nights, and says that women don't carry on like that - but Des says that Australian women are becoming just as bad, and tells her about a show he saw on TV where the women were all going crazy for a male stripper. She says that it's all enough to put her off marriage - but Des disagrees with this. Daphne realises that things are getting serious with Des and Joan, and wonders how much Des really knows about her. He says that he knows enough, but Daphne warns him to be careful that Joan isn't just using him as a meal ticket. Daphne is shocked as Des then says that he asked Joan to move in, and she turned him down. Daphne wishes that Des could have consulted her first, and they start to argue, with Des telling her that his mum almost ruined his career with her interfering, and he's not going to let Daphne's interfering ruin his life. He storms out, just as Terry appears. She says that Daphne is carrying on like she's Des's wife, and should have snapped Des up for herself if she likes him so much. Daphne then accuses Terry of just saying this to try and get Shane back, and Terry also storms out. Daphne then lies down to go to sleep on the couch.

. . .

Max's Bedsit: Shane is complaining about the state of the room, and Max tells him that he can always move out - but Shane jokes that, without him there, there'd be nobody to protect Max from Mrs Harris. They continue to argue, but then Terry turns up, so Shane makes his excuses and leaves for work, reminding Max that he won't be home for tea. Terry says that she hadn't realised that Shane was going out with Daphne tonight - but Max replies that he doesn't have time to discuss Shane's personal life.

No 24 - Lounge: Shane arrives to collect Maria for dinner. He quietly closes the door, and then sneaks up on Danny, who's engrossed in a film on the TV. Shane turns off the TV, so they can talk, and asks where Maria is. Danny explains that she's still getting ready, and she's really pleased that they're going out for dinner. Shane asks if Danny would like to join them, but Danny thinks that Shane and Maria could do with some time alone to talk, and besides, he's already made plans to go and eat with the Robinsons. Shane's pleased to hear that Danny and Scott are friends again, and advises Danny that women will come and go, but good friends should be held on to. Maria then appears, her sons tell her that she looks beautiful, and Shane takes her out to dinner. Danny then leaves to go to the Robinson house.

. . .

No 26 - Kitchen: Helen has just finished setting the table for dinner, when Danny comes in. She asks if Maria has gone out, and Danny explains that Shane just came to pick her up. Helen thinks that it'll do Maria good to get out, and asks about the restaurant, but Danny doesn't know much about it. He goes to see Scott, and Helen says that she'll call them when dinner is ready.

Copperwood Restaurant: Shane and Maria are shown to their table, and given menus, and Maria thinks that it's all quite expensive and hopes that Shane can afford it. She tells him to choose the meal, and he decides on Oysters Kilpatrick, and Beef Wellington - Maria admits that she'll be happy with anything that she doesn't have to cook herself. Shane then calls the waiter over.

. . .

Max's Bedsit: Max is sitting at the table, pretending he's in a restaurant but eating a cold tin of baked beans, when Edith Harris knocks on the door. She comes in, and tells Max that she was doing some cleaning for one of the other residents, and he gave her a bottle of champagne. She asks Max to open it, which he does, then she notices what he's eating, and says that she'll go back to her room, as she's made enough for two, so they can eat together.

Copperwood Restaurant: Maria asks Shane if he still blames her for the marriage breaking up, but he says that he just thinks that Max needs him more at the moment. Maria says that she'd like to see more of Shane, but he thinks that she's coping very well on her own, whereas Max isn't, plus she still has Danny around. Shane tells Maria that he still loves her, even if he isn't around as much. A woman selling flowers then comes by, and Shane buys one for Maria - the woman then says that they make a lovely couple.

Max's Bedsit: Edith is serving up the food, while Max pours the champagne. He tells her that Shane has gone out for dinner without him, and Edith says that young people can be very selfish. She admits that sometimes she wishes she'd had kids of her own, but then other times she's glad she didn't. Max tells her that, even with two kids of his own, he's still not sure he's learnt much. Edith comments that young people these days don't seem to understand their elders, and Max agrees, and says that he blames Maria, because she spoilt them. He tells Edith that he's a reasonable man, who is happy to sit down with his kids to discuss things, if there's a problem.

Copperwood Restaurant: Maria comments that Max is the most unreasonable person she's ever known - she believes that, if they just could have sat down and discussed things reasonably, like she's been doing with Shane tonight, then things would never have spiralled out of control. Shane asks if there's any chance of them getting back together, but Maria says that there's none. She asks how Max felt about Shane taking her out to dinner, and Shane admits that he was a little put out. He suspects that Max will be sitting all alone in the bedsit, in a foul mood. Maria thinks it might be a nice idea to call in on Max, but Shane says that there's no point, he'll be in one of his moods, feeling sorry for himself.

Max's Bedsit: Max and Edith are having a good laugh, and she tells him that he's the funniest man she's ever met. She suggests that they should eat together more often, and Max pours them some more wine, and Edith admits to putting quite a lot of brandy in the veal she made for dinner. She stands up and is a bit wobbly on her feet, and she ends up in Max's lap, with the pair of them singing 'Show me the way to go home...'

Bedsits - Corridor/Max's Bedsit: Maria and Shane walk towards Max's room, and she's starting to get cold feet. She wonders if he's gone to bed, but they hear the noise from inside and think he's watching TV. They then open the door to see Max and Edith singing together, and Maria doesn't look very impressed.

No 26 - Lounge: Danny thanks Helen for dinner, and she says that he's welcome any time. Jim asks Danny about his schoolwork, and what he's planning to do afterwards, and he says that he's considering architecture or engineering. Jim is very impressed with Danny's marks, and goes to look for some books for him to have a look at. Lucy then wanders out in her nightgown, and declares that she's going to be an actress when she's older. Helen asks her why she's out of bed, and she says that she remembered that there's a note in her school bag. Helen says that she'll go and get it, and sends Lucy back to bed. Danny thanks Helen again for dinner, and goes home.

. . .

No 24 - Lounge: Maria and Shane walk in; she's very upset about what she saw at the bedsit and says that it was disgusting and she'll never waste her time feeling sorry for Max again, though Shane thought it was funny. Danny comes in and asks about the dinner - Maria doesn't want to talk about it. Shane says that it was going well until something happened afterwards, and he tells Danny that he'll explain it to him another time. As Shane is leaving, Maria asks him if he'd like to move back in, and she's very disappointed when he turns her down.

No 26 - Kitchen: Helen is looking through Lucy's bag, but keeps finding other strange objects. Jim talks about Danny, surprised that he's interested in engineering, and Helen suggests that she should try and get Danny some work experience. Jim admits that he was hoping to do that for Scott, but Helen says that Jim already made that mistake with Paul, and he needs to let Scott make up his own mind. She then finds the note and hands it to Jim, who reads it and tells Helen that there's a problem with Lucy.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Maria Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Maxine Klibingaitis as Terry Inglis, Eve Godly as Edith Harris, Gayle Storm as Flower Seller

Trivia Notes
One of the other residents of the bedsits is called Mr Melrose
Off-screen, Scott has gone to Wally's Coffee Shop to find out about some weekend shifts

Summary by Steve