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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 99

Written by Chris McCourt, Directed by Peter Andrikidis, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 01/08/85, BBC One: 17/03/87, UK Gold: 18/03/93

Maria tells Helen about her date with Richard
Daphne tells Des that she's invited Eileen to dinner
Max and Maria argue about the robbery
Eileen meets Joan Langdon, but is then shocked to realise that she has children

No 28: Eileen is horrified that Joan has two children, and asks whether Joan has been married before. Joan explains that she's divorced from the kids' father, and Eileen says that this must be why Des didn't mention it. Joan sends the kids outside, and asks Eileen if she has something to say. Eileen says that she's appalled that Des would marry a divorcee with two children, and she'll do everything she can to prevent it. Joan asks if it's the children she doesn't like, or just the divorce, but Eileen asks what sort of mother would want to see her son saddled with two children that aren't even his. Joan says that Des knows all about her past, and has accepted her, so it's really none of Eileen's business. Eileen, however, believes that Joan is only marrying Des for the security. Joan tells her to leave.

. . .

Langdon House: Des arrives to have lunch with Joan, and she asks him why he didn't tell his mum that she was divorced. Des wonders why she's asking, and Joan explains that she met Eileen, and she wasn't very happy, and stopped just short of calling her a scarlet woman. Joan thinks that Eileen is just looking out for her son, and that the kids must have been a shock, but Des tells Joan not to defend Eileen, and says that she has no right interfering in his life like this. Joan thinks that Eileen might calm down once she's used to the idea, but Des says that his mother had her chance, and she blew it, but the wedding's still going ahead - she just won't be there to see it.

No 28: Shane and Daphne are having lunch together, and Shane mentions that Max is probably sitting all alone in the bedsit with a sandwich. Daphne feels sorry for him, but Shane says that Max doesn't deserve it - he's the one who left Maria, and he has no right to be jealous now that she's found a new man. Des pokes his head in and asks if they've seen Eileen, but neither of them has. He explains that she was there earlier, and she was throwing insults at Joan after finding out about the kids and the divorce. Daphne feels terrible, and Des wishes that she'd never stuck her nose in - Shane tries to defend Daphne, but she says that Des is right, and she shouldn't have interfered. Des accepts her apology, but says to keep her good intentions to herself, as they're a complete waste of time when it comes to Eileen.

No 26 - Lounge: Terry is looking in the newspaper for somewhere new to live, but tells Paul that it's all too expensive. Paul suggests that she could move into Max's tool shed - at least it would be convenient. She says that there are a couple of places that might be OK, and she'll try to go and see them in between plumbing jobs that afternoon. Paul wishes that he could go with her, so he could make sure she doesn't move too far.

Park: Daphne meets with Eileen, who is surprised that Des didn't come too, so that he could apologise for the shame he's brought on her. Daphne says that the only person Des is ashamed of is Eileen, after the way she spoke to Joan earlier, he wants nothing more to do with her. Eileen can't believe that Des wants her to accept a woman like Joan into the family - Daphne calls her selfish and tries to make her see how her behaviour has destroyed her relationship with her son. Eileen, however, says that she won't be lectured by a woman of such dubious moral fibre, so Daphne says that that was Eileen's last chance. Daphne follows Eileen, telling her that she seems to be frightened of being alone, and she doesn't care whether Joan might actually make Des happy. Eileen stops and says that of course she cares, as Des is her only child, but Daphne reminds her that, unless she accepts Joan, she's going to lose Des forever.

. . .

Max's Bedsit: Max and Terry arrive back, and he says that she can take the rest of the afternoon off, if she needs to. He suggests that she try finding a sharehouse, but she thinks that it's too risky, as she might not be so lucky next time. Shane arrives home, and he jokes that Terry could move in with them, as the cleaning lady. Shane then goes out again, to do some shopping, and Max notices the look on Terry's face, and wonders if she's still keen on Shane - she strongly denies it, and tells Max to make her a coffee.

No 28: Daphne answers the door to Eileen, who explains that she's thought things through, and she's realised that Daphne was right. Des isn't happy when he sees his mum, but reluctantly agrees to her coming into the house. He angrily wants to know why she spoke to Joan like that, as she didn't deserve it, and Eileen admits that it was a shock finding out about the kids, though she probably wouldn't have been much nicer about them, even if she had known in advance. She then says that she's prepared to accept Joan and her children, and Des smiles. They sit down, and Des says that, once he's married, he won't be able to subsidise her unit, so she'll need to think about renting out her old flat in Perth, and finding a part-time job. He thinks that it would be good for her to meet some new people, and stop focussing her entire life on him. She isn't entirely happy with the idea of finding work at her age, but agrees to it. Des then tells her that she also has to apologise to Joan - Eileen tries to get Des to do it, and starts making excuses, but eventually agrees that she'll go to see Joan that evening and clear the air. Des and Eileen share a hug, and then Daphne comes over with a bottle of wine, suggesting that Eileen might need some Dutch courage.

Langdon House: Des and Eileen arrive, and Susan answers the door. The kids want to know why she's there, and she explains that she needs to say a few things to their mum. Joan then appears from the bedroom, and Eileen says that she was misled about Joan's personal circumstances and was quite shocked, which is why she said some things that she shouldn't have. Des thinks that Eileen should at least say sorry, but Eileen simply says that she's now willing to let Joan into the family. Des is annoyed, but Joan thanks her and says that she hopes that they can now forget the whole thing. Eileen is happy, but suggests to Des that they should leave now - however, Joan asks them to stay for tea. Eileen again tries to get out of it, but Joan insists that it wouldn't be any imposition, so Eileen agrees, though the kids don't look too happy about the whole thing.

. . .

No 28: Terry is still looking at property in the newspaper, complaining to Daphne that everything she's seen so far has been terrible. Daphne asks if everything else is OK, as Terry's seemed a little unhappy lately. Terry admits that she's a little depressed and can't understand why, as she has a great guy and a job she loves. Daphne suggests that maybe moving house, and a change of scenery, will do Terry some good.

Langdon House: Rodney and Susan want to know what they should call Eileen, when Des and Joan get married. Eileen isn't impressed when they suggest grandmother, and says that they should call her Mrs Clarke. Rodney asks her if she wants to come and play on the Atari he got for his birthday - Eileen thinks she's too old for games, but Des tries to encourage her to give it a go. She eventually gives in, and allows the children to take her off to the birthday. Joan thinks that was a mean thing to do, and Des agrees that it was, but says that he really enjoyed it.

Max's Bedsit: Max is bored at home on his own, and then Shane returns. Max assumes that Shane has just come to get changed before he goes out, but Shane has actually brought Chinese food for them. Shane is happy as Max perks up a bit.

. . .

No 28 - Kitchen: Paul and Terry are finishing the washing-up, and he wonders if there's something wrong with her. He thinks it's about the house-hunting, and says that tomorrow they can just keep looking until they find something. Terry then breaks the news to him that she's decided to chuck in her job and move to the country.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Paul Robinson, Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Maxine Klibingaitis as Terry Inglis, Myra De Groot as Eileen Clarke, Catherine Lynch as Joan Langdon, Glendon Vernon as Rodney Langdon, Nerolee Vernon as Susan Langdon

Summary by Steve