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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 104

Written by Penny Fraser, Directed by Russell Webb, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 08/08/85, BBC One: 24/03/87, UK Gold: 25/03/93

Shane is appalled by Max's feud with his neighbour
Terry apologises to Shane for snubbing him
Max is horrified to realise that the dentist is his noisy neighbour, Mr McLean

No 24 - Kitchen: Maria and Shane come in from the back garden, and he's telling her the story about the dentist, but she isn't very amused. Shane tells Maria that she should cheer up, or Richard will change his mind about taking her away for the weekend - but then she explains that she's cancelled. Shane realises that it's because of Danny, and he tries to change Maria's mind, but she won't listen. She asks him to stay for lunch, but he explains that he's going to see Daphne, and he tells Maria that he's thinking about sharing a place with her.

No 28: Daphne is showing Joan some old dresses, and Joan particularly likes one of them. Eileen then walks in and compliments the dress, before mentioning that she thinks that Joan should wear cream-coloured lace for her wedding dress, with matching shoes and gloves. Joan explains that she was thinking more of a coffee colour, with contrasting shoes and no gloves. Eileen tells her that coffee will make her skin look sallow, and Daphne quickly drags Eileen off to the kitchen to make tea. Daphne warns Eileen that she's interfering and trying to take off, so Eileen agrees to back off. Daphne then goes over to Joan, who admits that she doesn't really mind, as it's nice to have someone to help, when her own mother can't be there. Shane then turns up to see Daphne, and she says that she doesn't seem to be needed here, so suggests that Shane come and help her visit some estate agents.

. . .

Park: A dejected Daphne wanders over to Shane, who's lying on a bench. She complains about being unable to find a house, and that the chips are cold. She decides that she's going to throw herself in front of a Rolls Royce, and then the owner will whisk her away to his mansion to look after her. Shane isn't taken with that idea, and when Daphne asks him again, he says that he's decided that he isn't ready to move in with her. She complains that she feels lonely - even with so many friends, they always seem to have someone who's closer to them than she is. She says that she just wants to come first in somebody's life, and Shane tries to cheer her up, before she once again suggests living together. He says that he can't, as she's such a great girl and he doesn't want to live with her until he's completely committed. She accepts this, and they run off to play on the swings.

No 28 - Dining Table: Eileen and Joan are looking at wedding magazines, and discussing Daphne - Eileen thinks she's a nice girl but doesn't understand how she can do that job, while Joan envies her lack of hang-ups. Eileen tells Joan to warn her if she becomes too pushy, but Joan says that she doesn't find Eileen to be pushy, and is just glad to have someone around who cares so much. Eileen is very touched by this, and admits that she was incredibly lonely when Des moved out, and she ended up pushing him away by trying to make herself indispensable in his life.

No 26 - Dining Table: Scott finds his father looking at some old engineering books, and Jim explains that he was thinking about giving them to Danny, who recently showed an interest in engineering. Scott's surprised to hear this, and Jim asks him if he's thought about the work experience offer. Scott says that he doesn't want it, and then breaks the news that he doesn't want to go to university either, and he's thinking about leaving school early to work full-time at the coffee shop. Jim says that he won't push the university issue, but he doesn't agree with Scott quitting school, pointing out that the unemployment rates are very high now. Scott tells him that he could just work his way up at different restaurants, and do a tech course, but Jim still isn't happy.

. . .

No 24: Danny cautiously answers the door, expecting it to be someone else there to have a go at him about stopping Maria from going away, but finds Jim standing there with a pile of books. Danny is very grateful, and explains that he's still thinking about engineering or possibly architecture. Jim suggests that he spend his work experience with him at his engineering firm this year, and then spend it with some architects next week. Danny loves the idea - Jim explains that he offered it to Scott first, but he didn't want to do it.

No 28: Des arrives home to find his mum standing in the kitchen. He forces a smile, and listens as she tells him about the plans for Joan and Daphne's dresses. She then asks where they'll be getting married, as Joan won't be able to marry in a church as she's divorced - she's surprised when Des explains that they'll be using a marriage celebrant, but holds her tongue, despite thinking that it sounds gimmicky. Des then explains that the wedding is taking places in the Robinsons' back garden, and Eileen tries to change his mind and move it to number 28, but he reminds her not to interfere. However, Eileen can barely hide her horror when she then finds out that the marriage celebrant is a woman!

. . .

No 24 - Dining Table: Danny suggests that his mum phones Richard and tells him that she's changed her mind, but Maria says that it's too late - he'll already have left by now. Danny apologises for his recent behaviour, but Maria just goes to get the food from the kitchen. Danny then tells her that he had a chat with Jim earlier, and that he wishes Max was more like Jim. Maria asks if Danny has thought about doing work experience with Max - Danny, however, has already made up his mind about going into engineering or architecture. Maria isn't sure that they'll be able to afford for Danny to go to university, but she agrees to discuss it with Max. She has one last attempt at convincing Danny to become a plumber, but his mind's made up.

Ramsay Street: The next morning, Jim is sweeping up the leaves outside the house, when Des comes over, on his way to the shops. They chat about the wedding, and Des seems to have things under control, but he says that he'll pop over later so they can make up a checklist. Des walks off, passing Maria, who's collecting her newspaper. Jim calls over to her, and she thanks him for the help he's giving to Danny. He says that he's sorry he didn't consult her about it, but she says that she's just happy that Danny has an idea about what he wants to do, unlike Shane, who didn't like school and was just forced into diving. She admits that she would have liked one of them to follow Max into plumbing. Danny and Scott then appear, and Jim goes back to sweeping up the leaves. The boys walk off to the shops together, and Daphne then comes running up the street. She stops to chat to Maria about her housing situation, and that she seems to have been dumping her problems on Shane lately, but Maria tells her not to worry about it. Daphne says that she's going to start today with a positive attitude, and not give up until she's found somewhere to live - Maria wishes her luck.

. . .

Strip of Shops: Danny and Scott are talking about Paul getting married, and Scott's happy that he'll finally have a room of his own. Danny isn't sure that he'd want all that responsibility, and he tells Scott that he's made up his mind about going to university, but he doesn't know whether he'll do architecture or engineering. Scott thinks that all that time at uni is a waste, and he says that he's decided to leave school. Danny calls him a bludger, but Scott says that he's got a job lined up. Danny mocks his part-time job at the coffee shop, and Scott says that Danny and Jim are just the same, and are welcome to each other.

No 28: Daphne is still going through a list of estate agents, and Des is telling her about Eileen's reaction the marriage celebrant idea. He thinks that they should go out somewhere, and suggests a picnic, but Daphne isn't keen on the idea. Des leaves to go and see Joan, and then there's a knock at the door. It's a woman from Barclay and Parsons estate agents, who asks if she can come in, explaining that she spoke to Daphne on the phone. Daphne admits that she can't remember, as she's spoken to so many people lately, but invites the woman in. Daphne makes them some tea, and the woman asks her questions about her living arrangements and Squawker the parrot, and about her job and her relationship status. She then asks if Daphne has anyone who could give her some references, and Daphne lists a few people - the woman then declares that Daphne is definitely the person she's looking for...

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Maria Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Jim Robinson, Scott Robinson, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Myra De Groot as Eileen Clarke, Catherine Lynch as Joan Langdon

Trivia Notes
The lady from Barclay and Parsons, in the final scene, is uncredited
Past character Father Kevin Barry is mentioned

Summary by Steve