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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 103

Written by Ginny Lowndes, Directed by Russell Webb, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 07/08/85, BBC One: 23/03/87, UK Gold: 24/03/93

Max can't sleep because of his toothache and the noisy dogs next-door
Daphne suggests that she and Shane move in together
Max gets angry with his neighbour, Mr McLean
Richard asks Maria to go away for the weekend with him

No 24 - Lounge: Danny is waiting for his mum to come home, and someone comes in, but it's Shane. Danny explains that Maria's really fallen for this new guy and he doesn't like him - Shane says that Max said something similar, but he doesn't see the problem. Danny reminds Shane that he hated Nick Burman and tried to get rid of him, and the brothers start to argue. Shane says that he's not going to make any judgments about Richard until he's met him, and he warns Danny to stop causing trouble, as if Maria has to choose between him and Richard, Danny might not like the decision she makes.

No 26: Maria arrives, to give Helen the notes from the lecture, but all Helen wants to hear about is the date with Richard. Maria explains that they talked about Europe, but Helen keeps on pestering her for more information, until Maria admits that she asked her away for the weekend, and she accepted. She's worried about how Danny is going to take the news, but Helen thinks that it's Maria's life and she should be happy, even suggesting that she doesn't need to tell Danny if she thinks it's going to cause problems. Maria leaves, saying that she'll break the news to Danny in the morning.

. . .

No 24: Maria arrives home, and is surprised to find that Danny is still awake. He says that he doesn't have any classes tomorrow until later in the day, and he asks her about the lecture, as she's home very late. She explains that she had a coffee with some friends afterwards, and mentions that Helen couldn't come as she had to do some preparations for the wedding. Danny then wants to know who she had coffee with, if Helen wasn't there, and she says that it was nobody special. She then tries to change the subject to homework and suggests that Danny should go to bed. He mentions that Shane called by earlier, and Maria asks if there was any news about Max, telling Danny about the toothache. She quickly mentions that she was thinking about going to the beach for the weekend, as she could do with a break - Danny assumes that he'll be going too, but she says that she wants to go alone. He accepts this, as he has to go to a party on Saturday anyway, but then asks her where she'll be staying. She says that it's a friend's place, but then he wants to know which friend, so she has to tell him the truth. He calls her pathetic and goes to his room.

Max's Bedsit: The next day, Danny is attempting to show Max how to use a cassette player to make recordings. Terry then arrives, and starts questioning how busy Max is, and whether he's coping, before offering to come back and work for him - at least until the wedding, as Paul doesn't want her to be working afterwards. Max agrees, and then starts to complain about his tooth again. They joke about Max and Shane having to live in such a small room together, and then Max blurts out that Shane is moving out soon, and into a place with Daphne. Terry looks very hurt, and then Shane walks in. He starts chatting to Terry about the wedding, but she quickly makes her excuses and leaves, and Shane looks confused.

Mr McLean's House - Exterior: Max and Danny are watching the house from behind a fence, and Danny is complaining that he's wasting his morning off school. He suggests that they just dub in some noises from a record, but Max says that it has to be McLean's dogs on the recording. Danny wonders why the dogs aren't making any noise now, and Max thinks they're asleep, as they were being noisy all night. He peaks over the fence, and suggests that Danny make some cat noises to rile them up, but Danny, already sick of the whole thing, tells Max to do it himself. Max starts crouching by the fence, and much to Danny's amusement, starts to make cat noises, until eventually the dogs start to bark.

. . .

Max's Bedsit: Maria knocks on the door, but then Max and Danny come in from outside. Danny hands the tape recorder to his dad, and says that he should get going to school - Maria offers him a lift, as she's about to catch a cab, but he says that he'd prefer to walk. Max notices the change in Danny's mood, and tells Maria that he doesn't want to know about whatever's caused it. Maria spots the speakers as they go into the room, and asks if they belong to Shane - Max says that they don't, and then mentions Shane's plans to move in with Daphne. Max then talks about his plan, involving the speakers, but Maria tells him to just leave the neighbours alone, and to go and see a dentist.

No 26 - Lounge: Paul and Terry sit on the couch, and they talk briefly about Terry trying to get her old job back with Max, before Paul asks her if she's uncomfortable with him having Shane as his best man. Terry is about to explain, but then Shane walks in - she tells both Paul and Shane that she isn't deliberately giving him the cold shoulder, she was just preoccupied with asking for her job back and thinking about the wedding. Shane then explains that he came over to talk about plans for the buck's night, and Terry agrees to leave, her mood immediately changing when Shane mentions Daphne, though neither Shane nor Paul seems to notice.

. . .

Max's Bedsit: Later, Shane arrives home, to find Max standing by the window with the two big speakers set up, declaring that, if he can't get any sleep, then nor will anyone else. Shane thinks his dad's gone crazy, but Max starts playing the recording of the dogs barking - with a couple of Max's cat noises to begin with - and then Mr McLean starts shouting up at the window. Shane tries to stop the tape, but Max won't let him and delights in giving his neighbour a taste of his own medicine.

No 24 - Lounge: Danny is listening to loud music, when Maria comes in and turns it off, asking if he's deliberately trying to provoke her. He makes a jibe about her needing all the sleep she can get at her age, and she says that she's had enough, and wants to know why he's being like this. He asks why it has to be his fault all the time, and Maria tries to tell him that she and Richard are just friends. Danny won't accept this, and he says that he doesn't care, as while she's away with Richard, he'll be going to a party, and that he can look after himself.

Max's Bedsit: Shane tries to get Max to turn off the tape, insisting that he's made his point now. Mr McLean then starts banging on the door, shocked to see the lengths that Max has gone to. He thinks that Max is crazy, and warns him that he'll be hearing from a lawyer about this. Max says that he'll look forward to seeing him in court. Mr McLean leaves, and Max is delighted by his victory, but Shane believes that McLean is going to end up taking every penny from Max. Max then starts to drink a beer, before experiencing a terrible pain in his tooth.

No 24 - Kitchen: Maria is about to make a phone call, but stops when Helen comes in the back door. Helen notices Maria's mood, and realises that she's decided against the trip away with Richard, due to Danny. Maria says that Danny is just frightened and confused, but Helen points out that Danny will soon be grown-up and moving out of home, and Maria will be left on her own. Maria, however, blames herself for all of it, and doesn't think that she can leave Danny on his own, when he's in this sort of state. Before leaving, Helen tells Maria that her own feelings are also important, and she should just go away with Richard. Maria then picks up the phone to make a call.

. . .

Max's Bedsit: Max is making a lot of noise, to wake up Shane. Max is in a great mood, until he bites into some toast and is in pain again. Shane has had enough, and he gets out of bed and goes outside to make Shane an appointment with a dentist.

Ramsay Street: Helen is doing some gardening when Danny walks by. She stops him and asks if he realises how much he's upset Maria. Danny doesn't think he's done anything wrong, but Helen points out that Richard could have given Maria a wonderful life, which is what she deserves. Danny still doesn't see what he's done wrong, and explains that he was just trying to protect his mum, but Helen points out that he needs to be supporting her, not behaving like a brat. Danny walks off, with Helen telling him to think about that.

Dental Surgery: Max goes in, with Shane practically having to drag him inside and force him to sit down. The nurse asks Max to come through, and Max is horrified when he walks in and realises that the dentist is his neighbour, Mr McLean!

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Maria Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Helen Daniels, Paul Robinson

Guest Cast: Maxine Klibingaitis as Terry Inglis, Terry Gill as Mr McLean

Trivia Notes
Past character Nick Burman is mentioned
The dental nurse is uncredited, despite having several lines of dialogue

Summary by Steve