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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 121

Written by C.V. Schofield, Directed by Russell Webb, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 02/09/85, BBC One: 16/04/87, UK Gold: 19/04/93

Helen assures Maria that the dinner party will be a success
Des tells Eileen that she can't move in
Danny makes Jim feel guilty about lying to Max
Danny encourages Max to go to number 24
Danny is happy to see Max arriving at number 24
A furious Max accidentally gatecrashes the dinner party

No 24 - Lounge: Maria tries to calm down an irate Max, who thinks that everybody is laughing at him and that Maria set the whole thing up. Jim has had enough, and calls Max a self-centred, pig-headed, pious idiot, who blunders through other people's lives as if they didn't have any feelings about anything. He suggests that, if Max had any decency, he'd leave, but Max tries to throw everyone else out instead. He then comes to his senses and apologises. He leaves, and Jim and Helen then decide that they should go too. Richard comforts a distraught Maria, who can't believe that it's come to this. Richard tries to be positive about this and cheer her up, but she starts to cry.

No 28 - Lounge: Danny watches from the window, telling Des that Max has just left number 24, and now Jim and Helen are going too. Danny wonders why Richard Morrison is still in there, but Des suggests that maybe he loves Maria and is standing by her. Danny isn't impressed with that comment, and says that Max and Maria only stand a chance of talking and getting back together if Richard is out of the way. Des thinks that maybe Max and Maria can't live together, even if they do still love each other, and all the old problems would return if they got back together. Des talks about how he went through something similar when his parents split up, but he realised that they weren't happy together. Danny doesn't want to listen, but Des says that one day he'll have to start listening to other people and stop only thinking of himself.

. . .

No 26 - Kitchen: Jim and Helen return from dinner, and he wishes he'd handled that situation better - but Helen thinks that he did the best he could. She can't believe the feud has dragged on for so long - Jim says that Max started it, but Helen points out that Jim has done nothing to stop it. She says that Amy left weeks ago, and they have nothing to be arguing about now. Jim admits that he isn't proud of his behaviour, and then it suddenly occurs to Helen that Max came over to fix Danny's bike, and she wonders if Danny set the whole thing up, hoping that Jim and Max would team up to get rid of Richard Morrison. Jim is annoyed, and walks out, saying that he's going to sort things out once and for all.

Max's Bedsit: Jim arrives, just as Shane is going out, and finds Max sitting on the couch, stewing about things. Max calls Jim 'Judas' and says that their friendship is over after what's happened tonight. Jim stays calm, as Max rants at him, and then says that he's come to say sorry, but clearly Max doesn't want to listen - he tells Max that his behaviour has cost him his home and his marriage, and is about to cost him his best friend. Max furiously tells Jim that he's a pious and sanctimonious, and that he thinks he's better than everyone else because he went to university. Jim is about to leave, but at that they start to argue again, before Jim finally walks out, telling Max to just forget it.

No 24 - Lounge: Richard thinks that they really need to sort this situation out, or life is going to continue to be terrible for everyone. Maria doesn't really want to talk, but Richard says that he wants them to start thinking about their long-term future, and maybe even marriage. She agrees that they should, but she says that she can't when Danny is so unhappy. Richard tells Maria that he suspects Danny to be behind the fight that broke out tonight, and he was hoping that it would get rid of him. He tells Maria that she has to start seeing what Danny is really like. He then kisses her and tells her that he wants to marry her, before leaving.

No 28 - Lounge: Des is watching the cricket, as Danny stands at the window and watches Richard leave. Just then, Daphne turns up, followed by Shane with all of her things. Des goes to show her what Eileen's been doing, rearranging the sleeping arrangements, as Danny helps Shane with the boxes. Danny says that he wasn't welcome at home tonight - Shane thinks he's being ridiculous, but says there was a fight earlier, and Max came off worst. Danny isn't too happy to hear that, and agrees to go back over to number 24 with Shane, to see how Maria is.

. . .

No 24: Maria is cleaning a stain from the carpet, as Shane and Danny come in through the back. Danny comments that it looks like a blood stain, and asks if there was a fight. He wants the details, but Maria says that he already knows, as he planned it this way. She wants to know why Danny can't just accept Richard, and she says that he's failed to split them up, and all he's succeeded in doing is destroying the friendship between Max and Jim. She suspects that Max will never forgive Danny for this, and she tells him to get out of her sight, as he disgusts her. Danny walks away, saying that he only did it for her.

No 24 - Lounge: Later, Maria goes into the lounge, asking Danny why he did it. He says that she won't care anyway, but he did it because he doesn't like the way they're living. She asks him why he won't allow her to have her own life and be happy for once, and why he thinks she has to give up everything for him. He says that she's supposed to, as she's his mum. Shane intervenes here, and tells a furious Maria that he'll have a word with Danny. Shane says that Max is really upset about all of this too, and Danny can't seem to see how many people's lives he's ruining here. Danny says that he doesn't care, and Shane calls him a selfish brat, and asks what he's trying to achieve with all of this. Danny says that he just wants the family back together, but Shane reminds him that things weren't that great when they were together. Danny thinks that things have changed now, and that they'll be better, but Shane says that Danny will have to accept Richard and Maria. Danny won't listen, and he goes to his room.

No 28: Daphne is cleaning up, and Des tells her to sit down and have a cuppa with him. She points out that she can't relax with all of his rubbish everywhere, then when she finally sits down, she sits on a porcelain boot ornament - a gift from Eileen to brighten the place up. Daphne puts it on the mantlepiece and says that Des is so lucky to have his mum. She asks when Eileen is moving in, but Des explains that she isn't now, and Daphne feigns disappointment on both their behalves. Shane turns up and tells them of the chaos at number 24 - Daphne says that she'll pick him up the next morning and they can go for a picnic. Shane agrees, and then promptly leaves again. Daphne explains to Des that Shane is giving driving lessons to a woman called Liz. Des wonders why Daphne isn't jealous, but she says that they have no reason to keep secrets from each other.

Car Park: Liz stops the car, pleased with how well she's managed on her first night drive. Shane says that it's going well, and she wonders if she can try for her licence soon. Shane says that she should be ready, though they're both disappointed that the lessons will be coming to an end. He suggests that they go out for a farewell drink, and as he leans over to tell her that he'll drive, their faces get very close.

Smugglers: Liz asks Shane about his back problem, but he says that it doesn't stop him from living his life. She asks whether he has a girlfriend, and he says that there is someone, but they're just good friends. Liz admits that she doesn't want to get tied down too young either, as that's what her parents did and now they're divorced. Shane relates to this, and they both agree that they want to have a good time while they can. She then points out that he's had a few drinks, and it wouldn't be a good example for him to drive, so asks him back to her place. He isn't sure, but finally agrees to go with her.

. . .

No 28: The next morning, Des is burning the toast, and Daphne sarcastically says that she's glad to see he learned to cook while she was away. Daphne notices some home-made biscuits, that Eileen brought over, and takes some for her picnic with Shane. Des presents her with breakfast, (burnt) toast and (hard-)boiled eggs, and Daphne is underwhelmed. She suggests that they should find some male company for Eileen, and the she might stop annoying Des all the time. Des can't believe that any man out there would want to spend time with his mother. Daphne then takes another look at her breakfast and decides to leave, to go and meet Shane.

. . .

Bedsits: Daphne arrives, and Max is on his way to the bathroom, and wonders what she's doing there. She explains that she's come to collect Shane for a picnic, and goes into the room to find that his bed hasn't been slept in. She realises that he hasn't been home all night, despite Max's poor efforts to cover for his son. They wonder if he's had an accident - though the police would have been in touch - and then Max says that it must have been a long driving lesson. Daphne isn't amused. Max struggles to think of something to say, and mentions that Shane is often in and out at funny hours - Daphne then asks if this is the first time that Shane has stayed out, since he's been giving driving lessons to Liz. Daphne is furious and is about to leave, when Shane comes in, whistling to himself. He's surprised to see Daphne, and says that he didn't expect her to turn up quite so early.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Maria Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Peter Flett as Richard Morrison, Brenda Clarke as Liz Harrington

Summary by Steve