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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 120

Written by Penny Frazer, Directed by Peter Andrikidis, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 30/08/85, BBC One: 15/04/87, UK Gold: 16/04/93

Charles calls Terry, telling her he wants the tapes back
Wally asks Scott to run the coffee shop for a few days
Des clashes with Eileen, then calls Daphne and asks her to move back in

No 28: Des is trying to tell Eileen his news, but she won't let him get a word in, telling him that he'll be late for work, but from now on, she'll be able to wake him up bright and early each morning. And she'll be able to look after the garden, which she never had in her unit. And he should get more exercise. Des finally gives up and says he'll be home late tonight, as he has a business meeting. Eileen reminds him to eat something low fat, as she doesn't want him to have a heart attack on the ladder to success.

No 24 - Kitchen: Maria and Helen are making final plans for the dinner party that evening. Maria then asks Helen if she's too overbearing when it comes to men - as that was what Danny was suggesting. Helen doesn't agree, and Maria wishes that she could be looking to the future with Richard, instead of feeling guilty about Danny all the time. Helen thinks that Danny needs a clip around the ear, but Maria says that whenever she tries to confront her son, she just comes out of it looking like the bad guy. Helen admits that she has no answers to this one, but suggests that Maria sends Danny to the Robinson house tonight, so that the four of them can have the dinner party without him hanging around and trying to cause trouble.

. . .

No 28 - Lounge: Des returns home to find Eileen preparing a meal for him - just in case he didn't eat while he was out. He says that he needs to have a word with him, this time not taking no for an answer. He says that she can't move in - she still has her unit, and Daphne needs somewhere to stay. Eileen is shocked that her own son could do this to her, but Des says that he won't let Daphne down, as she didn't even want to move out in the first place, and only went because he was supposed to be getting married. He reminds Eileen how much she loves her unit, and says that she can come over to do his gardening if she'd like to. She says that he won't look after himself and cook decent meals, but Des tells her that, for all of her faults, Daphne is an excellent housekeeper. Eileen can't deny it.

No 26 - Kitchen: Paul comes in with the news that Daphne is moving back into the street, and Helen is delighted, but Paul suspects that Julie won't be so pleased. Eileen then arrives, and Paul quickly says that he has to go and walk Basil. Eileen sits down and says that she can't believe what Des has done to her, and not even a word of thanks for everything she's done for him lately. Helen suggests that Eileen look at this as a chance to start afresh and live her own life - she's sacrificed enough for Des! Eileen agrees with this, but isn't sure where she'll meet new people, and doesn't like the sound of dinners with men, as they'll only be after one thing. Helen says that there are plenty of decent men who only want friendship, and Eileen starts to come around to the idea. Jim then walks in, and Eileen takes a long look at him and smiles to herself, thanks Helen and leaves. Helen starts to laugh, and Jim looks completely confused.

No 24 - Kitchen: Danny is leaving for the Robinson house - Maria asks him to pass on a message, she's running half an hour behind, so could they come a little later. Danny wonders why she's going to all of this trouble, and Maria says that she's happy with Richard and she wants her friends to share in it. Danny declares that the evening will probably be a big success without him there, and Maria agrees that it probably will, so Danny stomps out of the door.

Bedsits - Corridor/No 26 - Lounge: Max is on the phone to Jim, asking him if he could over for a few beers and they could bury the hatchet. Jim, though delighted with the offer, explains that he's got a lot of paperwork to do, so they'll have to make it another night. Max takes this as a rejection and slams the phone down, causing the whole payphone to fall off the wall. Meanwhile, Helen tells Jim that he should have just been honest - or at least mention the dinner, but not where they're going. Jim answers the door to Danny, who passes on the message and then asks Jim if Max has been in touch. He explains that Shane had a word with their dad about this stupid feud, but Jim says that sometimes people who have close friendships can have problems. Danny thinks they're all being stupid, and a bit hypocritical the way they always criticise his behaviour.

. . .

No 28: Eileen is packing up her things, sighing loudly but otherwise giving Des the silent treatment. Des tells her to cut it out, and says that she can come over for dinner, to check that he's eating well. Eileen thinks that he'll be straight on the phone for her help, the next time Daphne goes out for the evening, but Des tells her to stop, and says he won't call her at all if she's going to say things like that. She smiles and says that of course he can ring her, and she'd like to come and do the gardening too, if the offer's still open. The taxi then sounds its horn outside, and Des hands his mother her gnome from by the front door. She says that she'll be back with some good nutritious recipes for Daphne, and Des sighs and helps her outside with her boxes.

No 26 - Lounge: Paul is cleaning his shoes at the table - much to Helen's annoyance - as she and Jim prepare to leave for the dinner party. Jim admits that Danny has made him feel guilty about going, and about lying to Max, but Paul says that the feud is ridiculous, and Helen wonders why Jim lied in the first place. He says that he just didn't want any more hassle, and he'll meet with Max for a beer tomorrow.

No 24: Maria and Richard are setting the table, and he admits that he's a little nervous about meeting Jim. Maria says that Jim is a very civilised man, and she defies anyone not to like Richard. Jim and Helen then arrive, and Maria introduces Jim to Richard. Jim asks Richard about insurance, and whether he sees it as taking advantage of people and their fear of disasters - Richard says that he prefers to look at it as helping people cope when those disasters happen. Maria changes the subject to Paul's wedding, and then Jim asks Richard if he has any children. Richard says that he doesn't, but he's become an uncle to most of his friends' kids - except Danny. Jim then mentions that Danny accused him of being two-faced by coming here tonight, and that he lied to Max because of their silly feud. Maria says that tomorrow's another day, and goes to get the food.

Max's Bedsit/Corridor/No 28: Max is oiling the springs on the foldout bed, when Danny calls by. He says that he's on his way to see Scott at the coffee shop, but thought he'd call by. Max mentions that he was going to visit Jim, but he's busy with paperwork. Danny is surprised to hear this, and then gets the idea to suggest that Max should go and visit Maria. Max doesn't think she'd want to see him, so Danny then says that he has a school excursion tomorrow and he needs his bike, but the seat's broken. Max agrees to go over after he'd had his tea, and Danny leaves, very pleased with himself. Out in the corridor, Danny calls Des and asks if he can come over.

No 24:Helen is helping Maria with the food, and Maria is worried that Jim isn't getting along with Richard. Helen suspects that Jim is just being cautious, as he wants to make sure that Richard is good enough for her. They relax as they hear laughter coming from the lounge, and Maria calls them to the table. Jim says that Richard does insurance for his business partner Ross, and they talk about Ross's obsession with work.

. . .

No 28 - Lounge: Danny lets himself in, and Des is going through some records. Danny starts looking out across the street from the window, and checks that Des doesn't mind if he hangs around for a while. Danny explains about the dinner party - and then he tells Des about how Jim lied to Max, just because of Richard Morrison. Des wonders why Danny hates Richard so much, as it's clearly making Maria miserable. Danny says that he just wants Richard gone, so Max and Shane can come home - Des points out that Max and Maria split up long before Richard came onto the scene, but Danny is convinced that Max would return.

. . .

No 24: Maria and Richard start to clean up, as Jim and Helen go through to sit down. Helen thinks that Maria's very lucky to have met Richard, and Jim thinks that they should all get together with Ross one evening too. Richard then comes through, and he tells Jim that Scott is a very nice boy - not that he's complaining about Danny. Helen says that Danny never seems to stop complaining about Richard - Richard, however, thinks that Danny is just going to have to get used to him being around. Maria joins them all with some coffee, and they agree that hopefully there's not much more that Danny can do to ruin things. Richard says that he's hoping that some patience and understanding, and a little bit of firm handling, will work with Danny - and they all make a toast to success.

No 28 - Lounge: Danny watches from the window as Max pulls up outside number 24. Danny is very pleased, but Des calls him a ratbag and says that he's got just what he wanted.

No 24: Everyone is having a laugh about Danny and Scott's plans to become rock stars, and the clasp on Helen's bracelet breaks - she gives it to Richard, and he and Jim joke about who'll be able to fix it. As they all talk, Max comes in the back door and realises what's going on, furiously confronting Jim about his lies.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Maria Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson, Des Clarke

Guest Cast: Peter Flett as Richard Morrison, Myra De Groot as Eileen Clarke

Trivia Notes
Jim's business partner Ross Warner is mentioned

Summary by Steve