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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 124

Written by Dennis Lloyd, Directed by Russell Webb, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 05/09/85, BBC One: 22/04/87, UK Gold: 22/04/93

Eileen is embarrassed after George catches her doing aerobics
Helen thinks that Terry is more than capable of dealing with Max
Terry asks Max to give her away at the wedding
Jim checks that Scott can cope with running the coffee shop
Scott calls Danny and says he's in big trouble at the coffee shop

No 24 - Lounge: Maria appears, asking Danny who was on the phone. Danny explains that it was Scott and he's in trouble - he puts on his coat and says he'll go and tell the Robinsons, telling Maria to get her coat and lock up. She says that she can't help - Richard's on his way over, and she doesn't want to cancel the date - besides, she probably wouldn't be able to do much anyway. Danny is upset that she's putting Richard before her friends, and he leaves.

No 26 - Lounge: Danny suddenly bursts in, saying that Scott's in trouble at the coffee shop. Jim wants to know exactly what the problem is, but Danny isn't sure, it just sounded like Scott was panic-stricken and needed help - he might even have a gun to his head. Lucy becomes alarmed when she hears that, but Helen assures her that it won't be that serious. Jim and Julie then leave with Danny.

. . .

Wally's Coffee Shop: There's a big group of footballers in the shop, and Scott is struggling to keep up with their orders - they're all having a laugh about it, and jokingly ask whether he used to be the head waiter at the Los Angeles Hilton. Danny, Jim and Julie then rush in, and the men start to wolf whistle at Julie, who isn't impressed. The three of them ask Scott how they can help, and they all get to work, though Danny isn't too impressed that this is the big crisis. Julie can't make out some of the orders, so she goes over to ask the men what they want. They laugh about how bossy she is, then one of them pinches her on the bum, so she hits him on the head with the tray. They tell her that they'll eat anything. Jim then takes over some cakes, and asks Julie to phone Helen and let her know that Scott's OK. Scott thanks Danny for bringing Jim and Julie, as they're being a big help, and Danny admits that he was glad to get out of the house, as Maria's got Richard over again.

Wally's Coffee Shop: Later, the last couple of footballers and paying their bill, and one of them admires Julie as she bends over a table to clean it. With everyone then gone, the workers sit down for a coffee - Scott says that one of the footballers seemed to really like her, and he's quite a good player so probably has loads of girls after him. Julie isn't impressed that he described her as matronly, and says that she prefers gentlemen anyway, not gorillas. Danny then leaves, as he wants to go and sort things out with Max. As Danny leaves, Wally's son Simon returns, assuming that it's been quiet all night. Jim, Julie and Scott point him in the direction of the huge pile of washing-up, and leave him to do it.

No 26 - Dining Table/Lounge: Helen is amused to hear about the evening's events, and Scott's exaggerating, but Jim then says that Scott's not going to work there anymore, as Wally was being very irresponsible leaving a young kid in charge, with little experience. Scott reminds his dad that he isn't a kid, and both Helen and Julie also stick up for Scott, telling Jim that tonight's events were out of the ordinary and Scott still coped well. All of the raised voices wake up Lucy, so Helen takes her back to bed, as Scott storms off to the lounge. Julie thinks that Jim is being a little hypocritical, as she used to waitress when she was at school - even if it was during the holidays - and she also thinks Jim is being worse than Max Ramsay, whose parenting skills he's been questioning lately. Jim angrily says that he's nothing like Max Ramsay, and Julie tells him that he needs to treat his kids as individuals, not as clones of himself. Jim then goes into the lounge and says that he won't stop Scott from working, if it's what he wants to do, and he's proud of him for wanting to be independent, but not if it's at the expense of his education. Scott insists that he won't let the job interfere with his studies, and says that Danny wishes Max was more like Jim.

Max's Bedsit: Max answers the door to Danny, and isn't too happy to see him, but invites him inside. Danny apologises for what he did the other night, but an angry Max demands to know why he did it. Danny says that he just wanted his dad to come back and take charge, and get the family back together again. Max says that he would if he could, but there's very little chance that he and Maria will ever get back together. Danny spots a little bit of hope that his father hasn't given up completely, and then asks how things are between Max and Jim. Max says that they've called a truce, and Danny is pleased, and agrees to stop acting up. He then tells Max that he really loves him.

. . .

No 26 - Kitchen: Jim and Helen are having a cup of Milo and he's about to head to bed when Maria calls in, wanting to know what all the fuss was about earlier, with Scott's call from the coffee shop. Jim leaves Helen to explain things, and Helen tells her that Jim, Julie and Danny had to help run the shop, and now Danny's gone to see Max. Maria hopes that they're going to patch things up. She then tells Helen that she just told Richard that she loves him, and she can't imagine her life without him. She says that she won't let Danny spoil this for her - for the first time in her life, she's met a man who makes her truly happy and she's going to fight for him.

No 24 - Kitchen: The next morning, Maria asks Danny why he was home so late, and he says that he went to see Max. Max then arrives, and he and Danny happily greet each other before Danny goes to school. Maria is happy that they're getting on better now. Max asks if there are any plumbing messages, and Maria says that there aren't, but he's welcome to stay and have a coffee with her. She says that she was pleased to hear that he'll be coming to the wedding, and is happy to accept when Max suggests that they go together.

Ramsay Street: Jim is checking a problem with his car, when Danny comes over. They make small talk about the previous night at the coffee shop, then Danny explains that he went to see Max and they talked things through - he says that, if Richard weren't around, Max would like to give things another try with Maria. Jim just says that they'll have to wait and see what happens, then Danny leaves for school with Scott.

No 24: Max has had a couple of calls about plumbing jobs, so he's getting ready to leave. He asks Maria if she needs any money, for a wedding present, and admits that when he first met Terry, he couldn't stand her, but she's proved herself to be a good worker. Maria remembers a horrible yellow vase that they got as a wedding present from Max's aunt, which he hated and put in the garage, and they had to get it out whenever the aunt came to visit. They joke about it, and Maria says that it's nice to remember the good times - Max says that they did have a few, and then he leaves, looking sadly back at Maria as he goes.

. . .

Ramsay Street: Jim is still working on his car, telling Max that it's leaking water and he think it needs a new radiator hose. Max asks after Terry - Jim says that she's inside with Paul, so Max says not to bother her yet, as she's entitled to some time with her future husband. The two men reminisce about their weddings and their marriages - Max says that he had some good times with Maria, and he tried to hang on to those, and then goes off to load the van on his own.

No 26 - Kitchen: As Julie finishes drying her hair, Lucy is looking over the list of wedding guests, surprised to see that Aunty Gwen is still on it. Julie says that Gwen probably won't come anyway, as she and Helen don't talk to each other, but Lucy is disappointed, as she's never met her. She wonders if she and Julie will also fall out and not speak when they're older, but Julie thinks that they're friends, as well as sisters, so it won't happen. She then admits that she's going to send an invitation to Gwen anyway, and is going to keep it a secret from Helen, and Lucy promises not to say anything. Jim and Helen then come in, and Jim is talking about the Ramsays, and how Max and Maria really need to start communicating properly. Lucy says that she and Julie are communicating, and winks at her sister.

. . .

No 24: Maria is surprised to find Richard at the door, and he says that he needs to speak with her urgently. He asks if Danny's home, which he isn't, and then talks about how Danny is never going to accept him, and now a job has come up overseas, so there's no time to wait. He says that he's worked hard for this, and he's going to accept, but he wants her to go with him. Maria is shocked, and says that she can't just leave, particularly after all the problems with Danny. She asks if he can wait, but he says that there are times when you just have a make a decision - and he needs her to decide by tomorrow.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Maria Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Julie Robinson, Scott Robinson, Lucy Robinson

Guest Cast: Peter Flett as Richard Morrison, Shane Lee as Simon Walters, Mathew Barker as Footballer 1, Mal Billings as Footballer 2

Trivia Notes
The list of wedding guests includes Mr and Mrs Simpons, Aunty Mary and Uncle John

Summary by Steve