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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 125

Written by Valda Marshall, Directed by Russell Webb, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 06/09/85, BBC One: 23/04/87, UK Gold: 23/04/93

Maria tells Helen that she's going to fight to be with Richard
Julie tells Lucy that she's invited Gwen to the wedding, without telling Helen
Richard is moving overseas, and needs Maria to tell him by tomorrow whether she'll join him or not

No 24 - Lounge: Maria is shocked by how quickly she must make up her mind. Richard says that the rep in Hong Kong has had a heart attack, and they need him to fly out almost immediately as the replacement - and he thinks it's perfect timing, as it's going to force Maria to make her mind up about whether she wants to be with him or not. She is confused and needs more time, but Richard says that the only problem here is Danny, and she has to make up her mind and choose between them. He says that he'll be leaving at 7pm the next day, and they arrange to meet the next day - he tells her only to come if the answer is yes, otherwise he'll just disappear out of her life, with no recriminations and no goodbyes.

No 26 - Garage: Richard calls by to see Jim, and to apologise for what happened at the dinner party. Jim insists that Richard has nothing to apologise for, and says that it really didn't need much for him or Max to blow their tops at each other. Richard says that he can guarantee it won't happen again, as he's being transferred to Hong Kong. Jim is surprised, and concerned about how Maria is taking the news, but shakes Richard's hand and says that it was nice to meet him.

. . .

No 24 - Kitchen: Maria has confided in Helen, and is wondering what to do. She asks Helen how much a mother owes to their children, and Helen says that it depends on the child, and that she can't make up Maria's mind for her. Helen says that a mother should love and look after a child, and teach it right from wrong, for as long as it needs her - Maria wonders if Danny still needs her. Helen says that only Maria can decide that. She asks Maria if she likes herself - Maria says that she does, but not that much, and Helen tells her that unless she likes herself, she'll only ever be giving Richard half a relationship. But she then says that Maria needs to make the decision that's going to make her happy for the rest of her life.

No 26: The next morning, Helen is preparing to leave for the Community Justice Centre, confident that Maria is going to decide to go with Richard - Jim is happy to hear it, and hopes it'll be the end of all the drama. Jim says that he has to leave for work, but asks Helen to give his love to Maria and tell her she's being very brave. Julie overhears this and asks what's going on - Helen says that it's none of her business. Paul answers the phone out in the lounge - then hands it over to Jim, who's just about to leave. Paul sits with Helen and Julie, telling them that he and Terry are planning to spend the day flat-hunting, and he's sure they're going to find something. Jim returns and explains that Max has asked him for a beer tonight - and is pleased that their friendship seems to be back on track.

No 28 - Kitchen: Julie arrives to ask Des for a lift, but he's running late, and Terry has just burnt her breakfast. Julie passes on a message from Paul - that Terry needs to hurry up so they can start their flat-hunting, but Terry sees no reason to rush, as their first appointment isn't until 10am. Julie says that she's got all of the wedding plans under control - and she's going to send the final invitation off today, by priority mail, for Aunty Gwen. Terry is surprised to hear the story of Aunty Gwen, and wonders if she should be invited, if Helen doesn't get on with her. Julie believes that the wedding will be a time for the family to come together. She says that it'll be an extra gift too - and Paul and Terry could use some more of those, as they barely have anything to go in their new flat. Julie explains that she started a box of things when she was young, which she adds to each week, to use when she leaves home - Terry explains that she doesn't something similar, putting things on layby and paying off a bit each week. Julie isn't very impressed.

No 26 - Kitchen: Helen comes in with the post, and tells Paul that they've had a few more wedding acceptance cards, so he ticks the names off on the list. Helen wonders where they're going to put all of those people, and Terry says that they should also prepare for unexpected guests. Paul says that there won't be any, as Julie has made it strictly invitation only! Terry and Paul then leave to go flat-hunting.

. . .

No 24 - Lounge: Helen calls by to see Maria, who says that she had the best night's sleep she's had in ages. She says that she's going to miss Helen very much - and Helen is delighted to take that as confirmation that Maria is going to leave with Richard. They hug, and Maria says that she's really come to value Helen's friendship, and sees her as a second mother. Helen is proud of the way that Maria has grown since she first came to Ramsay Street, when she was shy and withdrawn, and completely dominated by Max. Helen says that it's little wonder that Richard wants to sweep Maria off her feet, as she's become a very beautiful woman - Maria then realises that she's going to have to talk to Max about this, and try to work out what to do about Danny.

No 26: Paul and Terry return, and he's furious that they've wasted a whole day and come up with nothing. She tells him to calm down, but he's very angry about the horrible dives they were taken to, and says that no wife of his is going to live anywhere like that. She thinks he's been spoilt, and points out that she's had to live in a few horrible places - but he just sees that as all the more reason for her to live somewhere nice. They start to argue about the situation - but go silent as Julie walks in. Paul goes to answer the phone, as Julie shows Terry a pair of shoes she's bought for the wedding. Paul then comes back into the kitchen and says that he has to cover someone's sick leave at work, so he'll be on the Singapore run next week - but he promises Terry that he'll be back by Friday. He suggests that Shane can help her with the flat-hunting while he's away, but Terry doesn't like that idea, claiming that she doesn't want to put Shane to any trouble, and becoming very defensive. Paul tells her not to worry, assuring her he'll be back in time to get married.

. . .

Max's Bedsit: Max and Jim are having a beer, chatting about the wedding, and Jim says that Paul seems to be surprisingly free of nerves. Max says that he might still end up losing it on the wedding day - he starts to talk about his own wedding, but Jim suggests that they change the subject. Max admits that he still loves Maria, and he should have tried to patch things up sooner, but now it's too late. Max says that he can't really blame Danny for his actions lately either, but he thinks that they seem to be getting on better, and that it's working out well that they only see each other a couple of times a week. Jim says that Danny is still holding out hope that his parents will reunite - and then tells Max not to give up hope completely, as Richard is leaving for Hong Kong soon. Max thinks that he might finally have a glimmer of hope, and Jim wishes him luck.

Car Park: Helen and Maria are rushing to the car, with Helen apologising as the case at the Community Justice Centre took so long. Maria is worried that she's going to miss Richard, but Helen insists that she'll get her there on time.

Road: Maria is starting to worry, as it's almost 5 o'clock, but Helen says that this is a short cut and there'll be at the park soon. Suddenly, Helen has to pull over as the car breaks down.

Brentfield Park: Richard stands by the fountain, waiting for Maria.

Road: Helen is trying to fix the car. Maria wishes that there was a phone nearby, and tells Helen to hurry.

Brentfield Park: Richard checks his watch, but continues to wait.

Max's Bedsit: Max is chatting to Terry about the early days of his marriage to Maria - he then says that, if all goes to plan, he might be able to give Paul and Terry the bedsit, as he's going to move back in with Maria. Terry looks concerned.

. . .

Brentfield Park: Richard looks at his watch again, and starts to slowly walk away. Maria then calls out, and runs up to him, saying that she thought she'd never see him again. She tells him that she loves him and wants to spend the rest of her life with him. She then breaks it to him that she wants Danny to go with them, and Richard looks horrified.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Maria Ramsay, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Julie Robinson, Paul Robinson

Guest Cast: Peter Flett as Richard Morrison

Trivia Notes
Maxine Klibingaitis (Terry) is uncredited for her appearance in this episode
Richard and Maria arrange to meet by the fountain at Brentfield Park, at 5pm
Names mentioned as wedding guests include the Johnsons, the Elliots and Terry's friend Kay Bernard

Summary by Steve