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Comment > Continuity Watch: Episodes 5616-5635

Soap operas are often infamous for forgetting important details or, with one sentence, completely changing the course of history, and Neighbours is no exception. But it's also capable of dropping in subtle references to past characters and storylines to give us a better idea of a character's motivations, or simply to bring back memories for long-term viewers. Our new monthly column, Continuity Watch, looks at the continuity issues, both good and bad, episode by episode. We've also incorporated Lou Watch, our monthly look at the antics of the much underused Ramsay Street veteran Lou Carpenter, just so we can all be sure he's actually still around.


Episode 5616

* Number 26 mysteriously gains a new front door despite no change to the front design on either the exterior or interior set.

* Veronica references Libby nearly dying when Ben was born and that she's risking her life if she carries another baby to term.


Episode 5619

* Rachel looks at and smashes the trophy that Zeke received at the Erinsborough Chess Championship 2006 in the U16 category in 5023 when Karl let him win (he later beat Karl fair and square).

Episode 5622

* Mention of Zeke's mute phase & him walking in on Didge in the changing rooms.

* Libby steps up and sings when Rachel struggles at Zeke's Memorial Service - just as Harold did the same for Libby at Drew's funeral in episode 4091.

* Mentions of Katya & Taylah

Episode 5626

* Lucas & Elle reference the Armani jeans incident during the 'break in' at Sascha Bracks' house in episode 5567

* Photographs of Libby shown


Episode 5627

* Ringo is seen living at the allotments & sneaking into the General Store - a nice nod to April/June-July 2007 (circa 5181-5195) when he was doing the same.

* Harold relives his time as Afro Harold back in 2003 with Donna.

Episode 5628

* Harold sees Madge when his heart stops (clips from them renewing their vows in episode 2798).

* Mention of the footie rivalry between Rebecca and Nurse Jodie.

Episode 5629

* Libby tells a shocked Steph & Susan that she wants another baby despite the risks.


Episode 5631

* Harold mentions leaving to be with Sky.

Episode 5633

* Karl references the roof collapse & Libby references letting Zeke go in the river.

* Zeke's video diary references the Angus fallout.

* Toadie & Paul reference the Kennedy-Kinskis various front page features.

* Joanna mentions Riley & Didge's father dying when Riley was four, despite it being mentioned previously that there is six years between them.

* Ben says he is ten years old despite only being born in 2001.

Episode 5634

* Rachel tries to borrow a car for Ringo to drive her & Zeke to Phil's place - despite Sky leaving her Libby's old green VW Beetle in episode 5270.

Episode 5635

* Donna mentions Paul's love of expensive cheese.

* Harold's book of Ramsay Street shows clips of Madge, Charlene & Sky; photos of Kerry & David and references the loss of Kerry, Madge, David, Liljana & Serena (not all by name) and his disappearance.

* Didge tells Harold to come back and see her baby just moments after announcing her decision to give it up for adoption.


Episode 5618

* Promises Karl that he'll make sure any removed posters of Zeke are replaced.

Episode 5620

* Listens to Harold explaining to the street residents that his house is going to become a Salvation Army house. He later questions Harold on this and comforts him saying everyone else will come round to the idea.

Episode 5622

* Drools over Cassandra as she arrives then helps set up Zeke's memorial at the store.

Episode 5624

* Breaks up fight between Callum and Mickey and then advises Callum to cheer up Toadie following his break up with Kelly. Later delivers doughnuts to the front lawn campers.


Episode 5628

* Visits Harold following his heart attack.

Episode 5629

* Visits Harold again. Bores him by reading from a travel guide.

Episode 5634

* Checks Toadie and Lucas' shopping for Harold and says Harold hates Earl Grey tea. Helps to garden the front of no. 24 and makes sure it's done the way Sass likes it. Doesn't bother to argue with Harold's plan to leave the next day. Serves the teens with very green drinks.

Episode 5635

* Helps pack up Harold's stuff and let's slip about the surprise leaving party. Tells Rebecca that Declan is feeling down. Shocks Harold by hiding away in the back of his van to reveal he's joining him on his jaunt up north.

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