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Comment > Continuity Watch: Episodes 5696-5715

Soap operas are often infamous for forgetting important details or, with one sentence, completely changing the course of history, and Neighbours is no exception. But it's also capable of dropping in subtle references to past characters and storylines to give us a better idea of a character's motivations, or simply to bring back memories for long-term viewers. Our monthly column, Continuity Watch, looks at the continuity issues, both good and bad, episode by episode. We've also incorporated Lou Watch, our monthly look at the antics of the much underused Ramsay Street veteran Lou Carpenter, just so we can all be sure he's actually still around.


Episode 5696

* Senior Detective Skinner turns down Toadie's request of an extension to the time Paul needed to report in to the Police Station, however it is denied unless there has been a death in the family or he has a serious medical problem. Perhaps forgetting that the reason he has to sign in is due to the death of his half-sister.

* Elle approaches Tim Collins to seize control of Paul's assets as she did with Oliver in 2007. Paul then used Tim to seize them back in 2008.

* Mention of Jim Parker.

Episode 5697

* Mentions of Jim Parker & Jill Ramsay.

* Elle offers Katie Ramsay another cheque from Orpheus bank, which the Robinsons have used since their return in 2004.

Episode 5698

* Mentions of Jill Ramsay & Helen Daniels' will.

* Libby returns from Billy & Anne's with photos of their new twin boy & girl - good continuity with Anne being a twin herself with Lance. Mentions of how good parents Billy & Anne are.

* References to Greg Michaels & baby Grace Fitzgerald.

* Libby tells Steph that what they need is some cocktails, killer heels and a bar to dance on, referring to & mentioning their trip to Shepparton to collect Libby's belongings following her break up with Darren Stark.

* Donna kisses Sunny after finding out that she wrote the love letters from Ringo, following on from previous references to her having kissed another girl.

Episode 5699

* Lou mentions having a run of bad luck following the curse from 'Witch Wilma', the woman he stood up in 1989.

* Dan & Susan offer the Ramsays the chance to live in Number 24 again as the Salvation Army need an answer soon.

* Reference to baby Grace Fitzgerald. Mention of Jill Ramsay.

Episode 5700

* Reference to the heartbreak the loss of baby Grace caused Libby & Dan.

* Mention of Jill Ramsay.

* Zeke explains to the Ramsays that following the death of his parents, his sisters & he thought they'd be split up, but Susan kept them together, convincing them - one they learnt that Susan had secretly accepted on their behalf to move into Number 24.

* Mention of Harold.

* Following her surrogacy offer to Dan & Libby, Karl forces Steph to reveal that a pregnancy could increase the chances of her breast cancer returning (as they did with Charlie).


Episode 5701

* References to Jill Ramsay & Drew Kirk.

Episode 5702

* Reference to Steph & Toadie's past relationship.

* Mention of Jill Ramsay.

Episode 5703

* Donna asks Ringo if they can take things slowly, reminding him of when he asked her for the same.

* Reference to Jill Ramsay.

Episode 5704

* Mentions of Prue Brown & Jill Ramsay.

* Ringo & Donna exchange friendship rings again, as they did in episodes 5580 & 5612.

Episode 5705

* Reference to Dean Naughton.

* Karl puts the Kennedys' new dishwasher on which he relented to buy in episode 5685 following Susan & the Pom Poms going on strike.

* Mention of Jill Ramsay and the accident which led to her death.


Episode 5706

* Declan's unreliable car breaks down again.

Episode 5707

* References to the abseiling wall accident and joyriding incidents from the early days of Bridget and Declan's relationship.

Episode 5708

* Reference to Susan hiding her MS from Karl.

Episode 5709

* More references to Susan's MS and the effect it might have if she fell pregnant.

* Flashbacks to Jill Ramsay's accident.

Episode 5710

* References to Jill Ramsay and Cameron Robinson.


Episode 5711

* Number 22 has already had a makeover when Elle only started talking about redecorating in the previous episode.

* References to Susan's MS

Episode 5712

* Further references to Susan's MS and flashback to her upset as she underwent tests in 2007.

* References to Toadie's love of romantic films and secret Celine Dion obsession.

Episode 5713

* Dan makes reference to Sam and Libby's miscarriages.

* References to Drew Kirk.

Episode 5714

* References to Drew Kirk, Max Hoyland and Greg Michaels.


Episode 5699

* Lou suffers some minor injuries which Callum claims is due to his curse. He later steps in the dog poo Karl is trying to sample. His day improves when he meets the Ramsay kids and eats some cake.

Episode 5700

* Drives the removal truck to help the Ramsays move house and discovers one of his tyres has gone flat - this is also blamed on the hex. He then buys a lucky rabbit's foot but is then pooed on by a bird.

Episode 5701

* Gives Kate some chocolate for free when she doesn't have enough money at the Store; he helps further by giving her a job there.

Episode 5704

* Lou has to tell Kate that Elle Robinson own's Harold's Store, so Kate quits.

Episode 5709

* Lou tries to get Kate to return to work by bribing her with free chocolate muffins, banana smoothies and colouring pencils. Miranda and Steve discover Lou's running bets on the birth time of Bridget's baby so he agrees to give half the money to the baby.

Episode 5710

* Lou struggles to cope with the customers without Kate. The curse continues with back pain and he ruins his buns. However he later picks up a ladies bag from the floor without hurting his back and Callum believes that the karma of doing something good for other people will lift his curse.

Episode 5714

* Gets in the way of Steve and Miranda by sitting chuckling at the TV, so Steve has a chat with Steph the next day and she gives Lou a flier for a Carry On... movie festival to get him out of the house. Lou reveals he loves Sid James but finds his laugh weird.

Episode 5715

* Lou does some dog walking and employs the local kids to help him. Sadly for Lou they discover he's under paying them so he has a strike on his hands. Toadie manages to negotiate with Lou and convinces him he can charge the public more.

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