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Comment > Continuity Watch: Episodes 5716-5735

Soap operas are often infamous for forgetting important details or, with one sentence, completely changing the course of history, and Neighbours is no exception. But it's also capable of dropping in subtle references to past characters and storylines to give us a better idea of a character's motivations, or simply to bring back memories for long-term viewers. Our monthly column, Continuity Watch, looks at the continuity issues, both good and bad, episode by episode. We've also incorporated Lou Watch, our monthly look at the antics of the much underused Ramsay Street veteran Lou Carpenter, just so we can all be sure he's actually still around.


Episode 5716

* As the Kennedys clear out some junk for the School Fete, Karl comes across their blue box of promiscuity, including the pom poms, referring to episode 5565, with subsequent mentions in 5606 & 5685.

* Susan is also shocked to see Karl is trying to sell things belonging to Rachel, Libby & herself - including the troll that Libby was holding on the eve of her wedding to Dan in episode 5637.

* Zeke has flashbacks to the events of Rafting Accident in 5605/5606 & being abducted by Phil Andrews.

Episode 5717

* Zeke continues to have flashbacks to the events of Rafting Accident in 5605/5606 & being abducted by Phil Andrews.

* Flashbacks of Declan declaring his love for Bridget, her revealing that she's pregnat, their text commitment and Wedding.

* Karl talks Trisha Day through delivering Bridget's baby over the phone, much like he did with Joe Scully when delivering the baby of cab passenger, Tina Nguyen in 3670/3671.

Episode 5718

* Reference to the events of Rafting Accident in 5605/5606 & Zeke's abduction by Phil Andrews.

* As Karl & Susan tell Zeke that Sunny moving to Sydney doesn't mean that he'll never see her again, he reminds them that he'd heard that before, referring to Taylah.

Episode 5719

* Reference to Paul's four ex-wives and five weddings.

* Mentions of Anne Robinson, Jill Ramsay & Greg Michaels.

Episode 5720

* References to Jill Ramsay and Bob the dog.


Episode 5721

* Reference to Malcolm & Billy Kennedy & Rachel Kinski.

* Paul hires a home security specialist to check out the Kennedy house, presumably having the number from when he added security cameras & addition bolts to doors & windows in 2005 and again in early 2006.

Episode 5724

* Mention of Jill Ramsay.

Episode 5725

* Mentions of Jill Ramsay.

* During their keyboard session, Susan tells Harry that all she can play is Chopsticks, surprising given that she gave piano lessons upon her arrival in 1994. However, Susan has cunningly convinced people to open up in the past by telling little white lies, so perhaps this was another case.

* Reference to Ned Parker & Kirsten Gannon.


Episode 5726

* Reference to Greg Michaels.

Episode 5727

* Sunny tells her classmates of the events of the Winter Cool Festival & her getting lost.

Episode 5728

* Mention of Jill Ramsay.

* The chairman of the hospital board references Karl & Susan's past marital trouble, Libby sleeping with Taj and Holly Hoyland, who he mistakenly describes as the result of an extra-marital affair, although Karl was not married at the time she was conceived.

Episode 5730

* Reference to Ned Parker & Kirsten Gannon.

* Mention of Kirsten's injuries from the bushfire having recovered thanks to new treatment.


Episode 5731

* Mentions of Riley Parker & Oliver Barnes.

* Reference to Stonefish Rebecchi as Toadie gives the teens a video of Erinsborough High's 1994 Debutante Ball as seen in episode 2184 and describes how the last dance of the night ended with a 'scrag fight.' It did indeed, as Cody Willis ended up fighting with Saskia 'Sassy' Patterson-Smythe and ripping her mum, Pam's wedding dress, which she was wearing to the ball. Lou mentions that he thought all evidence of that had been destroyed, perhaps a reference to Cody subsequently destroying the tape, evidently not the only copy it seems. Later whilst watching the video, Ringo thinks one of the people must be Toadie's brother. Given that Stonie was staying with Steph & Toadie for a fair while in 2007, he & Zeke probably should've recognised him.

Episode 5732

* Mention of the Freedmans.

Episode 5733

* Perhaps purposely, the episode shares many similarities with episode 5261 in which the Parkers arrived. They are on a road trip, as they were when we first met them. Whilst in 2007 the stopped to help a kangaroo, whom they named Pouch, this time they swerve to avoid hitting a horse. Other similarities include the singing of 'Green Bottles' which Steve takes over from Steph who led the song in 2007 and the epsiode ends in a crash, leaving a vehicle on it's side.

* Toadie mentions that Callum is visiting his relatives in Ballarat.

Episode 5734

* Mention of Paul's six previous weddings.

* Paul threatens to charitable donations to the hospital as a way to get Susan another appointment for the surrogacy treatment, something which is becoming quite a regular occurrence whenever the Robinsons aren't getting their way at the hospital.

* Reference to Jill Ramsay.

Episode 5735

* Declan mentions to Kate that he helped Rebecca with budgeting their money as it was just the two of them for quite a while.

* Mention of Jill Ramsay.


Episode 5719

* Lou gives Lucas his share of the baby name sweepstake and looks at photos of Bridget and Declan's newborn. Tells Harry to quieten down when he argues with Kate about Paul.

Episode 5720

* Defends Susan at the store when a member of the public confronts her about the surrogacy. Tries to buy an electric drill at the school's fete.

Episode 5724

* Chats to Harry about music. Tells Harry that Paul is 'evil incarnate' and cannot be trusted. Suggests reviving the Neighbourhood Watch following a break-in at the Kennedy house, and later, along with Lucas, catches Harry breaking in to number 28.

Episode 5725

* Leaves Susan to deal with Harry. Comforts Mickey, who's upset about getting no attention now that the new baby has come along.

Episode 5729

* Walks the dogs and plays cricket with Toadie, Callum and Harry.

Episode 5730

* Lou is upset to learn that Mickey will be going to New York with Ned and Kirsten, then returning to live with them in Perth. He and Callum wonder how to get him to stay.

Episode 5731

* Lou remarks that he thought the video of the 1994 deb ball had been destroyed. Admires some kind of motorbike part that Lucas is selling to help with his gambling debts.

Episode 5732

* Reminds Didge that she had ice cream in the store the previous day, which is probably to blame for India's crying. Tells Kate that he's got all of his shifts covered while he's away in New York. Gets Harry to make a collage of all the Ramsay Street residents, to cheer Mickey up as he prepares to leave. Receives a bar of his favourite chocolate from Kate, as a thank you for helping her and her siblings to settle into Ramsay Street.

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