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You voted in your hundreds, we tore our hair out totalling it up, but it’s finally here – the list of The 50 Greatest Neighbours, as voted for by you. We know this should really be presented as a 42-hour clip show on Channel 4, but as Jimmy Carr was busy filming The World’s Greatest Shopping Lists, you’ll just have to make do with a series of articles. Here are the characters in places 20-11...

50 - 41 | 40 - 31 | 30 - 21 | 20 - 11 | 10 - 1


Jim Robinson (630 points)

The father everybody wished they had, we first met Jim Robinson in episode one. Not only did Jim raise four children from his marriage to Anne Daniels, he also became a dad to several nieces and nephews, amongst other waifs and strays, and a long-lost son of his own. One of the nicest characters in Neighbours’ history, Jim Robinson always put his family first and viewers longed to see him find love once again and for a time, he did, marrying a doctor, Beverly Marshall, but this sadly ended after only three years. Jim later found himself at the centre of Fiona Hartman’s devious attentions but despite warnings from daughter, Julie and former mother-in-law, Helen, that Fiona was only after his money, Jim refused to listen, eventually ending up pushing away Helen who had been his best friend and rock over the years. Sadly the stress of the feuding between Fiona and his family became too much and in 1993 Jim died of a heart attack in the kitchen of his beloved home, leaving fans, friends and family devastated.



Billy Kennedy (682 points)

When Billy Kennedy arrived in 1994, it seemed as if he was little more than a friend for Hannah Martin, however, he soon established himself as an important member of the Kennedy family and a favourite among fans. His friendship with Toadie Rebecchi, relationship with Melissa Drenth and even his discovery that he suffered from asthma after being forced to smoke a packet of cigarettes at once and his dyslexia, helped make Billy a character that many people could relate to, but it is for his on/off relationship with Anne Wilkinson that he is most remembered. Billy & Anne grabbed headline after headline in the world of soap and fast became one of Neighbours most-popular couples, and shortly after the newly dubbed Bill departed for a carpentry apprenticeship in Queensland, fans were thrilled when Anne joined him a few weeks later, finally seeing the couple get the happy-ending they deserved.



Dylan Timmins (726 points)

Ex-con Dylan Timmins arrived in Erinsborough not long into 2005 and immediately showed us that he was more than just another bad boy by revealing his love for animals, standing up for a dog that was being mistreated in the temporary Coffee Shop and rescuing the pets of Erinsborough from the local dog-catcher. Above all things though, Dylan values his family and won’t let anyone harm them, going as far as trashing the Bishop house to stick up for his sister, Bree. After playing dead following the plane crash, a stint in prison for a crime he didn’t commit and being taken under the wing of Paul Robinson, Dylan now finds himself facing up to the fact that he is about to become a father to on/off girlfriend, Sky Mangel’s baby. However, with recent queries about the baby’s size, Dylan may only be about to become an uncle to the child of his brother, Stingray.



Janelle Timmins (798 points)

When Janelle Timmins, née Rebecchi, arrived in Ramsay Street with her caravan in 2004 to visit her son, Scott, few of us could foresee her fast becoming one of Neighbours’ most popular characters. The Bogan bludger immediately managed to rub every resident up the wrong way, with the exception of one, Lyn Scully, who offered Janelle the run of her house and its facilities whilst she was staying in Erinsborough. However, it’s fairly safe to say that she wasn’t expecting her and four of her children to move in just a few months later, but despite her protests Lyn wouldn’t be without her and nor would we. From her on/off relationship with husband Kim, to her love/hate relationship with sister-in-law Angie and her relationships with brother Kev and her children, in less than two years Janelle has managed to provide us with some of Neighbours most touching, most heartbreaking and most comedic moments and long may she continue to do so.



Mrs Mangel (805 points)

Long before the arrival of Lou Carpenter, we saw Harold & Madge involved in another love triangle, with Mrs. Mangel. The archetypal nosey neighbour, Mrs. Mangel is considered by many to be a cult soap character, known by only a few by her first name of Nell, she sadly only stayed for two years before leaving for England with her new husband, John Worthington in 1988. However, when one thinks of Mrs. Mangel, one also thinks of her first husband Len, who ironically, despite being regularly mentioned and divorced by Nell, was not seen until long after Nell had departed Erinsborough. The Mangel name lives on in Ramsay Street however, with Nell’s adoptive grandaughter, Sky currently living there with her grandad, Harold, and with Sky currently being with child, it looks like the Mangel presence is about to be strengthened.



Stingray Timmins (931 points)

Bouncy Bogan, Scott Timmins arrived in Erinsborough in 2004, the hyperactive cousin of Toadfish Rebecchi who caused a riot at a football match by streaking across the pitch. He was soon diagnosed with ADHD and found himself being taken in by Susan Kennedy who was determined to control the disorder without the use of drugs. It worked, and Scott, who had since been nicknamed Stingray, found himself making friends with the other teens in the street. He immediately became popular with fans due to his quirky behaviour and what seemed like his own language, however the arrival of his family seemed to bring about a fall in his own popularity, but Stingray’s placing shows that he is still one of Neighbours’ most popular characters.



Charlene Robinson (935 points)

Charlene Mitchell arrived in Erinsborough with a bang, straight round Scott Robinson’s mouth, but who could have predicted that this pair would soon be at the centre of a relationship that would capture the hearts of Neighbours viewers worldwide and lead to one of Neighbours’ most magical moments, their wedding. Charlene was much more than her relationship with Scott, however, she was a strong, outspoken, streetwise teen who knew what she wanted and didn’t stop until she got it. Charlene’s story didn’t end when she left Ramsay Street however, through the years we have heard that she has become mother to two children, Daniel & Madison, and step-father, Harold and brother-in-law, Paul still provide the occasional mention of her and her husband, meaning that Charlene is still as much a part of Neighbours today as she was 20 years ago.



Stephanie Hoyland (992 points)

Tomboy Stephanie Scully arrived in Ramsay Street in 1999 when her family moved into number 26 and immediately made her mark. Motorcycle riding, cricket playing, mechanic, Steph managed to combine traits of popular characters such as Mike Young, Charlene Robinson and Cody Willis whilst becoming a fan favourite in her own right. Two bouts of cancer, the departure of best friend Libby and her marriage to Max caused Steph to lose her fun-loving attitude and zest for life for a time, but recently the rebuilding of her early friendship with Toadfish Rebecchi has rejuvenated Steph and shown fans that she is still the unique character she was seven years ago.



Lou Carpenter (1343 points)

When Lou Carpenter left Ramsay Street after a guest stint in 1988, little did we know that he would return in 1992 and become Neighbours’ longest-running character. His axing is 1996 caused uproar from fans and 10 weeks later he was back on Ramsay Street just in time for Cheryl’s wake. Lou’s scams and many business ventures over the years, and of course his double act with Harold have made him a firm favourite with fans. After a dry spell in storylines in 2005, this year has seen Lou take centre-stage once again, with his relationship with Russian internet-bride, Mishka, reminding fans just why they liked him so much.



Libby Kennedy (1365 points)

As well as being one of Neighbours’ longest-running characters, Elizabeth Grace Kennedy is also one of its most original. Libby was strong-willed, opinionated and her relationship with her mother, Susan is perhaps the strongest mother/daughter relationship that the show has ever had. Libby arrived in Ramsay Street in 1994 a 15-year-old with an independent nature and ever ready to share her opinion with others, even when they didn’t want to hear it. By the time she left in 2004 to be reunited with Darren Stark in Shepparton, Libby was 25, a widow, a fantastic mother to her son, Ben; nobody’s fool, and just as strong-willed and outspoken as ever.


Thanks to Billy, Callum, Lucy, Ryan and Steve