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You voted in your hundreds, we tore our hair out totalling it up, but it’s finally here – the list of The 50 Greatest Neighbours, as voted for by you. We know this should really be presented as a 42-hour clip show on Channel 4, but as Jimmy Carr was busy filming The World’s Greatest Shopping Lists, you’ll just have to make do with a series of articles. We're now at the halfway point, with the characters in places 30-21...

50 - 41 | 40 - 31 | 30 - 21 | 20 - 11 | 10 - 1


Boyd Hoyland (385 points)

Behind the muscles, trendy hairstyles, and tight pink polo shirts lies a young man who takes after his father in more ways than he’d like to admit. Stubborn, impulsive, and full of good intentions, which was best demonstrated when he decided he would give up his future to provide for somebody else’s baby. Although many fans were gripped by his teenage relationship with Sky Mangel, it was clearly doomed, as her affair with lesbian Lana, and his affair with Sky’s cousin, Serena, seemed to prove. A whirlwind romance with Janae followed, meeting disapproval from his father, but the uniting of the two in marriage was the icing on the cake for a modern day Scott and Charlene love story.



Stuart Parker (387 points)

The simple-minded country boy with a fondness for engagement rings, cults, and good looking blondes, escaped to Erinsborough to start a new life. Stuart’s careers ranged from mechanic to hospital orderly to police officer, and his love life was no simpler. After a few failed romances and a brief stint of blindness, Stuart met his ideal mate in the ditzy and superficial Sindi. Wedding plans soon followed, but as so often was the case with Stuart, the seemingly good soon turned sour when he found out that Sindi was a complete nutcase. He vowed to stay true to her however, and she joined him in his return visit to Oakey.



Connor O'Neill (410 points)

Danny Boy, tin whistles, homemade beer, the colour green, illiteracy… Connor was Ireland personified. Ramsay Street’s favourite stereotype had his fair share of admirers, but it was Serena who won out in the end, only for their love to be cut tragically short when she disappeared in the 2005 plane crash. After tracking down another of his former loves, Carmella Cammeniti, to the convent of all places, Connor’s stint as a private investigator eventually caused him to vanish without a trace after a run-in with resident psychopath Robert Robinson. Can we ever hope to hear the dulcet tones of the tin whistle on Ramsay Street again? 410 votes say yes, this reviewer says no.



Lance Wilkinson (412 points)

Nerdy Lance first appeared in 1995 as a love interest for young Hannah Martin, and, more than a year later, was back as a member of Ramsay Street’s newest family. It was the pairing of Lance with loveable airhead Amy Greenwood in 1997 that really captured viewers imaginations and for the three years that followed, they had an on-off relationship that reared its head once again in 2005, when Amy admitted, during Annalise Hartman’s documentary, that she still loved her former sci-fi-obsessed boyfriend. Whether due to his fights with Amy, his gambling addiction storyline or his seven labours of love with Allana, Lance has a place in the memory of many a Neighbours fan.



Darcy Tyler (427 points)

Dastardly Doctor Darcy was a villain through and through. Affairs, heart attacks, robberies, gambling, pushing pregnant neighbours down the stairs, blackmail and stealing were all part of his repertoire. He did eventually get his comeuppance however when he was imprisoned for his spate of burglaries and then, through a series of unfortunate events, was left comatose. Viewers cheered in 2005 when he returned once again and kicked off the chain of events that exposed Izzy’s lies about her baby. As one voter put it, “Darcy was the most complex, charismatic and exciting character in the show's history, played with inate calm, charm and nonchalance by Mark Rafferty. Bring him back!”



Daphne Clarke (430 points)

Her spiky hair and no-nonsense attitude meant that Daphne was an original in the true sense of the word. After raising eyebrows as a stripper, Daphne soon settled down when her grandfather, Harry Henderson, gave her a coffee shop that he’d won in a card game. The first neighbour to be seen moving into the street, the first neighbour to give birth and the first neighbour to die, Daphne set the standard for the decades that would follow, and a nation wept as she croaked the words “I love you too Clarkie” before dying. Her legacy lived on into the 1990s with Daphne’s Coffee Shop a mainstay and even into the present day with the unearthing of her note to Jamie under the Kennedy’s floorboards…



Scott Robinson (521 points)

In many ways Scott Robinson was one of the first teenage heart throbs to ever skateboard down Ramsay Street. His boyish charm and good looks attracted a wave of female admirers, including the tomboy living next door, Charlene. Of course, Scott and Charlene soon ballooned into the soap’s original golden couple, and spent a year living together before Kylie opted to leave and, in a unlikely scenario, moved to Brisbane, leaving Scott behind. Another year passed before Scott got himself a job in journalism in Brisbane and moved up there to join his wife. Regular updates on the couple were provided by the various relatives they left behind and, by 2000, we were aware that they had two children.



Henry Ramsay (548 points)

With bright blue eyes and sun-kissed blonde hair which was sort of a cross between a perm and a mullet, it was no wonder hearts swooned and heads turned whenever Henry Ramsay was on the scene. Ramsay Street’s first true ‘larrakin’ spent a few years on the wrong side of the law, but went clean and started anew when he moved to Erinsborough. The loveable joker made a decent living from his gardening business, but realised his true calling was as a Disc Jockey. So he upped and left to New Zealand, with girlfriend, Bronwyn Davies bidding him a memorably tearful farewell at the airport and following him to the Land of the Long White Cloud soon after.



Drew Kirk (556 points)

Ramsay Street’s original Mr. Nice Guy, handsome, kind and caring, the girls of Erinsborough flocked to Drew like flies to toffee. However, only one girl managed to catch his eye, the girl across the street - Libby Kennedy. Drew eventually managed to win over Libby’s heart and the pair got hitched in one of Ramsay Street’s most original wedding ceremonies, with kilts, bagpipes, and haggis surrounding the bride and groom. Drew’s life was complete after the birth of his son, Ben, but it was later cut tragically short when he was killed after falling from a horse. After four years on the show, Dan Paris was missed as much by many fans as he was by his grieving wife, Libby… until she hooked up with her ex-boyfriend Darren Stark a couple of years later.



Janae Hoyland (592 points)

The tart with a heart, Janae quickly made a name for herself after arriving in 2005, flirting with anything in trousers. Her reputation as a troublemaker was sealed later in the year when she ran away from home, leaving her family believing that Karl Kennedy had been less than professional in his dealings with her. Luckily, a romance with Ramsay Street’s golden boy, Boyd Hoyland, was able to tame her and, as her hard edges were softened and nastiness was replaced with excellent comic timing, she quickly won a place in the hearts of many viewers.


Thanks to Billy, Callum, Lucy, Ryan and Steve