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Magic Moments > 1985 > Philip's Arrival Episode 71

Written by Chris McCourt, Directed by Peter Bernados, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 24/06/85, BBC One: 05/02/87, UK Gold: 08/02/93

Paul tries to convince Charlie Slater to let his wife back in, but he gets thrown out himself. Max sacks Terry because she can’t help him with a late job. Paul tries to convince Gloria that it’ll all be fine. Maria tells Max that Shane can’t help him. Julie bumps into a man in the street, and tells him that her new boss is starting and she’s late, and that the new manager is apparently a bit of an old buzzard. Shane is offered a new job as a chauffeur. Max tells Terry that he knows she’s married, and that she’s been fooling around behind her husband’s back...

Terry says that Max is sacking her because she’s going after his son. Max says that Shane isn’t used to women like her, and she wants to know what he means by this. He says that he knows all about these women in the permissive society, and she tells him not to judge everyone by his own standards. He says that they’d all be better off if people shared his standards, then he throws her out.

. . .

Terry is walking down the driveway of number 24. She bumps into Shane, who asks if it’s true that Max has given her the sack. She tells him that it’s a long story, and asks if they can talk about it over dinner. He agrees, and she walks off quickly. An angry Shane goes inside.

Shane asks Max why he fired Terry. Max doesn’t want to discuss it, but Shane pushes him, so he says that Terry refused an out-of-town job. Shane calls him petty, and says that he’ll be able to discuss it with her over dinner. Max tells him that Terry is married, and Shane seems quite surprised by this piece of information. Shane says they’re only going out as friends, and the kiss the other day meant nothing. Max says that if they’re such good friends, how come Shane didn’t know that Terry was married. Shane says that Terry’s personal life is nobody’s business but her own. Max tells him that he’s not to see Terry again, as he could really mess up his life. Shane says that it’s tough.

. . .

Julie and Marilyn are at work at the bank, and Marilyn wonders what the new boss will be like, and whether he’ll be anything like crabby old Mr. Arnold. Julie tells Marilyn that Arnold wasn’t that bad, and to stop gossiping. Marilyn tells Julie that she’s not the boss. Julie is then called in to see the boss.

Julie knocks on the manager’s door and goes in. When the new manager turns around, she is shocked to see that it’s the man from the street earlier. She apologises for what she said, and he says that he’s been called far worse, and it’s true that a lot of bank managers are old buzzards. They sit down for a chat. He says that he wants everything to run smoothly and for everyone to work as a team. She says that he makes it sound like a sport, and he says that they could learn a lot from sporting teams. He says he’s been moving around a lot and she asks about his family. He shows her a picture of Michael and Debbie. He explains that they’re currently away with their mother. She tells him about her family set-up and her hobbies. They start to have an animated discussion about reading, and find that they share a lot of favourite authors. He asks her if she can ask Marilyn to come in next.

. . .

Julie goes out into the bank and Marilyn starts to ask what he wanted and what he was like. Julie says that he was very nice and he wants to see her next. Marilyn says she hasn’t done anything wrong, but Julie explains that he’s meeting all of the staff, and sends Marilyn off.

At number 26, Jim is looking at some plans in the kitchen, when Max comes in the back door. He asks if Jim’s doing anything important, as he could do with a chat. He explains that Shane is causing him problems by going after Terry. Max explains that she’s married, and Jim says that there’s no law against it. Jim says that it’s only natural for girls to go after Shane, and Max says that he caught them kissing. Jim asks if they’re separated, but Max doesn’t know. Jim says not to jump to conclusions and that it’ll all sort itself out, he explains that the kids have to make their own mistakes. He asks if Shane is really the problem, and asks if the real problem is Maria being unfaithful to him. Jim tells him that he really has to learn to let go.

. . .

Julie is leaving the bank, when Philip starts calling her over to his car. He asks if she’s heading home, and she says she’s going to the shopping centre. He offers her a lift, but she says she’ll catch the bus. He eventually convinces her to get in.

Shane is at number 26, complaining to Jim about Max’s behaviour lately. Jim tells him that even fathers make mistakes, although Max can be a bit extreme sometimes. He tells Shane to just try a bit harder to understand why Max behaves the way he does, especially with all that’s gone on recently. Jim says that the problems he had as a kid seem trivial compared to what youngsters go through these days. Jim apologises for letting slip about Danny’s real parentage the other day, and Shane wonders how they’re ever going to reveal the truth to Danny. The phone rings, so Shane leaves. Jim answers, and it’s Julie, who says she’s going out for drinks tonight, with her new boss.

. . .

. . .

Shane and Terry are out at a bar in the city, he tells her about his new chauffeuring job. He then apologises for Max’s behaviour and says that he’s not so bad once you get to know him. She says that he’s got his reason, and explains that she’s married. Shane says it doesn’t matter, they’re only friends. She tells him that she’s never told this to anyone, but she married young, and things didn’t go very well. They lived off her wages, until her husband started thieving, and then robbing banks. Shane asks if her married name is Inglis, and she says that it’s actually Miller. Her husband is Gordon Miller, the man who robbed the bank and caused the accident. Shane promises not to tell anyone, and she asks him how this affects their friendship. He says it’s a lot to take in and asks if they can give dinner a miss. He gets up and leaves. She sadly follows.

Shane introduces himself to Linda Fielding, his new boss. She says that she wasn’t told of the change in driver, and he helps her with her bags as she gets into the car. He starts to drive, and asks where she’s going. She says that they are going to Canberra.

. . .

Shane pulls up in the car at the Ramsay house, and she says that he should have been told about the overnight trip to Canberra. He says that he’ll just grab a few things from inside and he won’t be long. Linda tries to make a call on the car phone but it isn’t working, so she gets out and walks up the driveway.

. . .

Inside the house, Max starts taking the mickey out of Shane in his new uniform and about his night out with a married woman last night. Shane says that they had a great night out. There’s a knock at the door and it’s Linda, saying that she needs to use the phone. Shane shows her where it is, and says that he’ll only be a minute. Linda calls and places a reservation in the name of Shane Ramsay, while a shocked Max watches her from the kitchen.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Jim Robinson, Julie Robinson

Guest Cast: Maxine Klibingaitas as Terry Inglis, Kassie McLuskie as Marilyn Temple, Christopher Milne as Philip Martin, Deborra Lee Furness as Linda Fielding

Trivia Notes
• After briefly appearing in episode 70, this episode properly introduces the character of Philip Martin. Following his 1985 guest appearances, Philip would return in 1992 as a regular character, with Ian Rawlings taking over the role
• Christopher Milne returned to the cast in 1998 in the guest role of Declan Hewitt, as well as serving as a scriptwriter for the series on several occasions
• Christopher talks about his time with Neighbours in our interview, here

Summary by Steve