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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 70

Written by Sally Webb, Directed by Mark Piper, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 21/06/85, BBC One: 04/02/87, UK Gold: 05/02/93

Jim says that having Gloria around just reminds him of what a fool he was
Des and Daphne argue about her plan to return to stripping
Charlie suggests a night out with Jim and Paul
Squawker bites Des on the finger
Paul and Gloria find Emily outside the house, crying

Slater Mansion: Gloria helps her mum to her feet, as Paul watches. Emily explains that Charlie threw her out and locked all the doors. Paul is shocked and wants to go and speak to Mr Slater, but Gloria tells him not to bother, as there'll be no reasoning with him. Gloria asks him to take them to a hotel, but Paul is determined and goes to ring the doorbell. A drunk Charlie answers and pulls Paul into the house, seemingly pleased to see him.

Slater Mansion - Living Room: Charlie offers Paul a drink, but Paul says that he doesn't want one, and he thinks that Charlie's had enough. Charlie says that he's just getting started, and Paul points out that his wife is outside. He thinks Charlie should let her back in, but Charlie gets angry and throws Paul out of the house.

Slater Mansion: Gloria tells Paul not to bother fighting back, and Emily asks him to take them to a hotel. Paul says that he'll take them back to his place, nobody will mind, and Gloria thinks that this is a good idea. They walk to the car.

Slater Mansion - Living Room: Charlie watches from the window, telling them not to bother bringing Emily back. He then stumbles over to a chair and pours himself another drink.

. . .

No 26 - Lounge: Emily feels embarrassed about imposing on the Robinsons, but Jim insists that it's fine. He and Paul go to make some tea, and Helen offers Emily a dressing gown. Helen checks that Emily wasn't physically hurt, and Emily insists that her husband isn't that bad, only when he's drunk. Gloria chips in, saying that he's always drinking and that her mum needs to leave him. The two women argue over the situation, and Helen suggests that they should get some sleep, showing them to the bedroom.

No 26 - Kitchen: Paul says that Charlie Slater must know what he's doing, even if he is drunk, but Jim thinks that people like Charlie don't seem to feel the need to justify their actions. Jim then apologises to his son for the way he reacted to Gloria.

No 26 - Scott and Paul's Bedroom: Helen tidies the room a little, apologising for Scott's posters. Emily also apologises for everything, but Helen says that none of this is her fault. She goes to get the tea, and Gloria comforts her tearful mother.

No 26 - Kitchen: Jim has told Paul the full story about Charlie Slater, and Paul admits that he now understands why his father was acting so strangely towards Gloria. He comments that it would have been great to have been as rich as the Slaters, but Jim says that maybe all this is karma, and that Charlie is now getting what he deserves.

No 26 - Scott and Paul's Bedroom: The next morning, Emily is pacing the room, and Gloria comes in with some clothes, borrowed from Helen. Gloria asks her mum why she puts up with Charlie, and Emily admits that it probably comes down to fear. Gloria then asks her what she's going to do now - and Emily says that she's going to tell him that he can't hurt her anymore. Paul comes in and says that Charlie has arrived, so Emily leaves to talk to him alone. Gloria tells Paul that this has been going on for years, and she hopes her mum will end things now, but she's just not sure.

. . .

No 26 - Lounge: Emily walks into the room, and Charlie tries to comfort her but she tells him not to touch her. He apologises and suggests that they go home, but she says that she's not coming back this time. She says that she's had enough and she's going to see a solicitor about divorce - she doesn't want any property from him so things should be simple. He calls her a stupid cow and goes to hit her, but Jim walks in and stops him. Charlie suspects that Jim has been poisoning Emily against him, and he leaves, saying that he'll see her later, at home. Emily thanks Jim for intervening, and tells him not to worry about her.

No 24 - Kitchen/Lounge: Max arrives and asks Terry if she'd like to do a job in the mountains - it'll involve being there for a couple of days. She explains that she already has plans for that evening, and offers to drive Max up there and pick him up, plus she'll do the local jobs and work without pay on Saturday. Max doesn't like that idea, and again asks her to do the job and she again turns him down, so he sacks her. Maria thinks he's being silly, but Terry walks out. Maria thinks that Terry was being very reasonable, but Max says that she just wanted to be the boss and make her own hours, but he's already got a replacement lined up - the son of one of Jim's friends. Maria realises that this was planned all along. Paul then arrives to see Shane and asks him if he has a job yet. He tells Shane about a friend who's just given up a job as a driver with Fielding Enterprises - he gives Shane the number and tells him not to hang around. Paul then leaves, as does a cheerful Max, and Shane goes to call the number.

No 26 - Kitchen: Lucy asks Helen why Mrs Slater married Mr Slater if he's such a pig. Helen chastises Lucy for listening in on other people's conversations, and tells her that it's none of their business. Julie then comes into the kitchen, preparing to leave for work and says that she'll be meeting the new bank manager, the mysterious Mr Martin, today. Lucy thinks he'll be a bad-tempered old buzzard, and Julie says that maybe one day Lucy will have to work for an old buzzard, then she'll have a little less to say. Lucy, however, announces that she'll be the boss doing the hiring, as she'll be rich.

No 24 - Dining Table: Maria congratulates Shane on his interview for the chauffeur job, and he asks her where Terry is. Before Maria can tell him, Max walks in and introduces his new assistant, Peter. They then go out to work, and Shane asks Maria what's going on. Shane is shocked to hear that Terry's been fired.

Ramsay Street - No 24 Driveway: Max gives Peter the keys to the van, but is confused when he tries to get in the passenger seat. Peter explains that he was caught drink driving and lost his licence a couple of weeks ago - and Max never mentioned that he'd need to drive for the job. Max says he's no use, and sacks him, telling him to clear off.

No 24 - Lounge: Max storms into the house, complaining about Peter, but Maria thinks that Max has nobody to blame for this but himself. She starts to wonder whether she should look for a job, as Max's income clearly can't be relied upon. She also suggests that he hire back Terry, as she was very reliable and well qualified. Max, however, is already trying to think of somebody else who can drive him - he decides that Shane could help, but Maria stops him and says that Shane has an interview - and besides, he thinks that what Max did to Terry stinks.

. . .

No 26 - Kitchen: Helen says that she'll drop Emily and Gloria at home, and Jim thanks both Helen and Paul for the way they dealt with the situation last night. He leaves, in a very good mood, and gives Paul his breakfast dish to wash up. Paul then asks Helen to hold it, before running off out the door too.

Arcade: Julie is walking along when a cyclist almost knocks her over. She bumps into a man, who drops his newspaper. She apologises, and admits that she's in a bit of a state today, as there's a new bank manager starting, and her little sister has convinced her that he'll be an old buzzard. The man tells her that she'd better hurry off to work, and she leaves.

No 24 - Lounge: Shane comes in, ready for his interview, and Maria tells him that he looks very smart. Max walks through the house, and Shane tries to talk to him about Terry's sacking, but gets nowhere. Maria then wishes Shane luck with his interview, and he says that he's taking his medical report, but won't show it unless asked. Maria sees him out the door, and he tells her to keep her fingers crossed.

Fielding Enterprises Office: The interviewer, Mr Thompson, is looking at Shane's medical report, but says that there doesn't seem to be anything in it that would prevent Shane from working for them. They talk briefly about Shane's Olympic hopes, but Shane says that he's moved on from it now. Mr Thompson, however, wonders if he won't find all of this a bit boring after his spell of local fame. Shane says that he just wants a job, he likes being out and about and he enjoys driving. Shane asks about the hours and pay, and Mr Thompson explains that there are sometimes long hours - but with good overtime pay - and occasional paid holidays when Ms Fielding is out of town. Shane is offered the job, and told to start at 9am the next day, and report to supplies to collect his uniform. He tells Shane to be punctual.

. . .

No 24 - Lounge: Max is on the phone, still trying to find a new assistant, when Terry comes into the house. She hears him talking, and how desperate he is, and when he hangs up, she says that they need to talk - she wants to know why he cooked up that story as an excuse to fire her. She asks if it's because she's going on a date with Shane - and Max then blurts out that maybe she should have thought about her husband, as if there's one thing he can't hack, it's women fooling around behind their husbands' backs.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson, Julie Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Max Ramsay, Maria Ramsay, Shane Ramsay

Guest Cast: Maxine Klibingaitas as Terry Inglis, Diana Greentree as Emily Slater, Gary Down as Charlie Slater, Linda Hartley as Gloria Slater, Christopher Milne as Philip Martin, Jon Williams as Peter Carter, Alan Rowe as John Thompson

Trivia Notes
The character of Philip Martin makes a very brief appearance in this episode, but is not introduced properly until episode 71
Shane's chauffeur salary is $300 a week, but usual closer to $400 with overtime
Although they appear in the recap, Des and Daphne's story does not feature in this episode

Summary by Steve