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Guest Character Profiles > Linda Fielding Deborra Lee Furness

Linda Fielding 1985
Marital Status: Dan Fielding
Occupation: CEO of Fielding Enterprises

After struggling to find work, following a car accident that left him unable to continue with his promising diving career, Shane Ramsay finally scored an interview with Fielding Enterprises, for a chauffeur job, after a tip-off from his friend Paul Robinson. He was delighted to get the job, despite rumours that his new boss Mrs Fielding was a bit of a dragon. Their first day got off to a difficult start when they had to make a sudden trip to Canberra, and Shane's father Max overheard Mrs Fielding using the Ramsay phone to book a hotel for her and Shane. Believing there was some funny business going on, Max was furious, and Shane had to calm him down and explain that Linda was his new boss, and the business trip was perfectly innocent. Afterwards, Shane apologised, and Linda started chatting to him, but quickly clammed up when she heard about the car accident that had ended his diving career.

Shane continued to hear rumours about Linda and the fact that she'd married her older husband Dan, having previously worked as his secretary, to get her hands on his money. He'd only been in the job for a couple of days when Linda asked him to drop her off at the nearby Norwood Private Hospital, telling him when to pick her up and making it clear that he'd lose his job if he set foot inside the hospital. As he waited for her later that day, Shane took an important call on the car phone, with the caller demanding that Linda get in touch with him immediately. Unsure what to do, Shane went inside and saw Linda with her husband Dan, and it was clear from their conversation that they doted on each other, and all of the rumours were untrue. When Linda realised that Shane was outside the door, she was furious, and made it clear that her time with her husband was very important and should never be interrupted. Later, she returned the call, and told Shane that he was on his final chance. The next morning, Shane was collecting some parcels for delivery, when Linda suddenly called after him, telling him that she needed to go back to the hospital straight away, as her husband had suffered a heart attack. Sadly, by the time they arrived, it was too late and Dan had died.

Shane took Linda home, and slept on the sofa that night to make sure she wasn't alone. She spoke to him about how much she'd loved Dan, and the car accident that had left him in hospital for so long. She explained that Dan was only weeks away from being released, and that they were going to retire up north to a house that they'd had built, named Shangri-La. Linda then told Shane that she'd decided that she was still going to move up there, even if Dan wasn't with her, as their home suddenly felt very empty. Shane told her that Dan had been very lucky to have her as a wife, and they said a final farewell to each other.

Episodes Featured
71, 72, 73, 74, 75

Biography by Steve