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Magic Moments > 1985 > Paul and Terry's Wedding: Part 2 Episode 129

Written by Adrian Van Den Bok, Directed by Mark Piper, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 12/09/85, BBC One: 29/04/87, UK Gold: 29/04/93

Jim answers the phone and a man tells him to get everyone out of the house, as there’s a bomb under the house and it’s due to go off in ten minutes...

Jim hangs up the phone in shock. He asks Danny to go to number 28 and make sure that Terry doesn’t come over just yet. He then takes Scott to check under the house, while Paul is worried that everything seems to be going wrong. He asks Shane to check that he still has the rings, and Shane pretends to have lost them. He then tells Paul to stop worrying, as everything is going to be fine.

. . .

Jim and Scott head outside and Scott is convinced that it must be a hoax. They go under the house and Jim tells Scott not to tell anyone about this, as it could get out of hand if the gossips get to hear.

At number 28, Julie is wondering why Jim is delaying things, and wonders if Danny is making it up. He assures her that he isn’t, and she tells him to hurry up and leave as he can’t see the bride before the ceremony. Danny reminds her that he isn’t the groom, and Julie apologises, saying that she’s a little flustered today. Terry appears from the bedroom in her wedding dress, and they both tell her how beautiful she looks. Julie wonders if Paul’s had second thoughts, then apologises to Terry. Lucy appears from the bathroom, and Julie starts tidying up. She takes some rubbish out to the bin, but fails to notice the wreath in there…

. . .

. . .

Jim and Scott are still searching, when they find a mysterious wedding gift…

Helen phones Julie and asks her why they haven’t arrived yet. Julie hangs up and asks Danny if he’s sure he didn’t get the wrong end of the stick. Lucy appears from the bathroom and says she needs to go again. Julie tells her that three times is enough, and they all leave…

. . .

Jim and Scott are staring at the package. Jim says he’s had enough and takes the lid off, to find an alarm clock inside. Jim tells Scott to keep it, as a reminder of how stupid practical jokes can be.

Julie, Lucy and Terry arrive in the kitchen of number 26 and are getting ready. Danny goes into the lounge and announces the bride’s arrival. Jim walks in with Terry on his arm, and Lucy ahead of them scattering flowers. The celebrant asks Paul and Terry if they’re ready, and Paul asks if he’s supposed to say ‘I do’ or ‘I will’, she tells him to say ‘I will’. She begins the ceremony, thanking everyone for coming. The alarm clock in Scott’s pocket goes off, which everyone finds amusing. Helen then comes forward to read a piece for them. She explains that she’s going to read a piece from a book that belonged to Paul’s mother, and it meant a lot to her during her marriage:

. . .

. . .

Love is eternal. Above all other emotions, once experienced, love never fades away. Love has no barriers and makes no judgement. Love is unlimited, except for the limitations you place upon it. And marriage is the certain commitment of lovingly sharing one’s self with another. It is also loving the commitment you’ve made for yourself with your partner, so be as joyous in your marriage as you are now. Only then when you lovingly and radiantly make your marriage grow into an abundent and prosperous life, for when two people make that commitment, with the absolute intention of loving each other, their love grows into a joyous celebration of love itself.

. . .

Paul hugs Helen, while Aunt Daisy calls out, asking what everyone’s mumbling about. The celebrant continues the ceremony and Jim presents her to give in marriage. Paul and Terry complete their vows, and they are pronounced husband and wife.

. . .

Jim and Helen are in the kitchen, wondering if they’ll be happy. Helen says she’s been looking for someone like Anne for Paul, since he’s so much like Jim. Gwen comes into the kitchen and asks if she can help. Helen walks off, and Gwen asks Jim what Helen’s really like. She says she seemed so nice when she was reading at the ceremony, and Jim says that she’s been amazing since she moved in after Anne’s death. Gwen says that she wishes she could forget about what happened.

In the lounge room, Eileen introduces Des to Aunt Daisy. She explains to Des that Daisy used to look after Jim when he was a little boy and his mother put her career first. Julie asks if everyone’s alright, then goes into the kitchen. She chats to Gwen, who’s doing the dishes. Julie says that she hopes Gwen and Helen can put their little argument behind them now. Gwen explains that it wasn’t a little argument. Helen then walks in, and Julie comments that it was nice of Gwen to come, and Helen says she’s just happy for Paul and Terry. Gwen asks Helen if they could maybe have lunch together the following day, but Helen explains that she’ll be busy.

. . .

Maria returns to number 24 to collect some of the food for the party. She finds Max there, and they start to reminisce about their own wedding, and find that they're finally getting along with each other.

Back at number 26, in the lounge room, Daisy is telling Terry that she’d better not be too liberated, because Paul wants a housewife. Paul and Terry leave to chat to some other people, and Shane introduces them to Daphne as Mr and Mrs Paul Robinson. Paul remembers when he and Shane were kids, they made a bet that Shane would marry first, so Paul owes Shane ten cents.

Outside the house, Danny and Shane are getting the car ready for after the speeches. Danny says that the wedding was soppy, and Scott says he’s sorry to hear that Maria is leaving, but comments that they can still visit each other. Danny says he couldn’t handle that.

. . .

Inside the house, Jim asks everyone to be quiet while the cake is cut. Shane then reads out a few telegrams, the first one is from Nana Robinson, who apologises for not making it. The next one is from the Taylor family, and there’s one from Nick Burman. He then reads one out from a Charles, who Terry explains is a friend. Shane then makes a toast to Paul and Terry.

. . .

While they all sing ‘for they are jolly good fellows’ inside, Max walks up to the house.

. . .

Jim gives his speech and explains that he has signed all the papers on number 30 as a wedding gift. Paul thanks his dad and thanks everyone for coming. He thanks Julie, and Terry, and then explains to everyone how much he owes to Helen for helping to raise him. He also says that he’s grateful to finally meet Aunt Gwen. Gwen thanks him and then says she’d like to say something. She explains that she is finding this very hard, but she should have said it a long time ago. She explains that when she and Helen were at school, Helen was accused of stealing and expelled for it, but she was infact the one in the wrong. She asks Helen if they can forget it, and puts out her hand, which Helen shakes.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Maria Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Julie Robinson, Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence, Terry Inglis

Guest Cast: None

Trivia Notes
• The characters of Maria Ramsay, Eileen Clarke, Aunt Daisy, Aunty Gwen and Betty Morant (Marriage Celebrant) are uncredited for this episode
• Past characters Marcia Taylor, Neil Taylor, Kim Taylor and Nick Burman are mentioned

Summary by Steve