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Magic Moments > 1985 > Maria's Departure Episode 130

Written by Lyn Ogilvy, Directed by Mark Piper, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 13/09/85, BBC One: 30/04/87, UK Gold: 30/04/93

Paul and Terry are pronounced husband and wife.

In the street, Barbara Hill is leaving the party, and tells Charles Durham that everyone’s out the back partying. She asks if the tape would really be at Terry’s house, but he says that there’s nowhere else she would hide it.

. . .

They break into number 28 and split up to start searching the house.

At number 26, Shane asks Des if he wants to go for dinner with him and Daphne. Des says that he’s not in the mood and asks when Maria’s leaving. Shane says she’s going after the party and that Max is moving straight back in to Ramsay Street. Shane says he was thinking of going out for a rage after dinner, but he hasn’t asked Daphne yet. Des isn’t sure she’ll come, so Shane offers him a $20 bet that she will. Lucy overhears their conversation about Daphne being worth more than $20.

. . .

Out in the back garden, Scott is having problems with his camera, so Daphne takes a look at it. She tells him it’s stuffed, and offers to go and get hers.

Barbara walks into number 28 and says she found the wreath in the garbage bin, and it cost her a fortune. Charles says that Terry never appreciated what he did for her, and the tape doesn’t seem to be there. He says that Robert’s not the most forgiving of men and has killed three men for less than what Charles did. Just then, they have to hide as Daphne gets home and searches for her camera. She finds the wreath in the lounge and throws it down, before leaving. They discuss Daphne as they continue to search…

. . .

Daphne arrives back at number 26 with her camera and Lucy asks to speak to her. She says that she overheard Shane talking about the bet and Daphne is shocked about how little she’s worth to Shane.

Danny goes home and finds his mum standing in the kitchen. He tells her how much he’ll miss her and they hug. She tells him that she’s always been with him, but she’s now going to miss the moment he turns into a man. He begs her to stay, but she says she must leave, she needs some space. He says that he needs her and he’s scared, before breaking down in tears.

. . .

Paul’s friend Mark Keating arrives at the party and he is introduced to Terry and Daphne. Shane comes over to Daphne and is jealous of Mark and Daphne talking. Paul drags Shane out of the lounge room, and Mark asks what’s going on, as he doesn’t like to be used. Daphne explains about the situation with Shane and they go to get some food together.

Scott and Danny are getting the car ready, and Danny says that things with his mum were difficult. Scott tells Danny that he could have gone too, but Danny says that he couldn’t leave his friends and school and that Hong Kong has no decent beaches. Scott then notices the curtain move at number 28, and they wonder who could be in there.

. . .

Inside, the boys are telling Des, who thinks it was probably just the wind, but he goes home to check. Scott and Danny decide to follow on.

Des goes into his front door and is shocked to find that the house has been trashed.

. . .

Daphne, Jim and Des are checking the damage, and decide to make sure Terry doesn’t see it, as it would ruin her day. Daphne finds the wreath and realises that whoever broke in was probably there when she came back for her camera.

Maria is taking some photos of her family from an album and she then goes to phone for a taxi to the airport.

. . .

Back at number 26, Paul tells Mark to see if he can find Daphne, but then Des and Daphne turn up with Terry’s bags, making Paul and Terry suspicious of what’s going on at number 28. Terry goes to get changed, while Shane begs for a word with Daphne. Mark and Paul make themselves scarce, and Shane asks Daphne why she’s throwing herself at a stranger. Daphne says she can’t make dinner, and wouldn’t bet on her ever making it.

Danny and Max are walking back up Ramsay Street with some boxes, and Danny asks if he can have proper music lessons. Max agrees, then they both stop as they see Maria getting into a taxi up the street. Maria gets in and is driven out of the street, while Max and Danny watch her leave.

. . .

. . .

Daphne and Mark are chatting in the garden of number 26, while Shane jealously watches them. They go to sit down, but Lucy calls Daphne and asks her if she’s spoken to Shane. Meanwhile, Shane warns Mark off Daphne, who says it’s none of his business. Daphne tells Jim about the wreath and they’re convinced that it’s from Terry’s ex-husband, Miller. They agree not to say anything until after the honeymoon. Paul announces that they’re about to leave and everyone walks through the house.

Everyone hugs Paul and Terry at the front door of number 26 and then they throw confetti all over them as they leave. Paul and Terry are shocked to see what the boys have done to the car, while Julie catches the bouquet. They get in the car and leave with everyone waving them off.

. . .

Max watches the car drive away, then goes inside number 24. He looks through some messages that Maria left to explain how to use the appliances, and Danny comes in. Max complains about all the notes, and Danny says it’s about time he learnt to use the washing machine. Max says that they’ll both give it their best shot.

. . .

In the kitchen of number 26, Mark is asking Daphne out for dinner. A drunk Shane goes over to ask Daphne out, but she tells him to get lost. Shane is annoyed and goes to punch Mark, but misses completely and ends up with his face in the wedding cake.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Maria Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Julie Robinson, Paul Robinson, Terry Robinson, Scott Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Ross Thompson as Charles Durham, Louise Le Nay as Barbara Hill, Steven Lawson as Mark Keating

Trivia Notes
• Final appearance of Dasha Blahova as Maria Ramsay, the first regular character to leave the cast. Dasha is not credited for her appearance in this episode
• Maria's final words are "Yes, 24 Ramsay Street, Erinsborough. One passenger. To the airport. Thank you."
• Louise Le Nay, who first appears as Barbara Hill in this episode, would later work as a Neighbours storyliner and scriptwriter

Summary by Steve