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Magic Moments > 2000 > The Official 2000 Season Finale Episode 3670

Written by Lois Booton, Directed by Gary Conway

Flick introduces Human Nature at the deb ball, while Paul and Cheyenne arrive together, Tad brings his glamorous date and Flick and Joel dance together, as a jealous Dee watches them...

Madge goes to talk to Tad, and asks what happened to his date. Tad explains that she’s gone, but it’s no big deal. The teenagers announce that they’re going to an after-party in the city, but Harold isn’t keen on the idea. Flick says that they have to do something after a night like that, but Lyn says she doesn’t want her daughter wandering around the city. Joe surprises everyone by allowing the kids to make up their own minds. Joe and Lyn leave, while Joe warns Joel not to get his daughter in any trouble. The gang decide to go and find out where the good parties are…

Joe and Lyn arrive home and Steph explains that Mick’s come back and he’s in a bad way. He appears from the bedroom and say he’s leaving, and that Steph will fill them in. Joe stops him from leaving and asks where he’s going to stay, Steph explains that he’s going to a hostel. Joe says that no brother of his will be staying in a place like that.


At number 30, Lance and Allana are watching sci-fi on the sofa and they start talking about what characters they see themselves as. Lance says he’s always thought he was R2DR and dragging Toadie around as his CP30. Allana says she never saw him like that, and Lance says that her challenges changed him.


In the Scully kitchen, Lyn is telling Steph about Human Nature playing, when she sees a letter on the table. Steph says it’s a letter from Larry, and Lyn is surprised to hear his name again. Steph says that when he moved interstate, they just lost touch. Lyn wonders how Joe and Mick are getting on. Mick explains to Joe that he was so low, and he couldn’t handle getting knocked back for another job. He tells Joe that he’s lucky to have a supportive family and he feels ashamed of himself. Joe tells him that he has no reason to feel ashamed, because he’s a Scully. Mick says that he feels pathetic clinging on to Joe and his family.

Lance and Allana are kissing on the sofa and she says she never wants it to end. Suddenly, there’s a lot of noise outside, and the house fills with everyone arriving from the deb ball.

Allana goes outside, and Lance follows her, asking why she left. She says that the big crowd isn’t really her thing. He begs her to stay with him and says he’ll protect her. She agrees to stay for a little while.


Inside, Tad is DJing at the party, and one of the band members asks him whether he gets much work. Tad says he’ll put his name down at the door of the club. Lance and Allana start dancing amongst the crowd.

At number 24, Madge and Harold are heading to bed, and Harold hopes that the noise from number 30 won’t carry on all night. Harold admits that he’s worried about Tad, and says that he’s been through so much, and he wishes that they could have done more for him. Madge points out that if he won’t respect their authority, then there’s not much they can do.


The next morning, people are leaving the party and taxis are pulling up in the street. Karl gets up and watches it all from the window, annoyed at being disturbed.

At the Scully’s, Joe tells Michelle that everything with Mick is under control. Lyn is on the phone, and calls Mick in, explaining that it’s his wife, Di. He talks to her, and apologises from being so hopeless. The conversation goes well, and he goes into the kitchen and says that Di wants him to go home. He thanks Lyn, while Joe gives him a number of a mate who might have some work for him. Joe and Mick leave, while Lyn hopes that Flick is ok at the party.


Back at number 30, Lance and Allana are dozing on the couch and he asks her how she is. She says she’s fine and that his friends are ok. Paul and Cheyenne appear from the kitchen as she’s about to leave. She says that she wishes she could be closer to Paul and they kiss, then Harold comes rushing in, looking for Tad. Harold tells Tad that Stephen’s on the phone and wants to talk to him about Tim.


At number 24, Tad gets off the phone and explains to Madge and Harold that everything’s fine, but he has to go into hospital to begin the transplant process today.

A huge bushfire is raging in the area, and Joe stops in his cab to pick up a pregnant woman named Tina. She tells him they’re going to Bakersfield, and Joe checks it out on his map.

Steph is on the phone to Larry, saying that she got his card. He tells her how much he misses her and she says she’ll try to get to visit him. He has to hang up the phone as the prison warden is looking over his shoulder.


Joe and Tina are in the cab, and they’re driving further into the smoke. Tina says that she thinks that the baby is coming. Joe says that he’ll try to get her to hospital and she asks if it’s going to be ok. He says that everything will be fine.

Human Nature are out in the street signing t shirts and posters for Michelle and her friends.


Joe is driving through more smoke and he asks Tina when the last contraction was. She says 5 minutes and he tells her to breathe deeply. He asks her if she wants to call her husband but she says that he’s working abroad. They go over a big bump in the road and Tina says that her waters have broken and that the baby will be coming soon.

Flick and Joel are having breakfast out by the pool and he says that it’s nice. She says it was an unbelievable night and she thanks him for agreeing to go with her. She says that she’d better get going and he asks her to stay a bit longer.

Tina is in a lot of pain in the back seat of the car, when Joe comes across a fallen tree and has to reverse back down the road. Tina says that the baby is coming, so Joe gets on the phone to the emergency services to explain the situation. He then phones Karl, who is just leaving the house, but he picks up. Joe tells him what’s going on, and Karl asks how far advanced she is. He says that she’s about to have the baby, so Karl tells her to find somewhere safe to pull over, then call him back and he’ll talk him through it. Joe tells him that they need to be quick, then tells Tina that it’ll all work out.



Back at number 30, Flick looks at Joel’s watch and says she really has to go. Joel tells her to wait, then leans in and kisses her. She looks at him, and they kiss again.


Notes: This episode had no normal recap music, instead using the song He Don’t Love You by Human Nature. The producers had originally scheduled this as the season finale, but Network Ten extended the show’s run by two weeks at the last minute, meaning that Episode 3680 actually became the last episode of the year.

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Summary by Steve