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Magic Moments > 2000 > The 2000 Season Finale Episode 3680

Written by Linda Stainton, Directed by David Myles

Darcy goes home, while Tess takes the mickey out of Dione, who is watching him. Joe tells Michelle that the owner of the scooter is on the phone, and wants to know when he can pick it up. Harold tells Lou that there’s someone outside who wants to “rip the head off the mongrel who’s responsible for the exhibition”...

Tess arrives at the exhibition, then a man called Jonathan arrives, who says he’s the son of the artist. Lou explains that he tried to contact the family, but they’ve managed to sell quite a few of the paintings. Jonathan says that all of the paintings are fakes.

At the hospital, Dee asks Darcy is he’s beginning to find his way around, and they agree to meet up for a tea break in 15 minutes.

Jonathan explains to Lou that his father never painted any pictures of urban landscapes. Lou says that they were painted before Jonathan was born, as the agent Dave Coburn explained to him. Jonathan says that he’s never heard of a Dave Coburn, and doesn’t appreciate Lou passing off a bunch of fakes as his father’s work. Lou realises that he’s been conned. Paul and Tad are listening in, and Paul decides to go to the Coffee Shop, as he’s bored. Lou apologises to Jonathan, who realises that the exhibition must have cost him some money. Lou says it has, and goes to contact the police.

Michelle is at home, on the phone to the owner of the scooter, who wants to come and pick it up straight away. She managed to put him off until the following day.



Dee is seeing to a patient, when Darcy asks to see her. He explains that he has to fill in at emergency for a while, so they’ll have to forget the coffee. Karl arrives and goes in to see his patient.

Lou is the phone to the police, while Joel arrives and asks Tad what’s going on. Tad says it’s all been a disaster. Lou tells Jonathan that Dave Coburn should be getting a visit from the police first thing tomorrow. Dave then calls, and Lou says that they’ve done extremely well with the exhibition, and he’ll deposit the proceeds as soon as he’s got them. Jonathan wants to talk to him, but Lou says that he would then know that they were on to him. Flick arrives and asks Tad how he is. He says that everyone’s gone very quiet. Flick then sees Joel and goes to talk to him. Madge watches them, and says that there’s enough intrigue there for a James Bond movie.


Dee bumps into Darcy, causing him to drop his files. She apologises and they ask each other out for a drink after work. She then realises that it’s her turn to do the shopping, so she can’t go. Darcy explains that he had an ulterior motive – he wanted to know the names of all the staff. She agrees, saying that she can go to the supermarket later.

Tad and Paul arrive at number 24 and Tad says that there must be something going on between Joel and Flick. Just then, Michelle arrives and explains the situation with the scooter. She asks Tad what she’s going to tell Tim, and asks if he’ll explain for her. He says that she got herself into this mess, so she can explain herself. Michelle leaves, and Tad says that the last thing Tim needs right now is to be brought down again.


Lou has finished packing up the paintings, and Jonathan explains that he’s angry because his father was so honest, and didn’t deserve this to happen. He gives Lou his card, and leaves. Madge tells Lou that he was trying to do the right thing and Harold says that he handled the situation very well.

Michelle calls in to see Tim and he says he’s happy to see her, as he’s been going crazy. He mentions that he can’t wait to ride the scooter, but Michelle explains that the real owner has called her. Tim says it’s fine, and he’s glad that she’s still his friend. She says she has to leave now, but will be back later.



Dee and Darcy are at the pub, and Dee is explaining everything. Darcy explains about how his old practice was closed down, and now he just works with Alice. Dee says that it must be very rewarding. She says that she’s had so many boyfriends who expect her to just switch off after a shift, at least Alice must understand that. Darcy says that working with his partner has a lot of downsides too.

Michelle arrives home to find Flick making a cake for Toadie, to thank him for the help with her studies. The phone rings and Michelle answers, and she explains that she gave the scooter back. She talks for a while, then hangs up and says she’s going next door.

Darcy tells Dee that with all the work, he and Alice never had time for any kids. He says it used to be exciting, and Dee wonders if it’s just the seven year itch. Darcy says that things just aren’t going to plan, and Dee asks if he ever calls her. He says that he’s always so busy and apologises for piling his problems onto her. She says she’s had plenty of her own, especially with Joel from next door. Tess then arrives, and Darcy says he has to go. He thanks Dee for the chat and leaves.

Tad asks Madge and Harold what happened with the paintings and they explain. Meanwhile, Michelle arrives and Paul says that they have a surprise, they bring out a new scooter and say that it’s a gift for Tim. Michelle is delighted and asks where they got the money. Paul says that he used the money his dad sent, but it’s strictly a loan. Harold commends them for being so thoughtful.


Joel answers the door in a towel, and Flick brings in the cake for Toadie and leaves it on the table. Joel asks Flick if she’s been following him lately, but she says she’s just come to see Toadie. She sends him to put the kettle on and grins to herself.

Jonathan arrives at the pub, and Lou says that his foray into the world of art is over. Jonathan gives him an original Tom Foster to say no hard feelings for all the problems earlier. Lou is very grateful and Jonathan says that Tom’s paintings haven’t been seen in this part of the country, so he’ll speak to the family about a real exhibition.


Karl is making dinner, and tells Susan that he’s had a call from Libby, who’ll be back soon, as Drew’s father had a stomach ulcer rather than a heart attack. Karl starts snooping for information about Darcy and Dione…

Dee is in the backyard with Tess, and says that she can’t believe she was giving Darcy advice, when she really doesn’t want him to get back together with Alice.


Darcy tells Karl and Susan that he isn’t going to stop seeing Dee, just because one of them might get the wrong impression.

Tess warns Dee that she and Darcy have to work together, so they have to be careful.


Tad walks out of his house and sees Joel and Flick together outside number 30. Flick suddenly kisses Joel, then she walks off. She bumps into Tad, and he asks what’s going on. He tells her she’s wasting her time, but she says he’s wrong, and that she’s going to have Joel.


Notes: The 2000 Season Finale was originally scheduled to be Episode 3670, but a last minute schedule change by Network Ten meant that this episode was the final one screened in 2000.

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Summary by Steve