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Magic Moments > 2007 > Riley's Arrival Episode 5280

Written by Drew Proffitt, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 17/08/07, BBC One: 09/11/07

Miranda grumbles that Riley is too busy to return any of her calls; Steve says he’s just been studying too hard. Karl checks with Julia that the production office has gone home and she leaves. As Karl looks through a filing cabinet, he is interrupted by Julia making a surprise return…

At the Vivex offices Karl is asked by Julia what he’s doing and he explains he’s going over some client files. Julia reminds him she gave him an update this morning but Karl continues to bluff. She then points out that Karl is looking at quality assurance files - not client details. Karl realises the game is up and asks for the chance to explain, but she stops him and says they should go somewhere they can chat which isn’t under surveillance.


In number 26 the Parker family and Janae are hanging pictures by the front door and Steve says they should move to a hotel, but Ned and Janae won’t hear of it. Ned goes to make up some beds and Janae puts the kettle on. A knock comes at the door so Miranda answers; it’s Susan. She says she’s surprised to see them there and Bridget and Miranda explain that the flat got flooded by a faulty water main. Susan says she’d come over to give school enrolment forms to Ned for Didge. After asking Miranda if she’d like to have coffee tomorrow, Susan excuses herself and leaves. Miranda then gushes that Susan’s great for looking out for Didge and talking to her earlier about Riley. Bridget asks what he said as Janae comes back from the kitchen. Miranda explains that Susan thinks Riley is just taking time out from his family to find his own path and that he’ll be back soon. Didge looks unconvinced and Janae picks up on it, so she asks for her help with the tea. In the kitchen Janae asks Bridget why her brother is ignoring their mum even though it’s hurting her. Didge looks uncomfortable and Janae presses that if she knows anything, she must tell her mum. But Didge is worried that all she can tell her is that Riley may never be coming back.

Toadie, Rosie and Stonie are packing up to go home from the legal offices. Stonie drops something on the floor and quickly steps on it to hide it from the others. The phone rings and is answered by Rosetta; she offers it to Toadie saying it’s Andrew Harper, but he tells her he’ll ring him back tomorrow. As they talk, Stonie picks up what he dropped and leaves to get the car. Toadie follows behind and is met by Tim Collins who looks at his watch and sarcastically complains that it’s “nice for some of us”, so Toadie points out it’s nine o’clock and he’ll be back first thing in the morning. As Toadie leaves, Tim turns to Rosetta and compliments her for not being afraid of a decent days work. Rosie modestly says it’s only because her client couldn’t meet until this time. Tim then looks at the competition chart and points out that Rosie has billed almost double her senior colleague’s hours, but Rosie says it’s only been a week and Toadie’s had a lot to deal with lately with the accident and court case. Tim says that Rosie hasn’t dropped the ball once, despite her recent woes. Rosie asks what he knows about her woes and Tim says he wouldn’t offer her partnership without checking her out first. Rosie is surprised at the offer of partnership as she hasn’t been admitted yet, but Tim points out that’s next week, he then asks where she sees herself in five years time. He says he sees her in charge of the city office with the corner suite. Tim goes on to point out that she’s smart and hungry - without the burden of kids and a no hoper brother dragging her down. Rosie says he can’t hold that against Toadie, but Tim asks why not, since Toadie uses it to get out of work. He adds that they won’t have to worry about it much longer. Rosie is shocked that Tim could be thinking of letting him go and says it’s not fair, but Tim says it’s not fair that Toadie treats her like a receptionist, and she shouldn’t let misguided loyalty get in the way of her future.


Back at number 26, Bridget and Janae are in the kitchen. Bridget tells Janae to forget what she said earlier; Riley is taking a break and will be back eventually. Janae suggests Bridget is worried how long the break will be, but Didge tries to avoid the issue by saying she’s just a kid and doesn’t know anything. Janae says she knows her brother and Didge agrees she’s the only one Riley really talks to. So Janae persists by asking what he’s been saying, Bridget says he just doesn’t want anything to do with mum and dad at the moment. She continues to say it’s like he doesn’t want anything to do with her either now, and he isn’t himself. Janae tells her to talk to her mum about this but Bridget doesn’t know how she can when he’s avoiding her on purpose. Miranda comes in and realises that Janae and Bridget have been talking about her. Janae tells her Bridget has something she wants to talk to her about.

Rosie and Carmella enter Charlie’s and sit down. Carmella says Oliver is being really supportive about the baby and then asks Rosie what’s going on with her crazy work hours. Rosie says it’ll all be worth while, but there‘s a catch. Carmella wants more details but Rosie says it’s her turn to ask questions. On the other side of the room, Karl and Julia are sat on a sofa talking about Vivex. Julia says they’re dealing with very clever people. Karl is surprised that she wants to work with him, but Julia says she’s always had her suspicions. Karl asks in what way, but she says it’s nothing she can prove, and warns Karl not to do any more snooping after hours due to the CCTV. Karl thanks her for the warning and says it’s good to meet a like minded soul; she agrees but again warns him to be careful who he talks to. Julia’s mobile rings and Karl offers to get another drink from the bar. As he walks away Julia takes the call and says in a hushed tone that she can’t talk as she’s still with him; then swiftly hangs up.


The Parkers and Janae sit round no. 26’s dining table and Miranda worries that Riley may never want to come back, but Ned says it’s normal for someone Riley’s age to want space. He points out that he did a runner, and Steve chips in that Ned’s a massive sook who dotes on their mum even more than Stu. Miranda says he still finds the time to talk to Bridget but Steve thinks it’s because that only takes two minutes but with his mum it’s two hours gone that could be spent in the surf. Miranda still worries that something’s wrong and asks Bridget, but Steve says she’s overreacting; Miranda asks Bridget if she’s overreacting. She says she’s not sure but she thinks he’s got more on his mind than surfing or girls.

The next morning at Tim Collin’s reception, Toadie and Stonie arrive. Toadie is smug at having got so much done that morning and thinks he’s the first to arrive but is then deflated by the appearance of Tim and Rosie from the next room. Tim says Rosie has taken care of Toadie’s client Andrew Harper who demanded an early meeting before Toadie got there. Tim says he’s leaving for the Sydney office and offers Rosie the chance to check out the incredible view sometime. While stepping out, Tim comments that Stonie should lay off the aftershave; “This is a law firm, not perfume counter”.


In the General Store Lou is serving Rachel and Zeke who are having to buy breakfast because Karl and Susan are saying their goodbyes before Susan goes to Queensland. Zeke asks if Lou has heard from Lolly. He says she’s been very busy and then awkwardly rushes off to get the phone. Zeke asks Rachel if she believed any of that and she tells him when a girls too busy, it means it’s over - she reassures him that the long distance things never work out. Ringo walks in for a drink and says hello. Rachel runs up to him, surprised that he’s back, and asks if he’s back for good. He says he is and she excitedly says “that’s great!”, then calms herself realising how she must look. Zeke comes to her rescue by suggesting they get home before the food gets mushy. As they leave, Rachel whispers “thank you” to her brother. Ringo looks uncomfortable. Frazer is at the counter with a big bunch of flowers and asks Lou how his trip was, he says it was wonderful and that Mishka and Lolly got on like a family. Frazer says that’s what it’s all about, which prompts Lou to ask what’s stopping him and Rosie from starting a family? Frazer thinks for a moment and says, “nothing I guess”.

Miranda is showing Ned and Janae how to make waffles in number 26’s kitchen. Ned and Janae both have a taste of the waffle mixture and look longingly at each other. Ned becomes flustered and leaves. Miranda asks Janae how last night was, she explains that Mickey had a nightmare and climbed into bed with them. Bridget comes in and asks what they’re doing, Miranda says she’s making Belgian waffles for her favourite daughter, Janae goes out for a really long jog. Didge walks into the lounge and suspiciously says that last time her mum made waffles, she wanted her to enter a mother daughter fashion parade. Miranda admits, she wants Bridget to speak to Riley and find out where he is; she doesn’t want him to go through his troubles on his own. Bridget says she’s never betrayed Riley and isn’t going to start now. Miranda says she’s overriding her as her mother and she needs to know what’s wrong with her son.


At number 28, Karl, Rachel and Zeke are saying goodbye to Susan. There’s a knock at the door and it’s Julia. Karl introduces the family to her and Zeke is dumbstruck so Rachel drags him off to school. Julia says Susan has a limo waiting outside and gives her some tartan golfing clothes. She then gives Karl the quality assurance stats from the past 18 months but warns there may be two sets of figures. After she’s left Karl comments she’s nice and Susan says she very switched on, but wonders why she’s helping Karl. He says she’s suspicious too, and has probably waited till now as there’s strength in numbers. Susan seems appeased but gently warns him to tread carefully. Karl says since she knows he’s up to, he has no choice but to trust her.

In number 30 Rosie is rushing round the house while on the phone to Tim. Frazer and Ringo come in. Rosie says she’s missed Frazer and they hug. She’s surprised to see Ringo back and says it could be a bit awkward, at which point Carmella comes in. Ringo asks if he can have a talk with Carmella. Frazer and Rosie leave. Carmella begins by saying how sorry she is, but Ringo says everyone gets their heart stomped on, so it’s probably good that he got it out of the way early. Plus, now she’s moved out he won’t have to sleep in “that cupboard” anymore. He tells her she’s going to make a great mum.


Rosie and Frazer enter the law office and are talking about Ringo and Carmella, then they wonder why they’re talking and start kissing. But they’re interrupted by Tim, Frazer says he’s there on business as he needs a lawyer for his mum. Tim makes a quip about using the family for financial gain and then gets a text message saying a friends son has been hurt in an accident. He comments that it could mean some work for them and goes to his office to phone his friend. Rosie asks Frazer why she wants to work for someone like that, and he says because being a senior partner is what she’s always wanted. She agrees, but not like this as she feels like she’s dancing on Toadie’s grave. Frazer says it seems like Toadie’s made his own grave and she shouldn’t feel bad for being good at her job. He then suggests she needs a bath, a glass of wine and some music - but she wonders if Ringo’s left any hot water, or if he and Carmella haven’t killed each other. They kiss. Frazer thinks they might start getting a bit of peace now things have settled between Ringo and Carmella, and suggests they could settle down and make a family of their own. Rosetta jokes that she’ll give birth to a couple of kids by the end of the year, and Tim will be thrilled. Toadie then bursts into the reception shouting “You little beauty!” and dancing. Rosie, Frazer and Tim all step out of the offices and Toadie tells them he just got Long & Long Industries’ legals. Tim seems unimpressed despite having asked for them for ages and says he wants espresso on his desk in the next fifteen minutes.

In Karl’s office at Vivex, Julia asks if he got the memo from Christian. He says he did and wonders what it’s all about. Julia says maybe he’s starting to trust him. Karl says maybe, and then offers to get a coffee. Christian then comes in and says Karl’s settling in well. He asks if he’d be able to meet for a chat in ten as there’s a development he’d like him to know about. Karl says he can and goes out for his coffee. Christian then asks Julia if she’s got him under control and she says she has.


At 26, Steve, Miranda and Didge have eaten their waffles and Steve asks what the ulterior motive is, Bridget looks at her mother and says she’ll be right back while waving her mobile phone at her.

On a quiet beach a surfer prepares to get into the water but is stopped by his mobile phone ringing. He looks at the phone and answers “Didge, what‘s up? Started new school yet?”. Bridget tells Riley she hasn’t yet but mum’s made friends with the teacher. Miranda then stands behind Bridget, and Bridget asks Riley to come and visit. He says he can’t. She asks where he is now and he tells her he’s in Eden. She asks him to visit again but he’s firm that he’s not coming down to Melbourne. Didge says mum just walked in and asks if he wants a word, but he says he’s sorry, he has to go.


In the back garden of number 32, Stonie is smoking and looking furtive. He hears Toadie coming through the back door and throws what he’s smoking over the fence. They go inside and Frazer pops his head over the garden boundary to complain about what’s been thrown. Toadie apologizes as he’s stepping into his house and then Frazer realises it’s marijuana.


In the law office, Rosie is explaining to Tim why she can’t accept his offer of partnership; because of her friendship with Toadie. The phone rings and it’s Frazer, Tim steps outside. Frazer says she should take Tim’s offer as she wouldn’t believe what he just busted Toadie doing. Rosetta can’t believe it but then thanks him and hangs up. She runs after Tim and tells him she does want to be a partner in the firm, even if that means Toadie loses his place.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Steve Parker, Miranda Parker, Riley Parker, Bridget Parker, Lou Carpenter, Janae Hoyland, Ned Parker, Susan Kinski, Karl Kennedy, Rachel Kinski, Zeke Kinski, Mickey Gannon, Carmella Cammeniti, Rosetta Cammeniti, Ringo Brown, Frazer Yeats, Toadfish Rebecchi

Guest Cast: Anthony Engelman as Stonefish Rebecchi, Ben Anderson as Tim Collins, Neil Pigot as Christian Johnson, Raelene Isbester as Julia Sanders

Trivia Notes
• Steve calls Ned “Mr Musical Theatre” as though it was an old nickname
• Susan wore tartan at high school

Summary by David