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Magic Moments > 2007 > Daniel's Return/Taylah's Arrival Episode 5332

Written by Ben Marshall, Directed by Jet Wilkinson and Jovita O'Shaughnessy, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 30/10/07, Five: 12/02/08

Miranda gets back and finds out that Bridget hasn’t returned to school yet. Rosie has trouble seeing eye to eye with new QC Catherine Michael. Oliver accuses Marco of being weird for chasing after “a pregnant chick” and Carmella becomes upset…

At the hospital, Marco and Oliver start arguing, just as Rosie turns up and throws them both out of Carmella’s room. Carmella explains everything to her sister, but stops Rosie before she goes out and attacks Oliver, insisting that he was just being over-protective. Rosie realises that Carmella still has feelings for Oliver, and tells her that he’s been stringing her along for months and will never return her feelings the way she wants him to. To prove her point, she picks up Carmella’s wallet and opens it up to reveal a photo of Oliver and Carmella. Rosie tells her sister to dump him and the photo and move on.


Pepper and Adam are walking out of number 30 and she’s worried about her dad. Adam suggests that she cut back her workload a little, and reminds her that Janelle said Steiger was doing well. Pepper explains that she’s been counselling a student and needs to find someone to keep an eye on him while she’s away. She then drops something and lies to Adam that it’s just a bill. Outside number 32, Valda is taking delivery of stock for her website and is stunned when she sees the invoice. Toadie asks her if there’s a problem, but she denies that anything is wrong. Across the street, Didge is in Riley’s van, waiting for him to give her a ride, and she beeps the horn at him. He gets in and she says she wants to get to her physio session.

At number 30, Rosie is running around like a mad woman getting ready for work, and Frazer notices how stressed she is. She explains that Catherine Michael has come along and made her reanalyse her entire belief system. After looking for her jacket, then realising that she’s wearing it, Rosie announces that she’s not going to let Catherine beat her.


At the General Store, Steph, back from Adelaide, finds Toadie and says that they can catch up later when he’s not so busy. Zeke, meanwhile, is helping Lou with his website, which doesn’t seem to be loading properly. Valda arrives and overhears them, looking very worried, but says that it’s probably just a minor glitch.

Outside the hotel, Pepper meets up with Daniel Fitzgerald and they sit down together for a chat, just as Oliver and Rebecca walk by, with Rebecca busy ogling Dan, much to Oliver’s amusement. Pepper then asks Dan to keep an eye on Ringo for her. She won’t explain why, but Dan agrees. Adam then comes over and introduces himself to Dan, who gets up to leave, asking Pepper if there’s anything she wants, as he’s in charge of her farewell girt. He congratulates her on her new job, and Adam looks confused, so she admits to being offered her dream job up north near her dad. Adam asks her when she was planning to tell him.


In the store, Lou is complaining to Valda, telling her that Jude promised him that the site would be up and running by today. Valda tells him to be patient. Meanwhile, Oliver is having a coffee with Rebecca and telling her that he never meant to hurt Carmella like this, but he’s confused about what he wants. He says that the idea of raising a family with her is appealing – he wants to be a father. He then looks over at Rosie who walks in and glares at him.

At the pool, Riley leaves Bridget alone, just as a guy called Josh comes over to her and asks if she’s ever going to let go of the side of the pool. He encourages her to let go, promising to help her if she goes under. She finally lets go, and only manages to tread water for a few seconds before Josh helps her back to the side, though she seems eager for another try.


At the law firm, Rosie is trying to make suggestions about Susan’s case, but Catherine is refusing to take any of them on board. Toadie worries that an argument is about to begin, but Rosie won’t back down and says that they really need some medical reports to find out why Susan was so tired that day. As Rebecca brings some files in, Catherine tells her, with Rosie’s help, to draw up a list of possible causes for blackouts. Rosie is furious and storms out of the room as Catherine smirks.

Outside the law firm, Rosie is trying to calm down, when Toadie joins her. She says that she might have to slap Catherine, but Toadie reminds her that Susan is the only thing that matters at the moment, so Rosie agrees to turn a blind eye.


As they walk into Ramsay Street, Pepper explains to Adam that it’s her dream job, but she knows that he’s given up a lot to be with her in Erinsborough, and she wasn’t planning to just pack up and leave him. When she admits that she hasn’t actually turned down the job yet, he gets annoyed and accuses her of hedging her bets.

Back at the pool, Bridget has changed back into her clothes and is about to go and sit down when she spots a couple of girls from school, Jessica and Taylah, who haven’t seen her since her accident. They walk over and awkwardly say that you wouldn’t know anything was wrong when Bridget’s sitting down. Josh then appears and the girls say that he’s hot, it’s just such a waste that he’s in a wheelchair. Josh then joins them and the girls realise that he and Didge know each other. He tells them that they’re really brave, not letting their condition get them down. They walk off, confused, and Josh makes Bridget see that if her friends are true friends, then they won’t let her disability make any difference.


At the hospital, Rebecca brings in a gift basket for Carmella and apologises on Oliver’s behalf. Carmella explains that she has no idea what she should do now, but Rebecca says that something needs to be done, as all this stress isn’t good for the baby.

Pepper finds Adam at Lassiter’s and asks him to just give her a chance to explain. She tells him that she wants to be with him, but also wants this job and the chance to be nearer to her dad. She tells him that, if he really can’t see himself moving to Cairns, then she’ll turn down the job. Adam kisses her and thanks her and heads back to work, while Pepper is disappointed and can’t quite bring herself to call about the job.


At the store, Zeke is struggling to get Valda’s website to work, and she’s worried that she has no way of contacting him now. Zeke then tells her that there’s another way, and finds Jude Troy’s details on the business registry.

Valda arrives at Jude’s office and finds him packing everything up. He says that the bank has shut them down and Valda threatens to sue him for every penny he’s got. He tells her that, if there’s anything left once ASIC have been through him, she’s more than welcome to it.


At the law firm, Rosie continues to try and get Catherine to pursue the fatigue angle, but Catherine says that they’ve discussed this already, commenting that Rosie must have been distracted with family problems at the time. Rosie snaps and says that her close relationships with her family make her a better lawyer, but Toadie quickly drags her out of the room. In reception, he asks her what she thinks she’s doing. Rosie says that she’s standing up for herself, but he reminds her that they’re doing this for Susan and tells her to go and apologise. Rosie reluctantly goes back into the office and says that she’s sorry, but she feels intimidated. She asks if they can wipe the slate clean, though Catherine doesn’t seem interested in what Rosie’s saying, and tells her that her notion of combining her work and family lives is nothing but a pipe dream, as are Susan’s chances of avoiding jail, unless they get on with some work.

At number 26, Steve, Miranda and Riley are preparing a special meal for Didge, hoping to convince her to return to school, but not sure it’ll work. Didge then gets back and stands outside the front door, chatting to Josh, who has already talked her into going back. When Didge walks in, Riley tells her about the plan, and Didge immediately agrees to go back to school and says that everything’s fine.


Back at the law firm, Oliver admits to Rebecca that he feels like an idiot and is going to give Carmella some space. Rebecca, however, encourages him to go and be honest with her.


Oliver arrives at the hospital with some flowers for Carmella, but she’s still frosty with him. He says that he was just trying to protect her. She wants to know if that’s all it was, and asks whether he’s still attracted to her. He says that his feelings for her are complex, and she accuses him of being gutless and pathetic, and tells him that she’s never stopping loving him. She asks him if he loves her, but he hesitates…

Regular Cast Credits

Cast: Steve Bastoni as Steve Parker, Nikki Coghill as Miranda Parker, Sweeney Young as Riley Parker, Eloise Mignon as Bridget 'Didge' Parker, Tom Oliver as Lou Carpenter, Ryan Moloney as Jarrod 'Toadfish' Rebecchi, Jane Hall as Rebecca Napier, Matthew Werkmeister as Zeke Kinski, Natalie Blair as Carmella Cammeniti, Nicky Whelan as Pepper Steiger, Benjamin Hart as Adam Rhodes, Ben Lawson as Frazer Yeats, David Hoflin as Oliver Barnes, Natalie Saleeba as Rosetta Cammeniti

Guest Cast: Joan Sydney as Valda Sheergold, Jesse Rosenfeld as Marco Silvani, Matthew Molony as Jude Troy, Brett Tucker as Daniel Fitzgerald, Liam Hemsworth as Josh Taylor, Heidi Valkenburg as Jessica Wallace, Danielle Horvat as Taylah Jordan, Tania Lacy as Catherine Michael, Robert Urban as Trevor Hunt

Trivia Notes
• Brett Tucker joins the regular cast as Daniel 'Fitzy' Fitzgerald, a character he last played over seven years ago
• Liam Hemsworth begins a three-month guest role as Josh. Liam is the younger brother of Chris and Luke Hemsworth, who have each had Neighbours guest roles in the past
• Robert Urban makes his sixth appearance as repo man/process server/delivery man Trevor Hunt, having last appeared in November 2006

Summary by Steve

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