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Magic Moments > 2007 > Adam's Departure Episode 5354

Written by Hamish Cameron, Directed by Jet Wilkinson, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 29/11/07, Five: 13/03/08

Libby tells Karl that she came home to find Darren with another woman. Rachel bumps into the man from the swimming pool at Charlie’s, he introduces himself as Angus and gives her his number. Having arrived home to find a street party in her honour, a distraught Susan pleads for Karl to take her inside.

At Number 28, Karl has guided Susan to the sofa and sits her down. She asks if the kids have come in and says hello to Audrey, who has been put at her side by Zeke. Rachel asks if she wants them to call Mal & Billy to let them know that she’s home, but Susan puts it off. Libby asks if anyone wants a cuppa and goes to the kitchen, Karl offers to help. He asks her if she wants him to tell Susan about Darren, she says to let her mum settle in first, but he advises her to do it sooner rather than later.


At The General Store, Carmella has bought a load of Christmas decorations and is showing Rosie & Frazer when Marco comes in and asks if he can borrow Carmella for a second. He asks her what she is doing the following night and invites her to a party he’s holding at his place for all of his clients and suggests that she co-hosts, inviting her clients too.

Later that night at Number 28, Libby is lying next to Susan on the sofa. Susan tells Libby to spill as she is clearly thinking about something. Libby says that she was just remembering when they used to watch those Lust Na Vila marathons. In the kitchen, Zeke & Karl are making dinner with Rachel, who is looking on at the mother and daughter. She asks Karl is Susan is going to be ok, he says it’ll just take some time to adjust. Back on the sofa, Libby asks her mum if it’s better being at home, she says Libby has no idea how much better it is and apologises for the scene on the street earlier. Libby says that those people are her friends and will understand, Susan says she just felt overwhelmed.


The next day at Erinsborough High, Didge asks Rachel if she is busy after school and wonders if she wants to meet Josh. She says she’d love to as Ringo & Zeke walk up. Jessica then walks in, inviting the boys to ‘the biggest and baddest dance party of the whole year.’ Ringo seems doubtful that it will be as good as she says, but she tells ‘Zeke the geek’ that getting out of his own head for a while might help him to crack a smile, capturing Zeke’s interest.

At Charlie’s, Riley shows Brad page five of the West Waratah Star, featuring Elle’s story on the plight of local farmers as Steph walks over with an order for Brad. He says he didn’t order it, so she tells him that Elle did, pointing over to a nearby table and suggests that it is a slice of humble pie. As Paul & Rebecca toast to Elle’s success as a published writer, Elle tells them that Gary, the farmer, called and told her that he has been promised emergency state funding. Just then, Frazer enters and appears to be struggling with a rather small box of fruit and vegetables, followed by Carmella & Rosetta. As the girls laugh, Steph rather easily takes the box from him, whilst Rosie sarcastically says that she’s going to buy him one of those beaded seat covers that all the cabbies have. He asks if she would, but is soon cut down. Carmella then asks Steph what she’s doing that night and invites her and Toadie to the party at Marco’s, as well as Rosie & Frazer. They ask what time it is as they have to meet Adam and he’s being mysterious about what it is. Rosie asks Carmella if she’s sure she wants them there as they’ll just stand in the corner making jibes about her and Marco all night, but she begs them to come telling them that it’s not easy being a hostess, or a co-host as they point out.


At The General Store, Jessica is talking to Ringo about Gwen Stefani when Rachel & Didge arrive to meet with Josh, however Rachel struggles to keep her eyes off his wheelchair. In a bid to break the tension, Josh says he knows what Rachel’s thinking, that the chair is a chick-magnet, she laughs and offers to get him and Didge a drink. He says that he has to go, so as he and Didge say their goodbyes, Rachel goes to order. As she does so, Angus walks in and asks why she hasn’t called and wonders if he should be offended. Rachel says that she’s just been busy, but agrees to go out with him, putting her phone number into his phone and telling him to call her.

In the garden at Number 28, Karl is fussing over Susan asking if he can get her another cushion or a drink. As much as she is enjoying being waited on hand and foot, Susan says she just wants to sit and have some time on her own, so Karl goes inside. As he does, we see Pouch is in the garden and hear Miranda calling for him from next door. Susan calls over and asks if he’s escaped again. As Miranda leans over the fence she spots the mischievous marsupial and tells Susan that she’s been on at Steve for ages to release him into the wild, but he keeps putting it off. Having heard all the commotion, Karl runs outside and is greeted with the sight of Susan, bandaged hands outstretched walking around the garden looking for Pouch following orders of ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ from Miranda.


At Charlie’s, Valda is overzealously cleaning the tables and Steph comes over and tells her to stop as a man walks in asking to book a table for dinner. As Steph makes the reservation, Toadie walks in and asks the man how long he’s had his car, accusing him of stealing it from Valda. Horrified as Steph picks up the phone to call the police, Valda reveals that the car wasn’t stolen, she sold it.

Over at The General Store, Didge & Rachel are talking about Angus when her phone rings, and it’s him. Rachel panics and wonders what she should do, so Didge answers it and passes the phone over to her. She agrees to go out with him that evening.


Back at Charlie’s, Brad admits he was wrong for passing up on Elle’s story and says he won’t make the same mistake again, offering her a dual-cadetship with Riley. She quickly knocks him back, however Paul & Rebecca try to convince her that she has clearly found her calling in journalism. Meanwhile, Steph & Toadie are asking Valda about Retail Dreams and are stunned to hear that she paid Lou & Carmella back out of her own money and Steph promises to help work something out.

At Marco’s apartment, he is stunned to open the door to an entourage of caterers and florists who are closely followed by Carmella. He explains that he has already organised food and flowers, but she says you can never have too much food or too many flowers and asks if he’s just going to stand there or help her.


At Number 28, Darren has called around to see Susan, but Libby refuses to let him saying that he forfeited any rights he had as a member of the family when he slept with someone else, but as Karl & Susan enter from the bedroom, he takes his chance by saying hello to her. Susan is thrilled that he has finally arrived, but he explains that he’s actually been around a few days and has been staying with Lou & Harold. Susan tells him that he should be staying with them, but he refuses so she tells Libby to talk him out of it. As Rachel & Zeke come in from the bedrooms, they talk about Zeke having made the swim team, before going over to the sofa to sit. Libby tells Susan that Darren has to go, but he refuses, saying that he has to tell Susan and as she demands for someone to tell her what is going on, Darren reveals that he had an affair. Clearly disgusted with him, Susan says that she doesn’t know what to say to him, she’s defended him so many times. With the situation getting heated, Karl asks the Rachel & Zeke to give them some space, which they are less than happy about. As Darren begins to compare himself to Karl, Susan demands that he leave and as he does, Susan wraps her arms around her distraught daughter, comforting her and reassuring her that she’s done nothing wrong and is going to be fine.

Next door at Number 26, Didge answers the door to Rachel who has come around to ask a favour. As she tries to explain, Miranda comes in and asks Bridget to set the table as dinner will be ready in 10 minutes. Rachel then asks Didge to cover for her whilst she meets Angus, having told Karl & Susan that she was going to the movies with her and Josh, however Bridget is less that willing.


At Charlie’s, Elle returns and tells Brad & Riley that she has changed her mind and if the cadetship is still available, she’d like to take up Brad’s offer. He welcomes her aboard and tells Riley to give her one of his stories and as he tries to palm her off with a cat show, she grabs his notepad and takes a story on substandard care at an old people’s home, much to Riley’s dismay and Brad’s pleasure. Meanwhile, Toadie is on the phone to the police, explaining things about Valda. Hanging up, Toadie says that Adam is shredding Valda’s statement as they speak and as Valda wonders how she’ll ever be able to thank them both, Steph says that she can let her loan her some money, but she refuses, only accepting on the condition that she can pay her way by working at Charlie’s as it’s about time it had a nice, bosomy barmaid.

At Marco’s apartment, he helps Carmella to put her necklace on and the pair move in to kiss, but are interrupted by a knock at the door.



Back at Charlie’s, Valda gives Adam a beer on the house as a thank you as Rosie & Frazer arrive and ask if he’s got everything organised. He says that he’s got the transfer organised, his bags packed and the tickets are booked, but Rosie asks if he’s got Pepper a Christmas present. He says he does, and asks her if Pepper looks good in blue, Rosie pauses for a moment before saying that blue is her best colour. Relieved, Adam pulls out a ring and shows it to them, Frazer asks if he’s going to propose as an ecstatic Rosie leaps up and runs around the table to kiss Adam, saying that Pepper will say yes.

At Number 28, Libby asks Susan how she and Darren can work things out if she can’t even look at him. Susan says she’ll have to at some point as Darren clear hasn’t decided it’s over. Meanwhile, Zeke is in his bedroom giving them some space whilst Rachel walks along the corridor ready to go out. Back in the living room, Susan tells Rachel that the break-up has to be amicable for Ben’s sake, as Karl comes over with hot drinks for them. Rachel then comes out and asks if it’s ok for her to go to the movies with Bridget, Karl says it is as long as she’s done her homework, whilst Susan tells her not to be too late. Going back towards her bedroom, Zeke asks Rachel if he can come too, but she says no. As Libby goes to bed, Susan scolds Karl for not telling her about Darren and worries that everyone is carrying too much and mollycoddling her. She then makes Karl promise that no matter how sick she is, to let her know what is going on with the family.


At The General Store, Rachel is waiting for Angus when Lou comes up and asks who the lucky fellow is before going back into the kitchen. As he does, Angus arrives and the pair leave.


Back at Number 28, Zeke is looking at the invite for the dance party and fed up of the stress of life at home, gets up to close his bedroom door before climbing out of the window.

Regular Cast Credits

Cast: Stefan Dennis as Paul Robinson, Pippa Black as Elle Robinson, Alan Fletcher as Karl Kennedy, Jackie Woodburne as Susan Kinski, Kym Valentine as Libby Kennedy, Tom Oliver as Lou Carpenter, Jane Hall as Rebecca Napier, Matthew Werkmeister as Zeke Kinski, Caitlin Stasey as Rachel Kinski, Sam Clark as Ringo Brown, Benjamin Hart as Adam Rhodes, Ben Lawson as Frazer Yeats, Natalie Blair as Carmella Cammeniti, Natalie Saleeba as Rosetta Cammeniti, Nikki Coghill as Miranda Parker, Sweeney Young as Riley Parker, Eloise Mignon as Bridget 'Didge' Parker, Joan Sydney as Valda Sheergold, Jesse Rosenfeld as Marco Silvani, Carla Bonner as Stephanie Scully, Ryan Moloney as Jarrod 'Toadfish' Rebecchi

Guest Cast: Heidi Valkenburg as Jessica Wallace, Brendan O’Connor as Brad Jordan, Liam Hemsworth as Josh Taylor, Jonathan Wood as Angus Henderson, Richie Akers as Trevor Devlin, Todd MacDonald as Darren Stark

Trivia Notes
• The date on the dance party invite that Jessica gives to Zeke is Nov 30
• Rachel orders chocolate malt milkshakes for her and Didge
• Rachel arranges to meet Angus at the store at 8pm
• After just 120 episodes, Benjamin Hart makes his final appearance as Adam Rhodes, making him one of the shortest-running regular cast member in Neighbours’ 23 year history

Summary by Callum

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