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Magic Moments > 2008 > Ty's Arrival Episode 5419

Written by Peter Dick, Directed by Jet Wilkinson, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 27/03/08, Five: 17/06/08

Harold tells Lou that he had not come to terms with what he's giving up, saying that every person who comes in the door is very important to him and Lou asks him to spare a thought for the rest of them - an entire community in Harold withdrawal. Steve asks if Miranda is embarrassed by their new part-time job but unlike him, she doesn't feel the need to tell everyone. Toadie reveals that he is going to East Timor and doesn't know how long he'll be away for.

At Rebecchi Cammeniti, Toadie is clearing out his office and Rebecca comes to say goodbye. She tells him that she doesn't know how they'll manage without him and he compliments her on her work during the class action. He says that maybe the next time they meet, they'll be colleagues. Steph arrives and tells him that he doesn't have to leave and suggests that he should go away for a couple of weeks like she did, then return. He says he can't because everytime he looks at Steph, he wants to cry.


At The General Store, Harold gives free drinks to Taylah, Zeke, Ringo, Bridget, Rachel and Declan as a going away gesture. Ringo thinks Jessica would be thrilled with the class action result and Taylah thinks that Jessica would have found it hysterical to have a scholarship named after herself. She mentions that her cousin is performing at an all-ages gig at Sanctum. But after the dance party disaster, most of the them think their parents won't allow them to go but they decide to try and convince their parents.

Back at Rebecchi Cammeniti, Harold arrives with a piece of vanilla slice and Toadie shares it between them. Harold asks him how Steph has reacted to news of his departure. Toadie says she's getting used to it but that's he's going to East Timor for selfish reasons. Harold doesn't believe him, saying Toadie has his admiration. He then starts talking about his travel plans, mentioning that he is heading to Cairns to see Sky and Kerry but doesn't want a big celebration, preferring to slip away quietly. He continues talking about the huge farewell, with cakes and people sobbing, clearly wanting a fuss.


At number 26, the Parkers arrive home after dinner. Miranda is clearly stressed, taking her frustration out on Riley. Steve tells the kids to lock up because they'll be out late again tonight. Bridget wonders why they've been going out so much lately, with Miranda saying that they are going for a drive. Bridget asks them if she can go to the all-ages gig, but they say they can't trust her after last time.

At The General Store, Declan and Ringo promise Rebecca and Frazer that they have learnt their lesson and would never put their friends at risk again. Frazer asks if there will be adult supervision.


At number 28, Zeke and Rachel tell Karl and Susan that there should be some adult supervision and ask if they can go.

Despite adult supervision, Miranda and Steve remember how they felt during the roof collapse and say that they would rather Bridget didn't go to these type of events. Bridget asks if they want her to be the only one who misses out.


Rebecca tells Declan he won't be the only one who misses out as she can't imagine any of the other parents will allow their children to go either. Declan asks her for a compromise.

As a compromise, Susan offers that the kids have their dance party at the house, so she'll know that they aren't in any danger. She asks them what they think.

Returning to number 26, Declan says the idea sucks. He suggests that they take matters into their own hands and go to the party behind their parents back. Bridget claims that they have to do this the right way or not at all, with Rachel telling everyone that their parents will never trust them again. Zeke thinks that they should be so upfront that their parents can't possibly say no.


At Charlie's, Dan offers to buy Lou a drink and asks him where Valda is, pointing out the relationship between her and Lou. Lou vows to remain single, but Dan tells him that it isn't all it's cracked up to be. Steph suddenly notices smoke in the kitchen and Lou runs in to save Valda. In the smoke-filled kitchen, Lou calls out her name. He finds her coughing badly and leads her out. Back in the bar, Dan runs to get some water and Steph calls Karl.


Later at number 32, Valda tells Karl that she still has a bit of a headache. Karl replies saying that smoke inhalation can be very serious and that she was lucky to be rescued so quickly. He assures everyone that she doesn't need to go to the hospital. Valda admits to Steph that she was the one who left the grill on. She was making cheese on toast and must have fell asleep. Lou gives her a cup of tea and as Steph shows Karl, Susan and Dan out, Valda thanks him.


The following day at The General Store, Valda is telling Karl and Susan about Lou's heroic rescue. Mickey arrives, collecting money for Harold's going-away party but quickly tries to hide the box, passing it to Rebecca, as Harold appears. It has been a busy at the store and Susan tells him that everyone wants to be here for his final shift and he thanks them all.

At Erinsborough High, Libby and Dan are planning for their courses, when the teens arrive. They explain to them about the gig at Sanctum, asking Libby to come along as a chaperone, because their parents trust her. She isn't keen as she doesn't think she can look after them all on her own, but Dan offers to come along as well.


At The General Store, Dan tells the parents that he thinks the kids should be rewarded for doing the right thing and not going behind their backs. Rebecca thinks they should get the benefit of the doubt and they all agree, as long as there are conditions. At a different able, Lou asks Valda if she wants another cup of tea. But she says she wants Lou to admit his feelings for her, insisting that he saved her life. He tells her that he would have done it for anyone. Embarrassed, she goes to leave and on the way out, asks Harold to drop her off in Shelly Bay. Susan and Libby continue talking about the kids and Susan is impressed with their idea, reckoning it was Zeke's. Lou calls for everyone's attention, announcing that Harold has just finished his last shift. Everyone applauds him and he orders a cup of tea, this time as a paying customer.

Everyone arrives at Sanctum, the kids run off and Libby hopes the evening doesn't backfire. Declan sits down beside Rachel and isn't enjoying himself, thinking that the band will be crap but she tells him to give it a chance. He asks her if she wants to go somewhere else, but she refuses and goes to the bar. A guy tries to make conversation with her, but she isn't interested. Then she is accidentally shoved towards him and he catches her, before walking away. In the crowd, Ringo and Bridget awkwardly stand beside each other, unable to make conversation. When he finally speaks, he mentions the lights and Bridget is totally uninterested, believing that he didn't pay attention to anything she said in camp and walks away. Both Ringo and Declan are bored and decide to cut loose.




At number 24, Toadie comes to visit Harold, bringing a gift and card. Toadie bought him a portable navigation system, so he'll always know where he is and most importantly, how to get back to Ramsay Street. Harold is touched and tells Toadie what a wonderful young man he has become, but Toadie says that if it's true, then Harold must take some of the credit. They hug.

Back at Sanctum, Taylah introduces her cousin, Ty - the guy Rachel met at the bar. He heads up on-stage and begins to perform. Meanwhile, Ringo and Declan head outside with a bottle of alcohol, only to be found out by Dan and Libby.



At Charlie's, Steph reassures Valda that she'll manage without her, telling her to come back when she misses her and Charlie. Toadie arrives to say goodbye. Steph tells him to make sure and come back and he hands her the key of the house. She wishes him good luck and he tells Charlie to look after his mum, before leaving.

Regular Cast Credits

Cast: Ian Smith as Harold Bishop, Tom Oliver as Lou Carpenter, Jackie Woodburne as Susan Kinski, Alan Fletcher as Karl Kennedy, Kym Valentine as Libby Kennedy, Jane Hall as Rebecca Napier, Matthew Werkmeister as Zeke Kinski, Caitlin Stasey as Rachel Kinski, Sam Clark as Ringo Brown, James Sorensen as Declan Napier, Ben Lawson as Frazer Yeats, Steve Bastoni as Steve Parker, Nikki Coghill as Miranda Parker, Sweeney Young as Riley Parker, Eloise Mignon as Bridget 'Didge' Parker, Brett Tucker as Daniel Fitzgerald, Daniel O'Connor as Ned Parker, Fletcher O'Leary as Mickey Gannon, Ryan Moloney as Jarrod 'Toadfish' Rebecchi, Carla Bonner as Steph Scully, Aaron Aulsebrook-Walker as Charlie Hoyland, Joan Sydney as Valda Sheergold

Guest Cast: Danielle Horvat as Taylah Jordan, Dean Geyer as Ty Harper

Trivia Notes
Dean Geyer joins the cast as Ty Harper, cousin of recurring character Taylah Jordan
Ty's gig is at Sanctum
Toadie's letter to Harold reads, "To my friend and mentor, Harold Bishop, as he embarks on the next chapter. With all my love and heartfelt appreciation, Jarrod."
Dean Geyer performs the song We Share the Same Space. The track featured on Geyer's debut single, If You Don't Mean It

Summary by Conor

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