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Magic Moments > 2008 > Callum's Arrival Episode 5471

Written by Anthony Morris, Directed by Jovita O'Shaughnessy, Produced by Peter Dodds and Neal Kingston

Channel Ten: 09/06/08, Five: 29/08/08

Toadie finds out that because he lied on his application form, Dia isn't allowed to leave East Timor. Steve covers for Bridget and falsely admits to hitting Chris Knight. Declan knows the truth about Steve lying to protect Bridget, but she asks him not to say anything. Carmella is upset because of Marco's hectic work schedule, admitting that their life can't go on like this.

Marco and Carmella continue arguing, unaware that a man is looking in their window. The man notices someone coming and quickly hides, just as Rebecca and Declan enter, ready to move in. They notice the awkward atmosphere, but Carmella insists that everything is fine.


Outside, the man walks away from number 24, and Steph and a young boy walk over to Toadie. She introduces him as Callum Jones, but he seems unimpressed. She says that his grandmother needs a break and thought that he could hang out with Toadie. Toadie tells her that he isn't interested but she says that they can't tell Callum that. She wants to talk about it further and sends Callum inside to watch tv.


At Lassiter's, a photography booth has been set up. The man from earlier introduces himself to Carmella, telling her that nothing says a happy family like a family portrait. He shows her a picture of himself and his son, and says that he has carried the photo around with him for twenty years, but doesn't see his son much any more. He tells her to make sure that she gets a photo of her beautiful baby.


Outside number 30, Toadie tells Steph that his dreams of adopting a kid are over. He describes himself as a "Beer drinking, pizza loving, footie watching bogan" and a poor role model for Callum. Steph thought that he and Callum would be really good for each other. As she speaks, Callum emerges from the house, dressed in Toadie's wrestling costume. 'Baby- face Jones' and 'The Lawman' start trading taunts at each other, before going to wrestle inside. Steph is delighted and leaves them to it.


At The General Store, Carmella apologises to Marco for going out the night before in order to run away from their problems. She thinks that they both need to make more of an effort to communicate with each other, but Marco says that is hard when she is out on the town all night. They continue arguing as the man from before enters - it's Marco's dad, Franco. Marco introduces him to Carmella, but they have already met. He tells Marco that he knows why they haven't seen each other much recently. He was upset after their argument last week and his wife, Patrizia, revealed that Marco owned The General Store and he was trying to run two businesses. Franco is annoyed that Marco is working himself into the ground for The General Store when he already has the successful family business. He thinks the business will suffer and is allowing himself to be distracted from what really matters. He reveals that he saw them arguing and Carmella is furious, but Marco takes his father to a table to discuss it further.


At number 26, the Parkers are having breakfast and Mickey asks why there are so many pancakes as they don't usually get seconds. He guesses that it is because Steve might be going to jail tomorrow and Ned tries to change the subject. Steve says that it's alight and allows Mickey to ask questions, He wonders if he will see Steve again and what will become of all the animals in the clinic. Steve tells him that a vet is coming in to work at the clinic, Lou is going to to coach the football team and Ned is going to take care of things around the house. Didge thinks that it is stupid, that what happened as her fault and she should be on trial. He tells her that he doesn't want her at the court and insists that he must take the blame because he doesn't want this to ruin her life.


Later, Steve pulls up at the garage. Ned apologises for Mickey but Steve says that he just said what everyone else was thinking. The accelerator is sticking on his car and he wants Ned to take a look at it. He says that it needs to be fixed because Miranda might be driving from tomorrow. He asks Ned if he could teach Bridget to drive in his absence and to take care of things around the house. Ned promises that he will.

At The General Store, Marco and Franco continue discussing the businesses. He understand that Marco wants to make his mark, but he can do that with the family business tells Marco. Franco tells that he built up the business for both of them, so that Marco could pass it onto his children. He tells Marco that he has a responsibility to the family, even though Carmella may be encouraging him to go out on his own. Marco argues that Carmella is his family too, and yes, she supports him. Franco mocks his family life - bickering like children and raising another man's child. Marco tells him that the identity of Chloe's father is none of his business and if he spent more time getting to know Carmella, then he'd understand. Franco says that the business was meant to be handed on to Marco's children, his own blood. Carmella overhears and looks extremely angry.


At number 30, Toadie and Callum are wrestling. Afterwards, Callum explains that his gran hates him wrestling. Toadie asks how long he has been living with her and tells him since his mum went to hospital, she is a drug-addict and his grandfather is dead. Callum wants wrestle again. Toadie says that there is more to life than wrestling, football, for example. They bond over their shared supports of the Essendon Bombers and go off to look at Toadie's football cards, then watch some old games.

Back At The General Store, Marco tells Carmella that she and Chloe are his family, so he is going to quit working for his father. He suggests getting a memento of the moment, a photo of their family.


At Charlie's, Steph and Libby briefly discuss Toadie, just as he and Callum walk in. Toadie introduces Libby to Callum, who promptly points out Libby's impressive 'rack', much to her embarrassment. Toadie tells that's enough, but is mortified Callum says that he said the same thing about the girl on the sports channel. Steph goes to get them something to eat and Toadie continue to be amused with Callum when he blows a kiss at Libby. At another table, Marco tells Franco than no one has the right to tell him what to do with his life, including him. He appreciates what his father has done for him, but that doesn't give him the right to issue ultimatums or judge the choices that he makes. He apologises for not telling Franco about The General Store, but nothing will make him change his mind. Franco agrees that he has no right to make demands on his son, but he is worried about the business. Marco tells him that he will still help out and that Franco does a good job of running it anyway. Franco says that he won't be running it for much longer. Marco asks him what is wrong.


At The General Store, Declan tries to comfort Didge who is upset about her father's situation, saying that she shouldn't get away with killing Chris. Declan insists that it was an accident, but it's no good, Didge wants to go the the courtroom and tell the truth. Declan tells her that it is a bad idea, but she says that she'll tell the truth, whether Steve likes it or not.

Outside Callum's house, Callum wonders why Toadie wants to meet his gran and wants to know if they can hang out tomorrow. Toadie says that he can't because he has to go to court as his friend is in a lot of trouble and Toadie is his protector just 'like Gandalf.' However Toadie asks if he wants to watch the Bombers playing at the weekend, if his gran lets him. He does and they had off round the back of the house to find Callum's grandmother. They find her unconscious on the grass and call for an ambulance.


Back at Charlie's, Marco is reeling from the news that his father had a heart attack. Franco tells him that he didn't want to mention it at all, but the doctor told him to retire. Marco feels guilty and says that had he known, he would have stepped in and helped. But Franco says that I why he didn't tell him, for he hoped Marco would want to take over the business because he wanted to, not because he felt pressured. Marco says he will give up his dream, building up The General Store, to help his dad because his health is what is most important.

At Erinsborough Hospital, Toadie tells Callum that his gran is going to be hospitalised for a while, but he is worried about where he'll live as he has no relatives that he can stay with. Toadie says that Callum can come home with him. Callum agrees to, but only after they set some ground rules - Toadie isn't the boss of him. Callum asks if his gran is going to die like his grandpa, but Toadie assures him that she isn't. They go to see his gran before heading back to number 30.


At number 24, the photographer sets up for the family pictures. Carmella asks Rebecca if Marco has called, but he hasn't. She isn't worried though, believing that he will be there any minute.

At The General Store, Marco locks up, looking at a menu, remembering hat he is giving up for his dad. Carmella calls him, asking how much longer he will be, but he tells her that he has more stuff to finish up before he gets home. Realising that he has forgotten, she tells him to take his time and come home when he's ready. Rebecca says that Carmella should still have some photos taken of Chloe.



Later at number 24, Marco sees the photos of Chloe and tells Carmella that he is sorry and that he totally forgot about it. Carmella tells him that it's fine and that she already knows how much she and Chloe mean to him. He breaks the news to Carmella that he will take over the family business and that he is letting The General Store go. She is furious that he is throwing away their business, but he tells her that he has made the decision.

At number 26, Steve finishes more of the household chores, telling Miranda that he can't leave things half-done in case he goes to jail. He goes out and she breaks down in tears. Nicola comes over and Miranda says that she is fine, but can't stand the though of losing him. Nicola tries to make things better by saying that Toadie is trying to get the charges dropped to manslaughter and thinks that since Steve is a good family man, he may not go to jail. Miranda states that he pleaded guilty, but there may be one person who could make a difference.


At number 30, Miranda has come over to visit Toadie, telling him not to represent Steve if he pleads guilty and asks him to do whatever it takes to stop him going to jail. She says that she is terrified about what could happen to him, but Toadie suggests that she try and talk him out of it. She tells Toadie that he must know that Steve didn't kill Chris, but he argues that what he knows doesn't matter. He tells her that Steve has made his choice, ignoring his legal advice and that there is nothing he can do as Steve is his client, so he must take instructions from him. Miranda threatens that she will go to the Law Institute and tell them that Toadie knew that Steve was lying, if he isn't able to fix things.

Regular Cast Credits

Cast: Jesse Rosenfeld as Marco Silvani, Steve Bastoni as Steve Parker, Nikki Coghill as Miranda Parker, Eloise Mignon as Bridget Parker, Daniel O'Connor as Ned Parker, Jane Hall as Rebecca Napier, James Sorensen as Declan Napier, Fletcher O'Leary as Mickey Gannon, Kym Valentine as Libby Kennedy, Ryan Moloney as Jarrod 'Toadfish' Rebecchi, Carla Bonner as Stephanie Scully, Natalie Blair as Carmella Cammeniti, Sarah May as Chloe Cammeniti

Guest Cast: Morgan Baker as Callum Jones, Imogen Bailey as Nicola West, Gary Down as Franco Silvani, Emily O'Brien-Brown as Jane Reynolds, Maureen Edwards as Hilda Jones

Trivia Notes
Morgan Baker joins the cast as Callum Jones
Callum's grandmother does some casual cleaning for Steph and is Callum's full-time carer
First appearance of Gary Down as Marco's dad, Franco. However, in the past, Marco has referred to his dad as Joe
Callum and Toadie support the Essendon Bombers. Toadie has a football card signed by Paul Salmon

Summary by Conor

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