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Magic Moments > 2013 > Rhiannon's Arrival Episode 6617

Written by Phil Lloyd, Directed by Jo O'Shaughnessy, Produced by Alan Hardy

Channel Eleven: 09/04/13, Five: 07/05/13

The Turner family argue about Amber’s text to Robbo... Georgia tells Kate she can’t face seeing Kyle or Chris... Mason burns a list of Sophie’s tracks and gives it to Kate... Kate confides in Georgia that she does like Mason... A girl comes through Mason’s bedroom window – It’s Rhiannon

Mason jumps out of his bed and is shocked to see Rhiannon. ‘The look on your face’ she says to Mason, He tells her it is the last thing he expects, someone getting into bed with him first thing in the morning. Mason asks ‘Where’s Jackson?’ and she informs him that he’s back in Mount Isa and a 2 day bus trip with him would not be fun. Rhiannon starts to quiz Mason on whether he has missed her and Jackson. Mason does not answer her, he asks what her plans are, Rhiannon tells him she hasn’t thought that far ahead and that she’s come to see him as she tried to text him but got no reply - she thought she would surprise him. Mason wearily tells her he had to change his number. Rhiannon starts to kiss Mason, Mason backs off and tells her he’s starving and she must be too – Mason quickly leaves the bedroom.


Mason rushes into the kitchen and sees Amber, and Rhiannon then follows him in. Mason asks Amber if she remembers Rhiannon, Amber slightly confused says yeah and enquires how it’s going, Rhiannon tells her she just got in from Mount Isa and she’s been dying to see how Mason is. Amber enquires how long she is staying for, Rhiannon mentions that she’s not sure. Mason cuts into the conversation and asks Amber when mum and dad will be back. Amber tells him that it may be pretty soon, and suggests going out for breakfast. Rhiannon thinks it’s a great idea and goes to the bathroom to freshen up. With Rhiannon gone, Amber asks Mason if Jackson is in his room, Mason tells her Rhiannon left him with her sister in Mount Isa. Amber says that she didn't think things were that serious with Rhiannon - and Mason replies that they weren't for him. He tells Amber he will have to let her down again. Amber tells Mason that Kate left a message, reminding him that he left his jacket behind at Charlie’s. Amber questions Mason about this, and he tells her that he bumped into her in Charlie’s and had a couple of drinks - he doesn't see the big deal, so Amber decides she'll just ask Kate about it herself. Just then Rhiannon enters and says ‘Who’s Kate?’. Mason isn't sure what to say, so Amber says that Kate is her tutor - Rhiannon and Mason then leave for breakfast.

At the Lassiter’s complex, Chris and Kyle are discussing Georgia. Kyle tells Chris that he went to the hospital last night and Georgia wasn’t there and wasn’t called in. Chris says that he doesn’t understand, maybe she changed her mind at the last moment. Chris spots Amber sitting looking at the jobs page in the newspaper, and she asks Chris if he knows of any school holiday jobs. He asks her why she wants to spend her holidays working - shouldn’t she be catching up with mates or a boyfriend. Amber tells Chris that she could do with the cash and she doesn't have a boyfriend or many friends. She tells Chris that she had a boyfriend but they broke up. Chris sympathises and asks Amber if she had tried getting the odd shift at Harold’s; Amber says she tried and failed. Chris then suggests the second hand shop opposite the garage. Amber tells him she will check it out.


In Harold’s, Kyle is putting up the 'flatmate wanted' poster after Kate dropped out. Georgia goes over to Kyle and apologies for not showing up last night. Chris walks in, Georgia see him and proceeds to tell Kyle she’s got to go as she will be late for work. Kyle asks Chris if he saw what Georgia just did and tells him she’s keeping up with the work excuse. Chris tells Kyle that he thinks it might be him who Georgia is trying to avoid.

At Charlie’s, Pete sees the poster and asks Sheila if she could live with him. She tells him it could be worse; however it’s Chris and Kyle’s decision. Mason and Rhiannon are at one of the tables, and he asks her what type of bus ticket she got. Rhiannon says it is a return, but it’s changeable and she mentions there’s plenty of seats for him to come back with her. Mason tells her it would be pretty hard for him to leave. Rhiannon goes in for a kiss just then Kate walks in with Mason’s jacket. Mason is shocked to see Kate, and Rhiannon proceeds to introduce herself, Kate does the same back. Rhiannon realises that she's Amber's tutor - she says that she's Mason's girlfriend and starts talking about getting a tutor for her son, Mason. Kate is a bit taken aback; she proceeds to give Mason his jacket back and leaves. Mason tells Rhiannon that he needs to give Kate a message and to order more drinks.


Outside, Mason goes after Kate, he tells her it’s not what she thinks and to let him explain. Kate replies ‘Ok, so she’s not the girl you’re seeing from Mount Isa and she’s not here to have a good time with her boyfriend’. Mason stops Kate and tells her Rhiannon was never his girlfriend – they were seeing each other for a bit of fun, and it was never really serious, it was over before he left. Kate proceeds to walk away; Mason tries to stop Kate, Kate turns around and asks how old Rhiannon is. Mason says ‘What’s that got to do with anything?’ He tells Kate she is 25. Kate replies ‘I knew it all along, you have a thing for older women, is that all I am for you – a novelty?’ Mason tells her no and reminds Kate that they both had a fun time last night. Kate says it will be the last time they have fun and walks away.

At the hospital, Chris sees Georgia, he mentions he missed seeing her at Harold’s this morning. Georgia tells him she was in a rush; Chris asks if he can talk to her about his PTSD. Georgia says she can make an appointment with his counsellor, but Chris tells her he’d rather talk to her. Georgia tells him she can’t, so he confronts Georgia asking why she is avoiding him. Georgia denies avoiding him, but Chris continues ‘You can’t talk to me, you can’t look at me, what would you call it? What’s going on?’ Georgia tells Chris she trying to get her head around what happened with Scotty and everytime she looks at Chris, it reminds her of them together. Chris tells Georgia nothing happened and she can’t blame him for Scotty’s behaviour. Georgia says she knows but she can’t help it, she needs more time. Georgia leaves the hospital desk.


At Lassiter's, Amber is sitting looking at the job ads; Rhiannon walks past and asks her how it’s going. Amber tells her it’s not great. Amber asks if she’s seen Robbo in Mount Isa, Rhiannon tells Amber that Robbo tried to crack on to her again but nothing happened. Amber is shocked by this news. Rhiannon continues to Amber ‘Even if I was single there would be no way I would go with Robbo - not in a million years, talk about scraping bottom of the barrel – God help me if I am ever that desperate’. Amber is clearly upset and walks away from Rhiannon.

By the lake, Amber is holding the necklace she got from Robbo. She’s upset, and Chris joins her and asks if she is ok. Amber tells Chris she’s just found out that she is one in a list of girls her ex-boyfriend has been with, and she thinks she is an idiot for falling for someone like that. Chris tells her that it hurts now but it will get better; it just takes time. Chris looks at the necklace and asks if it’s from him, Amber nods and says she won’t need it now. She proceeds to throw it in the lake; Chris jokes that there must be loads of jewellery at the bottom of that lake.


At the hospital, Kate is talking to Georgia - she asks why she didn’t go to the party last night. Georgia tells Kate she felt awful not going but it was too hard and seeing Chris reminds her of Scotty. Georgia asks Kate about Mason, Kate tells her it was going well until his girlfriend from Mount Isa showed up.

At number 32, Mason checks no one is in the house. Rhiannon tells Mason about running into Amber and how she didn’t mean to upset her and wasn’t sure what she had said; she hopes Amber is going to be ok. Mason tells her she’ll be fine and starts to ask when Robbo got back to Mount Isa. Rhiannon tells him a few days ago and wonders why he wants to know. Mason tells her he was just wondering. Rhiannon asks Mason why ‘he hasn’t jumped her bones yet - don’t you want to make up for lost time? – got the house to ourselves’. Mason tells Rhiannon it wouldn’t be a good idea as he doesn’t want to have a fling that will just end. Rhiannon says she’s not leaving right away – she asks Mason if there is someone else. Mason tells her no and asks like who? Rhiannon replies ‘I don’t know... Kate?’ Mason says no and that he appreciates her coming to visit but they are in different places now and he’s planning to stay in Erinsborough with his family. He tells Rhiannon she needs to be with Jackson and her family.


Kyle and Chris walk into Charlie’s, and Kyle tells Chris that Georgia will come around about the Scotty situation and will stop avoiding him. Pete heads over and tells them he would be ‘stoked’ to move in, He mentions that ‘he can cook, clean, never late with the rent, he can move in straight away as he lives with his folks’. Chris tells Pete he will give him a call about it that afternoon. Pete asks if they can give him some tips on the hot girl that lives on the street. When he realises that Pete is referring to Georgia, Kyle isn't happy. Chris is pleased they are sorted with a housemate, however, Kyle tells Chris Pete is not moving in as he’s into Georgia, and he's not going to help the competition. Chris tells Kyle they can’t afford paying extra rent and there is a reason no one else applied – who would want to live with his gran. Kyle turns around, sees Pete and tells Chris that they'll have to find someone else.

At Harold’s, Georgia walks in and sees Pete, who is collecting a milk delivery. Pete goes to leave, but he turns around and tells Georgia he’s nearly finished his shift and asks her if she wants to grab a drink. Georgia thanks him but mentions she’s tired and is just going to head home. Pete's a bit disappointed goes to leave, but just then Georgia changes her mind and agrees to go out with him.


Kate is walking back into Ramsay Street, she notices Mason getting the post, and crosses the street to avoid him. Mason shouts her name and asks her not to walk away but she ignores him. Mason goes over and tells her he needs to set things straight. He tells Kate that he knew how bad things looked today and it was never serious between him and Rhiannon. He thought he ended things in Mount Isa, and he asks Kate what is he supposed to do about her turning up out of the blue. Mason mentions he does have a thing for older girls, as they are more mature. Kate tells Mason she is not interested, but he continues to tell Kate that Rhiannon is on her way back to Mount Isa and she’ll never see her again. Mason asks Kate to give him another chance. Just then Rhiannon runs down the street from number 26 waving. She tells Mason her problem is solved - she’s moving into Ramsay Street, renting a room at Chris and Kyle’s place. She hugs Mason, but Kate is obviously not happy and walks away into number 22.


Outside Charlie’s, Georgia and Pete are talking; Pete tells her about not getting the room that was going spare on Ramsay Street. Georgia says she doesn’t want to talk about Chris and Kyle, and wants to talk about Pete. She goes in to kiss Pete, and he backs off – Georgia asks him what’s wrong ‘I thought you liked me, you invited me for a drink – you're not attracted to me? Don’t tell me you’re gay?’. Pete denies this, and Georgia gets angry and stands up, saying he’s led her on. She runs off around the corner, Pete calls after her but Georgia ignores him and looks upset.

Featured Regular Characters: Mason Turner, Amber Turner, Kate Ramsay, Sheila Canning, Kyle Canning, Chris Pappas, Georgia Brooks

Guest Cast: Teressa Liane as Rhiannon Bates, Paul Cousins as Pete Clark

Trivia Notes
• Rhiannon appears briefly at the end of episode 6616, but this is her first full episode and marks the beginning of a four-week guest stint
• Teressa previously appeared in 2011 as Tammy Frazer and underwent a big makeover, including dying her hair and adding extensions, to play Rhiannon
• Teressa discusses playing Rhiannon in an interview with Perfect Blend here

Summary by Kyle

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