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Pete Clark 2013
Occupation: Barman at Charlie's

After becoming manager of Charlie's bar, one of the first things Sheila Canning did was to hire a new barman, deciding that the attractive but slightly dim Pete Clark was perfect for the job. Bar owner Paul Robinson wasn't impressed as Pete messed up orders and was unable to complete even the simplest of tasks, but Sheila insisted that he could learn, and that having a good-looking guy behind the bar was increasing their usual takings. Paul agreed to a trial run, and Pete stayed on, but soon after, a nasty accident with glass left him with a cut on his arm. Whilst getting stitches at the hospital, he met nurse Georgia Brooks and was immediately attracted to her, but his attempts to ask her out on a date always ended with her turning him down.

Georgia was attempting to move on from the recent ending of a seven-year relationship with her childhood sweetheart Scotty, having found out that he was gay and had been cracking onto her friend, Chris. Struggling to cope with what had happened, Georgia was working all hours and getting little sleep, but her friend Kate encouraged her to start dating again, and move on from Scotty. Though unsure, Georgia decided to go for coffee with Pete the next time he asked, but their date was a brief one, as she launched herself at him and when he didn't respond to her kiss, she accused him of being gay and ran off. The next day, mortified by what she'd done, Georgia found Pete and apologised, explaining the reasons behind her actions, with Pete agreeing that they should just put the whole thing behind them. A week later, growing tired of hiding away and desperate to move on with her life, Georgia accepted Pete's offer of a drink, arriving just as the bar was closing. Pete asked her to come to a club with him and his mates, but she admitted that she wasn't in the mood and would just drag everyone down. Pete then offered her a pill, telling her that it would take away all of her troubles for a few hours.

Georgia didn't take the drugs, but they were found in her bag by Sonya, the wife of Georgia's cousin, Toadie. With a drug addiction in her own past, Sonya was reluctant to believe Georgia's claims that she'd done nothing wrong and admitted that she wasn't sure about leaving her alone with her own kids for a while. When Pete's presence also started causing problems for Georgia with Kyle, the guy from across the street that she was interested in, Georgia told Pete that she didn't want to see him anymore, not even as a friend. At the hospital later, Pete was having a check-up on his arm when he ran into Georgia in the consultation room. She tried to apologise to him, but he became angry, accusing her of using him when she needed a break from her problems. Flustered, Georgia ran out of the room and went on her break, not realising that she'd left the keys to the drugs cupboard behind. When medication then went missing, Georgia was called in to see her nursing manager, Carol Crane, who struggled to believe her claims that it had all been an accident, particularly when she found two different types of sleeping tablets in her bag. Meanwhile, Pete was caught selling pills at work by Sheila, who promptly sacked him, and later told Georgia what had happened, when she heard about the problems at the hospital. Realising that Pete was the likeliest person to have stolen the drugs, Georgia went back to see Carol with Toadie, a lawyer, and gave the full story about her involvement with Pete, and him being left behind when she fled. With Pete still denying everything, and claiming that Georgia had taken drugs from him the previous week - something she couldn't deny - Georgia found herself suspended from work.

Trivia Notes
Paul Cousins previously appeared as a pub yobbo in 2006, as Adam Kestles in 2007 and as a coffee drinker in 2009
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Biography by Steve