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Magic Moments > 2013 > Lucy's Return: Part One Episode 6636

Written by Pete McTighe, Directed by Peter Sharp, Produced by Alan Hardy

Channel Eleven: 06/05/13, Five: 03/06/13

Sonya gives a police witness report... Toadie tells Matt that they think Mason robbed Lassiters... Kate agrees to give Mason another chance... Paul begs Rhiannon to help him win Allan Hewitt's vote... Rhiannon tells Paul that she's reported him for bribing Hewitt...

At Charlie's, Paul tells Hewitt that Rhiannon is a nobody, and he'll just deny everything and claim she was just bitter because she didn't get a job with him. Hewitt thanks him, and goes to leave, but Paul wants his $10,000 back. Hewitt claims not to know what he's talking about - if there was no bribery, then there's no money to return. Paul says that if the council application for the apartments is approved, then Hewitt can keep the money.


At number 32, Sheila is ranting at Lou about the mess his family has gotten her in, and says that she had the police wanting to talk to her about the garden gnome. Lauren listens as Sheila tells Lou that he'll be buying her a new birdbath if it gets repossessed. When Sheila realises that Lauren had heard her, she cheerily greets her and then leaves. Lauren is worrying about Mason, as the rest of the family prepare Amber's birthday breakfast, but she quickly snaps out of it and they all go outside to surprise Amber.

Amber is sitting, moping, by the pool, when Lauren, Matt, Lou and Bailey go outside to surprise her, with food and presents. She receives an iPad, and doesn't think they can afford it, but is delighted. She doesn't want to go to school, however, and Bailey realises that it's because everyone's talking about them. She goes inside, and Bailey goes after her - Lauren is upset and wishes she could do something to fix all of this. Lou then says that he has to go too - he has an idea for some damage control.


In Kate's hotel room, Mason is still dwelling on what Kate said last night - that her instincts were telling her to keep away from him. She tells him that she definitely wants to be with him, but he says that he would understand if she didn't. There's a knock at the door and Kate goes to answer, assuming it's room service, but it's actually Paul who's furious to see Mason in the bed. Mason tries to apologise for the Lassiters robbery, and Paul realises that Kate has fallen for his stories and taken him back. They argue about it, but Mason says that he'll leave

At the garage, Lou is trying to patch things up with Lucas, insisting that he didn't know about Mason's criminal past when he asked him to hire him, and that Mason only took part in the Lassiters robbery to protect Amber. Chris thinks that Robbo might come looking for Mason at the garage - and he doesn't want to end up getting another bashing. Lucas agrees, though Lou doesn't think that Robbo will come anywhere near the place, and Chris admits that, if Mason stays, he isn't sure he'll want to. Mason then arrives, and Lucas explains that they now know everything - Mason decides to quit his job, and walks out.


At number 32, Ajay is talking to Matt about Mason's chances in court. He thinks that Mason having a stable job and home environment will count in his favour, and he might get off with a fine and a good behaviour bond. Mason then walks in, and announces that he's quit his job. Matt points out that the job would have helped in the court case, but Mason doesn't seem to care, and says that Lucas was going to fire him anyway. Ajay tells Matt to go after Mason, and talk him round. As Ajay leaves, Matt takes a call from his superintendent.

At the school, Rani and Bailey are putting up posters for school play auditions. Bailey is upset about Amber and the situation at home, and is getting annoyed with people whispering about him. Rani tells him to ignore it - they'll soon get bored and find something else to talk about. Bailey isn't convinced - and when Rani suggests that they, and Callum, do some homework at her place later, Bailey points out that Callum's mum is the key witness against Mason. A schoolkid, Jayden, then comes over and starts hassling Bailey about going to juvie. Bailey storms off, and Rani follows.


Outside Harold's, Matt and Lauren sit down for a coffee, when Kelly comes over and says that she heard about Matt's job. Lauren wonders what's going on, and Matt has to tell her that he's been suspended, and that he was working up to telling her. Kelly makes her excuses and leaves, as Lauren wonders what they're going to do now. Matt insists that everything will work out, and they need to focus on Mason, but Lauren clearly isn't convinced.

Kelly is walking back to the station when Allan Hewitt approaches her. He says that he has some information - someone has tried to buy his council vote. He then hands over an envelope and tells her that it contains $10,000 of Paul Robinson's money.


Kelly is talking to Paul in his hotel room. He says that he only gave Hewitt the money as he was blackmailing him, and threatened that the council vote for Lassiters. He says that she should be talking to Hewitt, and tells her that he doesn't have time for an interview, but she suggests that he make some time, as Hewitt has made a statement, and they have enough to charge Paul unless he gives his side of the story. He agrees to accompany her to the police station.

At Charlie's, Paul is trying to get through to Lassiters head office in New York, and a smug Sheila comes over, asking if Paul is more annoyed about the corruption charges or the fact that someone outsmarted him. He wonders if Sheila put Rhiannon up to reporting him - she tells him not to blame other people for his dodgy dealings, but admits that she doesn't want to see that slimy Allan Hewitt get away with it either. Paul thinks that Hewitt's council career will be over, and reminds Sheila that if he loses all of his businesses, then she'll be out of a job. Hewitt then walks into the bar, and Paul drags him to one side and says that they could both have gotten away with this, if he hadn't gone to the police. He warns him that he'll make sure he's finished as a councillor, but Hewitt wonders how he'll do that - from a jail cell.


Amber is sitting by the lake when Chris walks by - he asks why she isn't at school, and she explains that she couldn't face it; she hadn't even made it through the school gates and people were whispering about her. Chris tells her that it'll get better with time. Amber is shocked to hear that Mason's quit his job at the garage and gets upset, saying that Mason only did the robbery to protect her and get Robbo out of her life - if he doesn't have a job, he'll go to prison. Chris comforts her, and starts to look guilty.

At the garage, Lucas is getting frustrated with a distracted Chris, who says that he spoke to Amber earlier, and she confirmed Lou's story that Mason only robbed Lassiters to protect her. He's beginning to think that they should try and get Mason to come back to work - it would help his family, and in his court case. Lucas says that he doesn't need any convincing, but Chris might need to talk to Mason.


At the school, Jayden starts taunting Bailey again, joking about them holding up the school canteen. When he starts making comments about Amber, Bailey suddenly loses his temper and grabs him. A fight breaks out, and Bailey gets pushed against the corner of a locker. Kate breaks up the fight.

Bailey sits outside the classroom, nursing a black eye, as Kate chats to Lauren, who says that she's been trying to keep things normal at home, but the kids are picking up on it. She says that Mason was only ever trying to keep Amber safe, and she then asks Kate how things are going with her and Mason. Kate says that they had a long talk and have worked things out - Lauren is relieved that Mason has someone, especially now that he's quit his job. Kate is surprised to hear about this, but agrees to try and talk Mason into going back to the garage. Kate says that she'll do what she can to sort things out for Bailey too.


At Charlie's, Mason admits that he's becoming tired of hurting his family, and Kate suggests that he try to get his job back. He says that it would only hurt Lucas's business, but he'll try to find something else. Paul comes in, wanting to speak to Kate, but she tells him she's busy. Paul walks away, and Mason says that he was about to leave anyway. Kate then goes over to Paul, who still doesn't think she should be seeing Mason. Kate points out that Paul is hardly in a position to talk about people and their criminal activities, and explains that she sees the good in Mason, just like she sees the good in Paul. Paul still won't accept her relationship with Mason, so she tries changing the subject, asking Paul about the police charges he's up on. He says that he's dealing with it, and tells her not to change the subject. She then suggests that they just don't talk at all, and walks out.

At number 32, Ajay and Matt walk in, with Ajay saying that Bailey should just get away with a caution, if he presents well at the police station. They're surprised to find Bailey with a black eye, and Matt thinks that it won't look good at the station, but Bailey really doesn't want to talk about it, and Lauren points out that he was just defending the family. Bailey walks out, and Ajay leaves, as Amber comes in, in a terrible mood. She says that she's cancelled the party, and she took back the iPad for a refund - she doesn't think there's anything to celebrate.



At Charlie's, Lucy Robinson walks in, and Sheila tells her to take a seat and she'll be with her. She then goes over to Paul and gives him a drink, saying that he looks like he could use one, with his niece not talking to him, the development in trouble and now the corruption charges. Lucy listens from across the bar and then walks over. Paul is delighted to see her, and she explains that she's left the Daniels Corporation and is now the new Head of Worldwide Development at Lassiters. She explains that she met up with Andrew and Tash in New York, and they filled her in on what had been going on - she reminds him of the recent problems at the hotel, and she's barely been back in Erinsborough five minutes before she's hearing that Paul's up on corruption charges. She says that she's here to sort Paul out, both personally and professionally.

Featured Regular Characters: Paul Robinson, Lou Carpenter, Sheila Canning, Lauren Turner, Matt Turner, Amber Turner, Mason Turner, Bailey Turner, Kate Ramsay, Chris Pappas, Lucas Fitzgerald, Ajay Kapoor, Rani Kapoor

Guest Cast: Melissa Bell as Lucy Robinson, Mick Preston as Allan Hewitt, Maya Aleksandra as Snr. Const. Kelly Merolli, Khan Oxenham as Jayden Warley

Trivia Notes
Melissa Bell returns to the cast as Lucy, after an eight year absence, for three episodes
This episode was the first to feature a new purpose-built outdoor set for number 32's back garden
It is Amber's 17th birthday
Amber's birthday breakfast is strawberry and ricotta pancakes
Past characters Andrew Robinson and Natasha Williams are mentioned

Summary by Steve

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