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Magic Moments > 2013 > Lucy's Return: Part Two Episode 6637

Written by Sam Carroll, Directed by Peter Sharp, Produced by Alan Hardy

Channel Eleven: 07/05/13, Five: 04/06/13

Lucy arrives back in Erinsborough saying sheís heard about the corruption and bribery charges... Amber decides to cancel her party... Georgia finds out sheís been fired from the hospital... Kyle and Georgia are in different minds about where they want to take their relationship...

Lucy and Paul walk into the hotel reception and Paul tells Lucy itís fantastic that she is here. Lucy informs Paul that itís her first task to visit all the major hotel franchises and conduct internal reviews. The hotel manager Tony Daley spots Lucy and comes over - he welcomes Lucy back and congratulates her on the job as he had just seen the internal memo. Lucy thanks Tony and mentions to him that the last time she was here he was just the bellboy carrying the bags, now he is the hotel manager. Paul tells Tony to book the best suite straight away for his little sister, Paul asks Lucy if the review can wait, but she informs Paul she wants to get onto it straight away, starting with a status report on the apartment project then going through the hotel, department by department. Paul tells Lucy it might take a while to get all that stuff together and what else has she got planned - Lucy says to Paul Ďthereís someone I am dying to meet.í



At Haroldís, Kate tells Lucy thatís itís lovely to finally meet her, Lucy says the same and that she had heard so much about Kate. Lucy looks over to the counter and sees Lauren - she goes over and hugs her. Lucy tells Lauren that she didnít know she was back in Erinsborough, Lauren asks how long she is staying. Lucy tells her itís only a flying visit but they should catch up and make up for lost time. Lucyís phone beeps, she goes back to her table to check her phone, Kate asks Lucy if she caught up with Andrew, Lucy tells her that she has - and thatís part of the reason she is here. Lucy asks Kate if she is having a rough time, and Kate starts to explain that Paul doesnít like her new boyfriend, Mason. Lucy tsays that it sounds like the Andrew and Tash situation again. Lucy starts to ask Kate what Mason is like, but Lucyís phone starts to ring; she tells Kate she should take the call but she wants to hear more about Mason later, then she answers her phone and starts to leave Haroldís.

Outside Harold's, Lucy drops her file. Mason is passing and picks it up for her, Lucy thanks Mason, unaware who he is. Mason then spots Chris and tries to avoid him, but Chris sees Mason, calls for him and tells him to wait a second. He asks Mason why he quit his job - Mason explains that it was him and Lucas that wanted him to go, and it was just easier to quit. Chris informs Mason that it was him only that wanted him to quit, not Lucas, and Lucas is happy to have him back - being employed will look better for him when the trial starts.


Amber and Chris are by the pool at number 32, Amber tells Chris she doesnít want a party and she doesnít want a cake. Chris asks her why not, and Amber tells him that everyone hates her family and thinks they are a bunch of criminals. She has seen the way people look at them. Chris insists that they donít think that and that she is just being paranoid, and he mentions that the ones that will show up to the party are the ones that want to celebrate. Amber, feeling a little bit happier, thanks Chris for the pep talk but tells him she doesnít have time to arrange anything now. Lauren overhears Amber saying this and tells her that there is still plenty of time. Amber explains to her mum that they should be concentrating on her dad, Mason and Bailey.

At Charlieís, Kate and Lucy are talking about Mason, Kate tells Lucy about the attempted robbery, but she mentions she has forgiven Mason for doing it and he has explained his reasons behind it. Lucy tells Kate she understands why Paul is against Mason. Just then, Paul walks in and goes over to them - he asks Lucy if Kate has brought her up to speed on her love life and if she has mentioned the robbery Mason committed at the hotel. As they're talking, Mason walks in Ė Paul points him out to Lucy, and she mentions to Paul that she already met him earlier; he was the kind gentleman that picked her papers up when she dropped them. Paul laughs at this and tells Lucy heís a liar and his record speaks for itself. Lucy looks at Paul and reminds him that Masonís not the only one facing charges at the moment, but Lucy still admits that she can't give the relationship her blessing either. Kate tells Paul and Lucy that she is not going to stop seeing Mason and is planning to move out. Kate goes over to Mason, she kisses him and they go to find a table.


At number 26, Kyle is on his laptop as Sheila comes in and asks if he is writing the ad for the new flatmate. Kyle tells her he was just wondering what Georgia was up to. Sheila tells Kyle to go and knock on her door, she is his girlfriend. but he says that things are still a bit weird and he canít talk to her until she gets her work issue sorted. Sheila asks how his investigation is going, and Kyle explains itís not going great and he doesnít know where to start - Sheila tells Kyle to start writing the ad instead. Chris walks in and asks if they are free later, as Amberís party is back on. Kyle asks Chris if he is sure as the text he got from Amber said the party was cancelled, but Chris informs them that it's going to be a surprise. Shelia tells Chris to count her out as that family is trouble; Chris tells her sheís being harsh. Sheila replies Ė ĎStolen money, robbery, criminals, getting me into trouble Ė I donít think thatís harshí. Kyle starts to agree with his gran, however Chris tells them to remind him not to call them when he needs a friend, he reminds them that everyone in the street should be supporting them, isnít that what neighbours are for. Chris walks out of the room. Kyle says Chris is right, and proceeds to shut the laptop, Sheila ask where he is going. Kyle says he's going to support the neighbours, and leaves with Bossy.

Kyle heads over to number 28, where Karl believes Georgia is innocent, but he doesnít know what else they can do to help. Kyle says thereís got to be something Ė something they missed. He mentions Carol and that she came down on Georgia pretty hard. Karl tells him Toadie tried for wrongful dismissal but didnít get anywhere. Kyle asks why anyone would want to steal medication - Karl informs him that there is a value for prescription medicines on the right market.


At the barbecue at the Turner house, Kyle tells Chris the stuff that was stolen is popular with students. Chris reminds Kyle that there are a lot of students in Erinsborough, but Kyle thinks that someone in Amberís gang probably know more. Chris explains that Amber doesnít touch the stuff, but Kyle asks Chris if he could ask her as heís better mates with her and she might know someone that knows something. Kate then appears and gives Kyle some balloons; Kate asks how the hunt is going for a new housemate. Kyle tells her itís going slowly and heís just put an ad online. Kate tells them she may be interested and asks them both if she can be their new housemate. Chris & Kyle are both delighted with the idea. At that moment some of Amberís friends run in shouting Ďsheís comingí and everyone runs to find a hiding place. Chris is sitting by the pool as Amber comes in, curious to see Chris, and asks what he is doing here. Chris tells Amber heís celebrating her birthday. Amber goes over to Chris and sits next to him; Chris gives Amber her gift, a bracelet. Amber is very surprised and he puts it on for her, she thanks him and kisses him on the cheek. Amber tells Chris she didnít want anything, but then everyone comes out and says happy birthday! Amber is really happy, Chris then grabs Amber and they both jump into the pool.

Inside, Kate is pouring juice into the punch, Mason comes in through the backdoor, and he apologies to Kate for being late, he tells her he got held up at the bottle shop. Mason tells Kate she looks hot, and they kiss. Kate tells Mason that sheís moving out and moving into Chris and Kyleís as they have a spare room and her name is all over it. Mason thinks thatís an awesome idea, and kisses her again. Georgia then comes in, joking about Kate's blossoming relationship with Mason.


In the pool, Kate and Mason are fooling around, whilst Amber is at the side talking to Cassie. Meanwhile, Georgia apologises to Kyle for not being in touch recently. Kyle jumps out of the pool and tells Georgia heís been thinking about who might have stolen the medication, but Georgia doesn't want to talk about it, and makes an excuse, saying sheís cold and may get changed and leaves. Amber swims over to Kyle and tells him that Chris has been filling her in and sheís spoken to Cassie, who knows that there is a kid selling prescription medication. Amber says it could be nothing, but it might be connected with Georgia.

In the hotel, Paul walks in, takes Tony to one side and starts to ask about his family life and his financial situation. Tony becomes suspicious and questions Paul and enquires what this is all about. Paul asks Tony if he would like to earn a nice cash bonus by becoming a witness in this corruption case - he tells Tony he would need to go to the police and say he witnessed Allan Hewitt taking the money from him. Tony is very unsure, and tells Paul that even if the police donít suss whatís going on, his sister will. Paul mentions to Tony that he needs head office to support him with the Eclipse Apartments and itís for the good of the company, and he tells Tony that he will make it worth his while.


Inside number 32, Karl walks in with Sheila, holding a gift from him and Susan. Lauren thanks him. Sheila also has a gift for Amber, along with some bubbly for Lauren and Matt, Lauren tells Sheila she didnít have to, but Sheila says that a girl only turns 17 once - and she never gave them a 'welcome to the street' present. Lauren admits that she didnít think anyone would come, she thinks they are the bad eggs of the neighbourhood. Sheila informs Lauren that some people around here might have jumped to conclusions, but once they calm down they will see sense. Lauren says that itís lovely everyone is being supportive, and Sheila tells Lauren that that's what neighbours are for.

Back by the pool, Kyle is talking to Cassie about Lachie. Kyle asks how long has he being doing the stuff - Cassie says she doesnít know and she hasnít bought any, but the only thing she knows is that he keeps it in his locker, ready to go. Kyle asks her if she would be willing to tell her teachers or the cops. Cassie tells him that she is willing to help Amber out, but does not want to get involved as sheís put her parents through enough. Kyle tries to make her feel guilty about ignoring the problem, but she again tells Kyle sheís sorry, but she canít help out and if he tells anyone about this conversation, she will deny it. Cassie then leaves the pool, Kyle swims over to Kate and asks her a favour.


A little later, Kyle and Kate are in the school; Kate tells Kyle that she shouldnít be doing this. Kyle reminds her that Lachie is the one thatís done something wrong. Kate explains to Kyle that what she is doing is an invasion of privacy and she needs permission, as she could lose her job over this. Kyle tells Kate he doesnít care about privacy and if she donít want to do it for him, do it for Georgia. Kate gives Kyle the lockers keys, he proceeds to open Lachieís locker and looks inside. Kate is surprised, and Kyle is disappointed, as he finds nothing incriminating inside.

At Charlieís, Paul is having a drink when Lucy walks in and throws some papers down at him and asks about the cash withdrawals - $10,000 on the same day he tried to bribe Allan Hewitt, and then another $5,000 withdrawn today. Paul tells Lucy they are legitimate transactions. She informs him that she knows about him trying to bribe his hotel manager. Lucy is extremely angry, and grabs the papers and gets Paul to explain the $200,000 he gave a woman named Elaine Lawson to settle a potential lawsuit that wasnít the hotel's fault. Paul tells Lucy to keep her voice down, but she informs him that all this has to stop, sheís cleaning house, starting with Tony. Paul explains to Lucy that if she sacks Tony sheís going to open a whole can of worms. Lucy tells Paul she knows that, and thatís why she has found him a new position in the company so that he will never speak of this again. Paul asks Lucy whoís going to manage the hotel - she tells him that she will find someone herself, someone who can put the place in order.


Back at number 32, Chris asks Sheila if sheís cool with Kate moving in. Sheila says she loves it - finally some civilised company around the place. She mentions that she has always liked Kate. Chris reminds her of the time she tried to set Kyle up with Kate, and wonders how she'll fill her time now that both Kyle and Kate are in relationships - she declares that she'll have to try and find someone for Chris now. Sheila leaves the room and Chris is tidying up when Amber comes in with a bin bag - Chris takes it from her and tells her that she shouldn't be cleaning on her birthday. Amber tells him that itís the least she could do to say thank you. Chris asks Amber if she had a good day - she thanks him for everything, including the bracelet. Chris jokingly tells Amber that he has amazing taste, especially in friends. Amber thanks Chris again and tells him itís been the most incredible day. Chris calls Amber an incredible person and wishes her happy birthday! Amber gets up from the chair and gives Chris a hug then a kiss on the lips. Sheila walks in, just in time to witness this, and she stands and watches as Chris leaves and Amber sits down with a huge smile on her face.

Featured Regular Characters: Paul Robinson, Karl Kennedy, Kate Ramsay, Matt Turner, Lauren Turner, Mason Turner, Amber Turner, Kyle Canning, Georgia Brooks, Chris Pappas, Sheila Canning

Guest Cast: Melissa Bell as Lucy Robinson, Lisa Marie Shaw as Cassie Nicholls, Maya Aleksandra as Tony Daley

Trivia Notes
ē Past characters Andrew Robinson, Natasha Williams, Brad Willis, Beth Brennan and the Martin family are mentioned
ē The following items are found inside Lachie's locker: trainers, a half-eaten apple, a juice carton

Summary by Kyle