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Magic Moments > 2013 > Holly's Return Episode 6686

Written by Brooke Wilson, Directed by Jo O'Shaughnessy, Produced by Alan Hardy

Channel Eleven: 15/07/13, Five: 12/08/13

Matt remarking that heís relieved his baby parenting days are behind him... Lauren admitting to Vanessa sheís getting clucky... Paul offering Mason a job as a trainee concierge... Ajay agreeing to Rani coming with him to India... Izzy putting Holly on a plane to live with Karl and Susan...

At number 28, the Kennedys are discussing what Izzy has done - Susan believes that this is classic Isabelle Hoyland, and asks how long Holly is going to stay. Karl sits next to Susan and explains that Izzy was very vague on details; it is likely to be about 3 weeks. Susan canít understand how Izzy can send Holly away, Karl wonders how Holly will cope living with them given heís not seen her personally for a couple of years; they havenít really bonded as father and daughter. Susan reminds Karl that they are in contact via video calls, and reassures him that Holly will be fine; this is his chance to really get to know her and bond properly. Susan tells Karl to get her something really nice; it will make her feel special. Karl mentions that heís on days at work - Susan says that he will have to call in some favours to get his shifts changed as Holly canít be left on her own. Karl looks a bit worried about Hollyís arrival, Susan gives Karl a reassuring hug and tells him it will be fine, he is terrific with kids and reminds him that they have had 3 of their own!


At number 32, Mason is telling Kate about the job offer from Paul - Kate, however, is highly suspicious of Paulís motives. Mason tells Kate he thought she would be happy about the job opportunity, but she says that changing a career is a big deal and she doesnít want him to do that because of her. Mason reassures Kate that itís nothing to do with her; he says that he had a big talk with Paul and cleared up a lot of things. Kate again asks if Mason is sure about taking on this job. He thinks he would be stupid not to and starts telling her the benefits of taking the position Ė the money is better than what he is earning now, a ladder to climb, travel opportunities and he'd be able to have clean hands. Kate is still unsure; however, she tells Mason to think about it and asks him not to do anything hasty. Mason agrees.

The next morning at number 32, Matt enters the kitchen and is greeted by Lauren. Matt tells nher he is looking forward to putting his day off to good use by spending it with his wife. He proceeds to lift Lauren up and tells her they should head back to bed. Just then Sonya rushes in with the pram, and Lauren explains to Matt that she agreed to babysit Nell while Sonya goes to the gym. Lauren apologies to Matt, and goes over to Sonya and Nell, offering encouragement to Sonya, who's nervous about her first time at the gym. Sonya decides to go, telling Lauren she wonít be long. Lauren puts a dent in Mattís plan to occupy themselves, while Nell has a nap, by sending him to Haroldís for nappies, Lauren explains to Matt that she can't use Sonyaís eco-friendly cloth ones. Matt mutters that he didnít have this in mind for today; however he will go and get the nappies.


Mason drops by the garage to give Lucas his notice. Mason starts to explain that he is really grateful he kept him on for as long as he has and that heís been an awesome boss, however itís time for him to move on. Lucas admits that he isn't too surprised that he has quit, and asks if he needs a reference. Mason tells him that heís got his next gig lined up already, at Lassiter's. A concerned Lucas asks Mason if it's a good idea to work for Paul, but Mason thinks he can handle it. Lucas then drops in some subtle questions about how his parents are settling into Erinsborough. Mason says that they love it and his mum classes Ramsay Street as home. Lucas agrees that there is something special about Ramsay Street and wishes Mason good luck.

At Harold's, Vanessa is surprised at some of the stuff Karl is buying until he explains who they are for. Vanessa didnít realise Karl had another daughter; Karl tells Vanessa that she lives in London and sheís 8. Vanessa gives Karl some advice on what would be better to buy for Holly; she mentions a great art store in Eden Hills. Karl tells Vanessa that he will check it out and leaves, and, as Matt comes in, Vanessa goes over to Lucas to tell him to have a word with Matt about selling number 32. Lucas says that he'd rather wait, and tell Matt and Lauren at the same time. Matt goes to the till to pay for the nappies, after taking advice from Terese on which ones to buy. Vanessa asks how Laurenís day off is going and he explains about them babysitting Nell. Terese then comments that Brad had similar thoughts about them constantly babysitting too and his solution was for them to have another child of their own, which is how they ended up with Piper after the twins. Matt insists that Lauren isn't clucky, but after seeing the looks on Vanessa and Terese's faces, he starts to wonder.


Back at number 32, as he returns, Matt overhears Lauren telling Nell about not wanting to give her back to her mum. He asks her if she is clucky and her reply is Ďany more and Iíd be a chicken!í Lauren explains that she has tried to ignore it, but it could be the last chance they have to add to their family. Matt is surprised that three kids aren't enough for her, but she points out that they aren't kids anymore, and that they always said they'd like to have four children. Matt reminds Lauren that kids are expensive, Lauren points out that Mason has a job and it wonít be long before the kids move out too, leaving just them. Lauren is disappointed as she realises that Matt doesn't want another child, but he then agrees to think about it. Their conversation is interrupted by Lucas walking into the room.

Lucas has broken the bad news to Lauren and Matt that he needs to sell the house. He's very apologetic and Matt tells him not to worry - they will sort something out. Lauren asks when he is going to list the place, but Lucas mentions he might not have to, if they are interested in taking it off his hands. Lucas gives them first refusal, but they turn the offer down, saying they are a couple of years off buying a place and they put their deposit into buying Haroldís. Lucas admits that he feels terrible, but Matt insists that they knew this would always just be a temporary arrangement. Lucas then leaves, and Matt and Lauren are left wondering what they're going to do.


Paul, Terese, Mason and Kate are at Charlie's, where Mason has agreed to take up the job at Lassiters; Terese tells him heíll be starting in 2 weeks. Mason mentions that he canít wait to start, and Paul goes to get some champagne to celebrate. At the bar, Terese however still has her doubts about Mason, but is convinced by Paul that itís a win-win situation. Paul mentions that he didnít want his niece to end up with a grease monkey, so he decided to give Mason this opportunity as he will be able to keep an eye on him and he will get to see more of Kate. Paul asks that a career plan is put in the contract, and Terese leaves to get the contract sorted out. Paul looks over to Mason with a grin on his face.

At number 32, the Turners are dreading moving again, and Lauren asks Matt if they will be able to stay in the area -Matt doesn't think so, and nor does he think they'll be able to afford to have another baby. Lauren, obviously crushed about this, tells Matt that people have babies all the time, and they didnít have any money when they had Mason. Matt reminds Lauren that they did not have a business to run and two other children in school - Matt suggests finding another place, settling in and then talking about the baby situation again. Mason comes home to tell his parents about his career change and neither are happy at the news. He explains that Lucas couldn't afford to keep him on, and that the new job will open up more opportunities for him. Matt still isn't convinced, believing that Paul Robinson will not allow him to advance. Mason explains to Matt that they have sorted out their differences. Matt reminds Mason that he almost ended up in prison thanks to Paul, and believes this to be the worst decision Mason has ever made.


Sonya is pushing Nell down number 32ís driveway after picking up her daughter from Lauren. They run into Terese, who is jealous at Sonya having a great time at the gym while she was up to her eyes in paperwork. Sonya departs and Terese discusses Masonís new job with Lauren. Terese picks up that Lauren isn't happy, but does her best to convince her that it is a good move for her son and feels he will do really well in the role.

At Harold's, Lauren catches Kate when she's in the store getting a coffee and there is only one topic of conversation between them - Mason's new job. Kate tells Lauren that she wasnít thrilled at the idea at first but she spoke to Terese, who mentioned it was Paulís idea and that everything is above board. Lauren asks Kate if itís ok for Mason to change his career for his girlfriend, Kate explains to Lauren that this is not the case and if anything happened between them, Paul would not interfere as it will be the last thing on his mind. Lauren is still not convinced that itís a good move, however Kate tells Lauren that they should trust and support Mason, and hopefully it will all work out.


In the Lassiter's Complex, Kate moans to Mason about Lauren complaining to her about his career change. Mason explains to Kate that itís his mum being mum and sometimes she goes a little over the top, but he reassures Kate that she will get over it and all this worry from the both of them is wasted emotion. Kate says that it just proves that she and Lauren love him - Mason tells Kate he loves her too, and they kiss. Meanwhile, Lucas is annoyed to learn that the final Eclipse apartment is being auctioned off today, and rushes off when Paul tells him that the auction is about to start.

Karl enters number 28 with daughter Holly, and reintroduces Holly to Susan. She hands over a picture for Susan, which she drew on the plane. Susan tells Holly that it is lovely and she will put it up, and then Holly asks where her other pictures are - the ones she sent to her dad. Susan confesses that itís her fault as she likes to tidy up and threw them out, so Holly plans on doing more. Susan is very taken with how polite and sweet Holly is. Susan tells Karl that she can't believe sheís Izzyís child! Karl laughs and says she must take after him. Karl is taken with Holly having inherited his creative talents and Susan jokes that might not be a good thing, referring to his singing. Holly pleads to hear Karl sing, so he goes to get his guitar. Susan walks over to the table where Holly is drawing and asks to see the pictures, but the pleasant, sweet, polite child of a few minutes ago has changed. Holly says to Susan ĎBite me!í




Vanessa enters number 32 to check how the Turnerís are going after Lucas told them about having to sell the house. Vanessa tells them both she feels really bad about this.

Down by Lassiter's, the bidding for the last apartment is underway and itís at the $500,000 mark. Lucas is desperately trying to get hold of Vanessa but heís just getting voicemail.

Back at number 32, Lauren reassures Vanessa it's fine, they will find somewhere else to live, and in a couple of years can perhaps buy their own place and if her body is still obliging, have another baby too. Vanessa is aghast now realising this has come just as theyíd decided to go for another child again, Vanessa apologies.

Over at Lassiter's, the bidding is up to the $530,000 mark when Lucas makes his first bid to take it to $540,000. The bidding increases as again he tries to get hold of VanessaÖ

However, at number 32, Vanessaís phone is on silent mode and isn't beside her so canít feel it vibrating or flashing as she continues to chat with Matt and Lauren. Matt jokes with her that it will be good news for her because Lauren will want to babysit as she will be so broody! Vanessa tells them both the apartment is not set in concrete, but Lauren mentions that they donít want to get in the way of their plans. Vanessa just says that she and Lucas still need to discuss whether apartment living is absolutely right for them.

Back at Lassiter's, the auctioneer is getting ready to sell the last apartment at $545,000.


Lucas arrives home, finding Vanessa, and moans at not being able to contact her. She realises now that her phone is on silent mode and both mention they have news to share with each other. Lucas goes first, he starts telling Vanessa that she is going to love this and tells her that he bought the apartment. Vanessa is horrified, and is absolutely stunned when she then discovers how much he paid for it and Lucas explains about getting into a bidding war with someone else. Vanessa declares it to be a disaster, and says that she was just with Matt and Lauren, giving them hope that they might not sell the house. Vanessa canít believe how much Lucas has paid for the apartment. She tells Lucas they canít do this! He has gotta get out of it. Lucas informs Vanessa that he can't get out of it. Heís bought it and signed the contract. They are stuck with it.

Featured Regular Characters: Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Kate Ramsay, Paul Robinson, Matt Turner, Lauren Turner, Mason Turner, Terese Willis, Vanessa Villante, Lucas Fitzgerald

Guest Cast: Lucinda Armstrong Hall as Holly Hoyland, Anthony West as Gary Denham, Ana Della-Rocca as Jenna Smith

Trivia Notes
ē The character of Holly Hoyland returns to the cast, having previously appeared once, as a baby, in 2007. Lucinda Armstrong Hall takes over the role, and the character has been aged slightly from 6 to 8-years-old
ē Past character Izzy Hoyland is mentioned

Summary by Kyle