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Magic Moments > 2013 > Lolly's Return Episode 6745

Written by Nick King, Directed by Gary Conway, Produced by Alan Hardy

Channel Eleven: 04/10/13, Five: 01/11/13

Amali Ward tells Georgia she can have her song back, but Paul isn’t happy... Kate tells Mason they’re over for good, and Paul is annoyed to see Mason socialising with guests... Karl assures Lou he won’t die any time soon, but on the way home Lou’s hit by a falling branch...

Outside the hospital, Karl lifts the branch off Lou. Lou, clearly shocked by what’s happened, says to Karl ‘If this is heaven, it’s one hell of an anticlimax’, and he struggles to get up; Karl tells him there’s no sign of physical injury. However, Lou informs Karl that his back is killing him. Karl helps Lou up and gets him to sit on the bench. Lou starts talking about ‘Ginger’ – an old mate of his that went the same way, hit by a branch. Lou starts to tell the tale, however Karl interrupts him and tells him that he seems to be ok and that he’s been extremely lucky. Lou then says that these things come in threes – the pecan, the widowmaker... Karl, concerned over Lou’s behaviour, tells him he should check him over for concussion. Lou says that you can't cheat the grim reaper, and Karl reassures Lou that his examination went well, he is in excellent health. Lou tells Karl he must have missed something, but Karl again tells Lou that he hopes when he gets to his age, he’s in as good shape as him. Karl proceeds to call Matt.



At number 32, Lou enters the kitchen with Matt. Lou mutters ‘two down, one to go’, Lauren rushes over to Lou to ask if he’s OK. He reassures Lauren that he's fine for now and notices the table of food and balloons. He realises that they've gone ahead with the party, despite his saying he didn't want it, and Lauren says that he's going to enjoy himself, then rushes off to get his surprise. Lou is surprised when Lolly walks in, and she explains that it was Lauren’s idea. Lou thanks Lauren, Lauren mentions that Mai has sent a present and Guy will call him later. Lou, clearly touched by everything, says that it's wonderful to have so much family around. Lolly admits that it's strange to be back on Ramsay Street, and talks about how she used to receive photos of the Turner kids, and Mason always seemed to be running around without his pants on. Amber tactlessly points out that Lolly isn't really related to them she isn’t Lou’s real daughter. However, Lolly tells everyone that Lou has always been a dad to her. Lou is touched, telling her she has no idea how much that means to him. Both Lauren and Lolly asks Lou if he’s ok, and he decides to come clean and starts explaining that no Carpenter man has ever lived beyond 70, and he's already had two strikes today, and is just waiting for the third. Lolly tells Lou that this is just crazy, but Lou says he's just facing facts.

Paul enters Lassiter's as Mason is topping up the leaflet stands. Paul is annoyed that Mason still hasn't finished the tasks he was given, and also complains about his appearance. Terese walks out of the office to find Mason and Paul arguing. Paul tells Mason that he needs to start giving him and the hotel a bit more respect, but Terese steps in and asks Mason why he isn’t at his grandfather’s party. Mason informs Terese that he can’t go until he finishes what he was doing - Terese tells Mason that it can wait until tomorrow and sends him home. After Mason leaves, Paul tells Terese that he doesn't appreciate being undermined like that, and Terese asks why he is giving Mason such a hard time. Paul brings Terese upto speed, informing her that he crossed the line; he slept with a hotel guest. Paul thinks that he’s the only one that can see what Mason is really like - Terese reminds Paul that he shouldn’t complain because he was the one that hired him.


At Charlie’s, Paul complains to Kate about how he wishes he never gave Mason a job, but Kate reminds Paul that this job is very important to Mason. Paul asks Kate why she still cares, and Kate informs Paul that she can’t stop caring just because they have broken up - she reminds Paul that he promised her that Mason would have a career whether they were together or not. Paul says to Kate that he won't keep making allowances, and says that if Mason screws up one more time, he's out.

Back at number 32, Lou is looking at old photos; one is of Lou and Lolly. Lou tells Lolly that he should have done more for her over the years knowing they had so little time. Lauren tells Lou to stop this silliness; Lolly agrees and reminds him to enjoy himself. Lou tells them they are right and starts to ask Lolly about her boyfriend Graham - she tells Lou that things are good, although she does not sound convincing and quickly changes the subject. Lolly introduces herself to Kyle whilst getting herself a drink and asks him if all the guys on the street are hot - he quickly tells her that he has a girlfriend. Mason then gets home - Lolly introduces herself, and Mason goes to wish Lou a happy birthday. Lou’s busy showing Bailey an old photo from when he was conscripted into the army, saying he made some good mates back then. He tells Bailey never to take his friends for granted, as you never know when it can end.


Paul is in Charlie’s, working on his laptop, when Georgia approaches him. Paul asks her what she wants; Georgia tells Paul that she wants another chance to record the song herself. Paul says that she doesn't have a chance, after messing things up with Amali, and reminds her that he still owns everything she writes - even if she hasn't been doing much writing lately. Georgia reminds Paul that he asked her to record the song in the first place, but he says that was before he realised that she lacked focus, and he's already started looking for another singer to replace Amali. Georgia again asks Paul for a chance and tells him that the song means a lot to her - Paul tells her to such it up, and says that she's starting to bore him now.

Back at number 32, the Willises arrive - Lolly passes comment to Lauren that there are some hot older guys on the street too. Lauren agrees, but Matt overhears and coughs. Lauren hugs Matt and tells him that she was talking about him. Some borderline-friendly rivalry breaks out between Matt and Brad, as Matt implies he’s aged better than Brad and Brad implies Matt's too old to take part in the upcoming fun run. They’re both planning to participate, and are already arguing about who's going to win. Lauren has gone quiet, and admits to Matt she’s a bit worried about Lou and his morbid obsession with dying. She says she hates seeing him act as if he’s given up on life.


Outside by the pool, Josh and Amber are kissing on one of the pool chairs, when Mason and Lolly come into the yard. When Lauren, Matt and the others come out too, Josh and Amber suddenly stop kissing and Josh suggests they go to Amber’s room for some privacy. Amber says Matt will probably not freak out if they leave the door open, and they head inside. Lolly and Mason start to talk, Lolly tells Mason that she’s just broken up with her boyfriend; she thought he was going to propose but instead he dumped her. Mason informs Lolly that he knows how she feels as he has been dumped recently too.

In Harold’s, Georgia and Karl are discussing the fun run, and Karl asks Georgia if she can help him run an information booth he’s setting up tomorrow in the complex, to raise awareness about the event. Conversation then moves on to Paul - Georgia tells Karl that she regrets signing the contract with him and giving him the rights to all her songs. Georgia asks Karl for advice about how she can get out of the bind with Paul, and he reminds her that the music producer she met loved her, suggesting that she should go and see him herself without consulting Paul. Georgia agrees that this might be worth a try, and leaves in a hurry.


Back at the party, Mason and Kate are talking – Mason tells Kate that she looks amazing. Kate thanks Mason and warns him that he needs to watch it with Paul; Kate explains that Paul thinks he hooked up with a guest. Mason tells Kate that Paul has it in for him, nothing happened with Meg and he’s always been completely professional. Kate tells Mason that it’s pretty obvious Paul is trying to find a reason to fire him so he should play it safe. Karl then arrives and wishes Lou a happy birthday – he explains that Susan has been held up with a hair emergency. Karl uses the opportunity of the party to hand out promotional flyers for the fun run. Lauren mentions that Matt’s already decided to signed up to compete, but tells her husband he doesn’t need to prove anything to her. Matt evidently thinks he does, and goes to get his wallet to pay the registration fee. Lauren sits down with Lou for a chat, and he’s still being deep and meaningful, saying Lauren's one of the few things in his life he got right. Lauren says that’s sweet, but tells him he’s being irrational about the supposed 'Carpenter Curse'. Lou still thinks he’s going to die, but has resolved not to wallow and he is going to bump up the stereo and they are going to put on their ‘dancing shoes’.

Outside Kate is talking to Bailey and Kyle, and Bailey is still upset about his friendship with Callum. Just then some loud jazz music starts to play. Bailey tells them that it’s one of Lou's old records, and he goes inside, telling Kate and Kyle that he will see if he will can something a little less ancient on. Mason and Lolly go to sit in the conservatory and Lolly, looking over to Kate and Kyle, says to Mason that they make a cute couple. Mason informs Lolly that they are just housemates across the road, and she is the ex he mentioned earlier. Lolly asks Mason if it’s awkward living on the same street. Mason tells Lolly that they are still good mates, Kate really looks out for him and she backed him up against her own uncle. Lolly thinks that means that Kate still likes him - Mason isn't convinced, but Lolly assures him that she wouldn't do that unless she still had feelings. Mason looks across at Kate with a little bit of hope.


Meanwhile at Charlie’s, Georgia is with producer Bryan Robson. She asks him for another chance - Bryan says that it's a great song and she's clearly very talented, and Georgia waits for the but... Bryan tells Georgia that it’s out of his hands and reminds her that Paul said she didn't want to perform the song now. Georgia tells Bryan that things change, and Bryan continues to tell Georgia that this isn’t an industry she can be half-hearted about - everyone is thinking big, everyone is ambitious. Georgia tells Bryan that she knows this and it’s never been easier to release a single. Bryan, however, tells Georgia that it’s never been so difficult to get it recognised and his boss won’t be interested in her unless she raises her profile. Georgia asks how she can do that, and Bryan tells her that she needs to find an angle, something that will make her stand out from the rest and generate as much media attention as possible.

Back at number 32, Bailey brings out the gift for Lou - his family tree. Bailey questions the dates, saying that his year of birth was different after he left the army. Lou suddenly remembers that he lied about his age in order to delay being conscripted because of a girl named Brenda Coggin. He's stunned as he realises that this is actually his 71st birthday, and he has beaten the family curse. Everyone is relieved, and Lou starts to laugh.


The next morning, Matt and Lauren are pleased that Lou is back to his old self again - he tells them that he’s got a whole lease of life and every day is a bonus. Lauren opens up her concerns to Lou, that he was so willing to accept the idea he was dying. She makes it clear to Lou that since they moved down here, they have been so wrapped up in their own stuff, they haven’t shown him that they need him around for many years to come. Mason enters and wishes Lou a happy birthday. He tells Lou that he and Lolly bonded, however she admitted that she’s recently been dumped and didn’t want to ruin the party. Lolly comes in and tells everyone that she’s all packed and the taxi is on its way. Lauren hugs her and tells her it was great having her here. Lou tells Lolly that he wishes they had more time together and asks her why she didn’t tell him about Graham, advising her that she needs to pick herself up and move on. Lou informs Lolly that worrying about his family is still his number one job and he’s only a phone call away. Lolly tells Lou that she loves him and they share a hug.

At Harold’s, Karl and Georgia are in their running gear, about to start their shift on the fun run promotional stand. He’s got a sound system set up, and has arranged for a photographer from the West Waratah Star to come as well, saying it’s important to drum up some media attention. Remembering this is also what Bryan said to her, Georgia suddenly realises she can kill two birds with one stone, and rushes off home, saying she’ll be right back.


At the Lassiter's complex, Georgia is singing her song to quite a large audience. Paul walks out of Harold’s as Georgia finishes her performance and everyone in the audience claps. Georgia tells the crowd that the song Letting You Know will be available to buy at the launch of the fun run and she will be donating every cent she earns to the hospital. Georgia goes over to Bryan who is standing by a pleased Kyle; Bryan tells Georgia that he’s not sure what he’s doing here. Georgia reminds Bryan that he wanted an angle and media attention. Just then Paul comes across looking angry and tells her that she has no right to sing that song in public. Paul then asks Bryan what he is doing here; Bryan tells Paul that Georgia invited him. Paul again asks Georgia what she thinks she's doing - she ignores him and tells Bryan that he can use the charity angle to win over his bosses. Bryan agrees that it's worth a try, but Paul says that the final decision lies with him, and he won't allow it. Georgia then asks if Paul is going to stop the hospital from getting a donation, and is about to announce this information to the crowd, when Paul stops her and agrees that she can release it as a charity single. A delighted Georgia hugs Kyle, but Paul looks very angry at her getting one over on him.

Featured Regular Characters: Lou Carpenter, Lauren Turner, Matt Turner, Mason Turner, Amber Turner, Bailey Turner, Kyle Canning, Kate Ramsay, Georgia Brooks, Karl Kennedy, Paul Robinson, Brad Willis, Terese Willis, Joshua Willis

Guest Cast: Jiordan Tolli as Louise Allen, Sam Young as Bryan Robson

Trivia Notes
• Jiordan Tolli returns for one episode as Lolly, having previously played the role between 1994 and 2001. The role of Lolly was also played by Adelaide Kane for a few months in 2007. Having been previously credited as Louise Carpenter and Lolly Allen, she is credited as Louise Allen for this episode
• Past characters Guy Carpenter and Mai Ling Chan are mentioned
• Lou's army conscription documents contain the following information:
Date of photo: 19/04/62
Date of birth: 04/10/43
Complexion: Fair
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Height: 5’9 ½
Marital Status: Single
Place of birth: Brisbane
Religion: R.C
Weight: 91.8

Summary by Kyle