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Episode Summaries > 2014 > Episode 6848

Written by Jutta Goetze, Directed by Jo O'Shaughnessy, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 26/03/14, Five: 09/04/14

Kyle is disappointed as Georgia says that they can still be friends
Lauren tells Matt that Kathy wants to put ads in the Queensland regional papers, looking for her and Brad's daughter
Paul won't accept Kate and Brennan as a couple, so she moves out
Sheila nags Paul about the way he's treating Kate
Paul meets a mysterious newcomer named Naomi

Charlie's: Naomi is having a debate about art with Paul - she likes abstract art, whereas he prefers to know what he's looking at. She accuses him of being conservative, and he then changes the subject, asking what a woman like her is doing in suburbia. She says that she's here to catch up with someone who she hasn't seen in a long time, then quickly asks Paul if he's going to get them another bottle. He tells her that they'd be better off going up to his apartment so he can show her the views, but she isn't won over by that line - though she does say that she might be happy to do it another time.

Harold's Store: Lauren is closing up the store, just as Brad walks in. She says that she's been trying to call him, and explains that she feels terrible about the way Josh and Imogen found out about their half-sister. Brad says that he and Terese should have told the kids sooner, but they don't seem to be taking it too badly - though Terese is struggling to adjust. Lauren asks if, now that it's all out in the open, whether they want to start thinking about searching for their daughter, and she explains that her mum's offered to put adds in some of the regional Queensland newspaper. Brad thinks it's a long shot, but Lauren says that she's willing to try anything to find Lily. She then realises what she's said, and explains that Lily was the name she gave to their daughter, and it's the first time she's ever told anyone. Brad appreciates her telling him, and says that they should make a start on the search.

No 32 - Kitchen: Lauren has told Lou and Matt about her plans to search for her daughter, and Matt tells her to be careful, as he doesn't want her to be disappointed if it all comes to nothing. She says that she knows it's a long shot, as they have no record of the birth or the adoption, but then Lou suggests that they could involve the police. They all realise that would involve pressing charges against Kathy and the adoptive parents, even if their intentions were good. Matt asks Lauren if that's a path she really wants to go down.

Charlie's: As Kyle walks in, Georgia is just paying for a coffee - he asks her about her plans for the evening, and she says that she's got to finish off the admin from Farm Day. Kyle offers to help, and she reluctantly agrees. Across the bar, Paul is trying to guess Naomi's occupation, and gets it right first time when he suggests that she's an executive assistant. He then asks about her family - but she turns the question back on him. He says that he has a few family issues at the moment, then goes to the bar to order some coffees. Sheila then walks in, surprised to find Paul still there, but even more surprised when she spots Naomi. Paul asks if they know each other, and looks disgusted when he realises that Naomi is Sheila's daughter.

No 26 - Lounge: Sheila shows Naomi into the house, and says that she wishes she'd had some warning about her arrival. She tries to find out what Naomi is up to these days, but Naomi simply comments on the house and how it's very 'Sheila'. The two women start to bicker, and Sheila says that there are only two reasons why Naomi would visit - she's broke and needs money, or she genuinely wants to mend their relationship. Naomi admits that she did want to see the family, but she's also between jobs, plus she's lost her wallet. She complains about being so reliant on plastic - "I wouldn't know, I'm not a plastic kind of person" is Sheila's reply, but she does agree that her daughter can stay.

No 26 - Kitchen: The next morning, Sheila has made pancakes for Kyle and Naomi, and Kyle is very pleased to see his auntie. He and Sheila start questioning Naomi on who she's been working for and how long she's planning to stay - she tries to change the subject, asking Kyle about how things are going with his fiancee, looking awkward when she learns that they've split up. Kyle then gets a call from a customer and has to go out.

Dial-a-Kyle: Kyle is chatting to the customer, Aaron, about building a Balinese hut in his back garden. Georgia walks by and from outside the yard, she spots the way that Aaron is looking at Kyle, who's completely oblivious to the whole thing. As she walks in, Aaron says that he'll see Kyle at his place later. Georgia then teases Kyle about Aaron's flirting, and she explains that she just came by to thank him for his help the previous evening. They make plans to have lunch together.

No 32 - Kitchen: Lou is on the laptop, looking at an email from Mai Ling. He tells Lauren that there's been some damage to the buildings there due to a flood, and she realises that he's thinking about going out there to help. He says that he couldn't leave now, not when they're about to start the search for Lauren's daughter. Bailey picks up on this, and says that he's been researching some internet sites that help to reunite people, though Matt and Lou worry about ending up with all sorts of people turning up, trying to claim that they're related. Bailey asks if Matt can do anything about it, but Matt says that it would involve charging Kathy and she'd probably go to jail. Bailey can't believe that they're considering it, and Lauren is still unsure, but Matt suggests that she should speak to Brad first, and find out his opinion.

Charlie's: Naomi answers a call on her mobile phone, which she quickly rejects. She tells Sheila that it was telemarketers, and that she's thinking about getting a new SIM card to get rid of them. She hints that she could use it straight away, but that she won't be getting her new bank cards for another week. Sheila agrees to help out, and Naomi thanks her and leaves.

Ramsay Street: As Brad unloads the shopping from the car, Lauren is telling him about the repercussions for Kathy if the police get involved. Brad isn't impressed, but Lauren says that she's just hoping that the ads will help, though she's very aware that her mum deprived them of knowing their daughter for the last 20 years. She also says that the adoptive parents could end up in prison too, and that their daughter might be really happy with them, and would resent having her life torn apart. Brad, however, says that she might not be happy and she might be wondering why she was given away all those years ago - he thinks that a few people going to prison might be a price worth paying.

Sonya's Nursery: Lauren has been filling Sonya in on everything that's happened - Sonya can't believe it, and asks her if she can really see herself standing up in court and testifying against her own mother. Lauren says that she just wants her other daughter to feel the love that she's given to Mason, Amber and Bailey and realise that she wasn't abandoned. Sonya asks Lauren how the other kids would feel if she sent their grandmother to prison over all of this.

Lassiter's Complex: Paul is sitting outside the hotel, having a phone conversation, when Naomi approaches him. He accuses her of eavesdropping, but she says that, unlike her mother, she's very discrete. She then sits down, and he doesn't look too impressed, and she thanks him for the previous night at Charlie's. She says that she's going to be sticking around for a while, and asks if Paul would like to go out again. He says that he doesn't think it would be appropriate, and Naomi is very unimpressed when he gets up and walks away.

Charlie's: Kyle is telling Georgia about Naomi, and how he and Dane used to visit her when they were younger, and she'd sneak them out of the window to go clubbing. He explains that he hasn't seen her in years, after she and Sheila had a big falling out, but at least now they're reconnecting - though it's a bit weird seeing his gran trying so hard to keep the peace. He then gets a text message, and complains that Aaron has been texting him all day - he could use the work, but he could also do without this guy harassing him all the time. Georgia says that she has an idea to stop Aaron from coming on to him all the time, and she goes to arrange for them to get their lunch to take away.

Dial-a-Kyle: Aaron is waiting outside the yard, as Georgia and Kyle walk up - she takes Kyle's hand and tells him to just go along with it. With Aaron watching, Georgia then kisses Kyle and walks off. Kyle looks very pleased, and shows Aaron into the yard.

Lassiter's Hotel - Reception: Naomi tracks down Paul as he's waiting for the lift, wanting to know why he's suddenly giving her the cold shoulder. He says that he's not interested, now that he knows a bit more about her, and she again tells him that she's nothing like Sheila. He says that he's seen several red flags in her behaviour and wishes her a pleasant trip back to Frankston. She then becomes annoyed with him making rude comments about her family and starts defending them, pointing out that Paul grew up at 26 Ramsay Street - and she missed the gold leaf on the letterbox. She storms off, telling Paul that his top shelf champagne was nothing special anyway, but he tells her to stop. He says that he's impressed with a woman who stands up for herself, and asks if she'd like to have lunch with him. She makes him ask again, nicely, and then says that she'd rather eat glass than have lunch with him!

No 26 - Lounge: Naomi walks in, surprised to find that her mum has been doing her washing. She asks Sheila not to go through her stuff without asking, complaining about her putting silk garments in the washing machine and generally 'taking over'. Sheila then hands over a new SIM card and phone plan to Naomi, and says that it's funny how her daughter doesn't mind her 'taking over' when she needs a favour like that. She then asks what exactly Naomi has been doing for the past five years, as she feels like her daughter is keeping things from her. Naomi says that she doesn't want to drag up the past, and unless Sheila wants to lose her for another five years, she really needs to back off.

Featured Regular Characters: Paul Robinson, Sheila Canning, Kyle Canning, Georgia Brooks, Lou Carpenter, Matt Turner, Lauren Turner, Bailey Turner, Brad Willis

Guest Cast: Morgana O'Reilly as Naomi Canning, Marc Mulcahey as Aaron Fleming

Trivia Notes
Past characters Dane Canning and Ling Mai Chan are mentioned

Summary by Steve

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