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Magic Moments > 2014 > Ramsay Street Lockdown: Part Two Episode 6870

Written by Pete McTighe, Directed by Scott Major, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 25/04/14, Channel 5: 09/05/14

Brad is in denial that anything is wrong with Doug’s memory... Doug swears Josh to secrecy about the cock-up he made with the Dial-A-Kyle orders... Having appeared to find Danni, Montague wrestles with Mark in number 24, but escapes afterwards... Ramsay Street is in lockdown, as the manhunt begins... Callum’s gone missing – and soon Montague accosts him in the Turner’s shed...

In the shed, Callum asks Montague how long they’ll be there, as he’s getting hot and needs some fresh air, but Montague tells Callum it will be as long as he decides. Callum asks why Montague is here - Montague explains he just wants to see Danni, and asks Callum if he knows her. “Not really” is Callum’s answer. Suddenly, Callum’s phone rings - it’s on the table in the garden, so Montague tells him not to move and he proceeds to rush out to silence it, then brings it back with him and places it in his pocket.



Over at number 30, Sonya is leaving Callum a message, asking him to call her back. Susan tells her to stay calm, and goes to call Harold’s to see if anyone’s seen him.

Toadie, Naomi and Mark are in the street, watching the ongoing police operation as they check all of the houses. Naomi is worrying about Sheila, then Toadie’s phone rings - it’s Sonya, asking if he’s heard anything about Callum. Toadie tells Sonya he hasn’t and suggests that he's probably off with Josie somewhere. However, Sonya reveals that she called Josie, and it turns out Callum’s not with her. She’s worried that he’s in trouble, but Toadie tries to reassure her. Susan comes back in and tells Sonya that no-one’s seen Callum at Lassiter’s either. Sonya tells Toadie that she has to go and find him - Toadie tries to discourage Sonya from leaving the house, but she's adamant that she can’t stand here and do nothing. Susan tells Sonya that it’s too dangerous, the argument continues and Toadie’s battery goes dead – Sonya assumes he’s hung up on her. Sonya runs out into the street in distress, and Matt tries to stop her from going any further. While the police are distracted mediating between Sonya and Toadie, Mark creeps off around the side of the houses to try and track down Montague.


In the shed, Callum tries to convince Montague to turn himself in, pointing out that he'll be in less trouble if he just owns up to the shooting. “I didn’t shoot anyone! I just wanted to see Danni” is Montague’s sharp reply. Callum tells Montague that Danni is not here and advises him to escape over the back fence, but he’s afraid the cops will see him, so Callum offers to find him somewhere else to hide. Callum suggests that Montague hides in the roof at number 30 until the cops leave. Callum offers to call his mum to check whether there’s anyone in the house. Montague gives Callum his phone, insisting he puts it on speaker.

Sonya takes Callum’s call and he makes out that he’s fine, and at Lassiter’s Lake. Sonya explains the situation to Callum, and tells him to stay exactly where he is – while Montague listens to their conversation. Callum asks about Georgia and Nell, Sonya informs him that they are safe in the city. Sonya tells Callum to stay at the lake and Toadie will come and collect him, Callum agrees - he tells Sonya he loves her and ends the call. Toadie get a big hug of relief from Sonya, before going off to meet Callum at the lake. Meanwhile, Montague and Callum exit the shed.


In Harold’s, Josh enters and, considering the situation on Ramsay Street, is relieved to see Amber. Amber tells him that Lauren and Bailey are safe in the kitchen but Lauren is stressing about Matt. Josh explains that Imogen is upset at having been taken hostage, but that at least she’s safe now. Amber explains that Rick has asked her to do some more work for him, Josh apologises for his earlier attitude towards Amber’s job, and offers to buy her coffee and cake to make up for it, promising to be more supportive. Amber doesn’t look impressed with Josh’s half-hearted apology .

At number 22, Terese and Brad look after Imogen, but she’s keen to go back outside to see if Mark’s okay. Both Brad and Terese tell Imogen it’s not safe and to stay inside. Imogen’s extremely agitated and goes to look out of the window to see if she can see Mark. Terese asks Imogen if she is ok, Imogen tells Terese that she’s fine but she’s worried about Mark in case he might do something stupid. Brad and Terese look concerned.


Inside number 30, Callum and Montague come in through the back door undetected. Callum directs Montague towards a manhole into the attic which is in the laundry and tells him there’s a ladder too, Callum suggests he sorts out some food for him first, in case he’s up there a while. Montague tells Callum that’s a good idea, he proceeds to turn away as Callum starts sorting out some food, and Callum eyes a weighty-looking chopping board on the kitchen surface…

On Ramsay Street, Susan, Naomi and Sonya continue to watch the police operation, when Toadie rushes back into the street. Sonya asks where Callum is and Toadie informs Sonya that Callum wasn’t at the lake as he said, and he couldn’t call him because of his flat battery. At that moment Callum comes rushing out of number 30 shouting “He’s inside! He’s inside! He’s in the house!” As Callum rejoins his parents, Matt and his police team head straight into number 30.



Inside, Montague is lying dazed on the floor from where Callum hit him with the chopping board. He’s just coming round, when Mark comes in, grabs him by the neck, and begins strangling him – until Matt bursts in and stops him in his tracks. Montague is arrested by the police.

Matt and Kelly Merolli march Montague into the police station. Mark demands to sit in on the interview, but Matt tells him that is not possible. Mark says to Matt “After what happened to Kate I deserve to be there” but Matt tells him that Montague will be questioned about the shooting. Montague declares “I didn’t shoot anyone. Why do people keep saying that?” Mark says to Montague “That’s crap. You were seen at Lassiter’s right before it happened”. Kelly tells them both to shut up, as Montague is taken into the interview room, Kelly tells Mark that he has to let them do their job and mentions that he almost made things much worse back on Ramsay Street. Mark tells Kelly that he was just looking for Montague, but she sternly tells him that he should have followed their instructions, Matt tells him to go home, and that they’ll be in touch. Mark sighs and leaves.


At Dial-A-Kyle, Doug and Josh are loading up the truck in the yard. Doug says to Josh “Scumbags like that should be locked up for good. They ruin people’s lives. And then they’re let off with a slap on the wrist. The lowlife that killed my Cody got twelve years. He’s out in ten. They should have thrown away the key. She’s been gone eighteen years now. Feels like yesterday” Josh apologies to his pop and comments that today must have brought up some pretty rough memories. Just then Josh gets a text, hoping it’s from Amber, but it’s not. Josh moans about the ‘absolute toolbag’ Amber’s working for, and how he gets shouted at whenever he mentions it. Doug reminds Josh that Amber supported him during his swimming but Josh tells Doug that it was different because he didn’t make any stupid choices. Doug says “Look, I’m not an expert on women – I flew to the other side of the country to give Pam some time out – but Amber has got to find her own way. You don’t have to like every decision she makes. But you still support her. And if things go wrong, who’s going to be the first one to pick her up and help her start again?” “I am” is Josh’s answer.

At number 30, Sonya and Toadie fuss over Callum after his ordeal, but he insists he’s fine and wants to forget about it. Sonya’s worried it has brought back memories of what happened with his biological dad, Troy, but Callum just wants to go to Josie’s rather than talk about it. Sonya and Toadie both say no. Callum heads off to his room to write his English essay about superhero figures in classical literature. After he’s gone to his room, Sonya expresses her annoyance with Toadie for letting him go – but Toadie points out that they can’t make him talk about it, and they have to let him deal with it at his own pace. Naomi turns up at the door, telling Toadie that she’s rescheduled most of his appointments for the week, to give him some time with his family after what happened. Sonya and Toadie are grateful, and Sonya goes to check on Callum. Toadie tells Naomi he really appreciates her thoughtfulness, and they bid each other good night.


Matt is questioning Montague at Erinsborough Police Station but Montague is denying having anything to do with Kate’s shooting. Montague’s story is that he got picked up from Lassiter’s by his priest, who took him to his church for coffee. Montague declares that it is the truth. Matt says “Well congratulations. I’ve been on the force a long time and that is the most pathetic alibi I’ve ever heard”. Montague again states that he hasn’t done anything. Matt reminds Montague that he’s also in trouble for skipping bail, breaking into number 24 and holding people hostage. Montague remains insistent he didn’t hurt Kate. Matt wraps up the interview, but tells Montague he’ll be held at the station while the investigation continues. Montague is taken away - Kelly enters and tells Matt that Mark won’t leave until he gets an update. Matt tells her to send him in. Matt tells Mark about the alibi, which he needs to check out before he can charge Montague - Mark says “Give me five minutes with him. I’ll get you the confession” “You had more than five minutes when you lured him to Ramsay Street. Did you get one then?” is Matt’s sharp reply to Mark. Mark tells Matt that Montague can’t be bailed again - Matt tells him there’s no chance Montague will get bail, and that he wants him locked up too – but they must do this by the book.

The Willises relax in the living room. Brad and Terese head to bed, after Imogen insists again that she’s fine. Josh tells Imogen that if she can’t sleep, he can make her an herbal tea. Imogen, surprised at Josh being kind, says to him “Did you just say something considerate? I better go to bed before I go into shock”. Imogen heads upstairs and Doug asks about Josh’s tiff with Amber. Josh explains they’re texting again, which Doug mentions is better than the silent treatment Pam often gives him. Doug suggests they have a cup of tea before bed, but Josh tells Doug they’re out of milk. Doug suggests that he’ll pop down to Harold’s and get some; Josh reminds Doug that Harold’s is closed, so Doug decides that he’ll go herbal. Josh looks worried, before heading to bed himself. But as soon as he’s gone, Doug again has the idea that he needs to go and buy milk – and heads out of the front door.


The next morning, Josh enters the house, having gone to buy milk himself. Terese is reading an article about Montague online, saying charges are pending regarding Kate’s shooting. Imogen comments that Mark must be happy about it, and Terese looks suspicious. Brad enters, looking for Doug, whose bed apparently hasn’t been slept in. Josh and Brad head out to look for him, while Terese and Imogen go to get dressed.

In Harold’s, Sonya and Toadie are treating Callum to breakfast, Sonya asks Callum if he wants any more pancakes and Callum jokes that he should get held hostage more often. Callum again insists he’s fine, and gets a text from Josie, who thinks he’s a hero now. Callum modestly supposes that he is. Callum mentions that he wrote a couple of pages on Mr Darcy for his superhero essay. Both Sonya and, awkwardly, Toadie comment that they love Mr Darcy. Josh enters, looking for Doug. Amber, who is at another table, hasn’t seen him. They both head out to look for him.


At number 24, Mark is sulking, when Matt turns up at the door. Mark asks Matt if he has charged Montague yet, Matt tells Mark that he's been charged for his other crimes, apparently the priest’s alibi checked out. Mark suggests to Matt that Montague is blackmailing or paying the priest to lie. However, Matt explains to Mark that there is timestamped CCTV footage that shows Montague was at the church at the time Kate was shot. Matt tells Mark that Stephen Montague didn’t shoot Kate; and a shocked Mark asks who did.


On Power Road, Josh and Amber come across Doug, dazed and confused, with a large cut on his forehead. He says he just tripped over, but doesn’t seem with it at all. Josh says they’ve been worried about him. Doug, in a confused state, says to Josh “There’s no need to worry. I’m meeting Cody, but I’ll be back for dinner”. Josh says Cody's name and looks at his grandfather - Doug confirms “Yeah. She’s waiting for me at the Hungry Bite”. Doug starts wandering off again, and Amber asks who Cody is. An upset Josh explains that she’s Doug’s daughter – who died before he was born.

Featured Regular Characters: Susan Kennedy, Matt Turner, Amber Turner, Brad Willis, Terese Willis, Imogen Willis, Joshua Willis, Toadfish Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi, Callum Rebecchi

Guest Cast: Morgana O'Reilly as Naomi Canning, Scott McGregor as Mark Brennan, Terence Donovan as Doug Willis, Damian Hill as Stephen Montague, Maya Aleksandra as Kelly Merolli, Robert Molusso as Policeman

Trivia Notes
• Past characters Pam Willis, Cody Willis, Troy Miller and Kate Ramsay are mentioned, and reference is made to when the coffee shop was called The Hungry Bite
• Montague is taken to holding cell 2

Summary by Kyle