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Magic Moments > 2015 > Tyler's Arrival: Part Two Episode 7056

Written by Fiona Bozic, Directed by Jean-Pierre Mignon, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 09/02/15, Channel 5: 23/02/15

Sheila returns, interrupting Naomi inviting Mark to her room... Paige encouraging Imogen to get out of her comfort zone... Imogen letting her hair down at the toga party... Someone discovering Imogen asleep and lying on the ground...

In the uni courtyard, Imogen is asleep on the ground, the mysterious guy tries rousing her, but she’d rather stay where she is! He takes out her driving licence and finds out her name and where she lives. The mysterious guy says to Imogen “You can't stay here!” Imogen asks the guy who he is - “Tyler” he answers. Imogen unsteadily tries to get to her feet, commenting that she doesn’t need his help and she can get home. However, Imogen is still slightly drunk and is staggering, so Tyler gives her a fireman’s lift despite her cries to be put down!



On Ramsay Street, all the rubbish bins haven’t been emptied, Chris mentions this to Naomi as she comes jogging out of number 26’s driveway. Both Naomi and Chris wonder why the rubbish hasn’t been collected, suggesting that they should be late in paying their council fees. Mark comes out with a bag of rubbish for the bin, Naomi notices him and tells Chris that she needs to keep moving and heads in Mark’s direction. She stops and starts talking to Mark, who tells Naomi that she shouldn’t be going for a run on her own and dashes inside to get into his running gear, so he can go with her. “I’m not scared of Dennis Dimato, I don’t need a bodyguard,” Naomi yells to Mark. However, Naomi looks rather pleased that Mark’s decided to tag along!

At the Lassiter's Complex, just like in Ramsay Street, the bins are overflowing - Terese is trying to get in contact with Imogen and ends up leaving her a voicemail asking her to get in touch. Chris follows Terese out and brings the rubbish issue to her attention; Terese tells Chris to use his initiative, asking him what he thinks he should do. Chris suggests calling the waste management company, but as he's telling Terese about the rubbish not being collected on Ramsay Street, she notices that all of the bins in the complex are also full; Terese stops Chris and informs him that she needs to speak to Paul as this could be a council matter. Chris proceeds to head back inside the hotel but before he goes, Terese asks him if he’s seen Imogen this morning as she can't get hold of her. Chris tells Terese that he hasn’t and tells her not to worry, suggesting that Imogen might have had a big night and she’s probably just sleeping it off.


“I can take it from here,” Imogen tells Tyler as they arrive in Ramsay Street on his motorbike, but as she tries to get off the back, Imogen falls to the ground instead. Tyler immediately offers his help but Imogen declines, claiming that it’s just a bump to the head. She walks up to the driveway, but Tyler stops her and asks if she's forgetting something. Imogen tells Tyler that she is not giving him her number, but he gently reminds her that she is wearing his jacket. She takes it off and gives it back to him, before slowly walking up the driveway of number 22.

Imogen enters the house and collapses onto the sofa. “How much did you have to drink?!” Brad asks, slightly taken aback by her out-of-character behaviour. “I don’t know,” is Imogen replies and explains to her dad and Josh how she got the mark on her head too. Brad isn't at all amused at her being on the back of someone’s motorbike but Imogen’s too hung-over to explain properly and leaves to go and have a shower.


At the park, Mark and Naomi are doing sit-ups, and he asks Naomi if she has ever considered taking self-defence classes.? Naomi jokes “Why would I need to, when I’ve got you?” “I want you to be prepared,” is Mark’s reply. However, she declares that she’d rather not - especially not with her mum - when Mark suggests she attend classes with Sheila. Naomi then recalls the time her mum tried flirting with the instructor. Mark decides to show Naomi a move to protect herself but Naomi thinks she could talk herself out of any situation.

Back at number 22, Brad and Daniel are in the kitchen, a Imogen comes down the stairs looking a bit more human after a shower, but she soon receives a grilling from Daniel about the person who gave her a lift home. Brad joins in, worried that the mystery guy now knows where she lives. Daniel suggest to Imogen that if she gets into trouble in future she’s just got to call him, which she promises to do although explains that this time she couldn’t because her mobile was dead. Brad lays down the law to her about consuming too much alcohol and Daniel follows it up by asking why she did something “so senseless” and starts lecturing her. Imogen says to Daniel “Can you please calm down? It’s over now, I'm fine and that random, he’s no-one to worry about”. Imogen proceeds to pour herself a glass of water and leaves the kitchen.


Outside Fitzgerald Motors, Tyler drives onto the forecourt but finds it locked up, so drives off.

Inside Harold's, Paige is instant messaging Bryson; Tyler interrupts her by ringing the bell and commenting that he is 'a tired and hungry customer’. Paige takes Tyler’s order however she isn’t being very friendly, Tyler eventually takes a seat while he waits for his order to be made. Terese enters and heads straight over to see Paul, who immediately knows what Terese is going to say to him so gets his reply in first – ‘he’s aware of the situation’. Terese asks Paul why he knocked back paying the binmen the penalty rates for the forthcoming festival, telling him that they've gone on strike. “I will handle it,” Paul reassures Terese before ushering her from his presence.


Mark and Naomi arrive back in a smelly Ramsay Street and they're still flirting, so much so that Naomi promises to visit him as soon as she can, once she’s showered and sent off some emails! Mark tells Naomi that he will be waiting!

Back at Harold's, Paige delivers Tyler’s order in the same grumpy mood. He says that he saw her playing air guitar on top of the bar at the toga party - she asks if he goes to uni and Tyler confirms that he isn't a student, he was merely checking out the music. Paige explains that she isn’t a student either, she was there with her half-sister. Paige excuses herself and allows Tyler to eat his breakfast.


At the Lassiter's complex, Terese notices that more rubbish has appeared - Paul walks towards her and explains that “The Union isn't backing down,” and then comes face to face with a large pile of rubbish from various premises courtesy of some disgruntled union members! Terese says to Paul, “Clearly, this is what they think of your negotiation skills!” and adds that she can’t understand how the whole situation has gotten out-of-hand so quickly, suggesting that Paul isn’t telling her the whole story. She wants him to postpone going for a facial to sort out the mess! Paul tells Terese to sort out the mess herself, and she agrees but mentions that she will employ a private contractor even though it will cost more. Paul doesn’t seem bothered and is happy to approve the spending. She then wonders if Naomi is aware of the situation, given her role in the festival. Paul tells Terese to leave Naomi out of it, but as soon as Paul leaves, Terese calls her.

At Harold's, Paige brings Tyler a refill for his coffee, on the house, but before he can drink it, Daniel notices the tattoo and helmet and remembers Imogen’s description of the guy she got a lift home with. Daniel orders him to stay away from Imogen! Before Tyler gets a chance to say anything, Paige asks how he knows Imogen and Daniel wants to know how she got the bump on her head. “You’ll have to ask her,” Tyler replies. Daniel fills Paige in on exactly who her customer is and Tyler tries to explain that he was simply helping Imogen out. Daniel says to Tyler “She was half out of it and you put her on the back of a motorcycle!”. Paige looks shocked and Tyler says to them both “Don’t worry; she loved every minute of it”. “What does that mean?!” Paige asks. “What do you think?” is Tyler’s smart reply, and Paige proceeds to take a swing at him before Daniel and a police officer pull her back. “Break it up,” the officer shouts and Paige responds by telling him that he assaulted Imogen. “I didn’t touch her,” Tyler pleads and the officer decides he’s heard enough and asks the three of them to continue the conversation back at the station.


Back at the Willis house, Josh jokingly owns up to borrowing Imogen’s bras, her lipstick and the crop top she bought last week after she moans to him that her underwear keeps disappearing from the washing line. “It’s gorgeous! What did you expect me to say,” he then laughingly adds before asking if she is now going to tell him what happened last night. Imogen initially tells Josh that she can’t remember, before thinking a bit more then telling him that it started out all fine until Daniel and Amber decided to announce their engagement. Josh looks shocked and Imogen says sorry to him. Josh asks Imogen if this piece of news affected her and Imogen claims that she is trying to move on from the Daniel situation, explaining that Paige told her that she needed to come out of her shell more. Josh confirms that she definitely did that last night, but Imogen thinks that 'partying isn't really her thing. Imogen asks Josh if he is OK with Amber and Daniel getting engaged again - he claims that he's fine. Josh asks the same back to Imogen and she declares that she's fine too, but their faces tell a different story.

At The Waterhole, Terese delivers Paul the news that none of the private contractors are willing to cross a picket line, but Paul’s unremorseful at the stand he is taking against the cleaning staff. Terese adds “Oh well, you picked a fine time to start growing principles! Look, the fact is that this is day one of essentially a Mexican stand-off and as every day goes by the rubbish is just going to pile up, meaning unhappy constituents and an unsanitary Erinsborough!”. Chris enters and interrupts their conversation to inform them that a bag of rubbish being carried through the reception has split and there is a big disagreement over who has to clean it up. Terese tells Chris that she’ll be along in a minute. Once Chris has gone, Terese warns Paul that he needs to sort out this whole mess, and suggests using the festival budget to cover the costs. Paul claims that there is no money, but Terese tells Paul that she spoke to Naomi about it and she mentioned that there was an emergency fund. Terese says “Listen, I don’t know what you're up to but I suggest that you resolve this quick smart before Erinsborough becomes some sort of disaster zone!” Once Terese has gone, Paul isn't too chuffed to get a call from Daniel - that is, until he explains where he is!


At the police station, Daniel, Paige and Tyler are waiting for Matt to return to sort things out, although Daniel would rather his future father-in-law didn’t hear about it, something Paige tells him is inevitable especially if they are charged! “We didn’t do anything,” Tyler reminds them. Daniel, indicating himself and Paige, comments that they didn’t!. Tyler tells Daniel that he didn’t hurt Imogen or anyone else and if they get charged, the OPP won't proceed with them, they’ve got bigger fish to fry. Daniel asks who the OPP are and Tyler tells him it is ‘The Office of Public Prosecutions’. Daniel takes that to mean that Tyler has been in trouble with the law before but Tyler’s reply is a suggestion for them to call Imogen so he can get out of here. Paul arrives to inform them that the police are doing exactly that and that since Paige and Daniel have made their statements they are free to leave. Paige hopes that she never has to see Tyler again!

Naomi arrives in stiletto heels and a tight dress for her self-defence class at number 24, remarking that she does all her best work in heels! Mark eventually gets with the programme and the pair set about using the 43 minutes Naomi has free before she needs to sort out the rubbish crisis! “So let’s just get to it!” Naomi declares. As they start kissing, Marks mobile begins to ring! He cancels the call but just as they are resuming the kissing, the house phone rings. “I’ll be really quick,” Mark promises while rushing to answer the phone. “Does it have to be now?” Mark asks the caller and gets the evil eye from Naomi before telling the caller that he will be there shortly. Mark asks Naomi for a rain check, telling her something has come up, before quickly leaving the house and a very frustrated Naomi behind!


Mark heads down to the police station and just as he's finding out from the officer why he’s been called in, Tyler yells out to him. “You took your time! What's up bro?! Long time no see!” Tyler then goes up and gives his stunned brother a hug.

Featured Regular Characters: Paul Robinson, Daniel Robinson, Mark Brennan, Naomi Canning, Paige Smith, Brad Willis, Terese Willis, Imogen Willis, Joshua Willis, Chris Pappas

Guest Cast: Travis Burns as Tyler Brennan, Steve Carroll as Constable Ian McKay

Trivia Notes
• Tyler's first words are "Wakey wakey, rise and shine."
• Tyler's tattoo reads '1991'

Summary by Kyle