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Constable Ian McKay 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016
Occupation: Police Constable

In July 2011, Constable Ian McKay passed on the news to Superintendent Duncan Hayes that Mark Brennan had been killed whilst in witness protection. The conversation was overheard by Toadie Rebecchi, a friend of Brennan's who had been at the station in his capacity as a lawyer, and he was made to keep quiet about what had happened. It was almost two years before it was revealed that Mark's death had been faked. Later that year, McKay was one of the police officers who came to question Peter Noonan about his involvement in the bashing of mechanic Chris Pappas.

In 2012, McKay was part of the investigation when Michael Williams' car, the Sandman, was torched. A few weeks later, he served Toadie with an interim intervention order, after being goaded into punching Troy Miller, the ex-partner of Toadie's girlfriend Sonya. A couple of weeks later, McKay was forced to come and arrest Toadie when he broke the intervention order by visiting his family on Ramsay Street. Soon after that, McKay questioned Sonya's sister, Jade when Troy was assaulted and ended up in hospital.

In 2013, McKay did a favour for one of his newer colleagues, Matt Turner, when he picked up a picture from the framers. Matt's wife Lauren was panicking, as the drawing in the frame had a sketch of her ex-boyfriend Brad Willis on the back, but Lauren was relieved to realise that Matt hadn't seen it.

Later that year, Constable McKay was on the front desk when Brad came in with information that led to the arrest of Hudson Walsh, for the hit-and-run that killed Robbo Slade. Hudson had given a false alibi for that night, claiming he'd been with his former coach Don Cotter, but Brad had spotted a hole in the story whilst speaking to Don, and had reported the false alibi to the police - and with nowhere left to hide, Hudson had confessed everything.

In 2015, Constable McKay happened to be present at Harold's Store when a fight broke out between Paige Smith, Daniel Robinson and Tyler Brennan. Tyler was new in town, but had already caused trouble by finding Paige's half-sister, and Daniel's good friend, Imogen, passed out after a toga party at the uni. Tyler had given her a ride home on his motorbike, but Paige and Daniel weren't impressed with his behaviour and as their argument worsened, McKay dragged the three of them off to the police station to be questioned. A few weeks later, McKay was chatting to Mark Brennan, who had recently returned to the police force after his death in witness protection had been faked, about Matt recently receiving $10,000 in back pay following an admin error. McKay insisted that those sorts of mistakes no longer happened, and that he'd heard nothing about it, leaving Mark to wonder why Matt had lied to him.

A few weeks later, Constable McKay arrested Georgia Brooks at Lassiter's Hotel, when she lied to the receptionist and managed to get a key to Dr Nick Petrides' room. Nurse Georgia was desperate to find proof that Nick had framed her, by using her Facebook account to post a comment that broke patient confidentiality. Unfortunately, Nick caught her in the act, but Georgia managed to hide the memory stick she'd used to copy his harddrive from his laptop, hopeful that it would contain something that would help with her appeal. Sadly, however, Georgia's actions only succeeded in getting her sacked from her job.

Soon after, Matt Turner's daughter went missing, feeling under pressure as she was pregnant but didn't know who the father was. Her fiance Daniel convinced Imogen to go to the police and report Hermione - the car that she and Amber shared - as stolen, so they might find out where Amber had gone. Constable McKay agreed to do it as a priority, since Amber was Matt's daughter, and Matt had died a couple of months earlier, and he reported that the car had been spotted out at Portsea on the Mornington Peninsula. As he explained that officers down there would pick up the car and bring it back, Imogen then quickly apologised and lied that she'd just had a text from Amber, who'd taken the car without telling her. Armed with this new information, Daniel then headed off to Portsea to find Amber.

Later that year, Constable McKay arrested Imogen's brother, Josh after an anonymous tip-off that he'd been selling illegal peptides. Though Josh had been involved in selling them some months earlier, he'd since realised the error of his ways and had found a new career as a male dancer. It was after one of his performances that the police arrived, publicly humiliating him as he protested his innocence, before Constable McKay opened up his bag and found several containers of pills. On this occasion, however, Josh was innocent - he'd been set up by Paul Robinson, the pills planted in revenge for Josh sleeping with Paul's fiancee, Naomi.

A couple of weeks later, Constable McKay arrested another Ramsay Street resident, when an anonymous noise complaint was made against a circuit party where another of Mark's younger brothers, Aaron, was performing. As Aaron took issue with the heavy-handed way the police were handling the situation, he got into a scuffle and ended up falling off the stage and hurting his ankle. Dragged off to the police station, it was then down to Mark to once again come to his sibling's aid. Constable McKay was also responsible for taking Liam Barnett for questioning, when his young son Jimmy had gone missing, and it emerged that he may have been taken by some loan sharks Liam owed money to. Though it turned out that Jimmy was actually just hiding out at the school, Liam confessed to stealing $4000 from the Rebecchis, and breaking into, and trashing, Harold's Cafe.

The following year, Mark was struggling after his wedding to Paige had ended badly, when she'd been framed by Michelle Kim for some burglaries, and Mark had been forced to arrest his bride at their wedding. The incident had understandably caused huge problems for the couple, and when Mark struggled to talk to her afterwards, Paige had left for Singapore. Upon her return, Mark was still finding it difficult to put his feelings into words and told Paige that he'd return her belongings to her, and she was surprised by his coldness, but agreed to bring his belongings to Lassiter's later that day, so they could swap. Unfortunately, the meeting ended badly as they started squabbling over things that were missing, and a pair of earrings that Mark tried to give back to Paige, but had actually belonged to another of his exes, Naomi. As things worsened, the argument got louder and Paige tipped Mark's belongings all over the ground, Ian McKay came out of the station and told Mark that the sergeant wanted to see him. A little later, Mark emerged with Ian, surprised that he'd been told to take some time off and get his head together. Though Mark then tried to get him to talk to the sergeant and change his mind, Ian insisted that Mark should take the advice and return to work when he was ready.

Trivia Notes
Steve Carroll also appeared in episode 6170 as a uniformed police officer who blanked Mark Brennan when he tried to talk to him. It is unknown whether this was an earlier appearance of Constable McKay, as the character was only credited as 'Uniformed Cop'
In three of his appearances, Constable McKay's surname was spelt as MacKay
McKay has two ex-wives
For episode 6732, Steve Carroll was credited as Steve Perkins

Episodes Featured
6198, 6310, 6366, 6417, 6423, 6432, 6654, 6732, 7056, 7077, 7104, 7128, 7219, 7226, 7232, 7303

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