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Magic Moments > 2015 > Matt's Death: Part Two Episode 7088

Written by Peter Mattessi, Directed by Chris Adshead, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 25/03/15, Channel 5: 08/04/15

Nate looks less than thrilled to learn that Lucy is pregnant with Chris’s child... Paige spots Tyler scoping out a car to steal, and warns him against it... Brad sees Matt speaking to Sharon, and senses that Terese knows something about it... Terese tells an outraged Brad about Matt and Sharon’s liaison, but suggests they stay out of it... Brad confronts Matt in the middle of the road, telling him Lauren doesn’t deserve his infidelity... A car suddenly speeds towards them, ploughing into Matt as he shoves Brad aside...

Brad stays with a twitching Matt, reassuring him that the ambulance is on its way. He encourages Matt not to move, to try and keep his eyes open and to ‘stick with him’.


Outside Fitzgerald Motors, Paige walks over to talk to Tyler as she had been in the antiques shop, ‘rebuying’ Daniel and Amber’s wedding present! Tyler is being fairly jumpy, telling Paige she shouldn’t sneak up on people. Paige accuses Tyler of stealing the car he was looking at earlier - Tyler doesn’t deny it but tells her to go away. Danni suddenly emerges from inside the garage; she asks if he is Tyler and he asks what it's got to do with her. Danni reminds Tyler that she's his boss. Paige leaves them to it - Danni’s annoyed as she's been receiving complaints that the garage’s opening hours have been somewhat erratic. She tells Tyler that if it happens again, he’s fired and sets him to work on a car awaiting a service.

Brad hears sirens approaching the accident site, and he continues to encourage a struggling Matt to keep his eyes open. “Take care of Lauren,” Matt struggles to say to Brad. “No, we’re gonna get you sorted, you can do that yourself,” is Brad’s reply. However, Matt is shaking from pain, and eventually passes out. Brad shouts out in frustration.


aT Harold’s, Lauren hugs Lucy and welcomes her back to Erinsborough, commenting that she is ‘glowing’. Lauren asks how far along she is, and Lucy tells her that she’s ten weeks into the pregnancy. Lucy explains to Lauren that she shouldn’t be telling anyone, but she doesn’t know how people can keep it a secret. Chris and Nate are with them, but Nate looks uncomfortable at the baby-talk and makes an excuse to leave. Chris explains it away by telling them that Nate is stressed about his inability to get a US visa, and that he’s worried he’s letting Chris and Lucy down. Lou enters, frantically looking for Lauren. He tells her that he’s had a call from Brad, and that Matt has been hit by a car and taken off in an ambulance. Lucy and Chris offer to step in and run the store, as a frantic Lauren rushes off to the hospital.

At Erinsborough Hospital, Lauren arrives to find Bailey already waiting in the ward, and hugs him. Bailey tells Lauren that Matt’s in surgery, and he’s been waiting for news from a doctor. Lauren wants to know if anyone has spoken to Amber - Bailey is unsure but tells Lauren that she is on her way; Lou is on the phone to Paige, asking her to come too. After the call, Lou tells Lauren that Paige is with Brad, and Paige told him that Matt was the victim of a hit-and-run. Lauren asks if Brad is ok and Lou tells her that he's just a bit shaken up. Lou goes off to fetch drinks, and Lauren spots Georgia, and asks how Matt is doing. Georgia is cagey, but insists he’s getting the best care possible. Georgia explains Matt has internal injuries, most likely his liver, but she won’t be drawn on predictions about whether he’ll be okay. Georgia tells Lauren that the doctors are doing everything that they possibly can, then she has to rush off, while Lauren and Bailey look worried.


As they hold the fort in Harold’s, Lucy moans to Chris about how difficult she’s finding it to locate a good nanny in New York. Chris tells Lucy that he wishes he could be there to help, and Lucy does too. They then talk about Matt, both hoping he'll be okay.

Terese and Paige are at the scene of the accident, as Mark asks Brad about what happened. Brad explains that he and Matt were having a disagreement, but claims it was about Amber and Daniel’s wedding, rather than telling Mark what it was really about. Brad explains that Matt pushed him out of the way before the car hit, and that the car just drove off. Mark asks if he remembers anything about the car, but Brad is struggling to remember much, but mentions that it was a red sedan with a white stripe. This immediately gets Paige’s attention, as she recalls the car Tyler was looking at. Paige doesn’t say anything to Mark or the others about her suspicions.


Back at the hospital, Lauren, Amber, Bailey and Lou are anxiously waiting for news on Matt’s condition.

At Harold’s Store, Chris is deep in thought about the baby, and tells Lucy he feels like he’s becoming even more invested than he thought he would. He tells her that he's thinking about what the baby is going to look like, how big it is and what it is going to be like holding his baby in his arms, admitting that he must sound rather soppy. Lucy disagrees and tells Chris that it sounds like he is starting to feel like a dad. Chris kind of agrees, Lucy asks him if it's a good thing he is starting to think about the baby and Chris admits it is. He then asks Lucy how it all feels for her. Lucy admits that his support, commitment and involvement mean everything to her. Chris says that being involved with the baby means everything to him too, and confesses that he’s not sure whether he wants to be the kind of dad who flies over once or twice a year, just for all the fun bits. Lucy wonders if Chris would like to come over to New York more often and Chris confirms he would as he wants the rest of the fatherhood deal. Lucy reminds Chris that it’s going to be a little bit hard for him as he will be thousands of miles away.


Outside Fitzgerald Motors, Paige angrily confronts Tyler, slamming him up against the garage and demanding to know if he was the hit-and-run driver. Tyler acts like he doesn’t know what she’s talking about, so Paige tells him about the red sedan with the white stripe hitting Matt and that he’s now fighting for his life. Tyler takes Paige inside the garage, and insists he didn’t steal anything. Paige proceeds to ask Tyler one more time if the car is in the garage. Tyler answers Paige with a no. However, Paige spots a car hidden under a tarpaulin inside the garage, she pulls it back and it’s the red sedan, complete with stripe and smashed windscreen. “Is that it?” Paige demands. “I swear I’ve never seen that before,” Tyler pleads with Paige. “You’re a liar. I’m going to the cops,” Paige angrily replies. Tyler follows Paige out but Danni, who’s on her mobile phone nearby, sees them leaving the garage and looks worried.

Lauren, Bailey and Amber are still waiting at the hospital. Lou comes off the phone to Mason, who wants to get on a flight from Darwin, but Lauren asks Lou to tell him to stay put for now. “We’ll all be home soon enough, won’t we?” Lauren says to her dad. Lou reassures Lauren by saying, “Of course we will.” Brad and Terese rush in and ask about Matt's condition - Lauren tells them that he’s still in surgery. Lauren asks Brad what happened and Brad repeats the lie to Lauren that he’s already told Mark, that he was talking to Matt about Amber and Imogen, and the wedding dramas. But he then explains how Matt pushed him out of the path of the car - Brad tells Lauren that Matt saved his life.


Paige marches in to Erinsborough Police Station, closely followed by Tyler and tells Mark she knows who the hit-and-run driver was. Tyler insists Paige knows nothing, but Mark demands to know who Paige thinks it was. At that moment, Danni comes in and declares, “It was me. I was the one who hit Matt.” Everyone looks shocked.

Shortly afterwards, Mark is talking to Danni in the interview room. Danni explains what happened: “I was on my way to the garage, and I got a text – from Toadie. I know you’re not supposed to text and drive. I mean, normally I can do it without looking, almost. One-handed, even. But this time, I guess I lost concentration, and the car drifted, and I didn’t really notice until I heard a bang. I looked in the mirror, and there was a guy on the ground, and another guy helping him.” Mark asks Danni if she knows that Matt is in hospital. Danni admits that she does as Tyler told her, and asks if he is going to be ok. Mark doesn’t know and asks why she didn’t stop. Danni admits that she panicked and all she could think about was to get out of there. Mark then asks Danni what she did next - Danni explains that she went to the garage and it wasn’t open, so she proceeded to hide her car under a tarp and called her mum and left a message. Mark asks Danni where Tyler was and Danni says that he was late. She says that she gave Tyler a job to do at the garage once he arrived, but then her mum called back and ‘talked some sense’ into her. After speaking to her mum she noticed the tarp had been lifted and knew Tyler and Paige must be on their way to the police. Danni says, “But I’d already decided to turn myself in. Mark, I know I did the wrong thing. And I realise I’m gonna be charged, but – right now, all I want is for Matt to be okay. I’m so, so sorry.” Danni breaks down in tears.

Meanwhile, in reception, Tyler admits to Paige that he was checking out the car, but didn’t actually steal it. He realises that, if he had, Matt wouldn’t be in hospital and his boss wouldn’t be getting interviewed. Paige tells Tyler he’s not responsible for what happened; it’s Danni who is at fault. Paige asks Tyler why he didn’t go through with it in the end. He says that he listened to some good advice. Mark comes out of the interview room, and tells them that Danni’s admitted on record to texting at the time of the accident and she’ll be charged with reckless driving, and leaving the scene. “So she should,” Paige says to Mark and Tyler. Tyler points out that Danni turned up to confess of her own accord and that alone should count for something. Paige disagrees with Tyler’s statement and reminds him that she left a man lying on the side of the road and that Matt could have been dead for all she knew. Danni, who is being shown out by the police, hears Paige talking and looks upset. Paige just glares at her, until she walks off.


Chris is still serving customers at Harold’s when Nate turns up. Nate asks where Lucy is and Chris explains that she’s gone back to the hotel to sleep off her jetlag. Nate apologises for dashing off earlier, admitting the baby-talk made him feel left out. Chris tells Nate that he understands and asks him to sit down, as he wants to talk. Chris says to Nate, “So, you know how I was happy being a long-distance parent?... I thought that I’d like to be a bit more involved.” Chris explains his latest plan, whereby he would fly out to support Lucy prior to the birth, and that he and Nate would alternate every three months between living in Melbourne and New York. Chris thinks that they could always go back to the original plan if it doesn’t work out, but Nate looks incredulous that Chris is even considering it. Chris asks Nate what he thinks and Nate admits to Chris that he think’s he’s kidding himself and the ideas are just stepping stones to him becoming a full-time dad. Chris says that's not the case but Nate thinks differently and thinks that Chris just can’t admit to it. Chris looks disconcerted.

Back at the hospital, Paige has now joined Lauren, Amber, Bailey and Lou in the waiting area. Bailey hopes that is dad pulls through and declares that he is going to be the best son ever, after all the crap he’s put him through with the lying and drinking, Bailey decides that it’s all going to stop. “Sweetheart, don’t,” Lauren says to Bailey. But Bailey tells his mum that he promises to pay back every cent that he lost, no matter what it takes and no matter how long. Georgia then appears to tell the family that Matt’s out of surgery and that so far the surgeon’s happy with his progress. Lauren cries with relief and everyone smiles. Georgia tells them they can visit one at a time, so Lauren goes first, while Paige hugs and kisses an emotional Bailey.



In the patient room, Matt is hooked up to a heart monitor and drip. Matt is unconscious, so Lauren goes over and strokes his hair, before taking his hand. A relieved Lauren says to Matt: “There was a moment there when I didn’t think I’d get to hold this hand again. Remember the first time? Ashy Pub, Mount Isa. You made me wait for it then, too. All night, you were the perfect gentleman. Laughing at all my jokes, holding the door open, standing up whenever I left the room, and I was just like, hold my hand already, you big handsome spunk. And then when finally – finally – you did, it was… It was like nothing had ever felt so right in all my life. Brad told me what happened. You pushed him out of the way. You just can’t help yourself, can you? Always putting everyone else ahead of yourself, even if it’s to your own… Well we didn’t come this far to lose each other now, did we? I don’t care what’s happened in the past. Who’s done what, who hasn’t. All I know is that I need you. The kids need you. And we’re gonna get through this. ‘Cause I love you, Matt Turner. I love you so much. And you are not leaving me." However the heart monitor starts beeping rapidly and Lauren is shocked as Georgia and other nurses rush in, to take Matt back into emergency theatre. Lauren looks horrified as Matt is wheeled away.


A little while later, back in the ward, the family is waiting for news once again. Georgia comes out to talk to another nurse, and Lauren rushes over, asking for news. Georgia tells Lauren that a doctor will be out to see her in a moment, but Lauren demands that Georgia tells her what’s happening. Georgia apologises and tells Lauren that she can’t. Lauren persists and reminds Georgia that she is their friend and asks again to tell them what is happening. Georgia becomes emotional, and stumbles over her words; she says to Lauren, “Matt was recovering fine. And then the bleeding in his liver started again. Which can happen sometimes” “And? And?” comes Lauren’s reply. “And… then we did everything that we could, but he… he lost too much blood. I’m so, so, so sorry.” Amber collapses with grief, and Bailey and Paige comfort her, as Lauren herself falls tearfully into Lou’s arms.

Featured Regular Characters: Lou Carpenter, Lauren Turner, Matt Turner, Bailey Turner, Amber Turner, Paige Smith, Brad Willis, Terese Willis, Georgia Brooks, Chris Pappas, Nate Kinski, Mark Brennan, Tyler Brennan

Guest Cast: Melissa Bell as Lucy Robinson, Laura McIntosh as Danni Ferguson

Trivia Notes
• Final appearance of Josef Brown as Matt Turner, after two years in the role
• Matt's final words are "Take care of Lauren..."
• Past character Mason Turner is mentioned

Summary by Kyle