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Magic Moments > 2015 > Chris's Departure Episode 7090

Written by Brooke Wilson, Directed by Chris Adshead, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 27/03/15, Channel 5: 10/04/15

The Turner family grieve over Matt’s death... Bailey feels guilty for what he put Matt through, but Paige tells him not to be so hard on himself... Georgia drenches Nick in iced coffee after learning of his plans to seduce her for a bet... Nick is rattled to learn that Paul has informed Naomi of his ‘leukaemia’... Chris and Lucy are thrilled to see their baby on an ultrasound scan... Nate tells Chris he loves him, but isn’t willing to move to New York...

Chris is sitting in the garden at number 26, when Lucy arrives with Bouncer 2. Lucy tells Chris that she hasn’t found a home for the dog yet, but her lawyer has told her he can get Chris a US work permit and Nate a visa. Lucy explains that he will be able to work when he comes over for his 3 month stint. However, Chris breaks the news that Nate doesn’t want to go to New York, which means he doesn’t know if he’ll be coming over either. Chris tells Lucy that he wants to go, and he understands that she has spent time and money. Lucy is disappointed, but she is more concerned about him - she says that she thought he'd sorted things out with Nate. “Yeah, we were trying,” Chris says. Lucy reassures Chris that there’s no pressure from her end and to take his time and do what’s right for him. “What’s right for me is that I have them both in my life – my child and my boyfriend,” is Chris' reply. Chris reassures Lucy not to worry; he’ll sort this out.


A sad-looking Bailey is reading an article on the front page of the West Waratah Star about his father’s death, when Alice bursts in through the back door to surprise him. Bailey asks what she is doing back and she explains that she got a week off, mentioning that she posted it and tweeted, Bailey tells her that he has been ‘off the grid’. Alice is unaware of Matt’s death, but notices the many flowers around the kitchen. “Is your mum opening a florist, or has Amber got a new boyfriend?” she says. Bailey tells Alice that Amber is getting married but Alice jumps in and says to Bailey: “Oh. She’s trying out arrangements. Marriage is such a scam.” Alice mistakes Bailey’s sadness for awkwardness, and says that she should have called before coming round, but Bailey assures her he’s glad she’s here. Alice explains her house is being fumigated, so suggests they head back to Lassiter’s where she’s staying, to ‘hang’ because her parents are out for the day, and they will have the place to themselves. Before Bailey gets a chance to reply, Josh calls in to check that the Turners are doing okay – but before Alice has a chance to realise what’s happened to Matt, Bailey tells Josh that he and Alice are heading to the hotel, and they leave.

At the hospital, Georgia is on the internal phone to an admin colleague, trying to book a treatment room for a patient’s amniocentesis. She wants Room G5, as it’s bigger than the one her colleague has suggested – but Georgia is surprised to be told it’s already booked out, as it’s not showing up as such on the computer. Georgia’s colleague tells her that Nick has booked the room, and an irritated Georgia vows to take it up with him.


At the penthouse, Naomi watches as Nick inspects Paul’s mouth for ulcers or bleeding gums, but Paul tells him that he hasn’t had any problems and adds that he’s feeling fine generally. "Yeah, if you call throwing up, being tired all the time, and refusing to eat fine, then, yeah, he’s going gangbusters,” Naomi declares. Paul reassures them both that it’s nothing he can’t handle. Naomi disagrees and tells Paul that he needs to take a step back. Paul informs Naomi that things around here won’t run themselves - Naomi, in turn, reminds him that is what he hired her for. She also pesters Paul to tell Daniel the truth about his leukaemia, but Paul says that Daniel’s hands are full supporting the Turners at the moment. Nick explains that he’s booked Paul another chemo session for tomorrow afternoon in a private room at the hospital, ‘off the books’. He then heads off, telling Paul to call him if he needs him. “Thanks Nick, I really appreciate everything you’re doing. Oh, and Nick – I’ve been thinking about the research centre. Perhaps we could find you another site.” Nick smirks and welcomes the news but tells Paul that he needs to concentrate on getting well.

In her hotel room, Alice is telling Bailey all about her adventures at Space Camp. Bailey, however, seems disinterested and sensing his distraction, Alice worries that he's still annoyed about having missed out on the camp himself. Bailey reassures Alice by telling her ‘he’s totally over it’. Conversation moves on to Alice’s grandma, who she is living with, and Alice says that her grandma has got a new boyfriend. As Alice continues to ramble on, Bailey is doing his best to hold it together.


Nate enters the Waterhole to meet Chris, and there’s an awkward atmosphere. Chris embarks on an attempt to convince Nate what an amazing opportunity the US would be for them, and explains that Lucy has found a way to let him continue his Lassiter’s training in New York. He suggests they go over and live with Lucy for a while, before finding a place of their own. Chris asks Nate what he thinks; Nate says to Chris “I think it’s awesome that you and Lucy have planned my whole life without even discussing it with me first.” Chris is taken aback. Realising how annoyed Nate is, Chris tells him he’ll get Lucy to put things on hold for now until he and Nate can get back on track. Chris comments that they just need to work harder. Nate stops Chris and tells him that good relationships should not be hard work. Chris says that he doesn’t want to lose him and declares that he loves him. Nate replies: “I love you too. But what we want – it’s just way too different. And that’s never gonna change.” Chris, shocked, asks Nate if it’s over between them and Nate sadly confirms that it is.

Back at the hospital, Georgia confronts Nick over the mysterious booking of Room G5 tomorrow afternoon, demanding to know why there’s no patient listed on the system. Georgia tells Nick that she needs the room, but he tells her that he needs it too, pointing out that he reserved it first. Georgia then asks him if what he is using it for is even ‘above-board’. Nick quite sternly tells Georgia that there are things that happen in this hospital that are way above her pay-grade. Georgia, becoming increasingly annoyed with Nick, reminds him that the treatment rooms are for registered patients, so if he is using it for anything other than official hospital business, then her patient gets priority. Nick asks Georgia what else he would be using it for. “I’m sure with a bit of digging I can find out. Or you could just tell me who you’re treating, and why it’s so hush-hush...” Unrattled by her threats, Nick replies: “Just because you have a grudge against me, Nurse Brooks, doesn’t mean I have to answer to you.”


Chris is back in the garden with Lucy at number 26, watching Bouncer 2 and Bossy playing together. Chris has told Lucy that he and Nate have split up – and she suggests that a change of scenery might help him get over it. Lucy reminds Chris that he has got his visa in place and proposes he use it. “As in, go to New York, with you?” Chris asks. Lucy tells Chris that he could stay with her, hang out and that they could decorate the nursery in preparation for the birth a few months down the line. Chris looks interested.

Back at the hotel, Alice is still telling Bailey about her experiences in the States. However, she finally runs out of things to tell him, and asks what’s been going on in his life. Bailey avoids telling her about his dad’s death, insisting everything’s just ‘same old’ with him – and tells her that it’s nice to have her back. Alice takes this as an invitation to kiss him, and when he’s not as responsive as she hoped, she assumes it’s because he’s met someone else. Bailey confirms to Alice that there’s no-one else. However, Alice does not seem convinced and asks Bailey why he has been acting weird. Bailey answers her question by kissing her back, and they fall into a more passionate kiss.


Kyle, Georgia, Sheila and Naomi have all been summoned to the Waterhole by Chris for a mystery announcement. When Chris arrives, he explains that he and Nate have broken up – but announces that he’s going to New York tomorrow with Lucy, after staying with his parents tonight. Once they’re done comforting him over Nate, the others are all excited for his trip abroad. Sheila promises to arrange a farewell ‘knees-up’, and Chris tells them he’ll only be gone a few weeks. He then looks anxious as they all discuss the party.

Back at Lassiter’s, Alice and Bailey are now sitting on the bed, still kissing. Unresponsive to her initial request that he slows down, Bailey attempts to take her jumper off. Alice says to Bailey “Okay – not that I don’t totally want to go there. But what’s going on?” Bailey tells Alice that nothing is going on. Alice, not convinced, asks him what the massive rush is. Bailey confesses to Alice that he thought it would be nice. Alice says to Bailey “Okay – how is it that you’re all over me like an octopus, but I still feel like you’re a million miles away?” Bailey looks devastated, and suddenly breaks down in tears. A concerned Alice asks Bailey what's wrong - “My dad died,” Bailey announces. Bewildered, Alice comforts him as he sobs.



Chris and Nate are chatting over a drink at the Waterhole. Chris has told him he’s leaving for New York tomorrow for a few weeks. Nate seems pleased for him. Chris apologises to Nate about how things turned out. Nate reassures Chris that it wasn’t his fault and tells him that he is doing a good thing, being there for his child. They stand up and hug, Chris tells Nate that this is harder than he thought and thanks Nate for everything. Nate wishes Chris good luck and hopes his new life is everything he ever wanted.

Lucy drops in with Bouncer 2 to say goodbye to Paul at the penthouse. She tells Paul she’s heading home tomorrow, adding that she heard from Daniel that he had a bug and mentions that he looks terrible. Paul tells Lucy that he’s fine, it's just lack of sleep, which Lucy attributes to Matt’s death. Paul asks Lucy if she will be back soon, sadly Lucy informs Paul she probably won’t be back in Australia again before the baby’s born, and Paul looks sad, but she suggests he comes and visits her. Paul asks what she is going to do with Bouncer 2. Lucy realises she’ll have to be taken back to the dog shelter, but starts angling for Paul to take her in at the penthouse. Paul says to Lucy, “If you think for one second you can palm that flea factory onto me, you can forget it.” “She’s a Robinson! And I just want to keep her in the family,” is Lucy’s reply. Paul agrees to keep Bouncer 2, claiming that Daniel will like her. Lucy passes Bouncer 2’s lead to Paul, and gets up to go – he tells her she’ll be a great mum. He looks like he’s about to confide in her about his diagnosis, but just hugs her instead. Paul tells Lucy he loves her and she says the same back, and also tells him that she will see him soon. Lucy leaves, and Paul is left with Bouncer 2.


Back at Chris’s ‘knees-up’, the number 26 residents and Susan laugh heartily about the time Kyle went blind from looking at the eclipse, and other fond memories from their time together! Chris admits he’s nervous about leaving for New York, but Susan reminds him it’s just for a few weeks and everyone there will love him. Josh enters and has heard Chris is leaving and wishes him the best. Chris asks after the Turners, and asks Josh to tell Amber that he’ll email her when he gets to New York. Josh leaves again, but in the meantime, Nate has come back, so Chris goes over to talk to him. Chris asks Nate if he wishes to come and join them, Nate thanks him but declines the offer. He hands Chris a St Christopher’s medal, mentioning that it got him through two tours in Afghanistan. Nate tells Chris that it should help him get through those sleepless nights and nappy-changes that he’s got to look forward to. Chris thanks Nate and tells him he’ll treasure it. Chris tells Nate that he’ll see him in a couple of weeks. “Who are you kidding? You’re not coming back. Good luck with everything,” is Nate’s reply. Chris hugs Nate again, and looks sad, before eventually pulling away. Nate leaves, and Susan promises Chris that she’ll look after Nate, as he clasps the medal in his palm.


Later on, there’s another event happening in the bar – a drinks evening to celebrate the recent Erinsborough Festival. Naomi makes a short speech to the attending VIPs. Paul listens, looking fairly worse for wear, until she hands the platform over to him. Nick, who is at a table nearby, listens intently to Paul's speech. Paul says to the VIPs, “Well, firstly, I’d like to thank you, the sponsors, for making our inaugural community festival the wonderful event it was. And also let’s not forget the army of tireless volunteers who gave up so much of their time and effort as well.” Paul looks suddenly as if he’s about to throw up, but he recovers his composure and carries on, with an unusually reflective speech. “I’d like to take a moment to remember Senior Constable Matt Turner, who lost his life. You know, we can’t control what the universe throws at us – but we can control the way that we act. And the one thing this festival has shown us is that our community can dig deep and rally together when need be. So I hope that we can keep the spirit of that community alive, by supporting the Turners in the face of this terrible, terrible tragedy.” Paul finishes up his speech to applause from the VIPs, before rushing out, with Naomi following him. At his table, Nick looks worried.



Later, Chris’s farewell party is coming to a close. He hugs Kyle goodbye, followed by Naomi and Sheila, and Georgia waves him off too. Kyle says to Chris “Bring me back something. No rainbows!” Chris laughs and agrees. Chris leaves with Susan, who is giving him a lift to his parents' house. Nick is still drinking alone, and Georgia remarks to Naomi what a creep he is. Naomi tells her she knows he’s a ‘jerk’, but suggests he’s a good doctor. Georgia doesn’t agree and explains how she thinks Nick is abusing hospital resources for his research centre, booking out rooms for anonymous patients and keeping it all off the system. Naomi suggests to Georgia that Nick might be one of those people who hates paperwork. “No, he’s really sus. I wish I knew what he was up to,” says Georgia. While Georgia’s in the bathroom, Naomi tells Nick he needs to cover his tracks when treating Paul and reminds Nick that Georgia can’t find out who his mystery patient is. “Don’t worry about it. I’ll take care of it,” is Nick’s response.

Featured Regular Characters: Paul Robinson, Sheila Canning, Kyle Canning, Naomi Canning, Georgia Brooks, Susan Kennedy, Nate Kinski, Chris Pappas, Josh Willis, Bailey Turner

Guest Cast: Melissa Bell as Lucy Robinson, Damien Fotiou as Nick Petrides, Vivienne Awosoga as Alice Azikiwe

Trivia Notes
• Final regular appearance of James Mason as Chris Pappas, after five years in the role
• Chris's final words are "Alright, well, you guys take care and I'll see you soon." (hugs Sheila, who tells him to be good) "I will." (as Chris goes, Kyle tells him to bring him back something - no rainbows!) "Alright!"
• Guest character Alice Azikiwe also makes a one-episode return

Summary by Kyle

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