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Magic Moments > 2015 > Steph's Return Episode 7226

Written by Kate Bradley, Directed by Scott Major, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 05/10/15, Channel 5: 19/10/15

“Steph Scully was a beloved member of the Erinsborough community...” (clips of Steph from her arrival in Ramsay Street in 1999, her non-weddings to Marc Lambert in 2002 and Toadie in 2008, her wedding to Max Hoyland in 2004) “A proud wife and mother...” (clips of Steph giving birth to Charlie in 2006) “A loyal friend...” (clips of Steph hanging out with Toadie) “Until a series of fateful events changed the course of her life...” (clips of Steph knocking down Ringo, being sentenced to 6 years in prison, her first day in jail in 2010) “After 3 years in jail she came back to Ramsay Street but her demons came to haunt her again and then she did the unthinkable...” (clips of Steph being released; taking Patrick but thinking he was Adam and being arrested for taking him) “And now she’s back. The question is why?” We see then arrive to the present day and Steph rocking up to the garage. “Hi I’m Tyler...” “Hi Tyler, I’m Steph!”

At Fitzgerald Motors, Tyler interviews Steph for the job unaware that she’s previously worked there. He’s curious to know why she’s only listed her last employer despite stating she’s been a mechanic for 10 years. “You're only as good as your last job,” she replies and encourages him instead to call her old boss Steve in Bendigo. Tyler asks Steph what she was doing out in Bendigo, Steph tells Tyler that her mum and brother live there and it was a good chance to get away from the ‘fast life’. Steph takes Tyler outside to look at her bike that she has been working on and after chatting about it, Tyler offers her a trial day to see how things go, which she readily agrees to.


At the Willis house, Josh asks Imogen if she has looked at Naomi’s farewell gift to her. Imogen explains that she isn't sure whether to look at it, more because of how it was obtained and the effect it may have on her career if she’s caught out. Despite his sister telling him he shouldn’t look, Josh wants to, partially to see if it’s got any information about Paul trying to frame him.

Aaron is showing his gratitude for being allowed to stay over at the Kennedy house, by cooking up a fantastic breakfast for everyone before he goes off to do a circuit party job. Susan comments that he can stay whenever he wants as long as he cooks breakfast! Karl enquires about the circuit party, and Aaron tells Karl that it’s like an underground dance thing. “So it’s in a basement?” Karl says. Aaron moves the conversation on and tells Nate that it makes a change from the hen and birthday parties he’s used to. Aaron adds that the organisers saw his photos online and made a booking. Karl volunteers to accompany Aaron to the booking as he’s got the day off and is extremely curious! Susan says to Karl with a sly smile, “Yeah good idea, right up your alley...”


Back at Fitzgerald’s motors, Tyler talks Steph through a job that has come in and she’s worked out what was wrong with it. He’s puzzled when Steph knows exactly where to find the equipment to do the repair and she quickly comments that it was logical. She then laughs it off, as he comments that "it seems like you’ve been working here longer than me.”

Josh heads back downstairs with his laptop and reports to Imogen what was on the USB – a couple of files and a password protected folder he couldn’t get into. Despite not wanting to know more, she does read one of the things Josh has printed off – an email saying that Erinsborough High School is being sold off (the buildings are being bought by Eden Hills Grammar) and she’s now worried for her dad and sister. Josh asks Imogen what they should do, but Imogen isn't sure.


Aaron and Nate enter the Waterhole and Sheila quickly ropes Nate into fixing some drinks for a customer as she is too busy texting a reply to Naomi. Nate enquires if Naomi got to LA safely, Sheila confirms she did and adds that she was upgraded to first class. Aaron asks Sheila to pass on his congrats to Naomi too. Conversation moves on to Aaron’s upcoming circuit party - he's hopeful that if things go well at the circuit party, it could lead to more job opportunities. “It’s all thanks to you,” he says to Nate. Nate is confused as he thought it was due to Naomi, but Aaron explains that it was due to his encouragement to be honest with his followers, so now he can be ‘true to himself and perform.’ Aaron leaves to get ready for the party. Having overheard their conversation, Sheila strongly suggests that Nate should accompany Aaron, as she's heard all about these circuit parties from some of her LGBTI patrons. “No thanks,” Nate replies but then ponders his decision after Sheila tells him a little more about the circuit parties.

Amy pulls into Dial-a-Kyle and begins to unload some supplies from the Ute; Steph sees Amy struggling and goes over to help her. They introduce themselves to each other and after Steph mentions she’s on trial, Amy hopes she gets the job to help break the male dominance in the area.


Josh pops round to number 28 to check with Susan if what he’s heard about the school being sold is true. She laughs off his suggestion, and wants to know who told him, but he doesn’t want to say, instead asking if something like this could happen without her knowledge. “I certainly hope not!” she says. “It’s just that this source, there appeared to be approval from the education department,” Josh tells her. Susan asks him if it was Brad who told him, but Josh tells Susan it wasn’t and again refuses reveal his source.

At The Waterhole, Paul hovers for a minute looking at Naomi’s contact details on his phone before scrolling to the bottom and deleting them. Aaron drops by; wearing very little for the upcoming circuit gig he has lined up and asks Nate to come along because he’s nervous. Nate doesn’t want to go with him because he doesn’t want to see him dance around other guys. Aaron is confused: “So you don’t want me to dance for other guys, you don’t want me to dance for other girls, who am I meant to dance for?!”. Nate tells him to ignore what he said and to go off and do his job - a very miffed Aaron departs, sarcastically thanking Nate for his support. Susan finally tracks Paul down to the bar and asks him if the rumour of the Erinsborough High School closure is true, all Paul can muster is ‘I can't help you,’ before quickly departing.


Tyler is impressed with how quickly Steph is getting through the jobs at Fitzgerald Motors and with a bit of badgering from Amy, Tyler allows Steph a 45-minute break, with Amy offering to take her for lunch as a thank you for her earlier help. Steph heads inside to get her stuff, but hides when Karl passes for a quick chat with Amy and Tyler. He then heads off, to which Steph breathes a huge sigh of relief.

A little later, outside Grease Monkeys, Amy and Steph continue to bond over lunch and Amy hopes this is the first of many lunches they will share. Josh stops to see if Amy’s seen Kyle, as they were due to have a gym session together but Josh is told by Amy that he’s out on a job. Amy introduces Josh to Steph, who introduces himself. He asks her if they've met before, Steph tells Josh that she doesn’t think they have. He insists that her face looks familiar, but Steph doesn’t know why he would think that. Amy explains to him that Steph’s the new mechanic at the garage but Steph’s quick to interject that she is just on trial. “Which you’re acing,” Amy adds but Steph doesn’t want to count her chickens just yet. Josh says his farewells and Steph comments to Amy that he ‘seems like a nice kid...’ In turn, Amy tells Steph that the locals are good people and that she’s been around for a few months after arriving with her son. Amy is delighted to tell Steph about Jimmy and shows a photo of him and asks if she’s got kids. Steph tells her that Charlie is almost the same age as Jimmy and Adam has just turned five.


Back at The Waterhole, Sheila can tell that Nate is unhappy and gets it out of him that he’s uncomfortable about Aaron dancing in front of men and is having doubts about being with him because of that. “I think you should tell Aaron how you feel,” is Sheila’s advice but Nate doesn’t want to as it’s not fair on Aaron because he can't handle it. Sheila still doesn’t see why not, especially if it’s wrecking their relationship. “That’s not fair, I've just got to take it for what it is,” he explains.

At Fitzgerald Motors, the working day is over and Steph thanks Tyler for giving her a chance to prove herself. When she asks if he’s made a decision, Tyler tells her that ‘she’s hired’ and adds, “I’d be an idiot not to give you a job even though you boss me around like a big sister!” Steph is thrilled to get the job and hugs Tyler and promises to try and not do the big sister routine, but Tyler asks for her help as he’s not used to being in charge. Steph agrees and again thanks him for the opportunity and tells him that he won’t regret it, but adds that she can’t work evenings. Tyler says that it’s fine and tells her that he will see her tomorrow at 8am. Steph then reminds Tyler that she needs to fill out some employee paperwork, so he goes to get it.


Back at number 28, Susan is getting nowhere trying to find out if what Josh told her is true. Paul drops by to tell her that she's making a nuisance of herself by pestering people, but Susan asks him what he expects her to do, it’s her school. “It’s hardly your school,” Paul says, but she replies, “I'm the principal, you'd think I’d be kept in the loop on something this big!” Paul tells her that information will be given on a need to know basis, which doesn’t go down well with her! She tells him what she’s found out so far – that the school is earmarked for review, continuing, “And yet no-one on the board has heard even a whisper and yet when I mentioned your name to my contact at the department, she knew exactly who you were. In fact, she said you were there just last week for a meeting. So tell me what's happening Paul or I will become an even bigger nuisance!”. Paul finally decides to come clean with Susan and tells her that as enrolment has been down for the past 4 years, the school isn't economically viable. Susan reminds Paul that it’s a school and it’s not there to make a profit! But Paul tells her that money talks and this is not a proposal, it’s virtually a done deal, and the school will be shutting down. Susan enquires how this is possible - Paul then confirms that Eden Hills wants to buy the building so they can expand and Susan is quick to say that it will cost the kids a fortune to go there - or they are going to get shunted to the next state school? Paul says to Susan, “Looks like two very viable options to me.” “And what about the teaching staff? We’re all going to be out of a job?! How could you do this Paul?! You're meant to be protecting the interests of the community!” Paul does apologies but adds, “What is done is done,” leaving Susan speechless as he walks out of her house.

At the Lassiter's Complex, an arrested, and limping, Aaron is being marched from the car park to the police station, asking the officers if this is how they treat the injured. He’s told to keep his mouth shut. Nate spots him and asks what's happened - Aaron explains he got arrested but doesn’t get a chance to say why before one of the officers orders Nate out of the way, so Aaron asks him to call Mark.



Steph is finishing filling in the paperwork for her job inside the garage when outside, Karl arrives to borrow a crank spanner from Tyler to sort his bike tyre. Tyler leads Karl inside, and Steph is immediately worried, and when Tyler shouts out for Steph to see if she could help, Karl comments that there used to be a mechanic called Steph but before he can finish his sentence, Karl comes face to face with her. “Steph!” Karl says and looks shocked. “Hi Karl,” is her reply; Tyler looking confused asks if they know each other. Steph confirms that they do... and they go way back.

Featured Regular Characters: Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Paul Robinson, Tyler Brennan, Nate Kinski, Sheila Canning, Amy Williams, Josh Willis, Imogen Willis

Guest Cast: Carla Bonner as Steph Scully, Matt Wilson as Aaron Brennan, Steve Carroll as Constable Ian McKay

Trivia Notes
• The recap for this episode includes a voice-over from Alan Fletcher, explaining Steph's story from 1999 to 2013
• Past characters, Steph's sons Charlie and Adam, are mentioned
• The garage Steph worked at was Stanwood Smash Repairs in Bendigo
• Naomi’s mobile number is 0491 570 156

Summary by Kyle