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Magic Moments > 2016 > Imogen and Daniel's Departure Episode 7352

Written by Sarah Mayberry, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Natalie Lynch

Channel Eleven: 26/04/16, Channel 5: 26/04/16

Tyler is working on the boiler at the hotel... Piper thanks Tyler for being such an amazing friend, but he looks preoccupied... Paige tells John she'll take some photos to help jog his memory... Sarah confesses to Karl and Susan that she has terminal cancer... Imogen tearfully informs Daniel that if they get married they can't tell anyone... Daniel asks Madison to keep quiet about the wedding to Brad and Terese, but Madison asks him if this is a good idea...

Terese is outside no. 22 as Brad walks up to her - he wants to know if she is okay and Terese asks Brad if he is insinuating that she has been drinking again. She does, however, thank him for asking how she is. Brad then notices a bunch of flowers on the front doorstep and brings them over to Terese, who reads the card inside. She looks shocked as she reads the message - it's from Judge Jan Barton, congratulating Imogen and Daniel on their upcoming wedding.


At the registry office, Imogen and Daniel are waiting to be married; Imogen tells Daniel this is not how she envisaged her wedding day turning out. Daniel tells her that they can still change their minds, but despite her reservations Imogen is adamant that she wants to get married. Imogen mentions that Daniel will now be called 'Daniel Willis' and tells him that he doesn't have to change his surname if he doesn't want to. Daniel tells her that he is happy to take her surname as his own and wouldn't have suggested it previously if he wasn't serious about it. Imogen goes to kiss Daniel, telling him that she can't wait to be his wife.

Karl and Susan are at home at no. 28, talking about the arrival of Sarah and her confession about having terminal cancer. Karl tells Susan that as a doctor he was unable to tell her about Sarah's diagnosis, and Susan agrees that if she had known about Sarah's condition she would have been more sympathetic towards her. The news that Sarah has a serious condition reassures Susan that she is not interested in Karl in a romantic sense, and she jokingly mentions that she was worried that he wanted to be the father of her unborn child after something that Sheila said. She is still unsure as to why Sarah wants Karl to help her after their complicated history, and Karl is as bemused as Susan, but they both agree that Sarah is going through a difficult time and needs their support.


Back outside no. 22, Ned and Paige have joined Brad and Terese. They are attempting to call Daniel and Imogen to try and stop the wedding from going ahead, but their phone calls go unanswered. Terese is still disbelieving that her daughter is getting married without letting her or Brad know whilst also feeling upset that both Imogen and Daniel didn't want them to be a part of their special day. Toadie comes over to find out what is going on, and Terese asks him if Imogen mentioned anything about a wedding to him. He tells her that she didn't talk to him about it, but he does know of someone who may have more information.

Based on Toadie's information, Brad and Terese head to no. 24, to speak to Madison. They plead with her to tell them where the wedding is taking place, but Madison is reluctant to tell them.


Over at the garage, Tyler is busy with repair works when Piper comes over. She tells him that she has been given a car by Imogen as a present, and wonders if he can give her some driving lessons. Tyler is reluctant to help, telling her that he is too busy with things at the garage. She continues to insist that he give her lessons, telling Tyler that she won't take no for an answer. Frustrated with Piper's continued pressing, Tyler snaps and tells her that he hasn't got time to teach a schoolgirl how to drive. Upset and offended by Tyler's outburst, Piper storms off as Tyler tries to apologise.

Susan has gone to see Sarah at no. 26, who is telling her about the stage she is at with her cancer treatment. Concerned that Sarah should be with her kids rather than on Ramsay Street, Susan asks her if there is anything she can do to help. Sarah asks her if she can keep to news about her cancer diagnosis between herself, Karl and Toadie, as she doesn't want the whole street to know and treat her any differently. Susan wonders if there is anything else that Sarah is keeping back, but this is brushed off as Sarah gets ready to go to work.


At the registry office, Imogen and Daniel are preparing to exchange their vows but are suddenly interrupted by Brad and Terese, who have managed to locate the wedding venue. Relieved that they've arrived just in time to stop the wedding, Terese apologises to Imogen for forcing her to take this course of action but she didn't want her to be married with no family around. Daniel tells Brad and Terese that they didn't want to make things difficult so thought a private wedding would be better, but Terese disagrees, telling them that a wedding is a joyous occasion, and they want to be there to share it with them after the difficult time they have all had recently. Brad tells them that they can do better than a registry office, and Imogen wonders what he has in mind.

Back at no. 24, Madison receives a text message from Daniel, jokingly telling her that he thought journalists were meant to protect their sources. She tells Piper that he and Imogen are on their way back from the registry office after Brad and Terese managed to talk them out of it. Piper seems happy, but her expression changes as Tyler walks through the door. She is still upset at Tyler's outburst at the garage earlier, and sarcastically tells him that she thought he was flat out and didn't have a minute to spare. As Madison leaves, Piper asks Tyler why his behaviour towards her has changed; Tyler admits that he doesn't know how to act after Josh's death and has been tiptoeing around her. Wondering what he can do to make it up to her, Piper asks Tyler if he wants to come with her to Daniel and Imogen's rescheduled wedding, and he tentatively agrees.


Paige is walking with John outside the hospital, informing him about Imogen and Daniel's sudden decision to get married. She asks John if he would like to go to the wedding with her, assured that he is well enough physically to attend but promising to break him out of the hospital if the doctor says he can't go. Nearby, Susan and Karl have also been invited to the wedding, but Karl doesn't think they have given Susan enough notice to be a celebrant. Susan is more concerned about her conversation with Sarah earlier and confesses to Karl that she doesn't really understand Sarah's motivations for returning to Ramsay Street. She is sure that there is something more going on and Karl agrees that Sarah's story doesn't seem to add up.

No. 22 has been transformed into a wedding venue thanks to Ned, Madison and Amy's help. Daniel is grateful for all the help as he enters the house - Amy tells him that he needed a proper send off for his marriage and relocation to America. As they continue with preparations Daniel takes Brad to one side to apologise for not seeking his approval to marry Imogen, but Brad understands why he acted this way. Grateful that they didn't rush into marriage, he informs Daniel that his marriage to Beth was a disaster as they acted too hastily. As he tells this story Ned eavesdrops from the living room, unhappy with Brad's dismissive take on his marriage to his mother.


Imogen is in the back garden as Terese helps her with her hair and make-up, whilst Xanthe, Paige and Piper also get ready for the wedding. Imogen tells Paige and Piper how wonderful it is to have her two sisters at the wedding, particularly after the traumatic deaths of her twin brother Josh and grandfather Doug. Terese makes a touching offer to Imogen, telling her that she can wear her wedding dress from 1995. Thanks to a little bit of cajoling from her sisters and Xanthe, Imogen agrees that this would be a fitting tribute to married life with Daniel.

A little later the residents of Ramsay Street are gathered at no. 22 as Imogen walks down the stairs wearing her mother's wedding dress, looking resplendent in white.



She and Daniel take their places as they begin to exchange their vows. Imogen begins:
"Daniel, I fell in love with you long before I really knew you and I love you more with every day. You make me brave, you make me believe and you've taught me to dream. I promise to not only be your wife but to always be your best friend. Most of all, I promise to always hang on to the love that we have because if the past few weeks have taught me anything, it's how important love is."
Daniel adds a few words of his own as he tells Imogen:
"You're an amazing, exceptional woman. I promise to love you, to grow with you, to ensure that your happiness is the very centre of my life." They exchange their wedding rings as Susan concludes the ceremony, happily informing the congregation that Daniel and Imogen Willis are now husband and wife.

As Imogen and Daniel are congratulated by friends and relatives, Brad and Terese decide to make a speech. Terese jokes that if it wasn't for Imogen and Daniel being terrible co-conspirators they wouldn't be standing here today getting married on Ramsay Street. She is full of love and pride for her daughter and tells them that they will have a wonderful life together, not only because of their love for one another but also their affection and lasting friendship. She asks the residents to raise a toast as Brad says a few words - he talks about Doug and Josh and how happy they would have been to see Imogen marrying Daniel, which brings tears to the Willis family. As Brad raises a toast to the dearly departed, Tyler is strongly affected by Brad's speech and quickly departs, telling a surprised Piper that he must get back to work.


At Robinson's, Paul is fixing a light bulb as Daniel enters. Surprised by Daniel's attire, Paul asks him if he is going for a job interview, but Daniel stuns his uncle by telling him that he has just married Imogen. Paul is slightly saddened that he was kept in the dark, and questions Daniel as to why they felt they needed such a quick wedding. Daniel informs Paul of Imogen's job offer in the US and their imminent departure, telling him that they need to be at the airport within the next hour to catch their flight and that was the reason for the wedding being scheduled so soon. Paul accepts Daniel's news and asks him a pressing question does he still believe that he had something to do with the explosion at the hotel. Daniel says that he does, believing that Paul was responsible but did not intentionally set out to hurt anyone, his need for revenge forcing him to take a reckless course of action. Becoming emotional, Daniel tells Paul that there are two sides to him - the one who worries about his family and is generous to a fault, and the one who has a thirst for vengeance and must always come out on top. He hopes that the first one wins as he departs, telling Paul that he still loves him despite everything, and asking him to look after himself.

Karl is at the Waterhole with Sarah - he pushes her again to tell him the whole truth about the reason for her visit to Erinsborough, telling her that it is not fair on both himself and Susan. After some hesitation Sarah reveals her main reason for visiting; she needs somebody to look after her son Angus whilst she is undergoing her cancer treatment, as he is having problems with his dad. Karl looks stunned at this revelation.


The wedding party moves out onto Ramsay Street as Daniel and Imogen prepare to say their farewells for their departure to the US. Imogen weepily confesses to Terese how much she is going to miss her and asks her if she is going to be okay now that she is leaving. Terese tells her not to worry about that - insisting that Imogen look forward to her new life in America without worrying about what's happening back home. After further hugs, Imogen and Daniel get into their car and depart for the airport, with Terese and Brad waving their farewells.



At the garage, Tyler is looking despondent as Piper comes over. She asks him why he is still acting strangely around her, and Tyler confesses what is on his mind - he believes that he played a part in the explosion at Lassiters and the deaths of Doug and Josh, much to Piper's astonishment.

Featured Regular Characters: Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Terese Willis, Brad Willis, Imogen Willis, Piper Willis, Daniel Robinson, Paul Robinson, Tyler Brennan, Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi, Paige Smith, Amy Williams, Xanthe Canning, Lauren Turner

Guest Cast: Nicola Charles as Sarah Beaumont, Andrew James Morley as John Doe, Ben Hall as Ned Willis, Sarah Ellen as Madison Robinson, Gary Gartside as Minister David Fry

Trivia Notes
Final regular appearance of Ariel Kaplan as Imogen Willis, though she would return for guest appearances in 2019 and 2023
Final regular appearance of Tim Phillipps as Daniel Robinson, though he would return for a guest stint in 2023
Past characters Josh Willis, Doug Willis and Beth Brennan are mentioned

Summary by Michael

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