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Magic Moments > 2017 > Dipi, Yashvi and Kirsha's Arrival Episode 7586

Written by Sarah Mayberry, Directed by Scott Major, Produced by Natalie Lynch

Channel Eleven: 24/04/17, Channel 5: 24/04/17

Shane tells Sonya and Toadie that he has bought the lease to Harold's from Lauren and plans to stay in Erinsborough, with his wife and kids joining him soon... Mishti and Shane plan their next move... Mishti agrees to go out for drinks with Leo... Finn tells Elly that Ben shouldnít hold back on his career plans... Sonya attending an AA meeting and then later drinking wine after reading a letter citing substance abuse as a reason for the divorce... Steph tries to wake Sonya who has passed out at home...

At no. 30, Steph is in the kitchen making breakfast. Sonya comes out from the bedroom and asks Steph what she is doing there. Steph tells Sonya that she tried to wake her up last night to drop off the keys but she was out cold on the bed. Sonya says she took a sleeping tablet as she has not been sleeping well lately, but Steph isnít convinced, especially after noticing wine bottles. Sonya defends herself and says that she hasnít been drinking, and canít believe that Steph would accuse her of that when they are supposed to be friends. She abruptly leaves, telling Steph she doesnít want to see her in her house when she gets back from her council meeting.


Mishti and Leo are chatting at the Backpackers. Leo says that he had a good time last night and wants to do it again, but Mishti is playing it cool. She tells Leo to give her a call when heís next free.

Over at no. 32, Karl and Shane are having a guitar session when Toadie walks in. Toadie brings Amy over as a few things need fixing in the house before Shane moves in. Toadie asks Shane how his family reacted when he told them they were moving to Ramsay Street, but Shane admits that he hasnít informed them yet. Karl and Toadie arenít sure about this strategy, but Shane is sure that Dipi and the kids will love the place. Karl says it was nice knowing him and he and Toadie depart. As they leave, Mishti arrives through the back door, but Shane tells her she canít be here. He looks worried and quickly gets rid of Mishti, whilst contemplating his next move.


Leo and Elly are at Harold's, chatting about Leoís love life. Elly is pleased that Leo is moving on and meeting other people after his disaster with Amy, and Leo agrees. The conversation moves on to Finn. After her initial frostiness Elly has warmed to him, but Leo is puzzled as to what has brought on this change of heart. She says that he gets on well with his students and really cares about their education, and also reveals that the incident in Sydney wasnít entirely his fault. She is prepared to give Finn the benefit of the doubt for now.

At the Community Centre, Sonya has not gone to a council meeting, she is at her next Alcoholics Anonymous session. As the session closes, Myra, the group leader calls Sonya over, she wants to chat with her alone. She asks her how things are going at home, but Sonya quickly assures her that things are fine. However, Myra looks worried and tells Sonya she is here whenever she needs someone to talk to. Sonya says that her situation at home isnít great but she is coping as best as she can, and, brushing off Myra's concerns, she quickly leaves the session to avoid further conversation.


Sonya walks outside, looking harried and stressed. She takes a few pills as Steph walks over; Steph knows that Sonya lied to her about the council meeting and wants to know what is going on. Sonya tells Steph that she didnít want people to know that she was going to an AA meeting, and tells Steph to leave her alone. Steph looks deeply concerned at Sonyaís erratic behaviour, and wonders what she should do for her friend.

Back on Ramsay Street, a car drives up to No. 32, with Shaneís wife Dipi and daughters Yashvi and Kirsha. Dipi apologises to Shane for being late, she took two wrong turns on the way. Shane is happy to see his wife and kids again, and reveals to Dipi that he has found them a new home on Ramsay Street. Dipi doesnít look happy with Shaneís spontaneous decision to rent no. 32 from Brad and Lauren, but puts on a brave face and says that she loves the place. Shane asks Dipi if sheís sure that she doesnít have any concerns, but she says itís perfect. Yashvi and Kirsha have differing opinions, Kirsha is worried that sheíll have to make new friends again whilst Yashvi is excited to check out her new surroundings.



Inside no. 32, Dipi and brother-in-law Toadie embrace, sheís happy to finally meet him. Shane also introduces Dipi and the kids to Karl, who talks about his musical talents and how people often compare him to Bob Dylan! Itís revealed that Shane and Dipiís other child, Jay, is away at boarding school.


Yashvi is impressed with the garden and pool, but Kirsha is still feeling pensive about having to make a new start. The family settle in to their new surroundings, and Yashvi spontaneously jumps into the pool, wrecking her phone, as Shane reveals that he has one final surprise for them.

Elly is on the phone at the Waterhole whilst Amy is sat at the bar looking thoughtful. Amy sees that Elly is in a good mood, and asks her whatís going on. Elly explains that she was speaking to Leo; heís met someone and wanted to share the good news. Amy looks sad on hearing this, but tells Elly that this is just a front, Leo is clearly feeling the same levels of hurt and betrayal that she is going through. Despite this, Elly assures Amy that Leo is moving on from the fallout of the revelation that they are related, and tells Amy that Leo will be seeing this girl again for a drink. Elly implies that Amy should stop wallowing in sadness and move on from what has happened in the same way that Leo has, but Amy doesnít look ready to move on just yet. She is still hurting.


Shane, Dipi and the kids are walking around the Lassiters Complex, they seem impressed with the facilities right on their doorstep. Shane feels this is the right time to reveal his other big news, he has bought the lease to Haroldís! Dipi looks surprised, she doesnít understand how they can afford no. 32 and Haroldís, but Shane tells her they have released money by selling the farm at their previous house. The kids seems happy with the news, and wonder whether this means they can get free milkshakes and donuts. Dipi canít believe that this is happening and asks Shane if she is dreaming, but he assures her that this is all true, she is now the manager of her own coffee shop.

Sonya is a woman on a mission as she walks into Haroldís and confronts Toadie. Angry at the letter she read the previous evening, she tells Toadie that she will not allow him to seek custody of Nell and divide their assets by claiming she is an unfit mother. Toadie defends himself and said he had nothing to do with this, his mother was the one speaking to a lawyer. Angie is worried about Nell being caught in the middle of Sonya and Toadieís marriage problems, but Sonya isnít satisfied with this explanation and claims that Angie is happy for them to divorce as she never liked her. Toadie tries to defend himself, but Sonya, upset and reeling from his attempts to mollify her, storms out and tells Toadie that maybe a divorce is the best thing for them. Toadie looks stunned at her reaction as Shane and Dipi look on.


Over at the Waterhole, Leo is on his laptop, he spots Amy walking towards him and pretends not to see her, however she walks over to him, needing to clear the air. They make small talk about the final schedule of repair work needed at the Backpackers, but Amy wants to get something off her mind. Leo asks her if she is okay. Amy brings up the conversation she had with Elly earlier about Leo meeting someone else, and asks him if he is going to see her again. Leo says that this is the right thing to do, they need to put what happened between them in the past and move on, rather than drag it out. Leo implores Amy to go out and meet other people, but Amy brushes this off; she still has deeply intense feelings for Leo which cannot be explored. He tells her to do what she needs to do to take her mind off things, but she looks teary.

Shane and Dipi are sharing a kiss in the kitchen at Haroldís. Despite her initial surprise Dipi tells Shane that she is happy with his decision to lease the cafť, it is something that she would have done herself. The conversation then moves on to Mishti. Dipi is worried about her living in Sydney on her own, and she asks Shane if she can come and stay with them at no. 32. Shane isnít sure, he thinks that the house will be too crowded with Mishti living there as well. As they come out of the kitchen, surprise, surprise, Mishti is there, with Yashvi and Kirsha. A delighted Dipi hugs Mishti and tells her that she must come and stay with them. Shane happily agrees to this, but his smile soon turns into a grimace.


Mishti is chatting with Dipi outside the coffee shop. Dipi asks her if she isnít going to miss Sydney, but Mishti says that there is nothing there for her anymore. As Dipi heads back into the coffee shop with Yashvi and Kirsha, Leo strolls on by. He asks Mishti about a second date, but then becomes flustered when she mentions that she is now staying in Ramsay Street with Dipi, Shane and their kids. Leo tells Mishti that he isnít looking for a long term relationship and apologises if he misled her, but she understands. As Leo and Mishti continue to chat, Amy is spying on them, mistakenly believing that Leo and Mishti are now an item.

Amy is following Elly and Leoís advice and is at the Waterhole on a date with a man named Roger. They make small talk but Amy is clearly elsewhere. She asks her date if he wants to go back to his room, and he looks surprised but happy at this. They depart.


Sonya answers the door at no. 30; itís Steph, she wants to discuss what happened earlier at the Community Centre and her confrontation with Toadie over the legal letters she found. Steph tries to assure Sonya that Toadie doesnít want a divorce, he wants to try and rectify things. Sonya isnít convinced. Steph steers the conversation back to Sonyaís drinking, she wants to know if Sonyaís moment of weakness was a one off or whether she has a problem with alcohol again. Sonya is teary, she tells Steph that she is trying to be strong, but she canít sleep or stop thinking about everything that has happened with her and Toadie. Steph asks her if it would help if she moved back into no. 30, and Sonya is amazed, she canít believe that Steph would do that for her after what happened between her and Mark. Steph and Sonya then share a heartfelt embrace.

Featured Regular Characters: Steph Scully, Sonya Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi, Nell Rebecchi, Amy Williams, Elly Conway, Karl Kennedy, Leo Tanaka

Guest Cast: Nicholas Coghlan as Shane Rebecchi, Scarlet Vas as Mishti Sharma, Sharon Johal as Dipi Rebecchi, Olivia Junkeer as Yashvi Rebecchi, Vani Dhir as Kirsha Rebecchi, Anita Torrance as Myra Blumberg, Donnie Baxter as Roger Cross

Trivia Notes
ē Past characters Lauren Turner and Angie Rebecchi are mentioned
ē First appearances of Sharon Johal (Dipi), Olivia Junkeer (Yashvi) and Vani Dhir (Kirsha)
ē Dipi's first words are "I'm so sorry we're late, I took a wrong turn twice"
ē Yashvi's first words are "Wait up, one sec"
ē Kirsha's first words are "She's been bouncing that thing non-stop against the back of my seat for the last hour"

Summary by Michael