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Magic Moments > 2017 > The 2017 Season Finale Episode 7750

Written by Sandy Webster, Directed by Tony Osicka, Produced by Natalie Lynch

Channel Eleven: 08/12/17, Channel 5: 08/12/17

Angie finds out about the surprise vow renewal, and tells Sonya that she wants to be there. Jack thinks that Paige should stay away from Mark until his work problems are resolved. Marks says he won't let his suspension affect things with Paige and Gabe. Piper tells Tyler that they'll prove his innocence. Paige and Piper make enquiries with a fisherman, and they realise that Louise McLeod couldn't have killed Hamish, so Tyler is the only suspect still in the frame...

Mark says that there's still no proof, so they need to keep this information to themselves, and hopefully the fisherman won't go to the police with what he knows. He says that if Detective Graves finds out, he'll come down hard on Tyler, but Piper thinks that Tyler will turn himself in first. Mark wonders about not telling Tyler what they've found out, but Piper persuades him otherwise, and Mark says that he wants to tell Tyler on his own. Before Piper can argue, Sonya knocks and comes in, so Piper, Paige and Gabe leave. Sonya then asks Mark if he's coming to the Christmas party, explaining that it's a surprise vow renewal and she'd love him to be there. Mark isn't sure, but Sonya says that it would be a great way of them putting the past behind them. She then asks if they can take the boat for the night too, and Mark goes to get the keys.


The next morning, it's Christmas Day, and at number 30, Nell runs out into the lounge and starts shaking the presents under the tree.


Later at number 30, Sonya is checking with Steph that nothing will go wrong today, when Toadie appears and they go silent. The tension is broken as Shane and Angie burst through the door, wishing them all a Merry Christmas. Nell almost ruins the surprise, asking Toadie if she can wear her dress, but Angie drags her off to the kitchen. Steph rushes off - Toadie asks her if she's working on Christmas Day, but she says that she just has somewhere to go but will stop and see him at the party on her way to Bendigo. Toadie then notices a text on Sonya's phone, from Callum, saying that he and Jade will call later and wishing her luck. Toadie wonders what this means, but Sonya and Shane quickly say that it's just good luck for the party. Nell returns, still wanting to know when she can wear her dress, but Shane quickly takes Toadie next-door before he can answer.

In the back garden of number 24, Tyler is cleaning the pool, when Mark joins him. He says that Aaron has gone to see David, but will be back for the barbecue later. He then says that they need to talk, Tyler replies that he'll talk about anything but the police investigation - that can wait. Mark then reluctantly changes the subject and says that Sonya wants to borrow the boat. Tyler is confused but agrees.


At number 22, Jack wonders if they should be worried about Gabe's health - Paige says he was coughing a lot last night but seems better now. As Paige goes to get a rusk for Gabe, Piper comes downstairs, wondering why she hasn't heard from Tyler and wondering if Mark has told him yet. Paige says not to worry, but Piper points out that Tyler could be up for manslaughter - Tyler then comes in the back door, narrowly missing overhearing her. He wishes them all a Merry Christmas and Piper asks if Mark has spoken to him - he says that they've just been speaking and Piper looks worried as Tyler goes to see Gabe.

Back At number 30, Steph returns from her mystery mission - she's been to collect Willow. Sonya and Nell are happy to see her, and Sonya introduces her to Angie, who's about to go into a rant about Andrea, but Sonya stops her. Angie says that Toadie and Nell think the world of Willow, so that's all she cares about. Steph then gets a text from Dipi - Toadie is heading home soon, so she takes Nell and Willow to her room. Angie then presents a confused Sonya with a blue bottle of liquid and she explains that it's a fertility treatment. She says that Dipi told her that Sonya and Toadie were planning to try for another baby, and the treatment helped both her and Dipi when they were trying to conceive. Sonya looks uncomfortable with the whole conversation, but Angie continues, explaining that Sonya and Toadie will both need to drink it, when they're near saltwater. Sonya says that they're going out on the boat for a mini honeymoon, so they can drink it then.


At number 22, Tyler thanks Piper for the Grand Prix tickets she got him, and he gives her an IOU round the world ticket, telling her about all the places they can go to when he has the money. She says that she just wants to be with him, and gets teary. Tyler tells her not to get upset as everything will be fine, but she breaks the news to him about the new witness and that Louise might not have killed Hamish. She says that the witness might not come forward to give Louise an alibi, but Tyler realises what this means - if Louise didn't kill Hamish, then he did.

At number 24, Mark is finishing up a call to his mum, when a despondent Tyler walks in and Mark realises that Piper told him. Tyler says that Piper is going to support him, whatever he decides to do, and that the witness seemed sure about seeing Louise at the marina. Mark thinks that the witness could be wrong, and might not even come forward, but Tyler doesn't want to just get away with it - if he's guilty he wants to be punished. Mark thinks there's still hope - there's a lot they don't know about what happened that night - and he then asks Tyler to bring Piper down to the Christmas party later, so they can at least have this day together before they make any decisions. Tyler reluctantly agrees.


At Erinsborough Pavilion, things are being set up for the party, and Toadie is confused by how strangely everyone is behaving. Karl and Susan arrive - Toadie wonders why Susan is carrying paperwork with her, so Karl covers by saying that it's the debrief for the liveability fund. Toadie then sends Karl to get his costume from the car, and Susan goes with him, asking why he had to bring up the liveability fund and accusing him of being a sore loser. As Karl goes to take a call from Holly, Dipi rushes over to Susan, worried that Toadie is starting to suspect something. Susan tells her that they need to just keep spinning him lies for as long as they have to, for Sonya.

Jack and Paige are pushing Gabe in his pram by the lake, and she says that she didn't think that Toadie and Sonya would ever get back together. Jack says that he knew all along. He asks if she's spending the rest of the day with Mark, but Paige isn't sure, due to all the problems with Tyler. Jack says that, if anything does happen, he'll always be there for her and Gabe. Paige then starts to worry that Gabe hasn't settled and decides to take one of the Lassiters cars and get a doctor to look at him.


At the party, Toadie is on the phone to Sonya, wondering why she's so late. Meanwhile, Karl returns and tells Susan that Izzy has gone to the Alps with her new man, and has dumped Holly on Mal and Cath. He wonders if they could get a last-minute flight and go to London, but Susan thinks he's mad, and suggests he call Izzy and make her see how badly she's treating her daughter. Toadie is still concerned about Sonya and Steph, and wonders if he should go home and check on them, but Angie stops him. Steph then appears, closely followed by Nell and Willow. Toadie starts to realise what's going on, and Sonya then appears. She asks Toadie if this is what he wanted, and he says that being with her and Nell is all he's ever wanted. Mark takes photos of the happy moment, and asks Jack if he's seen Tyler. He hasn't, and Mark starts to look worried.



At number 22, Tyler arrives, telling Piper that he needs her to come with him to the police station. He says that he has to do this, but he can't do it by himself.

Outside Lassiters, Paige is getting into a car, telling her mum about Gabe being unwell, and how she isn't going to make it to Toadie and Sonya's vow renewal. Meanwhile, someone is watching from a distance.



At the vow renewal, Susan asks Toadie and Sonya if they'd like to say their vows to each other:

Sonya: On our wedding day, I talked about unconditional love and, I thought I knew what that meant then. But as I recommit to our marriage today, I now know that we have the strength and the love that we need to support our beautiful kids. And to grow and to change and to cherish each other with all our hearts. I give myself with everything I have to the man that I love, now and forever.

Toadie: My turn? We all know that I don't have anything prepared! I know how blessed I am. I know not everyone finds great love like I have. And as I recommit to our marriage, I promise to always put us first. Sonya, you make me happier than I've ever been, and I want to spend the rest of my life doing the same for you.

Everyone applauds, as Mark looks around. Noticing that Tyler still hasn't arrived, he quietly slips away...



Mark arrives at number 24, to find the house empty and the model boat smashed on the floor.

At the police station, Tyler and Piper are holding hands and waiting, as Detective Graves walks in, saying that his family are waiting for him to carve the turkey, but this seems like it's more important. Tyler explains about the witness who saw Louise at the marina, and says that if she didn't kill Hamish, then it must have been him - when he hit him with the gnome. Graves realises that Tyler left important information out of his statement, and Tyler explains that he didn't hang around and he didn't see Hamish fall in the spa, but he must have killed him. Graves then calls over a couple of officers and Tyler is taken away for questioning.


Back at the party, Sonya is delighted that she managed to pull all of this off without Toadie suspecting, and she goes to get the boat keys from Jack. Karl goes over to Susan, and she realises from his facial expression that he's going to London - he got the last seat on a flight that afternoon. Sonya thanks Steph for everything, and Steph says her goodbyes to both Sonya and Jack as she prepares to go to Bendigo. As everyone celebrates, a taxi pulls up nearby, and Andrea watches from the back seat.

Back at the police station, Mark arrives, just as Tyler has finished providing his fingerprints, having confessed everything. Mark tells Tyler not to say anything else and say he'll get help. Tyler tells Piper he's sorry for leaving her again, as he's taken away to a holding cell, pending further questioning. Piper tells Mark that this is what Tyler wanted to do, but Mark still insists that Tyler didn't kill Hamish - and he's going to prove it.


By the side of the road, Paige is with a crying Gabe in his pram. She can't find her keys and leaves him for a moment, searching the car, eventually finding them down the side of the seat. As she looks round, she sees his pram rolling down the street and runs after it, shouting at a reversing driver to stop. The car stops just in time, but Paige is stunned to find that the pram is empty, and she turns and looks terrified as she hears a car speeding off, realising that someone has taken her son...

Featured Regular Characters: Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Toadfish Rebecchi, Sonya Rebecchi, Nell Rebecchi, Shane Rebecchi, Dipi Rebecchi, Mark Brennan, Tyler Brennan, Piper Willis, Paige Smith, Steph Scully, Jack Callahan

Guest Cast: Lesley Baker as Angie Rebecchi, Robert Grubb as Detective Bill Graves, Mieke Billing-Smith as Willow Somers, Kian Bafekrpour as Gabriel Smith, Grant Fletcher as Stunt Driver

Trivia Notes
The closing credits do not give away who Madeleine West is playing, simply saying Special Appearance by Madeleine West
Past characters Callum Rebecchi, Jade Mitchell, Lauren Turner, Holly Hoyland, Izzy Hoyland, Mal Kennedy and Catherine O'Brien are mentioned

Summary by Steve

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