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Angie Rebecchi 1995-1996, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2013, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2022, 2023
Lived: 32 Ramsay Street
Marital Status: Kevin [Big Kev] Rebecchi (1972-)

Siblings: Coral
Children: Shane, Kevin [Stonefish] and Jarrod [Toadfish]
Family Tree: Rebecchi
Occupation: The Holy Roll Employee/Owner, Roadhouse Manager

Loud, brash and larger than life, but with a heart of gold and sensitive nature, Angie Rebecchi is the proud wife of Big Kev and mother of three sons, Shane, Kevin (Stonefish) and Jarrod (Toadfish). Family is the most important thing in life for Angie, and she always strives to ensure that her children get the best out of life, no matter how much hardship she has to endure along the way. What is most endearing about Angie is her ability to smile through all kinds of adversity, and she remains good humoured, colourful and full of energy at all times.

It was with a great sense of pride that Angie moved from the tough district of West Waratah into the more upmarket neighbourhood of Erinsborough in 1995. No. 32 Ramsay Street was a beautiful family home, and Angie was delighted to be surrounded by neighbours such as Karl and Susan Kennedy - a doctor and a teacher. Angie also threw herself into community projects, most notably the local drama society where she proudly landed the part of 'The Mud Pie' in the play A Nightmare in Erinsborough. And Angie was forever telling her new neighbours all about her husband, building him up to be some kind of giant, tough nut truck driver. Thus, it was with great surprise that the residents greeted the thin, wiry Big Kev when he finally pulled up in Ramsay Street in his truck. Angie - in full 'Mud Pie' garb - was ecstatic to finally get to show her husband off to the neighbours, and she lifted Kev up in her arms to carry him into their new home.

But Angie's new found happiness in Ramsay Street was to be short lived. Angie was mortified when Shane was exposed as the thief who had been stealing from the neighbours, and the Rebecchi clan packed up and moved back to West Waratah, such was the shame they felt. Angie even pulled out of the play due to her embarrassment, although she insisted that it was because she wouldn't be as nearby. However, the Rebecchis continued to be seen around the neighbourhood, as Stonie and Toadie were still students at Erinsborough High, and Stonie had started seeing Ramsay Street resident Cody Willis. And it wasn't long before Angie was back in the thick of Erinsborough activity - she got a job at the Coffee Shop in the Lassiter's Complex, where she proved to be an instant hit with the customers, dispensing daily doses of advice, gossip and laughs.

When Stonie moved in with Mal Kennedy and Danni Stark at No. 32, Angie started feeling lonely at home on her own. Kev was always on the road, Toadie had been sent to Tindara to live with his Auntie Coral, and Shane was in jail again so Angie invited herself to stay with Stonie, Mal and Danni at No. 32. Although her visit was only supposed to last a few nights, Angie loved getting to look after the kids, and put off leaving for as long as she could. While Stonie had no problem having his mum around, Mal and Danni soon tired of her presence at No. 32, and when Angie sewed up the holes in Danni's jeans, she and Mal told Stonie that she would have to move out. But Mal and Danni gradually realised that Angie was well meaning and always had the best of intentions, and they agreed to let her stay on permanently.

Angie was so delighted by the kids' acceptance of her that she started making plans to throw Danni a surprise party for her 19th birthday. Angie plotted with Danni's mother, Cheryl to hold a party for them at No. 22, but they decided to gather everyone together at No. 24 first and then surprise them at No. 22 later. Mal and Danni were thrilled when Cheryl told them they could have the use of No. 22 for the night to celebrate Danni's birthday, and shortly after they got there, they had stripped off and jumped in the spa. But the couple were stunned when they suddenly heard half of Ramsay Street inside the house, and they were forced to race across the street half-naked to avoid the crowd of neighbours. Angie felt awful for what she put the couple through, and made it up to them by giving Mal and Danni a voucher for a night at the plush Hyatt Hotel in the city. Shortly afterwards, Mal and Danni decided to move back to their respective homes, and the Rebecchi clan reclaimed No. 32 as their own. Big Kev and Toadie arrived down for the holidays, but Toadie ended up causing his parents more grief by running away with Billy Kennedy. After they were caught spraying graffiti on a road sign by the police and taken home, Angie and Kev decided that Toadie would have to go back to his aunt's for another school term because he was causing so much trouble in Erinsborough.

When Mark Gottlieb landed a job as a TV chef in Sydney, Angie was immediately keen on taking over his lease on the Coffee Shop for herself, and she was delighted when he agreed to sell it to her. But disappointment followed for Angie when Big Kev called to tell her would be unable to get home for her birthday, and when Stonie was bed-ridden with flu, Angie was forced to spend a miserable birthday alone. However, Cheryl and Lou Carpenter cheered her up with an impromptu drinks celebration at No. 22 to mark the occasion, and Angie was thrilled when Big Kev called that night to wish her a Happy Birthday.

After taking up golf with Cheryl, Angie began to develop a complex about the way she dressed as she spent more and more time around the always-glamorous Cheryl. The final straw came for Angie when the residents of Ramsay Street all attended the Melbourne Cup and Cheryl impressed all with her outfit, while Angie felt frumpy and awkward. Angie decided to do something about her clothes and started sneaking into Cheryl's back yard to take a peek at the clothes labels Cheryl bought. An embarrassed Angie was caught by Danni, and she was forced to admit that she was taking note of the labels on Cheryl's clothes because of her discomfort since Melbourne Cup Day. Danni offered to help Angie in finding a style to suit her and promised not to tell anyone she had caught her snooping around Cheryl's clothesline. However, Cheryl was shocked when Angie showed off her new image because it was so obviously modelled on Cheryl herself. Cheryl convinced Angie that she didn't need to change her image, because everyone loved her as she was, and Angie realised that she had been foolish, and pulled her colourful tracksuits and jumpers out of the closet once again.

Even though her children were all getting older, they still managed to cause constant heartache and problems for Angie. No sooner had she gotten over the shock of finding Stonie in a state of undress with Annalise Hartman in the middle of the Rebecchi living room, than a disgruntled Coral showed up on Angie's doorstep with Toadie in tow. Toadie had become too much hard work for Coral up in Tindara, and she announced to Angie that she was unable to handle him any longer. Angie was furious with Toadie for failing to improve on his behaviour whilst living in the countryside, and was especially horrified to learn of Toadie's attempts to drill a hole in the wall between his bedroom and his cousin Gemma's so that he could spy on her. Starting to feel ashamed of his behaviour, Toadie tried to make amends with his mother, and cooked Angie and Coral a fancy breakfast the next morning, before surprising Angie by donning the Erinsborough High school uniform and announcing his commitment to make a go of things if Angie would agree to let him stay this time. Angie agreed on condition that Toadie would be sent to his father if he stepped out of line one more time and a delighted Toadie unpacked his bags to settle into No. 32. Angie, of course, was secretly thrilled to have her son back at home with her, and she was further chuffed when it was discovered that Toadie had an above average IQ of 135 - and was effectively a genius. Angie was also unashamedly proud when Stonie won a place at Eden Hills University and became the first Rebecchi to go to uni.

When Cheryl had some fun with Lou by sending him gifts which made him believe he had a secret admirer, Angie offered to help out by writing an anonymous love letter to Lou. But when Angie left the letter in an envelope addressed to Lou sitting in the kitchen at the Coffee Shop, Stonie gave it to Lou when he came into the shop, thinking that Angie was meaning for Lou to have it. Lou was initially stunned to read that Angie was deeply in love with him, but as he thought about the situation, he quickly realised that it had to be a prank, and that Cheryl was behind all the flowers and gifts he had been receiving. Angie, meanwhile, was horrified when she realised Stonie had given Lou the letter, and she was shocked when Lou confessed his love for her. However, Lou quickly let Angie know he was joking, and a relieved Angie saw the funny side. Lou decided that Cheryl still needed to be punished for her joke, and got Angie to help him out by pretending that Lou really was in love with her. Angie agreed, and told Cheryl that Lou had confessed his love for her after reading the letter. Cheryl initially dismissed the idea as nonsense, assuring Angie that Lou was just mucking around with her. But when Lou then came into the Coffee Shop and started paying Angie more and more attention, Cheryl started to suspect that something was wrong. That night, Angie had Cheryl and Lou over for dinner, and Lou had great fun winding Cheryl up by presenting Angie with a bouquet of flowers. But the smiles were wiped off both Angie and Lou's faces when an angry Cheryl announced that they were welcome to each other, and declared that her relationship with Lou had been dying for months anyway. Angie and Lou were shocked at the turn of events, but realised they had been had by Cheryl when she started laughing and revealed she was winding them up too.

Angie decided to try her hand at investing in the stock market and called upon Philip Martin's services to advise her on where to place her savings of $5,000. Angie was upset when Philip told her he had lost the money she had given him to invest, but after Philip saw that Angie accepted losing the money was a strong possibility when investing it in the stock market, he revealed he had just been testing her to see her feelings on the matter. Angie was relieved, and agreed to Philip's real proposal - investing the $5,000 in Digit Mining. Philip's choice proved to be a huge success - and Angie made a massive profit when the company's shares increased by 600%.

When Cheryl's son Darren was released from prison after a two-year sentence for armed robbery, Angie took him under her wing and supported him as many in the neighbourhood rejected and mistrusted him. Darren reminded Angie of Shane, and she was keen on encouraging Darren in his endeavours to remain straight on his release from prison. She defended him whenever customers at the Coffee Shop passed remarks on him, and she suggested Mal take him on as a partner in his handyman business after he mentioned he needed work. Basically, Angie still harboured feelings of guilt for the way Shane had turned out, and she was determined not to let another troubled youngster end up back in jail, as Shane had so many times.

Angie found herself in the position of being tempted to stray from her marriage to Big Kev after she fell for Mick Anderson, the possum catcher she had hired to rid No. 32 of some unwelcome visitors. Angie and Mick very quickly realised they were very similar people, and Mick invited Angie to join him for a picnic at Lassiter's Lake one afternoon. Although slightly uneasy about the invitation, Angie was so flattered by the attention Mick was giving her in Kev's absence that she decided to take him up on his offer. During the picnic, Angie tripped and fell into Mick's arms, and they nearly kissed. When Mick dropped Angie home afterwards, he told Angie she was a very special woman, and gave her two gifts - a puppet possum and some perfume. As their friendship grew stronger, Toadie began to notice the amount of time they were spending together and confronted Angie about his suspicions. But Angie assured Toadie that nothing was going on, and his mind was set at rest.

However, Angie's relationship with Mick finally culminated in a kiss one night after Mick walked Angie home from the Coffee Shop. Mick confessed his love for Angie and asked her to move to the country with him, leaving Angie with some major decisions to make about her life. Unbeknown to Angie, however, young Hannah Martin had witnessed the kiss and told Toadie about it the next day. An irate Toadie tracked Mick down to confront him and was shocked when Mick let slip that Angie was going away with him. When Angie realised that Toadie had found out about the kiss, she admitted to Toadie that she had wanted to know that someone could still love her, since Big Kev didn't often demonstrate his love for her. And despite her fondness and affection for Mick, Angie chose to stay with Big Kev and broke the news to a heartbroken Mick that she couldn't move away with him. Angie then decided to address the concerns she had about her marriage and travelled up north to see Big Kev, where they agreed that they needed to be closer to each other. When Angie returned to Erinsborough, she announced to Stonie and Toadie that she had decided to move up to Port Keats to open a road house and be near Big Kev. Stonie was keen to move up north with Angie since he had recently split up with his girlfriend, Catherine O'Brien and needed to get away. Toadie, however, was less pleased with his mother's decision.

Only weeks before they were due to leave, tragedy struck Ramsay Street when Cheryl was knocked down and killed. Angie was devastated to lose her good friend, and delivered a touching eulogy to Cheryl at her graveside in which she fondly remembered how much she had looked up to Cheryl and thanked God for having known her.

On their last day in Erinsborough, Angie was stunned when Toadie announced that he didn't want to go up north with her and Stonie. All of Toadie's friends were in Erinsborough, and he hated the idea of having to leave them all behind after settling in so well. Although it hurt Angie to have to leave Toadie behind, she understood his feelings, and after arranging for him to stay with the Kennedy family, Angie bid Toadie and her many friends and neighbours goodbye as she and Stonie left Ramsay Street.

Big Kev and Angie returned to Erinsborough in 2002 for a 30th wedding anniversary dinner with Toadie, and they were thrilled to arrive at the pub to discover that Toadie had actually organised a surprise party for them, with many of their old friends present. However, Toadie soon started to notice some signs of tension between his parents and when Angie gave a thank you speech towards the end of the party, everyone realised there were obvious problems between her and Kev when she started getting digs in about how much she longed for a holiday away from the roadhouse, and Kev. As they settled in at No. 30 to stay with Toadie and his housemate, Stuart Parker, for a few weeks, the couple began to bicker incessantly, and Toadie decided to try and solve the problem by discussing his parents' marital problems on his radio phone-in show. When Kev and Angie heard their problems being discussed by their son live on air, they stormed down to the station to confront him. But Toadie ended up turning the faders up so that all and sundry could hear their arguing across Erinsborough.

As the tension between Kev and Angie grew, Kev heard the lottery results on the radio, and was sure they were Angie's numbers. After bringing Angie a cuppa in bed to keep her busy, Kev worked out all the family's birthdays and realised that they were the same as the winning lottery numbers. But he decided to keep the news of Angie's lottery win to himself, and concentrated on keeping Angie sweet until he could get his hands on her ticket - which she kept hidden in her bra. After winning and dinning her with smoked salmon and caviar, Kev apologised to Angie for his recent failings, and begged her to give him a second chance. Angie was thrilled with Kev's change in attitude, and she forgave him, before they went to bed to make up for lost time. And when Kev got the opportunity, he managed to take the ticket from Angie's bra, which lay on the floor, and collected the winnings for himself.

Kev then ran off with the lottery money, leaving Angie a note telling her he'd see her in Rio. However, Kev returned a few days later after his guilt had gotten the better of him, and he apologised to Angie for what he had done, insisting it was a spur of the moment decision. But Angie taught Kev a lesson by fleeing with the money herself, leaving him an equally dismissive note telling him she had "Gone Fishin'"! Angie returned a few days later, having used the money to buy a camper van for the couple to travel across Australia in on a second honeymoon. Although Kev was initially against the idea, he came to realise the holiday was just what he and Angie needed to get their marriage back on track, and he apologised to her for the way he had been treating her. And as they set off on their travels a few days later, Kev and Angie proved that they still had plenty of bickering to keep them going as they argued over what travel routes to take, but their reaffirmed love for each other was evident to all.

After their tour of Australia came to an end, Angie settled back into life running the ever-busy roadhouse in Colac, although she did find time to hold the annual ‘Rebecchi Round-Up’ family get together where she got to meet - and approve of - Toadie’s girlfriend Dee for the first time. She was thrilled when a few months later, Toadie and Dee got engaged, and no sooner had Toadie called her with the good news than Angie was back on Ramsay Street to ‘help’ with the wedding preparations. Within an hour of her arrival, Angie was listing ideas involving doves and circus performers, much to the horror of both Dee and Toadie. In fact, Angie threw herself into the wedding plans so much that they were forced to tell her to back off a bit. Angie put a brave face on it and assured the kids that she understood how much of a sticky beak she was being. But inside, Angie was devastated - especially since she had made Big Kev sell the camper van to give Toadie and Dee something towards the wedding costs. And when Toadie discovered the lengths she had gone to to ensure they had the wedding of their dreams, he felt terrible. He desperately tried to make it up to Angie, but she initially thought he was only re-involving her in the plans because he had learnt of the money. However, Toadie insisted that having his mum playing a central part in the most important day of his life was more important than all the money in the world. Angie was delighted to get the go ahead to help out again, and actually proved to be of less hassle to Toadie than the bride to be as Dee became frantic and hysterical as the wedding day got closer. Luckily, she calmed down considerably by the day of the wedding, and at a beautiful ceremony at the Weribee Mansion just outside of Melbourne, Toadie and Dee were pronounced man and wife.

However, tragedy struck after the wedding reception when Toadie and Dee’s car veered off a cliff and plunged into the water below as they were on their way to the airport for their honeymoon. Stonie and Stuart were first on the scene, and although Toadie survived relatively unharmed, Dee was nowhere to be found. After hearing word, Angie, Kev and the Kennedys raced to the scene, where a distraught Toadie looked on in horror as search and rescue teams looked for his wife. Their efforts were in vain, sadly, and with no sign of a body by nightfall, Angie and Kev took a devastated Toadie home. Angie tried to comfort her son, but Toadie was in denial and instead of grieving for Dee, thanked Angie for a wonderful day - a moment which caused Angie to break down in tears.

Even after a couple of weeks had passed and a memorial service had been held for Dee, Toadie still refused to accept the situation. His housemate, Connor O’Neill called on Angie to come down and try and sort Toadie out after he started to become aggressive and lashed out at his boss Tim Collins. At first, Toadie was more happy to see Angie because it meant he could enjoy her cooking and pampering, but when Angie suggested Toadie start moving on, he was furious with her and told her she could go back to Colac if she was going to behave like that. Meanwhile, Angie arranged to meet Tim at the pub, and she was relieved when he assured her he understood how grief stricken Toadie was and promised her that Toadie’s job would still be there for him when he was ready to go back to work. But Angie was shocked when Tim mentioned Toadie was planning to sue Stuart, who he held responsible for the accident due to the fact that the car they had been driving was being repaired by Stuart at the time of the wedding. This was the final straw for Angie, and she angrily confronted Toadie about his ridiculous plans to take his best mate to court. In a heated exchange, Toadie insisted someone should pay for Dee’s death which led to Angie accusing him of putting a price tag on his dead wife. Although Angie felt terrible about what she had said, Angie’s outburst actually helped Toadie face up to recent events and that night, he suffered nightmares about the accident which culminated in him waking up and sobbing his heart out in Angie’s arms. As they sat together through the night, Toadie admitted to Angie that he didn’t want to forget about Dee, but Angie assured Toadie that it was perfectly acceptable for him to get on with his life and still hold on to Dee.

Several months later, Angie blew back into Erinsborough like a hurricane when Stuart called her to tell her that Toadie had apparently packed up and left town suddenly without explanation or warning. It came as a huge surprise to Stuart, given that things had been going really well for Toadie and his new girlfriend Sindi Watts, as well as the fact that he had recently welcomed his 15-year-old tearaway cousin Stingray into No.30. Angie agreed, and wasted no time in heading down from Colac to find out what was going on. After Stuart and Connor explained that Toadie was distraught about Sindi's revelation that she had briefly worked as a lapdancer, Angie stormed over to the Kennedy house to have it out with Sindi. But she quickly realised that something like that wouldn't have made Toadie disappear suddenly and she started to agree with Stuart that something was fishy. She was reassured, however, when Sgt. Joanna Douglas produced Toadie's credit card transactions to her, proving that he was safe given he had used it several times since leaving town.

Before Angie prepared to return to Colac, meanwhile, she insisted on Stingray accompanying her, firmly believing that it was high time his mum and dad stopped shirking their responsibility. But Stingray was determined to stay in Ramsay Street and Susan, who had taken him under her wing since his arrival, agreed. Angie was furious with Susan, however, for what she saw as a desperate attempt to fill the void in her life since Karl had left her, and a bitter argument erupted between the two. It was only when Susan reminded Angie that she hadn't had a problem with her caring for Toadie that she calmed down and started to see reason. They eventually came to agree that Stingray wouldn't benefit from returning to Colac and Susan offered to act as his guardian and let him live with her and Sindi at No.28.

Angie was devastated when Big Kev woke up on the morning of the couple's 33rd wedding anniversary to announce he needed a break from her. And to top things off, Stonie and his new wife – who had taken over most of the running of the road house – told Angie that they had no plans to have any children. This all left Angie feeling rather redundant and she headed to Erinsborough with the fixed aim of finding Toadie a new love so that he could be married and provide her with some grandchildren to dote on ASAP. However, Angie's meddling in Toadie's love life met with a frosty reception and within days of her arrival, he was telling her to back off. It was only when Angie revealed the real reasons behind her return to Ramsay Street that Toadie understood what lay behind her interference and he agreed to let her stay on – much to the distress of Stuart and Connor, who were uncomfortable with the matriarchal presence in the normally guys-only 'House of Trouser'.

Meanwhile, Angie was on hand to help out at her old stomping ground, the Coffee Shop, when Harold and Lou found themselves competing with Paul Robinson's rival cafe, Lucinda's, over at Lassiter's. Immediately after donning her apron again, Angie was working out ways for the business to compete with Lucinda's, such as selling alcohol on site so as to appeal to uni students. When Paul contracted Harold and Lou's butcher exclusively for his cafe, Angie suggested her and Lou head up to a contact of hers near Colac where they could buy some beef at a knock down price – the only problem was they had to butcher the cows themselves.

Angie's return to Ramsay Street also saw the re-igniting of a family feud that stretched back decades as Kev's sister Janelle and her brood had joined Stringray in Erinsborough and had made No.26 their home. The tension between Angie and her sister-in-law would boil over at the slightest of incidents and they had engaged in numerous spats over the years - usually on Boxing Day. This time around, it was kick started by Angie catching Janelle's youngest Bree with a spray can outside The Scarlet Bar. When Angie confronted Janelle about it, the battle lines were drawn once again between the two branches of the family to determine whether the Rebecchis or the Timmins' were the better.

While Toadie and his Timmins cousins looked on and laughed, Angie and Janelle took their feud very seriously – and finally decided to settle it in the boxing ring. Janelle was confident she would have no trouble trouncing her slightly older sister-in-law and was spurred on by the belief that Angie had made a pass at her husband Kim years before. But Angie pulled out all the stops to be physically ready for the big match and it paid off, as she won the fight with Janelle. Of course, claiming Janelle had padded her bra didn't do her any harm either as Janelle paused to defend herself over that remark just as Angie scored the knockout punch.

Although the fight was over, the feud raged on and reached a new level when Angie broke the news to Janelle that it wasn't she who had made a pass at Kim all those years ago, but rather Kim who had come on to her. Janelle was disgusted by Angie's claim and refused to believe it. But Angie had a witness – Toadie, and he was dragged in to verify his mum's claims. Toadie was too young to have remembered anything specific though and could only recall witnessing a heated argument between Angie and Kim. It finally all came out into the open that Angie had simply pinched Kim on the bum as a joke, and thinking Janelle would react in her typical possessive, jealous way if Kim didn't act like he didn't appreciate being pinched inappropriately by another women, he had staged an argument with Angie over it. But even with things sorted over what exactly had happened with Kim, Janelle still refused to patch things up with Angie and Angie, tired of the fighting, decided to pack up and move on. But after a heart to heart with Bree, where she secretly admitted to Angie that she was rather fond of her and looked on her as her favourite auntie, Bree put a guilt trip on Janelle to patch things up with Angie before she left. Just as Angie's taxi was pulling out of Ramsay Street, Janelle stopped it and finally admitted the real reason she hated Angie so much – it was because she had taken her big brother away from her when Angie married Kev. This put a whole new light on the feud and Angie reacted angrily by claiming Janelle had never needed to see her as the enemy for taking Kev away and instead, could have embraced her as a sister. But she resolved not to be run out of town by Janelle and decided to stay.

Having neglected the boys at No.30 during her weeks of feuding with Janelle, Angie re-focused her attention on Toadie, Connor and Stuart by insisting they go on diets, detox, eat their dinner at the kitchen table and forget about watching footy in their boxers. Toadie and Connor decided they would have to act fast in order to reclaim The House of Trouser and Toadie called Big Kev telling him Angie was willing to give things another go and had agreed to back down on some of the issues she had with him. Kev promptly called Angie to patch things up and it looked like Toadie's plan had worked – until Angie realised that Kev had had a phone call from Toadie and hit the roof at being played for a fool. But speaking to Big Kev again made Angie realise how much she missed him, and Janelle found her in tears one night at No.30 lamenting on her failed marriage. As Angie confided in Janelle about how she had wanted Kev to retire with her, Janelle gave her sister-in-law a much needed shoulder to cry on and the feud was settled once and for all – well, until Boxing Day anyway - when Janelle agreed to call Kev and attempt to heal the rift between him and Ange, and Angie was on hand to console Janelle when Kim started to question her faithfulness to him.

Angie was over the moon when Big Kev pulled up in his big rig a few days later to patch things up. It wasn't plain sailing, at first, as it fell to Toadie and Connor to broker a deal between the warring Rebecchi's, and a compromise was finally reached whereby Angie would apply for her heavy vehicle licence and join Big Kev on the road so they could see more of Australia together. Their first stop on that journey was Kakadu for a holiday, and Angie insisted on dropping Toadie and Stuart off for their planned visit at Stu's folks place in Oakey on the way – meaning the two boys had to reluctantly endure the first leg of what would surely be an interesting road trip for Angie and her beloved Big Kev.

Angie and Big Kev were back in Erinsborough a month later for Janelle and Kim's self-titled 're-wedding'. Having never had the special big day they wanted when they got married first time around, Janelle and Kim were determined to pull out all the stops for the renewal of their vows. And Angie was thrilled to play a pivotal part in proceedings, as Janelle's matron of honour. However, Angie had her work cut out for her on the morning of the wedding when Janelle's eldest daughter Janae alerted her to the sight of Kim tied naked to a surfboard in the middle of Ramsay Street. Angie was furious with the Rebecchi men for getting so ridiculously drunk the night before at the bucks party, particularly Big Kev who she found virtually comatose on the kitchen floor of No.30. There was further drama when Kim realised he had lost the wedding ring, and Angie realised what a totally hapless lot she was dealing with when Toadie, Dylan, Stingray and Kim all ended up falling into the swimming pool when Kim spotted the ring floating on the surface. With Janelle's horse and cart waiting outside, Angie raced out to calm her down and swear to her that nothing had gone wrong. Eventually, everyone made it to the church on time – with the exception of Big Kev, who was too hungover to attend. The ceremony went off without a hitch – until Sen. Sgt. Allan Steiger turned up and Kim was forced to do a runner to avoid being arrested by the police for DVD piracy. Angie played a key role in Kim's successful getaway by 'accidentally' tripping Steiger up and holding up the police officers’ pursuit of her brother-in-law.

Angie was thrilled when her beloved Toadie got a second chance of happiness in the form of his longtime mate Steph Scully, who he had admired from afar from the moment she had moved into Ramsay Street. Having seen her go through various relationships and a failed marriage to Max Hoyland, which produced a son, Charlie, Toadie finally got the woman of his dreams when love blossomed between the two and they moved in together. And after Steph's divorce to Max was finalised, she and Toadie quickly arranged a wedding, which Angie and Kev were only too happy to be part of. Angie fussed over Toadie once again as he prepared to wed, but when she failed to get Toadie out of No.30 on the morning of the wedding before Steph emerged from next door, and the bride and groom to-be found themselves face to face in the middle of Ramsay Street on the morning of the wedding, Angie had to calm Toadie down and assure him it wasn't a bad omen. Toadie reminded her of how she and Kev had seen each other on the day of their wedding, and they ended up breaking up several times in the years that followed, but Angie calmed him by proudly reminding him that they had gotten back together each time.

Toadie's doubts about the wedding ran deeper than the supposed bad luck of seeing the bride on the morning of the wedding, though, and when he and Steph were on the altar exchanging vows, Toadie realised that Steph wasn't fully committed to the idea of marrying him and he called the wedding off. Angie stormed into the vestibule to knock some sense into Toadie, but was quickly ushered out again by Kev, who was more sympathetic to Toadie's situation. But Angie wasn't giving up that easily and was determined to see Toadie settle down with Steph. Back at the Kennedy house, she pressed Toadie further to reconsider his decision, but Toadie wasn't for turning and a resigned Angie returned home with Kev, hoping that Karl might have better luck in getting through to him.

Five years after her last visit to Erinsborough, Angie returned to visit her new granddaughter, Nell for her naming day. Unfortunately, Nell's naming day had been cancelled, as Toadie and his new partner Sonya felt that it would be insensitive, as their friends Lucas and Vanessa also recently had a baby, Patrick, who was ill in hospital with a heart problem. News of the cancelled naming day had failed to make its way to Angie, who decided that she would stay anyway, and managed to irritate Sonya several times within hours of arriving as, in her usual boisterous fashion, she gave Nell formula instead of the expressed breast milk from the fridge, and then accidentally told Vanessa about the naming day being postponed. But Vanessa was determined that she wouldn't be responsible for the cancellation, and in the end, the naming day went ahead with a few close friends at number 30. However, when Toadie was then told by Simmons & Colbert, the corporate law firm he now worked for, that he was needed to go to Chile to complete a copper mine contract, he quit his job, not wanting to leave Sonya alone with the baby. As it became clear that he'd done the wrong thing, and the only way they could survive without Toadie's income was for Sonya to return to work full-time at her nursery, he agreed to go, and Sonya was horrified to realise that Angie had offered to stay and help out with the baby whilst her son was away. As Penelope, the woman who'd been running Sonya's nursery, fell ill, Sonya was forced to return to work, with Angie insisting that she could be trusted to look after the baby. Sonya, however, wasn't so sure, and decided to plant a webcam in the house so that she could keep an eye on Angie's babysitting skills. Angie quickly spotted it and turned it off, but later, when Sonya returned home and found Angie and Nell were gone, she became increasingly worried. When Angie finally returned, she explained that she'd simply taken Nell out to settle her, and that she'd put her phone on silent, leaving Sonya furious and the two women at loggerheads once more.

Whilst in town, Angie also managed to begin another feud, with neighbour Sheila Canning. Angie was concerned that Georgia had split up from her boyfriend Scotty and was determined to talk some sense into her niece, but was worried that she seemed to be growing very close to Sheila's grandson, Kyle. Though Sheila had similar plans to keep Kyle and Georgia apart, the two women still traded insults and butted heads over the issue, with neither willing to back down from defending their family. But it was with Sonya that Angie finally overstepped the mark, when she spotted her future daughter-in-law taking some pills and jumped to the conclusion that they were illegal drugs. Knowing about Sonya's past problems with addiction, Angie went through her bag, but was caught out and Sonya showed her that the pills were actually an iron supplement, before throwing her out of the house, with Angie declaring that she and Big Kev would not be coming to the wedding.

A few weeks later, Angie returned to town for the wedding, apologising to Sonya for going through her bag, and admitting that, as Sonya's own mum wasn't around, she'd just been trying to look out for her. Sonya also apologised for overreacting, and admitted that, since Nell's birth, she'd been worrying a lot about her old addictions resurfacing. The two women patched things up, and it wasn't long before Angie was back to her old interfering self, passing comment on Sonya's choice of a vintage dress and her decision to walk down the aisle on her own. However, everything came together for a beautiful wedding, and, after the disasters with Dee and Steph, it seemed that Toadie's wedding curse had finally been lifted, until tragedy struck at the wedding reception when a gas canister exploded. Two of Toadie and Sonya's neighbours, Rhys Lawson and Priya Kapoor were killed, whilst Sonya was left in a coma for five days. Angie stuck around to help look after Nell, and arranged a welcome home party for Sonya as she came out of hospital. She also managed to get in one final bit of meddling before returning home to Colac, as she answered Georgia's phone and revealed to everyone that a newly reunited Georgia and Scotty were planning to elope to Surfer's Paradise.

A couple of years later, Toadie was in hospital after falling from a bouncy castle, having jumped onto it as it came loose, wrongly believing that Nell was still inside. Though he played down his injuries to his mum, it wasn't long before Angie barged her way in once more, fussing around her son and belittling everything Sonya did. Angie was then surprised to learn from Sonya that Toadie might never walk again, and she did her best to help in her own way, rushing around the house, cleaning and tidying. She was also impressed when the Rebecchis' lodger, Amy Williams, started drawing up some plans to change the floorplans and adapt the bathroom for Toadie's return in a wheelchair. However, when Amy started consulting Kyle - who was now married to Georgia - Angie noticed their close friendship and became concerned, as Georgia was away with her mum, who was receiving cancer treatment in Germany. She quickly decided to make a call to Germany, and returned to number 30 with the happy news that Rhonda was now in remission, and she and Georgia would be returning to Australia the following week. Having solved that problem, Angie then did her best to convince Sonya that they needed to take legal action and make someone pay for Toadie's injuries. Growing increasingly tired of Angie's interference, then final straw came for Sonya when Angie went and picked Nell up, after her first day at daycare. Sonya had been hoping to make that milestone with her daughter, and she snapped as she arrived home to an unapologetic Angie, who then announced that she was leaving before Sonya could throw her out again.

When Angie next visited, a great deal had changed for Toadie - his brother, Shane, had recently returned to Erinsborough, whilst his marriage to Sonya was hanging by a thread, after Toadie slept with Andrea Somers, a woman who'd been claiming that she was his long-lost wife, Dee. When Angie suddenly appeared on Ramsay Street one day, already fully aware of all the latest problems for Toadie and Sonya, Toadie realised that Shane's wife Dipi had been reporting everything back to her mother-in-law. Angie made it clear that she wasn't going to allow Sonya to take everything, including Nell, from Toadie, pointing out how her son had stuck by Sonya's side through all of the secrets and lies from her own past - and not to mention a recent indiscretion with Mark Brennan. When Angie next returned, she was adamant that young Nell should be with her father, and not Sonya, who had relapsed, and their altercation led to Sonya once again turning to alcohol and gambling.

By the end of the year, Toadie and Sonya were back together, and Angie's next visit was for a much happier occasion - a surprise vow renewal. Unfortunately, nobody had been brave enough to tell Angie that Toadie had reunited with his wife, and she was horrified when she found out. It was left to Dipi to make Angie see that she was at risk of alienating her whole family if she didn't accept Sonya back into the fold, and so mother and daughter-in-law made amends, before Sonya was surprised with the vow renewal a few days later.

Angie, along with Big Kev and Stonie, paid Erinsborugh another visit a few weeks later for Toadie's 1990s-themed birthday party and, the following year, she returned for the sad occasion of Sonya's memorial service, following her tragic death from cancer.

Three years later, Toadie was planning to marry again, and Angie arrived in town to meet his fiancee, Melanie Pearson. Though they'd spoken on the phone, their first face-to-face meeting proved difficult, with Angie pushing Mel to breaking point, until she finally snapped and told Angie that she wasn't going to be spoken down to in her own home - and that she and Toadie loved each other. Angie later admitted that she'd just been testing her future daughter-in-law, to see if she was made of 'the right stuff'. Having given the couple her blessing, Angie returned to Erinsborough a couple of weeks later for the wedding.

A couple of years later, Angie was back in town for another of Toadie's wedding, this time to Terese Willis. Though some of the couple's friends and family were concerned about the union, feeling that they'd rushed into marriage, Angie was happy to return and welcome Terese into the Rebecchi fold.

Trivia Notes
• In 2002, Angie and Big Kev Rebecchi were hastily drafted in to cover the absence of Madeleine West's character Dee Bliss, while the actress recovered following an accident
• In 2005, Angie made a cameo appearance in Annalise's 20th Anniversary Documentary
• To read our 2003 interview with Lesley Baker, click here

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