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Magic Moments > 2023 > Flashback Week: Part Two Episode 8937

Written by Jason Herbison, Directed by Kate Kendall, Produced by Andrew Thompson

10: 14/11/23, Amazon Freevee: 14/11/23

Byron and Reece find a hostel in Robinvale where Krista stayed... They are shocked to find a photograph of her with Holly... Nell goes looking for Melanie and catches Eden breaking into her house... Holly and Melanie realise that they both know Eden... Melanie explains that this all started two years ago, when Krista turned up... Melanie and Krista talk about the drug deal gone wrong, that left Melanie wanted by the police in the UK... Toadie realises that Melanie is a fugitive... Holly reveals that she first came back to Erinsborough two years ago, around the time of Toadie and Mel's wedding...

Susan is shocked to hear that Holly was in Erinsborough back then. Holly explains that she was going to surprise Karl and Susan, and Toadie asks if this was when Izzy and Mal were together. Holly says that she wanted to see how everyone was reacting to the news, and says that she was staying at the hotel, but she wasn't alone - she was with Eden.


Two years earlier: Holly and Eden, having met in Earls Court and only known each other for a short while, arrive at their hotel room at Lassiters. She says that it's good to finally be off the plane, and Eden wonders if Holly's dad and 'Susie' will like him. Holly tells him that they will, but not to call her Susie, and says that she wants to check that they're all OK about Izzy and Mal before she makes it known that she's in town. He jokes about her mum dating her half-brother, but says that his own family is just as messed up, which is why he's in no rush to go to Robinvale. Holly says that her mum has been texting her, telling her how wonderful everything is, but she needs to go and look her in the eye and see if that's the truth. Eden decides not to go with her, and they kiss, before Holly announces that she's going to go and surprise her mum, the Queen of Surprises.

Holly is at Power Road, watching from a distance as Izzy chats to Shane Ramsay. She's horrified to realise that her mum is flirting with him, and hopes that she isn't cheating on Mal already. She follows them to the Lassiters car park, and is upset as she sees them kissing in the car.


Back at the hotel, Holly is telling Eden about what she's seen, saying that Shane is exactly the type of guy her mum always ends up going for. She wonders what she should do, worried that she's getting caught right in the middle of another of Izzy's dramas. Eden encourages her to get some rest and think about things, suggesting that maybe she shouldn't be the one who tells Mal about this. He says that nobody knows that they're in town, so they could just stay in their little bubble and shut everything else out.

Having decided that it's easier to keep their presence a secret, Holly is with Eden at the Waterhole. It's the day of Mel and Toadie's wedding, and she's trying to work out what to do about her mum, who's deleted all of the pictures of Shane from her social media. She wonders if her mum will turn up at the street party, and Eden reminds her that they can't afford to stay at the hotel for much longer. Their conversation ends abruptly as Holly spots Elly and Bea - her cousins - walk in and sit at a table. As Holly and Eden listen in, Elly thanks Bea for flying in from Western Australia, but wonders if she's making a mistake with Chloe. Bea insists that Elly clearly loves Chloe, and from her texts, Chloe feels the same way. Elly worries that she's putting too much pressure on Chloe to move to Sydney, but Bea thinks that she's just following her heart, and that they should forget about having a drink and go straight to Ramsay Street. As they leave, Holly wonders what Elly was so nervous about. Eden says that it sounds like she was facing up to it, and that Holly should do the same thing.


Holly and Eden are approaching Ramsay Street, and she's having second thoughts. She says that she wants to see Karl and Susan, but the past few weeks with just her and Eden have been amazing. He agrees with her, but says that they just don't have the money to keep this going for much longer. They then watch as the giant balloon floats up over Ramsay Street and explodes, and they hear everyone cheer. Holly then sees that her mum has posted another photo of Shane, with the caption 'Who wants to marry a millionaire?' Holly gets very angry at the way Izzy is flaunting her new man, with Mal so close by, and she says that she just wants to scream. They spot Elly and Chloe, who've escaped the crowd for a moment alone at the end of the street, and Holly tells Eden that she just wants to go.

Back in the present day, Susan is surprised to hear that Holly was just around the corner on the day of the street party, and sad that she didn't feel like she could make her present known. Holly says that she now wishes that she had, because then maybe what happened next would never have happened.


At the hostel in Robinvale, Byron and Reece are sitting outside in the car, and he's trying to call Holly but she isn't answering. Reece admits that she doesn't understand this, but Byron can't believe that Holly knew that Krista was Reece's sister, or she would have said something by now. One thing that Byron is sure about is that Eden isn't a good guy, and that they really need to speak to Holly. Reece says that she's ready, and Byron tells her that he'll be there for her, whatever they find out. He says that she loves her, which she repeats back, and they drive off.

At no. 22, Holly says that, after going to Ramsay Street, they headed back to Lassiters and went to Harold's, which is where they met Krista...


Two years earlier, Holly and Eden sit at a table outside Harold's, and he asks if she could just try approaching her dad for money, when Krista appears and says that she was sitting there. Holly says that they'll get another table, but Eden asks if they can join Krista, who introduces herself as Kelly.

The three of them are soon drinking in Holly and Eden's hotel room, having quickly bonded over the two girls both having terrible women for mothers, both Aussies raised in the UK. Eden suddenly starts to take more of an interest when he learns that Krista and her siblings were all being groomed by their father to go into the family business, realising she's from a wealthy family and that's how they could afford to put her into such good boarding schools. She says that one year, she returned from Sydney to find that her dad had remarried and gone, but now she's finally decided that she wants nothing more to do with her family - and Australia is big enough that they'll never find her. As they all discuss their plans, they realise that they all want to travel, and Eden asks Krista if she could ask her dad for a loan. Krista says that she doesn't want to, but she has another plan to get some money.


Back in the present day, as Holly tells her story, Melanie realises that this must have been when Krista turned up, on the night of the wedding, and asked for money. Holly says that she never knew that Krista was her real name, she only ever knew her as Kelly, and that it was Eden who really pushed the idea of all three of them going travelling together...

Two years earlier, Eden has convinced Krista to join them, and says that it'll be fun - one of them can find work while the other two hang out. They make a toast to their plans.


Back in the present day, Holly says that it seemed like such a good idea, but she didn't realise that Eden had an ulterior motive. Toadie asks if Eden was into Krista, and Holly admits that she isn't sure if he was, or if he was just attracted to the dollar signs.

Two years earlier, Holly, Eden and Krista are sitting at a table outside The Waterhole, and Krista is leaving to meet with her old housekeeper, hoping that she'll give her some money. Once she's gone, Eden says that it's a shame she won't ask her family for a loan, but Holly thinks it's cool that she wants some independence from them. Just then, Holly spots Mal walking towards them - she tells Eden to pay, and she rushes off around the back of Harold's, saying that she'll meet Eden back at the home. Unfortunately, Mal then turns around and starts walking towards Harold's, shocked as Holly comes running towards him.


Back in the present day, Susan is shocked to learn that Mal knew that Holly was in town back then. Terese is furious about all of the lies, but then there's a knock at the door. As Melanie is telling Holly that she did nothing wrong and she was just caught up in a bad situation, Toadie lets Andrew in. Terese says that this is exactly the person they needed to see - the police, and she looks over at a worried Melanie.

Andrew has explained what the police are doing, and that they've got someone checking out the house where Eden was hiding out last time. He says that Nell and Hugo are fine with the Varga-Murphys. Terese suggests that Melanie should tell the full story to Andrew, but they're interrupted as Andrew gets a call on his police radio. Melanie insists that she wouldn't have come back if she wasn't going to be honest, but then Andrew comes back and says that there's been a sighting of Eden and he needs to go. Susan then asks Holly what happened after she ran into Mal...


Two years earlier, Holly and Mal are sitting by the lake. She's told him the full story, and he admits that he isn't sure whether to tell Karl and Susan. Holly insists that it's just Izzy who she's trying to avoid. Mal says that he saw Toadie and Mel at the wedding and realised that they had real love between, something he never had with Izzy. He admits that he understands why Holly wants nothing to do with her, but just then, Susan and Amy come walking by, talking about Amy's plans to move back to Cairns. As Holly hides behind a tree, Mal goes over to them and asks Susan if she could go and get some muffins for Karl, as he promised to, but has decided to enjoy the lake for a little longer. Once Amy and Susan have gone, Holly thanks Mal for his help, and he tells her that he'll help her.

In the hotel room, Holly walks in, surprised to find Krista and Eden sitting on the bed together. Krista says that she got some money from her old housekeeper, and Holly tells them that her brother is also going to transfer some money over to her. They talk about going to Robinvale, so that they can buy a car from Eden's Uncle Johnny, and Holly says that she'll need to pick up work along the way so she can pay Mal back. They're delighted as they realise that they can leave to go travelling now.


Back in the present day, Holly explains that she, Eden and Krista left town that same day, and Melanie says that she got a text from Krista that day saying that she was on the road, but she'd just assumed that she'd gone travelling on her own. Melanie and Holly both admit that they wish they'd known what was going on with each other. An upset Toadie leaves the room. Terese is reluctant to follow him, but Melanie tells her to go, insisting that she won't do a runner, and that Susan will make sure of that. As Terese goes to find Toadie, Melanie tells Susan that it's fine if she's judging her right now too. Susan just says that she'll go and put the kettle on. Once they're alone, Mel asks Holly if she can use her phone, but it's flat, so she goes to use the landline instead. She calls someone and says that she's at Terese and Toadie's, and that she's started to tell them what happened...

In the country, Byron and Reece are still driving back to Erinsborough. He asks her what she's thinking, and she explains that she's remembering the last conversation she had with Krista before she left for Australia, admitting that she hadn't really been listening to her sister at the time, because she was preoccupied with work. She says that she was so angry when she got that final postcard from Krista, cutting ties with her, and she doesn't understand what was going on, and how she knew Holly.



Meanwhile, Aaron, David and Nicolette are sitting around a table, outside on a patio somewhere in the countryside, as Isla plays nearby. Aaron says that Melanie is telling them everything, and David says that he wishes they could have had some more notice. Aaron points out that Nell was missing and it doesn't sound like Melanie had much choice, and Nicolette agrees with Aaron that they need to go back to Erinsborough. David tells them both that if they do this, there'll be no coming back from it, they'll be putting their new life in jeopardy and the whole reason why they left is going to come out. They all worriedly look at each other, and Nicolette says that they have no choice...

Featured Regular Characters: Nicolette Stone, David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan, Isla Tanaka-Brennan, Susan Kennedy, Holly Hoyland, Melanie Pearson, Terese Willis, Toadie Rebecchi, Byron Stone

Guest Cast: Mischa Barton as Reece Sinclair, April Rose Pengilly as Chloe Brennan, Jacinta Stapleton as Amy Greenwood, Bonnie Anderson as Bea Nilsson, Benjie McNair as Malcolm Kennedy, Costa D'Angelo as Eden Shaw

Trivia Notes
Hannah Monson takes over the role of Nicolette Stone from Charlotte Chimes, who opted not to return
Hana Abe-Tucker takes over the role of Isla Tanaka-Brennan, who is also aged up slightly to account for the two-year time jump
Hannah Monson (Nicolette), Matt Wilson (Aaron) and Takaya Honda (David) are all added as regular cast
Hana Abe-Tucker (Isla) is credited as a guest in this episode, but as part of regular guest cast afterwards
As well as the newly-filmed flashbacks scenes, flashbacks of Izzy Hoyland and Shane Ramsay are shown, with it made to look like Holly was also there at the time, watching them from a distance

Summary by Steve