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Magic Moments > 2023 > Flashback Week: Part Three Episode 8938

Written by Elizabeth Packett, Directed by Kate Kendall, Produced by Andrew Thompson

10: 15/11/23, Amazon Freevee: 15/11/23

Nicolette, David and Aaron realise that they have to return to Erinsborough... Holly and Eden meet Krista... Krista, Holly and Eden make plans to go travelling... Melanie is shocked to find Krista on her doorstep... Melanie takes money from the drinks van to pay off Krista... Melanie reminds Krista that she was the one who was arrested over the drugs... Toadie realises that Melanie is a fugitive... Melanie explains that Krista bailed her out of jail and got her on the first flight back to Australia...

At no. 22, Toadie ends a call to Remi, thanking her for looking after the kids, and Susan asks how Nell is doing. Toadie explains that she's physically fine, just a little overwhelmed. Terese tells Melanie that Nell could have been seriously hurt, and Mel admits that she feels terrible, but says that she didn't know that Nell was going to go to her house, or that Eden would be there. Susan then asks Holly and Melanie about the timing of Holly coming back to Erinsborough just a few weeks before Mel left town. Holly says that she remembers Krista writing a lot of postcards, and Mel says that she received the first one a few weeks before Terese and Paul's vow renewal...


One year earlier, Melanie is outside no. 30, collecting the mail, when Terese calls over to her. She says that she and Paul are finalising numbers for the vow renewal and checks that she and Toadie can still come. Melanie says that it's the hottest ticket in town and she wouldn't miss it. Terese explains that Karl and Mike are away at a songwriting weekend and can't come, and Mel jokes that she won't complain if it improves their songs. Terese says that Imogen, Chloe and Elly have all confirmed that they'll be coming though, and Mel says that she can't wait, joking about tearing up the dance floor. As she goes inside, she sees a postcard from Krista in Port Pirie.

The next postcard Melanie receives is from Apollo Bay, meaning that Krista is making her way up to coast towards Melbourne. She's sitting inside no. 30 looking at it, when Toadie walks in. She quickly hides the postcard and asks him how Nell's thing went - Toadie says that it all went well, and it's just for the top tier of kids in science and maths. Mel is delighted that Nell's first year at high school seems to be going so well, and Toadie says that Mel has a lot to do with that - she turned up just as Nell needed a mum. He then starts talking about a family holiday to Japan in the next school holidays, but Melanie is distracted as she receives a text from Krista, which says that she's out the front. She claims that there's a work emergency and she rushes out of the house.


Outside, Krista is in her car, and she starts honking the horn and shouting as Melanie approaches. Mel asks Krista if she's on something; Krista says that she isn't, and that she's just really happy to see Mel. Melanie isn't convinced, and insists on driving so they can go and talk somewhere else. Krista confirms that she's staying at Lassiters and they drive off.

The car pulls into the Lassiters car park, with Krista telling Melanie about the attraction between her and Eden. She says that they want to keep travelling, but the car needs repairs and she needs more cash. Mel is stunned that she's trying to get more money out of her, and suggests that Krista could get a job, or not stay at such an expensive hotel - or stop doing drugs. Krista insists that she isn't doing drugs, but Mel says that she can see it in her eyes. Krista then shows her the affirmation card that Reece gave to her, and says that she's been looking at it every day. Mel tells her to contact her family for help, and says that Krista has ruined her life, and the last time they saw each other, she promised that she'd stay away. Krista replies that, if Mel just gives her a bit more money, she really will stay away this time. A furious Melanie says that she doesn't believe her and she gets out of the car and walks away, bumping into David as she does so...


In the present day, Melanie is explaining that if only she hadn't bumped into David, then maybe things wouldn't have happened the way they did. Susan and Toadie are confused, but Mel says that David, Aaron and Nicolette need to be there when she tells them what happened. She says that she called them earlier, and they're on their way.

David, Aaron, Nicolette and Isla are in the car, and Nicolette says that she should warn her mum that they're coming. Aaron tells her to get Jane to meet them at Toadie and Terese's. He then asks David if there isn't a small part of him that will be happy to get all of this off their consciences. David says that they should have come clean when it happened, but Aaron reminds him that they didn't and now they're in this mess. David says that they all know who's to blame for that, and tells them that he wants to make a stop on the way.


At no. 22, Toadie gets off a call with Andrew - they haven't been able to find Eden yet. Terese says that they can't all just sit there in silence waiting for David, Aaron and Nicolette to arrive, and Toadie turns to Melanie and says that she needs to tell them how they're all involved...

One year earlier, David is taking a distressed Melanie to sit down, as they've become close friends as well as business partners in the drinks van.


After Melanie explains everything with Krista, David says that she has to tell Toadie. He understands her fears, and admits that he felt the same way when he was facing the charges over Gareth, not wanting Aaron to know about it. He says that he was petrified that Aaron wouldn't love him anymore, but it was such a relief to be honest. He thinks that Toadie might be able to help, and that there might be a statute of limitations on the old drugs charges. Mel points out that Toadie is a lawyer and this could ruin his reputation, plus she doesn't want the kids to suffer through losing another mother. Toadie and Aaron then appear, having been chatting about Japan. As they talk, Mel spots a guy watching her from across the complex, and realises that it's Eden.

In the present day, Mel explains that Eden continued to intimidate her from a distance, and Krista continued to hassle her for money - but then the threats started. She says that, to begin with, it was just blackmail, but then someone almost did get physically hurt, a couple of days before the vow renewal...


One year earlier, Toadie, Melanie, Terese, Chloe, Aaron and Hugo are outside no. 30. Chloe says that it's great to be back, and explains that Elly will be arriving the following day. They says that it's a shame that Amy and Lance couldn't make it, but the conversation is interrupted by Hugo crying out in pain, and they all rush over to find that the steps on the back of the drinks van have fallen off onto his leg. Toadie and Mel check that he's ok, and they all wonder how this could have happened as there were no problems with the steps. Melanie then spots Eden hanging around at the end of the street, smiling, and Mel realises that it was her who was meant to have been hurt.

In the present day, Toadie is furious that Melanie never told him about any of this - she says that he has every right to be angry, and that she was too. He asks why he should believe a single word she says, and he walks away from her.


A little later, Susan joins Toadie in the kitchen, as he tries to calm down. She says that she understands his anger, but he's been so desperate for answers and he needs to let her finish. He suddenly rushes back over to Melanie, telling her to get on with the rest of the story. She says that, after what happened to Hugo, she messaged Krista and asked to meet up...

One year earlier, Krista is outside Fitzgerald Motors with Hudson, the mechanic, when Melanie rushes up to Krista, wanting to know if she knew about Eden tampering with the van. Krista says that she doesn't know what Mel is talking about, and Mel quickly realises that she's high again and is unable to make eye contact. Krista says that she just needs money and then she'll go, but Melanie realises that it will never end - she'll keep coming back, bleeding her dry. She calls Krista a user, and walks away.


Back in the present day, Holly realises that the last time she saw Krista was also that day at the garage, when she'd gone to drop the car in for repairs. Mel realises that they must have just missed seeing each other, and asks if Holly knew that Krista was on drugs. Holly says that Krista was being strange and evasive, but she put that down to another reason...

One year earlier, Holly finds Krista at the garage and asks what she's up to. Krista says that she's getting some repairs done, and then they'll be out of Holly's hair. Holly asks what she means, and Krista explains that she and Eden will be leaving together, quickly realising that Eden hasn't spoken to Holly about it. Holly realises that they've been hooking up behind her back, and Krista admits that it's been going on since they were in Darwin. A devastated Holly refuses Krista's attempts to hug her, and storms off, telling her to have a great time in the car that Mal's money paid for.


At the hotel, Holly bursts in, confronting Eden, and saying that she could never understand why they never seemed to have any money - it's because she was the only one working, while Eden and Krista hooked up behind her back. Eden says that he tried hard to resist Krista, but sometimes you can't help who you're attracted to. Holly just looks disgusted, then goes to start packing her stuff. She asks if they planned all of this from the start, and if he ever really loved her. He says that he did, and that they had fun - and that they can still be friends. Holly says that she never wants to see either of them again, and Eden says that it'll be her loss. Holly then realises that he's still trying to get his hands on Krista's money, and points out that she's never even told them her surname. Eden insists that she will, then suggests that Holly spend one last night with him. She tells him that he's disgusting and walks out the door. He calls after her, saying that she has to pay for the room, but she points out that it isn't in her name, so Krista can pay for it.

At no. 28, Karl and Susan are thrilled when Holly turns up on their doorstep. They say that they weren't expecting her for a while yet, and they want to hear all about her travels, but she just breaks down in tears in her father's arms.


Back in the present day, Susan says that Holly left out so much of the story when she was telling them about Eden. Holly admits that she was just too ashamed, and that she must be a terrible judge of character, as she brought Eden to Erinsborough and now look at all of the people he's hurt. Melanie says that she's now fairly sure that it was Eden who was pushing Krista to blackmail her, and if it hadn't been for the blackmail... She stops and says that she can't say anything else until David, Aaron and Nicolette arrive.

They, meanwhile, arrive in the Lassiters car park and get out of the car. Aaron asks David if he's sure he wants to do this, as they don't owe anything to Paul. Nicolette then gets a text from Jane, who's been out shopping but will be at Toadie and Terese's place in 15 minutes. David tells them both to go to Ramsay Street, as he heads over to the hotel to see Paul.


David gets out of the lift, greeted by a very excited Paul, who asks him to come and sit down. David says that Paul might not be quite so happy when he hears what's happened. He says that Melanie's on Ramsay Street, and she's telling Toadie and Terese everything. Paul can't believe it, and David says that he called by to try and convince him to do the right thing and go to the police first. Paul says that Melanie has to be stopped, but David tells him that it's too late. Paul, however, gets into the lift, saying that he can't allow Melanie to drag all of them down with her...

Featured Regular Characters: Toadie Rebecchi, Melanie Pearson, Terese Willis, Holly Hoyland, Susan Kennedy, Krista Sinclair, David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan, Nicolette Stone, Isla Tanaka-Brennan, Hugo Rebecchi, Paul Robinson

Guest Cast: April Rose Pengilly as Chloe Brennan, Nikita Chronis as Hudson Greene, Costa D'Angelo as Eden Shaw

Trivia Notes
It is mentioned that Amy and Lance now have a three-month-old baby

Summary by Steve