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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Ronnie Anderson Monika Karwan

[Veronica] Ronnie Anderson [Pamela Scott McAdam] 2001
Parents: Gordon Scott
Marital Status: Don McAdam (2000. Died)

Having been forced to leave Ramsay Street when she lost her home to a higher bidder, teacher Teresa Bell soon found herself a new, and housemate in the form of Veronica Anderson. Ronnie, as everyone called her, seemed like a nice enough person and the two girls formed a friendship. As Ronnie was reasonably new to Erinsborough, Tess pointed her in the direction of local mechanic Drew Kirk, a former neighbour of Tess’, when she was having some car trouble. Although Drew was oblivious, it quickly became clear that Ronnie had developed something of a crush. Later that day, Drew ran into Ronnie at the pub and the pair started chatting, though she was unhappy to learn that he had a wife, Libby, who was away at her brother’s wedding in London. A few days later, Ronnie called in at the garage to collect her car, but was quite alarmed at the $1300 bill. Drew told her that, as she was a friend, she could pay it off in instalments. Ronnie was delighted and told Tess that she was going to make an effort to look after Drew while his wife was away. That evening, she turned up at his flat with a casserole and ended up spending most of the evening chatting. Things took a slightly more sinister turn, however, when she asked to see his wedding photos and ended up stealing on of the pictures of Drew.

The next day, Ronnie’s behaviour became even more bizarre, when she deliberately made a huge hole in her car radiator with a screwdriver. When Drew saw the damage, he was slightly confused as to how it could have happened, but Ronnie quickly changed the subject and took him out for a coffee. That evening at the pub, Ronnie started to let her guard down with Tess and her friend, Dee Bliss, mentioning a relationship from her past that had ended badly. She was then embarrassed when the photo of Drew fell out of her bag, but managed to grab it before anyone noticed. When Drew later mentioned enjoying the films of Clint Eastwood, Ronnie quickly picked up a copy of Every Which Way But Loose, removed the wrapper and pretended that it was one of her own, before lending it to him. As she waited at the garage for her car to be fixed, Drew became uncomfortable with her presence and, as she went to leave, she told him that she knew there was a spark between them. She asked him how they could possibly tell Libby that they’d fallen in love. A shocked Drew quickly told Ronnie that he didn’t share her feelings and she left, embarrassed.

A few days later, Libby returned from her trip, along with her parents, Susan and Karl, and the three of them called in at the garage. Unfortunately, Ronnie had got there before them and had pounced on Drew just at the wrong moment, as Libby found her husband kissing another woman. Drew tried to explain to Libby what was going on, and told an unrepentant Ronnie to leave. Although Libby believed Drew’s story, she was shocked to find an unfamiliar lipstick in the bathroom cabinet and an earring behind the sofa cushions. Drew realised that Ronnie had gone to quite some lengths to concoct the affair and she wasn’t about to give up easily. The next day at the garage, Ronnie turned up to talk about the car repayments, acting as if nothing had happened. She then asked Drew out for a drink and, as he turned her down, she mentioned that it must be difficult for him to go home to Libby, when she wasn’t the one he wanted. He then finally lost his temper and told Ronnie that she needed psychiatric help, before she stormed off, accusing him of living a lie.

As Tess then became concerned for her housemate, Ronnie turned up at Drew and Libby’s flat, pleading with him to tell his wife the truth about the affair. Once again, Drew sent her away and started to think about getting a restraining order. A few days later, Tess reported that Ronnie had gone missing and that rumours about her affair with Drew were going around town. A few days later, Libby and Drew were staying at her parents’ house in Ramsay Street, when it became clear that Ronnie was following him. She turned up at the garage with a cheque and told him that, by ignoring her, he was throwing away his one chance at true happiness. It wasn’t until Libby spotting a missing person poster at work that she suddenly made the connection – Ronnie was actually Pamela McAdam. Drew quickly went to the police to tell them what he knew, and Tess was contacted by Gordon Scott, Pamela’s father. Gordon arrived to speak to Drew, and explained that Pamela’s husband, Don, had died on their honeymoon after a rock climbing accident. Pamela had then disappeared and had clearly latched on to Drew because of his resemblance to Don.

Drew then called Ronnie’s mobile and arranged to meet her at the garage. When she finally showed up, she was delighted that Drew had finally come to his senses, until her father appeared from the shadows. She immediately broke down in tears and refused to listen to anything he had to say. Slowly, however, he talked her ‘round and finally took her home, thanking Drew and Libby as he left.

Notes: Monika Karwan was first spotted by Neighbours producers when she took part in the reality show, Treasure Island.

Biography by Steve



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