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Nigel Armstrong 2001

Drummer Nigel Armstrong lived in the flat above newlyweds Drew Kirk and Libby Kennedy. Although they had attempted to get off to a good start with their new neighbours, Libby and Drew struggled to hide their annoyance as Nigel drummed into the early hours of the morning, keeping them awake. When Libby went to England to attend her brother’s wedding, Drew decided to invite Nigel to dinner and try to talk about the situation calmly. However, the evening ended badly when Drew brought up the subject of unnecessary noise, and Nigel mentioned that Drew and Libby’s mood music that they played late at night was disturbing him. He stormed out, went upstairs and promptly started drumming again. A few months later, with Libby heavily pregnant, a stressed Drew had finally had enough and he raced upstairs and threatened to hurt Nigel unless he stopped. Fortunately, Libby stopped the situation from going too far, and Nigel failed to follow through with a threat to contact the police and charge Drew with assault. Several months later, Nigel had moved out, to be replaced with the slightly quieter police officer Terri Hall.

Biography by Steve



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