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Greg Arnold 1985
Occupation: Bank Clerk

As the son of the manager of Pacific Bank, Greg Arnold was fully aware that he could get away with a lot at work. When Des Clarke started to find himself covering up time and time again for his colleague, it became obvious that things would have to change. However, the fact that Greg had also started dating Julie Robinson became a problem when it seemed that Des was the only person who didn’t get along with the bosses son.

When a credit analysis programme on the bank’s new computer went wrong, causing serious problems, it was all down to Greg, who could barely manage to do his job. He, however, managed to pass the blame on to Des, who knew that he’d lose his job if he admitted the truth to the boss. But when Greg and Des later bumped into each other while Greg was out on a date with Julie, the injustice of the situation became too much for Des to take, and the two men ended up in a brawl, with Des coming off worse. A few nights later, Greg took Julie out to dinner and then asked her to join him at a party at a mate’s place. By coincidence, Daphne Lawrence, Des’ house-mate, had been hired as the entertainment for the party, and things started to get rough when the drunk men came on too strong.

Julie decided to walk out on Greg when he attempted to push her too far, while even tough Daphne ended up leaving the party in tears. When Des and Julie's brother, Paul saw her arrive home in that state, they left to go and teach Greg a lesson. However, when they arrived at the party, they saw him being taken away by the police after assaulting an officer. The following day, Greg’s father was forced to let his son go, for the sake of his own reputation. Soon after, Mr Arnold was also asked to leave pending an official investigation, while Des decided to hand in his resignation. Following the internal investigation, Des was asked back as acting manager, later moving to the role of assistant manager.

Notes: John Higginson returned to the show in 1994 to play the role of Kris Hyde.

Biography by Steve



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