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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Lily Auster Jessica Phillips

Lily Auster 2001
Occupation: Student

When Lily Auster started chatting to Paul McClain in the Coffee Shop one day, about the high schoolís year 12 formal, he thought his luck was in, until Lily mentioned that she really fancied Paulís best mate, Tad Reeves. Paul explained to Lily that Tadís relationship with his girlfriend, Flick Scully, was looking shaky and, later that day, Paul told Tad that Lily could be his excuse to drop Flick. A few days later, Tad and Lily were chatting as they prepared to take an exam and she took the plunge and asked him to the formal. Tad was forced to turn her down, due to Flick and Lily was disappointed, telling Tad to get in touch if his relationship status changed. Lily then spoke to Flick, telling her how lucky she was to have Tad in her life, and the young couple decided to stay together.

Biography by Steve



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