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Lee Barnes 2014
Occupation: Concierge

After pretending that she had a stalker - in order to gain the attentions of her married boss, Toadie - Naomi Canning realised that her mum Sheila was beginning to see through her story, and that she'd have to produce some concrete proof. Naomi contacted Lee, the concierge from the building where she'd lived in Sydney, and offered to pay him to break into her house and be seen by her and her mum running out of the building holding some of her lingerie. With a taste for the finer things in life, Lee was happy to make an easy $500 and the plan seemed to have worked as he burst out of number 26, Naomi's underwear in hand, shocking her and Sheila in the process. However, as he escaped through the back garden, his baseball cap fell off and he was spotted from across the street by Toadie, who attempted to give chase, and later insisted that he had seen enough of Lee to give a good description to the police. Although Naomi tried her best to give a completely different description and hoped that she'd managed to get away with it, she was in for a shock when Lee turned up at her house and said that, as he'd been spotted, he now wanted $5000 from her, or he'd be going to the police himself.

As she looked for ways to make money, Naomi went to visit Paul, to let him know that she was going to struggle with repayments for a debt she owed him. She was surprised to find that, depressed over the death of his niece Kate, Paul was more understanding than usual and happy to wait for the money, and as she started tidying up a little, Naomi found Paul's car keys and had an idea. She called Lee and arranged to meet him, leaving him the keys and telling him that the car was in the Lassiter's car park and should hopefully cover the debt. Naomi later contacted Lee again, telling him that she had something else for her, before showing him some photographs she'd taken, and securely backed up, of him stealing the car. She warned that she wouldn't hesitate in going to the police unless he stopped the blackmail and left town. The plan worked, and Naomi managed to get the keys back to Paul, claiming that she'd borrowed the car to go and get him a take-away curry.

6909, 6916

Biography by Steve