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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Dean Bartholomew Burt Cooper

Dean Bartholomew 1987
Occupation: Lassiter's Chef

The volatile head chef at Lassiterís, Dean Bartholomew had quite a reputation around the place, but it was his international reputation as a fantastic cook that made Paul Robinson keep him employed. One of his more difficult relationships was with head of housekeeping, Mrs Mangel, but when Paul sacked her, Dean was quick to leap to her defence, unaware of the full circumstances. Although Nellís sacking was infact related to her speaking to a journalist about Paulís private life, Dean only saw it as a huge injustice. Having tried to speak to Paul several times about the issue, he announced that he had rallied the entire hotel staff to go on strike until Mrs Mangel was reinstated.

The timing couldnít have been worse for Paul, with the hotel about to be inspected as part of a travel agentsí convention. Paul was forced to use the whole of Ramsay Street as temporary staff, at least until the convention was over. Just as they seemed to be about to pull it off, Dean turned up in the kitchen, so Charlene and Henry locked him in the pantry. When he was released, he announced that he would be tracking down the hotel inspector, and his personal friend, Bernard Elliott, to tell him everything that had happened. Fortunately, before he could track Elliott down, Mrs Mangel, feeling guilty for the recent chain of events, told Dean that Paul had been perfectly justified when sacking her. When Dean and Bernard then finally met in the Daniels Corporation office, Paul and Gail Lewis were hugely relieved to find Dean singing the hotelís praises, leaving Lassiterís to pass the inspection.

Biography by Steve



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